Coral coral strife

When it comes to the choice of habitat, such a large reef fish like coral salmon, snappers and sladkogub show increased demands on its «architectural» execution.A choice that makes the big fish finding shelter can directly affect its capacity to cope with climate change. This is indicated by the scientists of the Australian Research Centre James Cook University for training of highly qualified specialists in the study of coral reefs. As a result of research aimed at understanding the process of reducing the fish population, causing considerable damage to coral reefs, a graduate Read more [...]
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Rocker on the hump-backed

It argued that the harsh winter, the less effective it becomes to catch perch balancers. The opinion is often based on the fact that the rocker — bait active play, and fish middle and late winter sluggish and prancing in cold clear water of a large object can scare her more than attract. Try to understand how this is true.Not once had to watch the anglers who catch the morning start with balancers, but not seeing for about an hour or One bite, come to the conclusion that it's not the bait works and with a clear conscience to Read more [...]
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Weekdays reserve «Cedar Pad»

From time to time the specter of the Yellow Devil emerges in our nature reservePhoto: Fotolia First snow – is a dream book and fortune naturalist. For me in «Cedar honeydew» The first snow is doubly important: my private practice «white trails» in Primorye is not very large. A region is interesting, not only tigers and leopards, but the Amur forest cat, forest mouse Asian, Far Eastern mole-Moguer. At the beginning of winter has a chance to hook in small animals, who strive to lie down in hibernation – raccoon dogs, badgers, bears.On the first Read more [...]
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In the archipelago of Lake Ladoga

Frequent fogs conceal the outlines of a diverse and unique in its grandeur of large and small lakes, countless archipelago, Lud, reefs and fjordsBut as soon as the fog dissipates, eyes the wonderfully picturesque sight. Rocky coast with niches and cornices, bearded lichens and mosses delicate, interspersed with bald granite out of the water. Bizarrely rugged steep cliffs and gentle, narrow and winding channels affect wild and primeval freestyle.Bizarre lake shore dotted with bays, small creeks, narrow crevices, littered with boulders, similar to fjords. The same deep bays, but only the sea, characterized Read more [...]
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Ships in the ocean

How did we get to these places - a burning separate story full of romance and adventure. But the road passed, and we have achieved those closest to the coast of the Kola Peninsula (usually called Murman) Islands in the Barents Sea. The remains of shells coastal defense battery at the time of the Second World War Island Harlov remind future generations of past. Planting on coast of the largest island of the archipelago north to not completely They believed that it really happened. Probably not still nothing Soviet times, one of the polar stations Read more [...]
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Khanty-Mansiisk taiga

 Photo by the author With a fishing family in Yekaterinburg I met a few years ago. As expected, fishing, namely in Finland. Several successful exits on the ice, and a pleasant acquaintance grew into friendship. Meetings on fishing and hunting exhibitions, exchange of experiences on recent trips… Asked about the peculiarities of the local fishing, they usually answer: «Well, what we can have, Muscovites surprise you and the Lower Volga often travel, and grayling, and to the north of the salmon». But when once Yekaterinburg friends showed photos of anglers Read more [...]
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For big perch

 Photo by the author The first half of the winter I like the fact that the ice is already strong enough to be able to reach any point of the reservoir, but is not very thick and you can effortlessly make a lot of holes in search of perch. Ice is not transparent. Either snow filled or had pretty muddy after a day and night drifting snow thaws. Small perch all have caught, so to speak, knocked on edge. How about catching a big perch? After all, he still is still active!Big perch, I think all the striped, which escalated the mark of 350 g Maybe someone will grin and call for Read more [...]
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Spring course

With the warming of the water and the beginning of the batch ikrometa roach can not only take great bait, but do not give up the steamed grains of wheat and barley. Plotitsa several broad and roundish, especially large; pure silver, which is to back darker; the eye is red or reddish-brown, and plotitsa than more, the eyes become red; Upper and lower feathers dark reddish; a fairly large scale. FROM increasing growth plotitsa becomes wider and roundish; It has a small mouth. Biting her begins with very early spring, even when water is not hollow completely Read more [...]
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Nile Monitor

... Exit to the terrace of the hotel, and I can see the bottom of the continental shelf is enormous, and spotted "something" like a crocodile ...Near Mombasa (Kenya), on the shores of the Indian Ocean stretches reserve "Shimba Hills" where live roan antelope. I had the good fortune to be there. And now we are going first along the ocean and then the mountains and savannas, and by glimpses of wonderful views and landscapes. Entrance to the reserve "Shimba Hills" (Lion Mountain, once there was a lot of lions, but today, unfortunately, no). On a high hill begin to descend.But not for the trail or Read more [...]
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Tears of joy and a large litter

This article is a story written for those people who recognize the presence of the dogs mind."The pure simplicity of the souls of animals, protected natural instincts and settings from sin, saved their lives, reminding us of the children's spiritual purity for which we probably yearn entire adult life, having gained respectability and material well-being"Ernst Muldashev. "In Search of the City of Gods"This article is a story written for those people who recognize the presence of the dogs mind. In it, I tried to tell readers about the events as having a value for those who will take place in this Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Letters to the EditorPhoto: Konstantin Kudinov From KalugaBelle with small plots concentrated in Oka and Ugra Protva near the pits, channel sections. At the coast still aktivnichal minnows, perch and bleak. Recent often manifest themselves closer to the dinner, when several progrevshuyusya fry the water out of the year.Poplavochniki, fishing enthusiasts and bleach in the wiring from the bottom, were noted on the Oka near Avchurina, St. Andrew's, from Przemysl, within the boundaries of the regional center. In Ugra Belle caught at Yukhnov in permitted areas of the national park «Ugra». Read more [...]
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Big bream in summer

Motyl with maggots — best combination bait for catching bream. Ranked Among the huge variety of fish bream has a special — a place of honor. He grows up large, distributed almost everywhere, biting greedily actively resists when playing. When searching for a good place for fishing leschovoy should adhere to the following principles. First, you need to immediately eliminate the maximum depth of the water. FROM heating of water in the shallow field begins rapid development of aquatic organisms that make up the staple diet of fish this time Read more [...]
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Close-year-old carp

Big carp is famous among anglers and their eccentric finicky. It would seem — the weather is great, the pressure already in the stable For several days, and bait bait — he would eat, and I do not bite! And Meanwhile, in cloudy weather, when the sky is overcast and gray veil then business sprinkles small nasty rain and northeast wind bode well, you get on zhor a carp, which is remembered for all life.If on pond you do not see spawning fish, and repeatedly heard from grass «champ» Read more [...]
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Large kudu

"For ten days we hunted large kudu antelope, and I have never seen an adult male. There were only three days, because from the south, from Rhodesia, the rains were coming, and not to get stuck here, we had to drive at least until Handeni before they begin. "Ernest Hemingway. "Green Hills of Africa"Over the past decade, a growing number of Russian hunters come to Africa to hunt African game. Shaking in the climb up the broken serpentine "cruiser" I overcame the same thoughts ... Short hunting is already drawing to a close. Unlike the olden Ham I left I had a day less, Read more [...]
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Autumn chub

Autumn sometimes the water cools the fastest on the rivers with a marked course, because it is constantly mixed here. For this reason, different river fish en masse leaving areas with the strongest flowing, leaves the rifts, because the fight against the flow requires additional energy expenditure, and thus the food, which in the icy water less, and produce it more and more difficult.Because of the rapid cooling of the water on the eve of winter on the deep sections of the river sometimes have a strange neighborhood that is usually impossible under normal conditions. For example, Read more [...]
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Crocodiles Big Martin

About fishing and huge pike, pulled out of the mud and poles zherlitsy easily tearing millimeter line, I've heard ever since, when he was with the average pike. I was very fond of his father's stories, which, as of now understand fiction and exaggeration indestructible fishing played an important role. But this was something special charm of his stories, which are closely intertwined, and whimsically hunting and fishing.As a child I used to sneak into the pantry — «darkroom»As we called it in the family circle, where the smell of tar and smoke mingled with the smell of the scales Read more [...]
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And the dream of childhood …

I fall asleep. Dreams, as my father and his friend Sergei uncle went on a boat in a general meadows. A small boat moored swell passes from side to side. The grass can be seen a large iron anchor chain from which stretches to the bow of the boat. In the yard the night. Photo Pierre Bona / FLICKR.COM It smells of hay. I I sit by fire and I look at burning firewood. Smoke rises bluish streaks dissolves somewhere among the countless stars.Adults left in the tent, and I do not sleep. I'm interested in everything. On East begins to dawn. First Read more [...]
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Wood decorated with gold

How quickly it grew old Porthos! .. Beautiful my dog. And now, in the twilight of his life hunting, more clearly recall our joint hunting. Photo by Yuri Hvischuka Before the eyes of the autumn forest. This further that last year, when they could freely hunt Burkinskiy hunting lease. In the evening of the previous day, I drove for a ticket to the huntsman. We talked about weather, about hunting, about politics (well, as without it?), and I sent the car in side of a small forest village called Burqin.There, near the creek, is a two-storey cottage Read more [...]
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Dry shot

The article «Boris, you're wrong!» («HORN» Number 26), Anatoly Azarov points to the fallacy of my assertion that the riving force large pellets in Choque more than the smaller ones. The same as if the mistake and EV Shteingol'd.I would not respond to the remark Azarov on this particular matter, if it concerned me alone. But as in his post, I turned to the book of famous oruzhieveda, you do not want even a small number of readers-hunters remained in the memory in case the error allegedly committed by E. V.Shteyngoldom.Here he writes Azarov: «Just the opposite. In small Read more [...]
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Was there a shot idle?

I probably will not be mistaken that for many printed in «HORN» there is a way of self-expression. But the motives in this case is different. I focus on two.The first friendly for people who want to share their passion for the fellow, as he seems to be a positive experience often make mistakes in their submissions on the subject of the discussion.  It remains sensitive in recognizing their own mistakes. And criticizing the other, he remains true to himself. But there are other so-called «folk avengers». Here it makes no difference under the laws of the genre who like Read more [...]
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