Dangers polar latitudes

Today we'll talk about the dangers that await in the Arctic, in the polar regions. We analyze in detail each factor and opportunity to defend himself, to withdraw from the snow captivity to the people and be saved. Frost, wind, cold. The main and the main enemy in the Arctic. To keep warm, do not freeze of course, need to have a good winter clothes with natural fur. The same shoes with thick soles. But this is not enough. When it is the polar night, blowing strong katabatic wind and frost to -60 degrees. and you can not sit in a shelter, a person can protect only the clothes with an additional Read more [...]
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How to build a shelter out of snow and ice

In the polar regions of the earth raging hard frosts all year round. At night, sometimes cold so strong that even a man dressed accordingly seizes frostbite within minutes. In addition, in the area of the Arctic and Antarctic constantly blow the so-called katabatic winds, which only exacerbate the situation. To expect to survive in the harsh conditions of the far North, should to wait out the cold peaks in shelters, to kindle in them the fire, if there is firewood. Of course, building material in polar latitudes, only one – snow and ice. On wood and other materials is hardly necessary to Read more [...]
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The scientists compared the seismic processes on the Earth and on the moon

In science it is considered that the main cause of earthquakes serve its own tectonic processes of the Earth and monotrate mainly due to tidal forces, i.e. the influence of the gravitational field of our planet. However, these provisions may soon be revised. According to the Director of the Institute of marine Geology and Geophysics Feb RAS corresponding member Boris Levin and doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Elena Samarovo (tsunami laboratory of the Institute of Oceanology. P.P. Shirshov RAS), seismic processes both celestial bodies are common causes. The paper was published in the journal Read more [...]
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So after all the end of the world or the beginning?

Today - the winter solstice, which means that in the Northern Hemisphere - the shortest day of the year. As for the Southern Hemisphere, the day the sun in its annual motion along the ecliptic reaches the southernmost point on the celestial sphere, then there is over the Tropic of Capricorn (23,5 ° w. W.). On the day of the winter solstice our main celestial body passes through the zenith over the Southern Tropic. In other words, the sun's rays fall perpendicular surface. This momentous event is celebrated on the breadth of only once a year. By the way, in the middle latitudes of the Sun Read more [...]
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Geomagnetic situation

Flux of solar radio emission at a wavelength of 10.7 cm = 140 expected. Geomagnetic field at high latitudes — disturbed in the middle latitudes — unstable. Velocity of the solar wind — 425 km / s

November 20 Norway

November 20 Finland

November 20 Alaska

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The powerful flow of the solar wind called the turbulence of the magnetic field of the Earth

The powerful flow of the solar wind from coronal holes unusually large (~ 550 km / s) called the "turbulence" of the magnetic field of the Earth, and a series of auroras.In Alaska, the night show was bright enough to watch it in the light of the full moon, said Ronn Murray of Fairbanks. "Very bright moon lit surroundings, while overhead dancing northern lights."Lofoten Islands, Norway, January 27. © Eric Fokke | Spaceweather.comScientists at the Institute of Applied Geophysics named Fedorov early morning in Moscow on January 26 recorded the sudden onset of Read more [...]
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Anomalous heat and cold from the bottom of the energy well

March 1, 2013. In recent times, the inhabitants of the Earth began to notice how frequent and powerful steel weather disasters. Everybody remembers the hot summer of 2010, when drought and fires have covered many regions of Russia. Record heat is regularly in Europe and in the USA, and in Japan, replaced the unprecedented cold weather and rain, turning into a flood. So different at first glance, the events are unlikely to be mere coincidence. The same thing was new work by an international group of climate scientists, including Professor of the German Institute PIK Vladimir Petukhov. In an interview Read more [...]
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Noctilucent clouds in the sky over Chelyabinsk

June 16, 2013. Last night in the sky over Chelyabinsk residents observed an unusual phenomenon. Clarity is, was it natural or man-made, yet, but, according to witnesses, nothing like they had never seen before. see also: In the Northern hemisphere began the season of noctilucent clouds A bright glow was reminiscent of the Northern lights, although in Chelyabinsk latitudes, it usually does not happen. Spoken version of that thus from clouds reflected light, but given the late time of the day, its source had to be incredibly bright. Frames previous unusual phenomena in the sky in Chelyabinsk Read more [...]
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Who is the Sandy — a hurricane or cyclone?

For Americans and Canadians "Sandy" has become one of the most serious threats that hit over the past decade. Today they are trying to assess the damage and to calculate any loss resulted in carousing element. We dwell on the terminology of cyclonic vortices. The fact that "Sandy" was originally a tropical cyclone, and only after a while turned into extratropical cyclone, whereby learned later U.S. East Coast and Canada. The reason for this lies in the different physics, which is characteristic of tropical and extratropical cyclones. Education is the first in the tropics Read more [...]
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