On roar in Latvia

Dissatisfied grunt, autumn fattened snipe rose heavily from the hollows and reluctantly dispersed in intricate zigzags, flew away from the hunters that came their forests. It was a cloudy, gloomy day. Above ground rolled heavy gray clouds. The wind rustled in the trees, tore them with foliage, yellowed by the first of September matinees. Hunters crossed the field and sat on the edge of the road at the time of blackened logs, forgotten once here loggers.Relax after a long walk, both were silent. Finally one of them, a stocky man in his fifties with a weather-beaten face, veiled grayish beard, said Read more [...]
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African swine fever covered half of Latvia

  By the end of the year the number of pigs infected with African swine fever (ASF), will exceed 1,000 in the next year will cover the whole of Latvia's disease, and due to a combination of factors Latvia will have to live with ASF for a long time, he said at the annual conference of the forest industry expert Prodovolstvenno- Veterinary Services (PVS) Martins Serzhants."Until now, the ASF ascertained at 876 boars, including 579 have been found dead and 297 were killed in the hunt. It is clear that before the end of the year the number of infected animals will exceed 1000. The disease Read more [...]
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The Story of a slip or a first experience driven hunt in Latvia

Offer to join in the hunt for the subjects of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark postupilodovolno ago.Someone could not, someone did not want to. As a result, to take part in a three-day driven hunt happened two tёzkam. Me and my mate Vyacheslav. Here I must say that I was tied to the corrals five years ago. But turned out to be a very special case. Rich land, a different level of the organization, and on the Danes, as the hunters wanted to see!And now welcoming Latvia, more rural part of it in front of us –Now I turn to the lyrics of the case. In the morning the team stays Danes. Building. Read more [...]
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Selecting Rudolf Bangerskogo

Rudolf Karlovich Bangersky was born in 1878 in Livonia. In the rank of second lieutenant 93rd Irkutsk Infantry Regiment took part in the Russian-Japanese war. From January 1917 - scorer of the 17th Siberian Rifle Regiment. He took office after the dramatic events of 1916, when the regiment was shot 24 soldiers for refusing to go on the offensive. And before that, the regiment was considered the best in the whole of the 12th Army. During the fighting of 1914-1915. part was awarded the St. George flag. Bangerskomu able to normalize relations with the revolutionary-minded soldiers to keep fighting Read more [...]
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Wind break trees in Latvia. Photo

Strong wind from Friday night raging in the territory of Latvia, breaking branches and damage power lines. Remained without electricity for several thousand families. In Riga, Kipsala gusts broke several trees. Source: -News.com Read more [...]
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Latvia is threatened by earthquakes

In order to prevent negative consequences from possible earthquakes in Latvia it is necessary to create a network of local stations seismological observations, according to the draft of the new civil defence Plan, prepared by the Ministry of internal Affairs. As the authors document, although Latvia and is not located in a seismically active zone, the facts of history and statistics indicate the possibility of occurrence are quite strong aftershocks. In the period from 1976 through 2004 in the Baltic region was recorded eight quite a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5 to 5 points Read more [...]
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The birth of a tornado Latvia, Ogre 08.09.10

The birth of a tornado Latvia, Ogre 08.09.10 Photo sent an eyewitnessSource: DELFI Aculiecinieks Read more [...]
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Latvia threaten drought and malaria

Swept our country in the last storm and the storm is only the beginning, says Director of the world wildlife Fund in Latvia Ugis Rombergs. According to him, the consequences of global warming and climate change will become even more destructive weather events. So, he predicted, Latvia may become a victim of even more extreme heat and drought, and storms and lightning storms can be even more powerful and happen more often. Rotberg recalls that phenomena, unusual for Latvia earlier, now happen all the time for Example, a short but heavy showers, when for a few minutes, poured almost monthly norm Read more [...]
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Cold in Latvia will be a record long

Latvia is experiencing the longest in the last ten years frosts. In the country cases of frostbite and hypothermia. In some cities, closed schools and kindergartens.

Source: Russian.ntdtv.com

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Northern lights in Latvia. Photo. Video

On Tuesday, March 1, in the unexpected magnetic storm in some places in the world and in Latvia was observed severance radiance. Photo: Janis Satrovskis/Burtnieki, Latvia As reported by portal apollo.lv, according to the National oceanic and atmospheric administration data from the USA, increased ionized particles or solar wind were noticed by the first of March in the morning. During the day, the flow rate was increased to 650 miles per second. Also increased the density of the particles, resulting in a magnetic storm began, which came out of the Arctic circle in temperate latitudes. Storm Read more [...]
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In Latvia, the temperature had dropped to records

on 6 may. In the Baltic countries, at the end of April surprising unprecedented warmth, to replace the warm anticyclone came the cold air. Over Latvia and neighbouring countries lined cold hollow in the rear, which in late April and early may was pumping cold air from Scandinavia. The process of cooling naturally led to night frosts in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. Last night in Riga air cooled up to 2.5 degrees. And this is a new absolute minimum temperature. Prior to this, the coldest night of the 5th of may was the capital of Latvia, in 2007, when the temperature fell to-1.6 degrees. The Read more [...]
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Mirage in Latvia

April 24, in the city of Ventspils, Latvia was filmed mirror Mirage. The author's commentary in the video: \"an Unusual phenomenon. The sea sailing ships with their reflection from the top.\"Mirage The original, full sized, not editable images can be viewed at the source.Source: Delfi.lv Read more [...]
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In Latvia appeared dangerous algae

Photo vvd.gov.lv on may 13. Blue-green algae, found this week in the Gulf of Riga near Hipci most likely brought from Estonia, where the water is warmer. According to the Director of the Latvian Institute of Hydroecology Andes Ikauniece, algae discovered superintendent of Public services, environment, and delivered the samples to the Institute. Suspicions were confirmed.Most likely, the algae did not grow off the coast of Latvia, said the specialist. With great probability they could bring over from the coast of Estonia, where the water is warmed more. Satellite observations show that in Read more [...]
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This week in Latvia is expected to heat and drought

on 5 June. On Monday in Latvia is expected to be very hot weather. The air warms up to +30 degrees. Probably, this weather will continue until mid-June, warns Center for environment, Geology and meteorology. For two weeks in Latvia only occasionally expected short-term precipitation. In the forests will dramatically increase the threat of wildfires. The minimum night temperature will be +12...+18 degrees. In turn, the day is expected to +26...+31. Slightly cooler will be on the coast of Kurzeme. Doctors urge residents of Latvia in connection with heat to comply with the precautions and less Read more [...]
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In Latvia hotter than Africa

In the last days in Latvia reigns unusual for this month's heat. Tuesday, June 7, in Ventspils air is warmed up to 32 degrees and the average daily air temperature in Latvia was 10 degrees above normal. Meanwhile, Europe is very cool, writes kasjauns.lv. Already Tuesday in Latvia were exceeded record maximum temperature. The highest temperature was registered in Ventspils, where the air is warmed to +32 degrees in pāvilosta maximum air temperature was +30.9 ° C and the air in Liepaja was heated to +30.1 degrees. In addition, the environment will be even hotter air can warm up to 33 degrees. Read more [...]
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Over Latvia was observed Northern lights

On Friday night, about 9 hours, the Earth reached the charged solar particles, the rate of which exceeded 700 km per second. This has led to the strongest magnetic storm and the appearance of the Northern lights — including in Latvia.According to preliminary information from the National Department for oceans and atmosphere, U.S., the strength of the solar wind on Friday night was 8 points on 9-point scale. Magnetic storm resulted in a disruption of radio communications. Human health the solar wind does not threaten — thanks to the protection of the magnetosphere and Read more [...]
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In Latvia was observed Northern lights

Photo from the site: shauttra.blogspot.com September 27,. On Monday, about an hour nights in many regions of Latvia, it was possible to see the Northern lights. The last time this phenomenon has been observed in the Republic on the night of 6 August. According to the information of the Latvian center for environment, Geology and meteorology, on the morning of 27 September, the air temperature on the West coast of Kurzeme was +16 degrees, and in Vidzeme seaside - up to +14 degrees. As noted forecasters, on the most part of the territory of Latvia temperature ranges from +9...+13 degrees. Colder Read more [...]
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More than 30 thousand inhabitants of Latvia were left without electricity because of the wind

on November 28. Strong winds on Monday left without electricity for more than 30 thousand inhabitants of Latvia, the press service of the Latvian energy company Latvenergo. The wind speed in selected districts of Latvia up to 28 meters per second. Mass power outages recorded in rural areas. Earlier it was reported that were left without electricity 10 thousand inhabitants of the Republic. The company Latvenergo sent in the areas affected by the repair team. The electricity supply is planned to resume in the near future. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Atypical winter In Riga Park blooming daisies

on December 26. It seems that the Department heavenly office, responsible for the weather in Latvia, went on vacation - so \"Nethinim\" December country for a long time was not. In Riga, anyone can verify the strangeness of this winter in Park City canal on Monday bloomed Daisy. It is not surprising: 26 December in Riga and in many other places in the country were broken temperature records. In the capital of the thermometer rose to 9.2 degrees Celsius, that as much as 3 degrees higher than the previous record, established in 1971, and in mērsrags - to 9.9 degrees.Contributed to the achievement Read more [...]
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ECHR ordered Latvia to pay a serial killer 5000 euro

The European Court of Human Rights condemned Latvia payable serving a life sentence for a series of rapes, robberies and murders Valery Savich 5000 euro due to deplorable conditions.The Court recognized that Latvia had violated Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment. ECHR finds that isolation Savich and check in Daugavpils prison contrary to this article. In particular, the ban sitting and lying on the bed in the afternoon, full of forced prolonged isolation, walking only when accompanied by dogs, along with frequent Read more [...]
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