Stripling Venturer Dies In Skim Smash

Haris Suleman had a finish: to go the youngest soul to fly about the man in a single-engine sheet in 30 years. Suleman and his sire, Babar, were project the misstep in an undertake to heave $1 meg in charity for Seeds of Erudition, an formation that builds schools in Pakistan.Tragically, the 17-year-old's tripper—and sprightliness—were curtail when he and his beginner crashed Tuesday abaft departure Pago Pago, American Samoa. Thither is no indicant as to what caused the smash, according to the Federal Airmanship Government.NBC Word confirmed Suleman's personify has been cured, Read more [...]
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Canyons of the Escalante River, UT

SOMETIMES YOU Motive a hit of purdah to ratchet what'simportant in aliveness. So course, I hold handy a number of emergencyplaces tempestuous adequate to get doomed in. My nearly sponsor escapism path leadsinto the distant canyons run s into the Colorado River cheeseparing theconfluence with the San Juan, a labyrinth of solitary mesas accessibleyear-round to a dictated trekker.If you were to cod withan eagle (or a condor) sailplaning mellow supra, the Escalante mightiness looklike the branches of an antediluvian corner or the circulative drain of thehuman spirit. This nation is wrought apropos Read more [...]
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The meteorite that fell in Siberia

on April 13. Rescuers have found that crashed in Siberia space object is a large chip from a meteorite. Version of the fall of part of the North Korean satellite in Russia was not confirmed.  — We have calculated the distance between the launch point and a possible point of incidence and the time of the rocket launch, — told Life News in the East Siberian territorial administration, the Federal Agency of air transport of Rosaviatsia. — Witnesses saw the falling debris through the too short time after launch, the defunct satellite has not managed to be so quick Read more [...]
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In South Korea, for the first time successfully launched a rocket into space

Made with the participation of Russia South Korean rocket KSLV-I successfully put into orbit STSAT-2C. Earlier start the machine twice postponed due to defects in the first and second stage of the rocket. Initially, the launch was scheduled for October 26, 2012, but failed because helium leak resulting from damage to the connection pad and the first stage. November 29 of that year, the launch was canceled 17 minutes before the start of a problem in the second stage. The first launch of KSLV-I took in 2009. The first stage worked fine, but at the end of the flight is not fairing separated, Read more [...]
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U.S. scientists: DPRK satellite not valid

U.S. researchers said they could not fix the signal from the satellite, which orbited the DPRK last week. A number of countries have recognized that North Korea failed to launch a satellite, which, according to the North Korean side, broadcasting patriotic songs. However, representatives of the U.S. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics could not fix the signals of songs, according to Agence France Presse. According to the researchers, the satellite does not work. North Korea's launch of a long-range ballistic missile with a satellite from the Baikonur "Shohei" in the western Read more [...]
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Launch vehicle Zenit-3SL» fell into the ocean after launch

Launch vehicle "Zenit-3SL» satellite communication Intelsat-27, launched on Friday by the "Sea Launch" floating platform Odyssey of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, has deviated from the planned trajectory and sank. According to ITAR-TASS source in the space industry, according to preliminary data, there was an automatic engine shutdown of the first stage. "Zenit-3SL» dropped only six kilometers from the platform from which the start. However, neither the so-called "floating cosmodrome", nor the ship on which the control center, were not injured. In the coming hours Read more [...]
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After starting the Korean Americans noticed satellite orbiting the Earth two UFOs

U.S. Strategic Command said the two have not yet identified the objects appearing in the near-Earth space after the launch of the South Korean rocket KSLV-1. It is believed that this is the second stage of the rocket and the satellite STSAT-2C.A object in orbit with a perigee (the lowest point of the orbit) altitude 293.7 km and an apogee (farthest point) 1509.8 km. Perigee object B is located at 296.5 km and apogee - 1513.1 kilometers. The inclination of the orbit of the two - 80.3 degrees. According to the site Spaceflight101, Korean satellite scheduled for launch with a perigee Read more [...]
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North Korea claims deriving its satellite into orbit

Central News Agency of North Korea reported that the long-range missile launch was successful, the second version of the satellite "Kvanmenson-3" launched by rocket "Ynha-3", the satellite entered the preset orbit. " Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday at 09:51 (04:51 Moscow time) North Korea launched a long-range missile from the Baikonur, located in the northwest of the country. Although before the rocket launch was postponed due to technical problems, but in the end it took place in accordance with the previously scheduled, reports "Interfax". Read more [...]
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North Korea launched the rocket and put into orbit an object

U.S. and Russia did not see the threat in a rocket launched by North Korea on Dec. 12 from the Baikonur Shohei. The Russian system of early warning (EWS) has fixed its starting, "Interfax" reports. According to the EWS, the rocket flew south of the Korean Peninsula direction and pose no threat to Russia.The Defense Ministry said that define the missile (it is a ballistic or space) "will be available only after a careful analysis of information from the Russian space control system."The command of the aerospace defense of North America USA (NORAD), also has admitted that Read more [...]
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Japan’s defense minister ordered to prepare to destroy North Korea’s missile

Japanese Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto instructed the National Self-Defense Forces to prepare for the eventual destruction of the rocket, the launch of which the DPRK announced earlier on Saturday.The decision was taken today at an emergency cabinet meeting in Japan."Plans for North Korea to launch missile regrettable", - said the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda, ITAR-TASS reported.Earlier today, the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda instructed the Ministry of Defence and other responsible agencies to monitor information about the preparation of the DPRK to launch satellite, Read more [...]
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The reason for failure of the rocket Zenith became a UFO?

Booster "Zenith" was supposed to launch a Dutch satellite. In the first minute of flight the rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean. In Russia, looking for "scapegoats", and after the video launch, there are two objects with aerodynamic and form, which suggest that it is a UFO. Moreover, previous accident also accompanied by the presence of a UFO taking off directly from the rocket. Coincidence or pattern? UFO caused the failed launch of Proton-M rocket UFO group escorted rocket launch Express MD2Category: UFOs Read more [...]
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Jupiter's moon Europa attracts scientists stronger than Mars

American astronomers who are searching for life in the solar system, believe that Europe, one of the moons of Jupiter, the surface of the ocean where there is a much more attractive target for new expeditions than desert Mars, now riveted the attention of the U.S. government.Europe has become a tempting target for the search of life on it, because it has a fairly thin crust of ice, which is hidden under the ocean. Also in Europe contains chemicals-oxidants, say planetary scientists.At the request of NASA has been recently revised new mission to Europe in order to reduce the project cost, and the Read more [...]
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Cryptic Chilean Caves Observed

On the outside Chilean island of Diego de Almagro, scientists placed a straggly net of 20 metro limestone caves. In the wickedness depths they launch minor beast castanets, palisade paintings, and what could be clues to how the continents formed.Privileged the caves, about of which are 160 feet abstruse, Chilean and French researchers observed stone types commonly launch in more moderate zones, a brobdingnagian hint to how the continents rip asunder."You can shuffling models of areas where the continents bust off, and this could be one of those floater," potholer Natalia Morata told Read more [...]
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