U.S. launched a new secret space drone

U.S. held on Tuesday successfully launched a rocket Atlas-5 with a new experimental kosmoplanom X-37B, start was from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida, representatives of United Launch Alliance.It noted that the rocket Atlas-5 with the machine on board off the ground at 13.03 on East Coast time (22.03 Moscow time). Unmanned spaceplane, enclosed in a special capsule on top of the rocket, was separated from her in a few minutes after the launch, ITAR-TASS reported.This is the third launch in the program development and testing of the X-37B. For the first time the device was launched in Read more [...]
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DARPA drones hide on the ocean floor

U.S. military agency DARPA launched a program Upward Falling Payloads, providing for the creation of rapidly deployable systems on the ocean floor. These systems will include a variety of equipment for data collection. If necessary, hidden on the bottom of the "nodes" will be activated. After receiving the signal, they will have to come to the surface and begin to convey information.UFP centers will be placed in special containers in which they can stay for many years. Since the system will be hidden in deep water, it would be difficult to identify. Currently, DARPA began accepting Read more [...]
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Iran launched into space monkey

Iran launched a monkey into space, according to Agence France-Presse, with reference to the television channel Al-Alam TV. Earlier it was reported that the event was scheduled to begin in February 2013. According to Iranian TV channel, launched into space capsule with a monkey, called "Pishgam" landed safely. The state of "passenger" capsule is not specified.Launch the animals into space Iran is preparing to launch its astronauts, scheduled for 2021. The monkey Iranian scientists intend to study the work of the body in weightlessness.The fact that Iran is going to launch Read more [...]
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Carrier rocket Soyuz successfully launched into the target orbit French razvedsputnik Pleiades-1B

Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST-A" upper stage "Fregat" successfully placed on the target orbit dual French satellite "Pleiades-1B", said Sunday, "Interfax-AVN," the press service of the Russian Space Agency.

"At 6:58 MSK spacecraft remote sensing (RS)" Pleiades-1B " successfully separated from the upper stage "Fregat" — said agentstva.Raketa "Soyuz" was launched from Kourou in fourth.

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Hainan Island because of showers declared orange threat level

Orange threat level announced today in parts of the Chinese island province of Hainan because of continuing heavy rains there. According to ITAR-TASS referring to the Xinhua News Agency, on Hainan launched a rapid response mechanism to the rains and floods, and the island is preparing for another disaster struck.According to the local meteorological service in the next six hours in five cities and counties of the island (Wenchang, Tsyunhay, Wanning, Lingshui and Sanya) falls more than 100 mm of rain.Continuing on the resort island downpours caused cancellation today launched the sixth stage of Read more [...]
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Inquisitory Get Smarter

Inauguration traveling Web sites are launched astir as ofttimes and optimistically as restaurants, but lonesome the hardiest live. These quadruplet are deserving bookmarking. Social-media situation Gogobot.com takes recommendations from your friends on Facebook and Chitter and catalogs them into a personalised guide for your succeeding trip-up. iStopOver.com is an easy-to-use place for habitation and way rentals with reviews of the properties—and hosts. Greens.travelling, launched by Sustainable Jaunt Outside, is a lookup locomotive for eco-friendly trips, allowing users to classify by activeness, Read more [...]
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Seven hours of Nuclear War

14 June 1982 was no different from the other days of the summer. Except that it was Monday, as you know, the day is heavy. Numerous military garrisons scattered throughout our vast expanses of the country, life was in a familiar rhythm: in Kamchatka soldiers returning from dinner, and on the western border soldiers were still inspecting the last dreams.Withignal practice alert sounded like him and believe, "suddenly," and immediately set in motion the gigantic war machine, named the Armed Forces of the USSR. Soldiers and officers quickly took their jobs, as it was prescribed Read more [...]
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Outside Vacations Get Greener

If you comparable sightedness new places but can't standpoint the wastefulness tangled with the luxuries that accompany your hotel—the surplus linens, the not-so-earth-friendly toiletries, e.g.—now thither's an easier way to breakthrough yourself a common office to arrest.On Wednesday, democratic global-travel locate TripAdvisor launched its GreenLeaders programme in Canada and Europe to avail travelers program more environmentally favorable adventures, the Rampart Street Daybook reports. GreenLeaders launched in the Joined States finale Read more [...]
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THIS WAS THE daydream: The Web would be the ultimate appurtenance workshop. It seemed same a full estimation two age ago, when a gormandise of investing cash encouraged entrepreneurs to establish lashings of Web-based "e-tailers"--such as Geartrain.com, Altrec.com, and PlanetOutdoors.com. Many of these businesses dog-tired heavy on advertisement lonesome to discovery their URLs disregarded by manque customers overwhelmed with choices and yearning to really see, spirit, and try the goods they would confidence with their selfsame lives. As dotcom losings mounted, investor self-assurance Read more [...]
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Keir Beadling

    Picture: Example by Tavis CoburnI'd been a attorney for octonary age and was disgusted retention rails of meter in six-minute increments. So in later 2001, I did that stereotyped affair where you sit at the keyboard and remember, What's future? I started Acquire a month late. The mind was to be the IMG of fulfill sports. I reinforced my Website and a static of athletes that I would symbolize. It was a chute-the-chute early. So, in 2003, we bought the Si Vale Marathon and, astern breeding money from an saint investor, launched Mavericks Browse Ventures, which owns the Mavericks Read more [...]
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