Encased gun in the woods outside the terms of hunting and the law

Russia's Supreme Court agreed that a walk through the woods shrouded with a gun can be considered hunting. Hence the conclusion: who caught the poacher.Revisit the attitude towards armed hunters and just people to please ask the applicant PA And in. In his opinion, it is necessary to edit the Model Regulations hunting RSFSR approved another major management of hunting reserves and the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR. Otherwise, hunters can burn any foreign, with whom will find a gun.The document adopted during the Soviet era, said that hunting is recognized for the purpose of hunting down prey, Read more [...]
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Law tundra

For two weeks they were in the mountains, slightly above our parking place. Almost every day down to the foreclosure to see the all-terrain vehicle. But there was no all-terrain vehicle. Of the products the shepherds were only cereal and sugar. There was no flour, no tea, brewed the berries. When the snow began to fall, began to collect sticking the panicles of willow-herb. Today, work has to Kamchatka herders as much and in the past, and no liability less. But before such work were awarded orders and presented the award. A Now? How to live on, no one in the village Read more [...]
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Fishermen — the law

Here came the turn and fishermen live by the law. A draft of the new Federal Law "About recreational fisheries". One name is happy, though on what was called human, not a law on rational use and preservation of objects related to the world of water objects of fishing, etc. and so, as we see in the hunting industry.January 11 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting with representatives of public organizations, recreational and sport fishing. On January 18, held a press conference in ITAR-news. It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Svetlana Orlova, Read more [...]
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Crimean loop

"You can not be too rich, too healthy and too armed" - with these words I would like to start this review. In general, if we talk in general, need to understand that an arms legislation already existent state of Ukraine today is much different from that in the RF Law "On Weapons".Disassemble the detailed provisions of the Law «On Weapons» Russia in the framework of this article consider inappropriate. The main task — identify the uncertainty with the introduction into circulation of weapons available to the population of Crimea, legislative turnover of the Russian Federation.Yes, Read more [...]
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At the request of the prosecutor’s office of Moscow region approved the list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms with a rifled barrel

The prosecutor's office of Moscow region audited compliance with the requirements of Art. 13 of the Federal Law of 13.12.1996 № 150-FZ «On Weapons» in terms of the adoption of the executive authorities of the Moscow region regulations, establishing a list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms with a rifled barrel.In accordance with the amended Federal Law «On Weapons» changes in the executive authorities of the Russian Federation should establish a list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms Read more [...]
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Inflatable boat «in the law»

When I wrote "phony issues inflatable boats" Motor to her I was not. Then I bought it. The capacity to as much as 2.5 hp In this regard, involuntarily I had to learn a lot.I want to share with the readers of "horn" - now from the standpoint of the graduate courses in the GIMS navigators who had graduated in connection with the purchase of the outboard motor, officially translated the mine sevilorovsky «Fish Master FT 325" from the simple to the proud naduvnuhi discharge motor boats. Since the legislative definition of small boat includes an inflatable boat, it will concern first and foremost Read more [...]
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How to kill a game tenants

The President signed the document dated 18.09.2013 № PR-2506, concerning maintenance of activity of at least three hunting inspectors in each municipality on whose territory there are hunting grounds. However, at the meeting of the working group of the government Commission on budget projections for 2015 the allocation of 1.3 billion rubles for subsidies to the regions to ensure hunting management Department was withdrawn at the initiative of the Ministry of Finance.Photo Zhuravkova Anton In his article «Human capital hunting» («HORN» No. 46, 2014) Andrey Read more [...]
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Russian Hunting Laws

The State Duma Committee on Natural Resources and Environment held parliamentary hearings on the topic "Legal provision of state control and supervision in the use of animals."     Take part in the hearings the deputies of the State Duma, Federation Council members, representatives of the federal bodies of executive power, the legislative (representative) and executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation, heads of public organizations, ohotopolzovateli, scientists discussed a number of urgent (acute) problems of development of hunting Russian at the present stage. "The Russian newspaper Read more [...]
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With zakonom- «navigator» to «dark forest»

Always with interest I read the publication in which the authors try to understand the intricacies of the current legislation of modern Russia. After reading the content of laws and regulations, many somehow begin to express them in their own way, or "in my opinion." In my opinion, the laws and regulations better quote, thus allowing readers to understand themselves from meaning. But dear Albert Gorbachev prefers to cite documents and transfer them to the content in your own words, can therefore be legal norms and to provide it «dark forest»?The author assures us: «According to Read more [...]
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Afterword to the law «about the hunt …»

The new law "On the hunt ..." confined to "attract investments in hunting" and not on the needs of ordinary huntersPhoto Fotolia Hunting writers basically over. It lasted only hunting ungulates and fur-bearing animals, but the bulk of them are not active hunters. There was more free time, and I spent watching your favorite room «Russian Hunting Newspaper» over the past year.What a pleasure to meet again with respect and interesting people, like-minded that their performances make us think about the day today and tomorrow amateur hunting in particular, and the fate of Read more [...]
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By bearish laws

WINTER 2003 IN RUSSIA AND THE UNITED STATES Almost at the same time killed two zoologists. Vitaly Nikolaenko was killed on the Kamchatka Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Timothy TRODUELL - in America in Katmai National Park. In the summer of 1996, the South Kamchatka wildlife sanctuaries such a tragedy happened to the famous Japanese photographer Michio Hoshino animal painter. They were torn to pieces by Medvedev. THIS IS blatant injustice - that these animals studied and presented at the photo and video materials, THEY fanatically protects.My first acquaintance with Vitaly Nikolayenko - the most prominent Read more [...]
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On hunting and hunting opponents

In my opinion, the debate between supporters and opponents of hunting are absolutely meaningless. Arguments antiohotnikov that hunting - the killing, and for fun, and that hunting does not need a man, I think the empty verbiage. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Research found that a certain part of the world there are people hunting genes. From hunting — is not murder, not sport, not entertainment and not a mental illness, and occupation of genetically caused. Hunter are, they are born. As Russian writer M. Bitter: «Born to crawl Read more [...]
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Play on the legal field

Photo by Ilya Lipin Post-perestroika period in the CIS countries was marked by a crisis of the entire economy, including hunting. Although it has in the last years of Soviet power gave the annual output value of 500 million rubles. and it was more than 1% of GDP. Scientists Game Biologists and experts Hunting Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have sounded the alarm about the impending catastrophe and suggested various ways of legal, administrative and economic recovery of the sector. Moreover, this was possible because they were all "chicks" great hunting management school of the Read more [...]
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So I was stuck!

Response to the article S. Akinshin 'Vrunopravoved-referent. "Back to article: «Vrunopravoved-referent».Mr. Akinshin, reminds me of home and vividly described Krylov fable character «Monkey and glasses»: «…temyu something to squeeze them, they are on the tail nanizhet, they sniff, they polizhet…».I'm talking about the legal terms and concepts. They were not pieces of meat to be straightforward nashampurivat. And not the ingredients for salad; Do not make them French soup «Bourdais» We are living in Russia and Russian law is quite simple. Read more [...]
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Law on Hunting: can not execute the correct

Where to put the comma?Photo Anatoly Ugadchikova Currently, the value of hunting and game management potential of the industry to the economy and population of the Russian Federation are undervalued.Economic evaluation of hunting resources of more than 87 billion rubles. Hunting Branch provides more than 80 thousand permanent and temporary jobs. Annual tax deductions in the field of hunting economy account for more than 3 billion rubles. Commercial investment in the protection of hunting grounds and technical and hunting infrastructure (10.9 billion rubles) 5 times the annual government Read more [...]
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For hunters — donut hole

The Constitutional Court finally reached the Hunting Act, which in itself is not bad, especially "pleased" press reviews on some resources that you can not select the "blood and sweat" acquired by hunting farm, about what happened that a new tenant will pass away "to all gotovenkoe "...Go to the answer VL Bodunkova to this article: "No one knows the truth, the truth everyone knows, but everyone is their own"And nonstrange no word on whether the so-called “dolgosrochniki”Whose fate is decided at this moment in court, it is not so harmless, and that, for example, receive long-term Read more [...]
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Who needs a law on hunting

     Of the so-called conversation, published in number 2 of the magazine "R & R" on p. 62-69, with well-known in narrow circles Russian hunter, a member of the club (or rather the brain of the club), it is clear that this law is necessary for legal registration of the hunting capture lands, which began de facto 8-9 years or so ago.     The article presents a well-worn and extremely primitive set of stamps to be used when someone needs to push through cost-effective solution, as if to soothe the conscience.     Stamp number 1 - a reference to the Western experience. About the fact that Read more [...]
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Prior to the May holidays, remained little more than a week, through a third party when he heard that in April their friends successfully hunted wild boar. My questions how and where the hunt took place, they found it difficult to answer. What is it, another legalized poaching in private households or science-based shooting game, inviting friends right?Dispel my assumptions helped "Hunting the newspaper." In the "Offer" I was attracted by the announcement: "Hunt, 45 km from Moscow: wild boar, deer, red deer, yak," and thus the phone. I will not bore readers with the details of a long conversation, Read more [...]
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From 1 April next year, comes into effect the Law on huntingMost colleagues introduction of this law into effect is not optimistic.Countries in this is nothing, because at the stage of the bill document I received numerous comments of experts, which, unfortunately, were not included in its revision. So we got what we have now. I have already expressed my opinion on the content of the hunting law, but one thing I was lost. The question concerns ohothozyaystvennyh agreements.When I first read the article of the law relating to this question, remember the vicissitudes with Maksatikha, or as it has Read more [...]
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In the car

At the train talking urban hunter and landownerPhoto from the collection of Pavel Gusev The landlord knows the place and says that now, at the end of July, upland game has a little bit left.Hunter suggested that the game knocked out local farmers, industrialists, «rustic nemrody»But the landlord said, putting the capital's main enemy of the bar, «preference» Hunters who do not respect the law and beating before the opening game of the season, and cited the example of a trader ladies' accessories and public figure Mr. Permona hailing «not from Bordeaux, Read more [...]
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