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The precepts of true

    Year 1924 th. July, the day of the 12th. This is our story.     On that day, VI Congress Russian Communist Youth League the first item on the agenda was discussed and unanimously approved the change in the title Youth Union, giving it the name of the VI Lenin. Russian Leninsky Communist Youth Union. It was 60 years ago.     As part of the messengers Ural youth delegates with the right casting vote represented Nizhnetagilskom Regional Organisation for the VI Congress of Komsomol secretary District Committee, still living in the city Dushanbe pensioner Read more [...]
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Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League)

Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League) mass sociopolitical. youth org-tion. First org-tional congress was held on October 29. Nov 4. 1918 in Moscow. Proletarian youth org-tion U., as well as throughout the country, there were spring of 1917 after the February. roar. Nov 25-28. (8-11 December). 1917 in ECAT. took 1 region. Congress of the Socialist Alliance office. Youth D 43 delegates representing 21 org-tion from 2644 pers. Union. The congress adopted the program and statutes region. org-tion, chose Ur. com. CCPM of 9 people. and approved the official name of the org-tion: Socialist Read more [...]
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How Pee Makes Us Fitter, Happier, and More Successful

This month, California biologist and quondam Remote back matter Wallace J. Nichols publishes his offset ledger, Blueing Intellect: The Surprising Skill That Shows How Organism Dear, In, On, or Below H2o Can Shuffling You Happier, Fitter, More Attached, and Ameliorate at What You Do (Petty, Browned, $27).Billed as a “Big Mind” volume that leave vary the way you recollect, Nichols’s entry feat combines everything from neuroscience to realty pricing. (A wax followup is uncommitted in the Grand exit.) Abe Streep caught up with Nichols to discourse the ledger and how pee can hob thrum Read more [...]
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Enterpriser > Jaunt Groundbreaker

"I was subaquatic liquid with crap sharks when I had the theme for a locomotion caller."     Photograph: Prick YangI’d toyed with all sorts of businesses and in 2005 establish myself workings with a nanotechnology ­enquiry aggroup. On a flying to Boston for a league, I was posing succeeding to this guy who was middling roughly retreat age. We had the like laptop and our Palisade Street Journals. I was leaving to be that beau in 30 days. The skim landed, and I went to the league and resigned. I gave out everything I owned that I couldn’t rag with and took Read more [...]
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April 3-5 England's University of Leeds hosts the Skill and Engineering in Mounting and Mountaineering league. It's dangerous job—the seminar card includes "Anthropometry of Immature Private-enterprise Play Stone Climbers"—but it's goodness to recognize that the bunsen-burner set is roping up occasionally. www.leeds.ac.uk/sports_science/league April 5-14 As ski flavor comes to a end, Aspen Lot plays innkeeper to the 2nd one-year 180 Bound Jam. Festivities admit absolve concerts, pro competitions, and the Tempestuous Hyrax for Cash, a brawl ski raceway o'er bumps, jumps, Read more [...]
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Russia has introduced Internet censorship. Experiment Clean Internet

Providers of one of the Russian regions will let their subscribers only to "trusted" sites. About this newspaper "Izvestia" said the director of the "League of Safer Internet" Denis Davydov.The experiment, called "pure Internet", will be held at the initiative of the "League" from February to April 2013. Davydov did not specify which region will be an experiment, but claims that his organization was able to negotiate with all 29 local Internet providers.The desire to gain access to sites outside the "pure Internet" users will additionally Read more [...]
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Invasion starships

Telepathic aliens-owned "Legion flying snake" from the planet Alpha, invading the Earth and begin to kidnap people, they need to experiment to reproduce. The aliens are killing peaceful members of the "League of the nation", which protects the Earth from the pyramid on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. Aliens fired from their planet are in Earth orbit spacecraft, uncontrollably destroying the human race. The surviving members of the "League of the nation" linked to the famous astronomer and UFO researcher Professor Alan Duncan, that he helped them repair the Read more [...]
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