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    Picture: Shoot by Stewart FerebeeThe Scout LAUNCHPADS If you've always dreamed of purchasing an adventure-ready secondment habitation, now's the clock, thanks to bottoming-out prices. Hither's where to beginning your search. ByLARRY OLMSTED Editors' Selection Awards THE Sterling... For our initiative leaning, we've collected 51 of our pet things into arollicking collection of great ideas, high-flown destinations, glorious equipment, and more. A Unexpended Play at the Doom In which STEPHANIE PEARSON discovers that the half-forgotten Falkland Islands lineament one of Read more [...]
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Leaning tower bell Chesovoe

    The story of one of the most remarkable Russian architecture of the Urals - Leaning Leaning Tower, its mysteries and legends attracted attention of many historians, writers, and researchers.     During the year, it takes about 30 thousand tourists, among them hundreds come from abroad. Invariably, they are told that Tower built in During the decade between 1722 and 1732 years.     Documents on the history of the tower remained very small: the main archives were destroyed famous Nevyansky fire in 1890. From what is left, you can see that at the beginning Read more [...]
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Nevyansky Chimes

Twenty years ago with the Leaning Tower removed scaffolding finished restoration of exterior walls and domes. But the clock tower chiming remained dead a broken arrow and clockwork mangled musical tree, bells covered in dust and oxides. Employee of the museum NA Silin gave a lecture about the history of the tower, about how the restoration works were carried out. And suddenly a question from the audience: «But what about the chimes?» The lecturer went on to explain that neither in Sverdlovsk, Perm or can not find artists who would be able to restore the old clock tower, which will have Read more [...]
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Nevyansk Leaning Tower

One of the most magnificent monuments of history and architecture of the Urals. And one of the most mysterious She is beautiful and mysterious, when the night sky rises her strict and formidable silhouette and bell ringing, as if tragically struck midnight And when the sky is rapidly running clouds, it seems that the inclination of the tower reaches catastrophic proportions that it is about to collapse and bury themselves under all their secrets But after a moment, the other takes years and centuries, and continues all the tower continues to fall and she lives in this endless fall Mysterious Read more [...]
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Nevyansk tower. Prologue

Almost three centuries stands on the banks of the river Neiva Nevyansk Leaning Tower She's gorgeous summer morning and ringing in the dead of night, in the glow of the dazzling sun in the winter blizzard. She lives her life, and lives with different moods. In the morning, the rising sun rejoices and runs to meet him. In the evening it becomes a quiet and thoughtful, and at night a dark and mysterious. But each times it is good in a special way. What is the secret of the magic charm that comes from the talented works of architecture? In precisely calculated proportionality of its parts? In elaborately Read more [...]
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Leaning Tower

(Extract from the forthcoming book "Volkovskoe shops")There is a version that the Urals except Leaning Leaning Tower there was a similar tower in Nizhny Tagil. She appeared in about 70-ies of the XIX century, when arrived from Verkhoturye first guild merchant Nikolai S. Volkov built at the intersection of the Tagil kriulya (now black) and a landmark street (Linden tract) luxury estate. It was a two-storey stone house with a high tower, the building of the brewery, long building warehouses and stables, timbered merchant's office, landscaped gardens, gardener and caretaker houses, public Read more [...]
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Where history is silent, there are legends. They seem to fill the emptiness and white spots real historical narrative. Sometimes, reality and legend walked side by side, as it were replacing each other. Nicholas Wise Roerich keenly noticed this feature of the reflection of the past: «In these cherished and preserved the traditions you can learn the reality of the past. In every spark of folklore there is a drop of truth, embellished or distorted». In the Urals folklore theme «About breeders Demidovs» usually stands out. And many traditions and legends are somehow connected Read more [...]
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Who built the tower Nevyansky?

So who is the creator of the famous Leaning Tower? Who is this architect, project which created one of the masterpieces of Russian architecture? The answer to these questions have tried many historians, writers, historians. Specific answer is no, only flimsy conjecture and legend. Legend of the Italians, who allegedly wrote Akinfiy Demidov «from overseas», Was born probably in simple analogy: Leaning Tower of Pisa built Italian masters, they say, created and inclined tower Nevyansk. As already noted, an Akinfiy N. hiring Italians fiction writer Yevgeny Fyodorov, who documented not Read more [...]
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Unanswered Questions

What is told in the story «Architect», Only the version that the author did not consider the completion of the search. She only invites the reader to continue the search for the real historical architect Leaning Tower. Who created the tower? this is still one of the questions to which the answer is not found. The architect is not only the creator of the Leaning Tower. In its creation involved a variety of craftsmen who used engineering solutions. Let us listen to the opinion of experts. Architect R. Podolsky, who inspected the tower in the thirties of this century, wrote: «It Read more [...]
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The Topper Outside Apps for the iPhone: Encampment Tilt

    Exposure: Courtesy of Tenting Leaning

A:Memory everything for a big trek is often harder than backpacking for a job activate. You ride the material in your clique for quilt and prophylactic, so organizing it should not be leftover to the cover of a serviette. The Bivouacking Leaning app by the programmers at Engineered Englut creates a customizable punchlist of everything from toiletries to safe geartrain. ($1.99)

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Outside Vacations Get Greener

If you comparable sightedness new places but can't standpoint the wastefulness tangled with the luxuries that accompany your hotel—the surplus linens, the not-so-earth-friendly toiletries, e.g.—now thither's an easier way to breakthrough yourself a common office to arrest.On Wednesday, democratic global-travel locate TripAdvisor launched its GreenLeaders programme in Canada and Europe to avail travelers program more environmentally favorable adventures, the Rampart Street Daybook reports. GreenLeaders launched in the Joined States finale Read more [...]
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How To Do (Well-nigh) Everything

We distinct to parting infiltrating a topper dam off the inclination.     Pic: Gerry Ellis/Minden PicturesWhen we distinct to assemble our How To Do (Most) Everything software, our collection of all-important expertness for advanced adventurers, the initiative was brainstorming the clobber we matt-up our readers utterly needful to acknowledge. The leaning got farseeing. Around of it—alike which cameras to gang and how to forfend longsighted TSA lines—was a no-brainer.Later often slowness, we opt to cut a few things off the leaning including: infiltrating a castor dam, Read more [...]
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