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One and a half weeks of my young kurtshaar flew over fields and rip off everything. My grief knew no bounds - have a gun no sense! For a year I lived the dream and the hope of a first-class dog - and that everything collapsed. I did not know what to do. Photo: Mikhail Semin But gradually I began to calm down. Well, I think, feel, though weak, still has to duck enough'll «utyatnikom»As It was. A there — Head of the lyagasha.We need, of course, the board suddenly someone's «son of a bitch» also I lost the sense of smell? Nataska dogs this Read more [...]
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The role of the instructor in the training climbers

Frequently asked questions: "What to teach in mountaineering?", "How to teach mountaineering," and "Who will teach mountaineering?" With all of the content of the answers are incorporated in the "Program." If the "Program" in the form of wood, and its trunk to take home for the purpose of (direction), the strong twigs and branches will be the first level of subordination of the dominant goal. But wading through the branches, twigs, you can easily get lost in a spreading crown and did not see the barrel. This construction has to do with how the Read more [...]
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Social groups, ready to risk the fate of the planet

Probably be separately distinguish list of social groups and organizations, which tend to collapse and change the world order. And for this, or are willing to risk total destruction, or can create it without realizing it. For example, Ronald Reagan declared a "crusade" against the Soviet Union, but he knew that in this confrontation risk catastrophic danger of war increases. World powers, fighting for dominance in the world. This can be either the first power, less power and forced "to attack the threatened loss of benefits," or power-contenders for world domination, choosing Read more [...]
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Man learns life. Teach him a lot, but it taught him to be healthy? Health depends on many objective and subjective factors, changing with age. It follows that the need for a dynamic learning system health. The answer to the question of how teach any skill, is not simple. Worldly rule of "repetition - the mother of learning" conditionally. Science makes it significant adjustments. What seems to be more elementary than training Children write letters of the alphabet. From time immemorial, the teacher wrote a letter, and the student plays it on the finished model. Psychologists Read more [...]
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Cognitive development-27

Development could be different. By the end of this period, as we know, babies stop with eye movements stop and do not continue to subject tracking. Explanation for this change in behavior has been given in terms of reconciling the two hypothetical rules: "The object is the same as it is in the same place" and "The object remains the same, as he moves along the same path." But talking about the harmonization of these rules is not necessary. Each of these behaviors can evolve independently based on reinforcement learning. Thus, the child may refuse to trace the trajectory Read more [...]
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Cognitive development-19

The existence of this contradiction leads to a process aimed at the resolution. These processes is given (incorrectly) refer to the process of balancing. The end result is the formation of balancing new ideas and rules that combine elements of contradiction. Thus, the conflict of three baby can be resolved on the basis of association rules and representations, as shown in Table. 7.4. In accordance with the concept of Piaget balancing itself should be regulated process, so when given the result of combining the elements of contradiction must be predictable. Unfortunately, the rules are not Read more [...]
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Perception of objects 1

In today's culture, it is unlikely that the child in the first two weeks of life would be met with such situations in which he could learn to fear the approaching object and expect to find him tactile properties. The only possible conclusion is that the man is a primitive unity of sensory modalities, which allows the visual variables contain information about the tactile properties. Furthermore, this primitive unity genetically determined structures of the nervous system of man. To further test this hypothesis on a group of infants was repeated the original experiment with imaginary stereopredmetom Read more [...]
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Turning his head to the right, he might be watching the left. Perhaps he also moves his arms and legs before, after or simultaneously with the rotation of the head. Why then reinforcing the event should contact with the call and turn of the head, and not with any other stimulus and response, taking place before the reinforcements? The baby must have very precise mechanisms of selection of information to detect the required connection could be as fast as it happens. However, the features of selective mechanisms of perception in infants studied relatively little. It may well be that the main Read more [...]
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Introduction 3

Table 1.2. Compare the speed of development of conditioned responses in the two groups of babies around the same age. A group of babies from birth who participated in the experiments on the development of conditioned responses; Group B - babies who participated in the experiments on the development of conditioned responses from only three months. The comparison shows that the early provision of opportunities for learning facilitates these processes in the future (for Papuseku, 1967), the group of middle age in days at the time of testing average number of samples required to generate a response Read more [...]
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Children and school-3

Of course, everyone's training is necessary, but we need some new learning environment, if we have such students as Valery and his classmates. It's not a mass phenomenon, and for some special conditions are needed, with particular gentle attitude to these guys. They all say the same thing: "We want to go to work," so the lead in their life should not be easy, feasible at their age, they should be gradually involved in learning, perhaps with elements of material interest. Organizing and stimulating role of labor has long been known, and the institutionalized idleness as this Read more [...]
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Psychological problems of training of psychotherapists and counselors to work in Addiction-1

Thus, to solve the problem in the method of active social learning needed to combine psychotherapy and training methods. Searching and finding the active participants of social learning the authentic style of interpersonal behavior mean decision posihoterapevticheskoy identification problems due to their own individuality liberation from the illusions in self, overvalued (in the sense of non-psychiatric) ideas, feelings of inferiority, and other forms of protective attitude. This, along with the formation of an adequate image of the "I" is an important task psychological adjustment Read more [...]
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Debility - The easiest degree oligophrenia. Morons able to schools and vocational training in special schools and institutions as well as for learning and memory training and any other material they need more visibility, the slow pace of learning, and the frequent repetition. May acquire a sufficient amount of knowledge, which remain isolated, without mutual connection. Vocabulary from morons significant. However, their frequent use of different speech memorized, "stamped" expressions, the contents of which are often poorly understood. The events surrounding the life of morons perceive Read more [...]
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