Berth place kormnoe!

Anglers are always trying to take the front of the pier, some are placed on the sides. Among lovers of resorts in the south of Russia, and there are fishermen. They are not so little. Holidays fishing rod, sea and sunrises sunsets leave an unforgettable impression. However, the sea is quite difficult to determine the areas of concentration of the fish. Therefore, to rely on more or less real catch for a better start to learn to catch pier.On the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, and and places in the Crimea, most resorts have Read more [...]
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Reflections to the subject of pre-winter

Photo Anatoly Mailkova For a long time I try not to take for granted almost all the recommendations of other fishermen, even the most experienced, especially in the pre-winter. Do not accuse me of self-confidence and self-reliance — Memory never forgets sensible recommendations, and the recommendations of the authors of my attitude is always respectful. As a rule, the authors of many fish caught in other waters, where local conditions may be very different from the conditions in the water bodies where fishing accounts for me.The recommendations of experienced fishermen, for Read more [...]
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Last autumn carp

As we approach the winter, when the waters cool and much water in them is very clear, catching a particular fish is either problematic or not having sense. For example, from predators in ice water is not fed catfish, barely responding to artificial bait chub. And among the various white fish clearly falls activity in tench, carp, rudd and the reservoirs in the middle band becomes very difficult to catch. The most significant fall behavior of carp — the most massive of thermophilic fish inhabiting most ponds, lakes, quarries, river bays and backwaters. You can approach Read more [...]
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We shoot with a leash

Before the start of the summer-autumn season month I left. It is time to conduct a "revision" of its blunders and accurate shot, especially since the autumn hunting of the pen - it's basically shooting in flight. And without the right leads and results in the hunt, if not modest, very modest.Photo by Ilya Antonyuk Talking about shooting moving targets, be it on hunting or poster sites, it should be mention This shooting element as a leash. Snell is almost always present, regardless of the manner and art processing facility shot.Start-arrow-shooting Read more [...]
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Oka, Donkey, bream …

For several consecutive years, it attracts me fishing in the upper reaches of the Okaauthor photo River near Tarusa not as deep and wide as in its lower reaches, but its banks are different kind of beauty. Since the second half of August until late autumn, you can find a lot of beautiful and comfortable places for fishing with bottom gear. Catches are frequent large bream, ide, sometimes if caught bersha and rare nowadays Podust.The main object of fishing for donochnikov here — rather large bream. Oka bream beds with sticks more or less pronounced topography, usually Read more [...]
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Ukleechny match

For complementary feeding bleak suitable mixture with a pungent, sweet smellPhoto: Alexey Goryainov Bleak different from other fish fast and careful bite, so catching it usually use the most sensitive equipment primaries. However, you can successfully catch and other gear, including a fishing rod Match. Only need to properly balance the tackle and collecting fish for bait, fodder create competition.Sometimes bleak kept away from the angler. He sees a flock, but it is very difficult to get feed back far enough to catch the bait with a dull snap. Very often such a situation arises Read more [...]
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Pre-winter, picker and carp

Part 2. Technical features and equipment of fishing. Now, a few important words about the equipment Picker and features the art of fishing. First of all to say about the leashes that were not in the amount above the limit established by the two sinker. Leashes for catching carp on the eve of the winter is better to set the way «loop in the loop»When the fishing line tied to the primary loop about 5 cm long, which seemed to «are» perpendicular to the fishing line – The first loop of 30 cm from the sinker and the other has the same distance. Then, from Read more [...]
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Bottom fishing ide

Photo by the author Ide is often held in the deep places where the float tackle it is to catch inconvenient. In this case, the aid comes feeder. The main thing, according to the terms of catching the right to choose the feeder and the feed mixture. At the beginning of the summer, if the weather is not too hot, ide zhiruet on predruslovyh «tables», Fell into the pit (usually with reverse flow) and other deep places. Often fishermen yazyatniki looking luck on quiet stretches and rapids located above or below the rapids of the river. Ide night out on the river bed edge, Read more [...]
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With the boat on koltsovku

Large rivers have their own peculiarities that have to be taken into account in the small boat angler. Fishing from a boat in deep water and strong currents, and dictates their gear adapted to these conditions. And no matter how perfect the technology and are now brands of fishing firms, but the principle of catching «koltsovkoy» persists, albeit in different versions. Here we will focus on the most common form of gear, at least in the Volga region. Similar «koltsovkoy» caught in Soviet times with shabby «Kazanok», Catch today.Let's start with Read more [...]
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Ide due coastal shelters

Do not second-ah-ah-ah-relationship, but still ide                                                            Photo by the author One of dobychlivyh tested gear for catching ide at large and medium rivers with natural course – rod with a lateral nod, which snap is ogruzhennaya fishing Read more [...]
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For river roach with the English Donkey

Part 2Photo by the author Catching roach feeder – exciting experience, which is particularly effective in the skillful selection of accessories, bait and tips, as well as the correct choice of tactics of fishing. Since roaches able to come from a distance to properly prepared bait, then this is built on fishing donk with a trough. In the summer fishing for roach use mainly open trough. The designs of their large number. They can be reticulated, convoluted, framework and others. In Oka, where the current is strong, for the most part have to use ogruzhennye feeder capable of Read more [...]
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Padding autumn

The weekend I was at home affairs in Pskov. There was a call on a mobile phone, store the silence a few days. Looking at the board, I saw that my partner is calling on fishing Kolya Sokolov. Usually I always call him and we plan fishing routes. It is evident that there was something important. "Hi!" "Hi, Nicolas!" (So I affectionately call him sometimes.) On peretyagu                                                                      Read more [...]
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Winter burbot

Catching burbot many anglers find occupation for the "lazy" - dotted the night Donkey or postavushki came in the morning, checked with the production back home. But this passive way, but there is also active, which I want to tell.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Burbot postavushki device may seem to someone quite primitive, but this predator anglers, and it is quite satisfied. Tackle consists of a round rod with a diameter of about 30 mm and a length of about 45 cm. The stick is placed across the holes on it is wound monofilament diameter of 0.3 mm and its length depends on the depth of Read more [...]
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Indian summer white eye

Few anglers central Russia, and especially Muscovites are familiar with white eye, despite the fact that it can be targeted to catch on areas near the capital of the Oka. Here she pecks year round with few interruptions associated with spawning, flood or other causes. For each fishing season Oka white-eye has its own peculiarities. There is talk of the fall fishing.White-eye – gregarious bottom fish, which always feeds on fast sections of the river with a rocky bottom. And by the way, that she, too, is different from the blue bream, which, especially in reservoirs, often Read more [...]
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Options zhivtsovoy fishing

Part 3. pike zherlitsy for different conditions.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Production pike using zherlitsy is the most common, but to achieve the desired result, you need not only to work, but also to choose the right tactics and fishing tackle.While fishing on large bodies of water are more likely to use the following tactics. A large area permitted number zherlitsy, and after biting rearrange gear. After a bite at one of zherlitsy about it some more concentrated zherlitsy. If done quickly enough, you can count on the next bite. This tactic is based on the assumption that a predator Read more [...]
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Perch bypass leash and jig

As with any predator perch best catch in the settled weather when there is sudden changes of pressure and heavy rains. It is not the complete absence of the perch bite even under adverse conditions than sin representatives often capricious carp family. In summer perch begins to take on the classic perch bait: spinners, wobblers, silicone, poppers.From rotating spinners most widely used small lures «mepps agliya» and «mepps agliya Long» zero and the first room. Turntables have a characteristic type of long game by elongated petals and under certain conditions Read more [...]
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At the old place

The summer was not hot and nedozhdlivym. Therefore, the water in the river Great asleep very quickly. But looking at the TV screen, you think: «Somewhere showers bring hardships, inconveniences, and sometimes trouble, and we have in the north-west and thunderstorms really could not hear».In such weather it is time to get peretyazhnye tackle and try to catch a chub. Who does not know about fishing in the constriction, I explain. Two spinning coils by type «Neva», In other words, a «wheel». They wrapped the fishing line 100 meters section of 0.5 Read more [...]
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Breakage the Rules of Summertime: Circle Swings Are Severe and Commonly Illegal

Pee-pee a circle sway — safely     Photograph: Jonathan CarlsonPlectrum a tough deciduous corner to cling your vacillation from. The unit corner, not equitable one arm, should tip out terminated the pee.If your lilt bequeath be lasting, use weatherproof tenex roofy ($30). Inactive rock-climbing leash is Ok if it’ll be up for alone a day approximately.Preferably than ligature the leash to the leg, cringle a webbing slingshot ended it and tie the r-2 to a lockup karabiner victimization a look-alike bowline.Use an alpine coquet greyback to produce handles in the rophy.Micturate Read more [...]
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Jeannie Longo to Airstream Again

Fifty-four-year-old warhorse bicycler Jeannie Longo testament contend in the French interior title in a bid to win her Sixtieth style this hebdomad. In 2012, Longo ruined 5th in the meter tryout and Twelfth in the route airstream, eliminating her chances of competing at the Olympic Games. Piece her functioning sparked blab of retreat, she chose to retain racing. "I guess that [retreat] would be awry, that is why I relaunched myself this give. As farsighted as thither is sprightliness, thither is desire," she told CyclingNews conclusion June.Longo and her economise, Patrice Ciprelli, suffer Read more [...]
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Simple and convenient snap bottom.

Hello! Today I want to tell you about a simple snap-bottom, which I use quite davno.kak Typically, this installation is made directly on fishing, with hands thrown to the near distance (5-15 m) and does not imply the use of the rod. Spend just one evening knitting dozen such rigs, subsequently you will be able to successfully catch all white fish, but most of all it is suitable for catching burbot. Tackle stored on ordinary compact and almost weightless motoviltse:Figure 1. at the end of the main line 0.45mm knit common loop:Figure 2. a loop until it stops (node) don stopor.ego silicone Read more [...]
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