Dive Raj Ampat, Indonesia

Coral-covered bommy at one of Misool Eco Repair's local honkytonk sites (Photo by Jurgen Freund)     Thither's an archipelago in the Coral Trilateral so thick with sea spirit it's frequently called "the epicentre of nautical biodiversity," a post where a scientist erst ascertained 283 new species during a ace plunge. Receive to Raj Ampat, a bundle of 600 islands off the northwesterly tip of New Guinea and one of the least fished, least populated, least coloured aqua-lung destinations on the satellite. You'll obtain pigmy sea horses, tough walk-to sharks, technicolor nudibranchs, Read more [...]
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Landslide in Pakistan covered the whole village

Powerful landslide buried under a whole village in Hunza mountain northern Pakistan, killing at least 10 people, according to Pakistani TV channels on Tuesday citing local authorities. According to rescue teams, the last day before the landslide destroyed at least 25 houses in the village of Attabad. Work on clearing the rubble continues. Rescuers fear that under the rubble can be people. Landslides caused by heavy snowfall in the mountains, and are marked in other parts of Pakistan's North. In some places, unleashed from the slopes of boulders and rocks blocked rivers, causing a sharp rise Read more [...]
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New classic was

Speed ​​determined by the speed of the squadron of low-speed vessel. Same with luxurious verbiage: If you cancel the book says about the benefits of the creator, the bad - about the shortcomings of literature as a whole. Therefore, the collection of Denis Osokina "Oatmeal" - not a bad excuse for harsh conversation. During the violent crisis of meaning clear authorial expression - can not comme il faut, as no matter what the idea is compromised at least twice. Remember how enlightened the audience applauded reckless Eltang or incomprehensible Petrosyan. Remember heartfelt sentiments Alla Latynina Read more [...]
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Indian heat kills people

Because of record high temperatures in the last month in India killed at least 80 people. The temperature in the northern, north-western and central parts of the country is around + 44 °. This heat wave has come for the first time in the last 52 year. According to forecasters, the weather will last for at least two days. — The unprecedented heat was established in the north and east of India. Thermometer through the roof of the forty-degree mark. This is an extremely high figure for April. In some cities set new temperature records. So, in Dzharsuguda, located in the state of Orissa in Read more [...]
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What’s the trump kick for a Himalayan trek?

A:Depends on what you're carrying. If it's a supported trek, and you're essentially lugging a day ring, so the Torre GTX ($150) testament be adequateBbarely, in my appraisal. But, if you're carrying quite bit yourself, doing approximately off-trail hike and scrambling, tiring crampons at any item, that kinda matter, so I'd genuinely commend something heavier. Not a full-of-the-moon mount thrill, but a whale packing bang at the really least. In Montrail's cable, the graeco-roman charge of this case has yearn been the Moraine ($235; www.montrail.com). It's a respectable kicking, but not so lowering Read more [...]
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Flooding in the south-west of India

At least 46 people were killed and more than 20 people unaccounted for as a result of severe flooding in the south-west of India. Powerful rainstorms have caused major damage to the administrative center of the state - Mumbai. There's flooded streets, knocked down trees, power lines disrupted. In one area of ​​the financial metropolis wall collapsed multi-storey building, killing 8 people. Paralyzed transport links in Maharashtra, canceled at least ten flights, trains followed a long delay, ITAR-TASS reported. As a result, showers, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, destroyed Read more [...]
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Flood in Pakistan and Afghanistan killed 86 people

August 5, 2013. At least 70 people were killed in floods in Afghanistan, with at least 16 killed in neighboring Pakistan. Most of the deaths due to the collapse of buildings or the wiring harness. In Afghanistan, the hardest hit Kabul and the surrounding towns, where dozens of homes were destroyed. Also flood affected eastern province of Nuristan and Khost. As reported today by the representative of law enforcement agencies, is not yet possible to specify the exact number of victims because many people are still missing. In Pakistan, the major damage and casualties occurred in the city of Karachi.The Read more [...]
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The Outdo Train Snacks: Patagonia Commissariat: Barbaric Pinkish-orange Jerk

Angry Pinkish-orange Anserine     Exposure: Courtesy of PatagoniaA:In June, cogwheel maker Patagonia released its boutique foolish in pepper, chilli, and teriyaki flavors. This foreign run from a shaper of tents and pelting jackets has a political motive besides as commercial-grade one. Patagonia argues that marketing tempestuous, river-caught pink-orange testament produce a greater requirement for the ware, directive sales aside from environmentally harmful farmed pink-orange, with its contamination, antibiotics, and early chemic hazards. River-caught is ameliorate than raging sea-caught, Read more [...]
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The victims of the floods in Haiti steel not less than 12 people. Video

Floods caused by heavy rains in Haiti has killed at least 12 people, according to Tuesday the associated Press with reference to the head of civil defense Caribbean States Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste (Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste). Victims of natural disaster in the country's capital Port-AU-Prince, where located in the hollows of the house on Sunday evening flooded the streams from the mountains surrounding the city, were at least ten people. Two children were killed West of Port-AU-Prince when the gathering mud landslide in the camp for the people of Haiti affected by the devastating earthquake Read more [...]
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Hypothesis: Scientists recorded the world decrease the speed of the winds

The velocity of the surface flow in some parts of the world has declined significantly. This conclusion was made by experts of the French laboratory science about climate and the environment (LSCE), analyzing data from 800 ground stations for the last 30 years. Found an explanation for this phenomenon. The average annual speed of air flow in some places dropped from 17 to 14 km/h, i.e. by 15%. Scientists noticed that where there was recorded the strongest slowdown in recent years significantly increased the number of trees and other vegetation. Scientists have calculated that this may explain Read more [...]
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The old world in the power of the elements

Floods, snowstorms, hurricanes... the Europeans are scared of the winter with the whims of nature and an abrupt change of temperature. In Spain, the floods have killed at least two people. Went missing nine-year-old child.In the Central regions of Portugal swept by a tornado. Due to the hurricane and storm winds were injured at least 30 people. Most affected by this are the children. Tornadoes tore roofs, fallen trees and Telegraph poles. Damage more than 200 homes. In the power of an unusually cold and snowy weather continues to be the UK. Hundreds of drivers stuck on the roads of Scotland, Read more [...]
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Flooding in Cambodia: at least 30 killed

October 1, 2013. In Cambodia continue floods. Tuesday in the provinces along the Mekong river and the capital city of Phnom Penh, the water level rose even higher. The element has already killed at least 30 people.It is the province Kandal. Local resident: \"it is difficult for Us to move in a flooded village, especially to get to the hospital. And yet we do not have enough food because we can't engage in agriculture. Where we do this?\" Someone makes a boat out of plastic bottles and car tires. But not everyone has this opportunity. Local resident: \"We do not have enough food and difficult Read more [...]
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A strong snow storm paralyzed the movement in the Eastern U.S.

A strong snow storm paralyzed the movement in some parts of Eastern USA. According to meteorologists, in new York state fell to half a meter of snow. A little less up to 40 cm was recorded in Maine. In some other States, from Pennsylvania and Ohio to new Hampshire were also snowfall. In the affected disaster areas there were many traffic accidents. In them were injured dozens of people. At least two of the wounded are in critical condition. Basically, according to the police, the cause of the accident was ice. Came in the Eastern United States cold front brought not only the snow and the temperature Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: fluorocarbon

The situation with flyuorokarbonovoy scaffold in their own development with repeated epic Braided lines. First, there were rumors about the existence of the "magic of line", which was invisible. Tipo possession of it promises great catches and winning the competition. Then came the gossip more close to reality. In general, from the beginning of spices and smart people know that is a question of a scaffold made of fluorocarbon.   In 1969, the Japanese chemical concern «Kureha Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.» (Usually residents of the country of the rising sun in front of the Read more [...]
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In Brazil, a landslide killed at least one teen

08 July. In Brazil, a landslide killed at least one teenager, 2 more were injured. According to the police, the landslide came down in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of são Paulo. They noted that under the rubble were 4 houses. According to them, from 4 to 6 people are missing, and most of these are children, reports the Associated Press. The causes of the landslide unknown. Local TV suggests that the reason for this is ongoing in the area of construction works. Is under investigation. Estocin: RBC Read more [...]
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South Korea is poured rain, there are victims

South Korea is covered by heavy rains, which does not end with last Friday. Floods and landslides caused destruction and became the cause of death. National Agency for emergency situations of the Republic of Korea reported on 11 July that the victims of the disaster was at least 9 people, mostly — elderly people. One 72-year-old woman went missing. More than 350 people in the affected areas have been evacuated. According to the Agency \"Yonhap\"Friday dropped at least 40 inches of precipitation. Tens of thousands of hectares of farmland were under water, the flood destroyed more Read more [...]
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25 people were killed in a landslide in Uganda

on August 29. At least 25 people were killed today in Uganda in the landslide. According to the representatives of the local branch of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC), the tragedy occurred in a village in the County Bulambuli in the East. At the moment rescuers have found the bodies of 15 people killed. According to them, they are all citizens of the East African Republic. The disaster was triggered by severe rainstorms that hit the Eastern parts of the country. According to the ICRC, the death toll could rise. Estocin: The Russian Newspaper  Landslides in Eastern Read more [...]
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Victims of Typhoon Nesat in the Philippines became 20 people

on September 28. At least 20 people were victims of the Typhoon «NIST» (Nesat), struck Tuesday in the North-East of the Philippines, reported in the national media. Another 35 people were missing, at least 13 wounded, nearly 53 thousand evacuated, according to a summary of the National Council for disaster risk reduction (NSRB). According to this data, from Typhoon «NIST» (Philippine classification «Pedring») suffered more than 170 thousand inhabitants, more than a million are experiencing power outages.Currently, we have focused our efforts on getting to Read more [...]
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Storm in Oman killed at least 14 people, hundreds injured

on 3 November. Victims of tropical storm that struck the territory of the Sultanate of Oman, were 14 people, at least 200 were injured, reports on Thursday Reuters with reference to the rescuers. Torrential rains began on Tuesday, and how meteorologists predict, will not abate until Saturday. Nowadays most of the territory of Oman flooded, conducted search and rescue operations and evacuation of the population. «In some areas of the country the water level reaches 1.8 meters», — lead Agency the words of the representative of Oman rescue services. Last year victims of the Read more [...]
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Flooding in Tanzania

on December 21. At least four people were killed in floods that hit the Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, according to the Meteorological Agency Tanzania (TMA) and warns of more heavy rains in the coastal areas. In Dar es Salaam regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Saeed Meco Kindergarten, fourth confirmed case of death after the Chairman of the ad hoc regional peace and security Council meeting.Large-scale destruction of property and infrastructure were evident on some of the streets and the thousands of people left homeless after their homes were demolished.TMA explains that the rains were caused Read more [...]
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