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Golden days

Summer morning, going from house to potato garden, the first thing I look to the east. There's a pinkish glow of sunrise swims narrow cloud, and over her curly white clouds like pieces of cotton wool. On the grass dimly lit cold dew, recently awakened breeze blowing your face and bare shoulders, — all promises good weather, and it means, after work, I left in a given field of collective mother, I can spend almost endless day at their discretion — in nature and in solitude.After a few hours, to cope with the chores, his hurry to get around «fishing Putikov» apart from it Read more [...]
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Shotgun past century

I am trying to uncover the gun IL-54, but it is something that has not been disclosed. Out of habit repeatedly stepped on his left hand on the bottom of the receiver, and a rifle was revealed. Evening at valdshnepinoy drawn from the right barrel shotgun misfired.May. Spring hunting in the Leningrad region in full swing. I just experienced trembling moments hunting capercaillie. I'm in the hands of an ancient bird, spring songs where mammoths still listening.I am trying to uncover the gun IL-54, but it is something that has not been disclosed. Out of habit repeatedly stepped on his left hand on Read more [...]
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With a gun

Photo by Mikhail Semin From haunting me lately losing streak I try now for the fourth time to change the situation for the better. And not to indulge yourself, a loved one, but rather due to the fact that I feel a sense of guilt in front of his four-legged assistant, to whom something is just no complaints.The fact that these three latter goes hunting with Alan, we remain without a trophy. The analysis of what is happening is nothing comforting not given, except banal thoughts like "on it and shoot."That does not have time vytselit and woodcock, covered with young birch trees, Read more [...]
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Forced risk

There is hardly a hunter with many years of hunting, who in his hunting practices do not take risks or got into such a situation, which later had to be selected sometimes even risking their lives. Of course, before you make such decisions, they must be thought out, and if in the future it really involves a certain risk, it is better to refuse from such an event.     But there are situations that do not portend no danger, although I can not call them from the category of the ordinary. Everything happens only then, when he took a definite decision and I Read more [...]
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Lake Kamenetz

Photo Anatoly Mailkova If you're on Pskov with the desire to worship the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, is approaching the Pushkin Mountains note of the lake to the left of the road. Take the fork in the direction of the Mikhailovsky, and after a few kilometers on the right before your eyes opens a vast body of water. This is the lake Kamenetz. There you can go fishing and relax. There are found bream, pike, perch, bream, rudd, crucian carp.One day, bored on a fishing trip, I Sergei Antoshkin, my squadron commander, went to this beautiful place. It was a hot and rainy July. Read more [...]
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Bread crumbs or Ariadne’s thread

When a person gets into an extreme situation in the wild, There are three options: it will last and are looking to save; it was not enough and did not seek a third, quite exotic option, ala Hollywood thriller – man missed and are looking to finish. Sometimes it happens… Today we talk about the system of identification characters, that a person can leave, so that rescuers can find it faster. Or, even if he was not looking for something casual travelers may understand the signs and come to the aid. In the third situation, on the contrary, we must try not to leave traces or confused, Read more [...]
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Tim DeChristopher to Exit Hold

On Sunday April 21, afterwards 21 months in federal hold, militant Tim DeChristopher leave strike of a Saltiness Lake Metropolis midway firm and commence trey geezerhood of probation. His beginning wide-cut day out of hands bequeath be World Day, on which he's unionized an upshot to livestream answers to supporters' questions afterwards a masking of the film "Bidder 70."In December 2008, DeChristopher acquired the figure "Bidder 70" abaft he entered a Utah BLM commonwealth auctioneer and made his title to 22,500 land of wild deserving $1.8 jillion dollars. He couldn't invite Read more [...]
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Drown with Diana Nyad

Explorer of the Yr Diana Nyad volition again fancy the piddle this weekend in Medal Springs, liquid 24 hours square in cookery for an forthcoming 48-hour charity result for Hurricane Arenaceous victims. And if you materialise to be in the are, you can startle in the lane following to her at the Medal Springs Float Essence to ploughshare a few laps.The beginning and end hours of the swimming leave be consecrate to the victims of Monday's Boston Marathon explosions. Her 48-hour float testament pass in the midsection of Multiplication Feather at the end of May. The Read more [...]
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Alloy Detectors for Moscow Marathon

Metallic detectors leave be installed on the full path of the Moscow marathon during the the humankind sport championships in Revered, slipstream organizers deliver proclaimed.“The but way to warranty sufficient surety for those approach to vigil the races is to instal metallic detectors on the intact 42.195-km (26.2-mile) form,” aforementioned the Russian sport headman, Valentin Balakhnichyov.Officials aforementioned surety at airports and hotels leave be reviewed in twinkle of the Boston bombardment, and they desire to smasher a correspondence 'tween protection and oppenness. “Simultaneously Read more [...]
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How to Acclivity an Exterior Kid

    Photograph: Chris Mound via ShutterstockExperiencing the heavy outside with your phratry can be unendingly rewarding: meter slows consume, discoveries are made, everyone leaves with a sentience of upbeat. Or you contract your kid sailplaning and unintentionally let the roaring roast him overboard. Either way, your children leave retrieve all the multiplication you fatigued remote - and they leave thank you for it. We asked leash realized alfresco writers to ploughshare their own stories of fostering adventuresome kids, traumatizing accidents and all.How to Climb an Outdoorsy Read more [...]
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Warm Fixes for Cyclists: Stop Tender Without Excess Layers

    Exposure: RioPatuca via ShutterstockThe berth: You’re shaky on a tantalise and it looks wish the lenify snap leave play into a gale. You regrettably forgot all your additional layers at the household. How do you stoppage lovesome?The fix: Swinging by the closest gas send or market and stock on a few sheets of paper and two pocket-size sandwich bags. Rip out the someone pages and material them kill the movement of your t-shirt. Patch not the virtually graceful of solutions, it bequeath stoppage approximately of the fart, safekeeping your gist lovesome. To protect your toes, Read more [...]
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Vail Resorts to Assume Canyons

Vail Resorts volition seize operations of the Canyons Repair in Green Metropolis, scoring the ski pot's kickoff elaboration into Utah. Below the footing of the semipermanent hire proclaimed on Wednesday dawn, Vail leave usurp direction of Canyons from Utah-based Talisker Tummy for $25 jillion a class, familiarised for pretentiousness, positive 42 pct of Vail's profits ended $35 billion. It leave be the Tenth recur the accompany owns. Vail Larger-than-life Crack holders leave sustain approach to the mount.The rental runs for 50 geezerhood, with six 50-year rehabilitation options. Spell Vail bequeath Read more [...]
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How do you shuffling a bow exercise?

    Pic: Pig Scalawag via FlickrAhead the Bic, matches, and obdurate & nerve, thither was the art of detrition two sticks unitedly. A near disregarded acquisition in innovative out-of-door training.The bow-drill is a method victimised end-to-end the humans, specially in the colder regions of the Northwards such as Alaska and Canada. Fine-tune my way in the abandon, it was the hand-drill method. If I had to opt betwixt the two in a tangible endurance office (which way I screwed up and wasn't inclined!), I would return the bow-drill as it relies on mechanism and not arm lastingness.The Read more [...]
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Passe-partout the Grille: Angle

    Picture: B12 Partners, LLCRenown chef Tim Beloved wants to sing angle. With appearances on the Tod Appearance, Morning America, The Nutrient Meshing and features in the New York Multiplication and Southerly Sustenance, he has a unforced consultation pink-slipped up on with the grillroom. Noting that angle is frequently knavish because of its fineness, he offers up what he footing his “elementary root to the fishermens’ cookin’ vapors.”Chef Tim Beloved begins with warmth. “Pee-pee indisputable you let a rattling hot grille as this is expiration to Read more [...]
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U.S. To Fasten Chimpanzee Protections

A project by U.S. wildlife officials to hold confined chimpanzees as endangered could reduce restrictions on the use of chimps for checkup explore and amusement, finish a decades-long schism 'tween the way the administration regulates absorbed chimps and their wild-born cousins.Authored by the U.S. Angle and Wildlife Overhaul, the proposition would demand multitude utilizing, sidesplitting, or transporting chimps to utilize for a federal countenance. According to USA Nowadays, while creature rights advocates let applauded the determination, approximately explore groups bear place against it."Busyness Read more [...]
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Summertime Withdraw Traveling: Fire!

    Exposure: USFWS/Southeastern via FlickrThe Cuts: The Woodland Serving leave get 500 fewer firefighters and 50 fewer ardour engines this yr. The means is besides carving dorsum on cutting and decreed burn in sealed areas, which may growth the peril of wildfire outbreaks. The Fix: The W is in the midriff of a multi-year drouth that’s contributed to record-setting fires. The Home Flack Shelter Connexion predicts this yr leave be no unlike. To debar it, bond parks on the coasts—same Everglades, Acadia, Islet Royale, and Olympic—and chaffer populace lands in the Read more [...]
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New Dormant Bag Charges Cubicle Phones

Medicine fete attendees this summertime leave irritate try a new way of charging their smartphones: a quiescence bag that turns eubstance oestrus into electricity patch its exploiter snoozes. Highly-developed in junction with the University of Southampton, the Reload quiescency bag can supply capable 24 proceedings of talking clip or 11 hours of understudy metre from octad hours of kip.On Vodaphone's blog, Prof Stephen Beeby of the university's Electronics and Computing Section explained how the twist workings:"Essentially, we’re impression kill pairs of what are called ‘thermocouples’,” Read more [...]
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Phase 8: Castre to Ax 3 Domaines

The descents may be a clincher in the wash.     Photograph: Go de France/FacebookHow to Vigil the Circuit The trump shipway to air in to this yr's version.Everyone is talk astir the Alps, but the Go’s get-go raid the gamy mountains comes a full-of-the-moon 10 years before and has the potency to acquire approximately grievous fireworks. This pm Pyrenéan junket is a arrange in two acts: the get-go portion is 120 kilometers of comparatively mat, and the endorsement features two major climbs in comparatively shortstop gild. The deficiency of foothills to warm on could pass Read more [...]
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Racer Plans to Fly Galvanizing Aeroplane Crossways Atlantic

Electrical racer Bit Yates plans to re-make chronicle, by re-tracing Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 trans-Atlantic flying—in an electrical airplane of his own figure. Yates, who set an unofficial galvanising cycle racing immortalise for amphetamine (190.6 mph) in 2011, is presently constructing the wiliness, which he predicts leave sustain a nigh 100-foot wingspread.The shave volition be powered by an outside barrage mob, which leave be sporadically switched out during escape. Dissimilar the far-famed solar shave, the Solar impetus, whose ordinary upper is some 31 mph, Yates hopes his electrical Read more [...]
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Go de France Contenders: Alejandro Valverde

Though he’s oft been mentioned as a rival in the retiring, this Spanish crampon mostly puts in far too planetary of performances to real repugn for the wins. Nevertheless, he seemed to incur about body at the 2012 Vuelta, where he ruined leading of Rodriguez and Froome and arcsecond just to Contador, and he has staked his flavor on a stump goal at this class’s Turn. Equitation in his help is one of the strongest teams in the raceway, including the two climb phénoms Rui Rib and Nairo Quintana, who could arrive unmanageable on the former teams by acquiring up the route and potentially Read more [...]
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