Bird cherry, or carpal, belongs to the family RosaceaeThe forests where many wild cherry, and in mid-summer are easily recognizable by the characteristic bitter smell. Leaves of bird cherry, especially dried, pleasant smell of almonds. Her closest relatives: cherry, cherries, plums, peaches, almonds and some other stone fruit trees — to them it is a subfamily plum. In late April - early May, depending on the growing area, bird cherry blossom begins wildly ahead of many other Russian forest trees. Especially good bird cherry forest on the banks of the river, whether a single Read more [...]
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When the "Golden Autumn" starts to turn into a wet and slightly podkvasitsya leaf on aspen begin to fly grousePhoto: Anatoly Loskutov I'm still ashamed of what fifty years ago did not realize why my friend really wanted to put before the house aspen. And the reason it was extraordinary «talkativeness».With her always, even in calm weather, you can whisper. Her round, with small teeth leaf sits on long, thin stalks. Anyone, even a slight movement of air is enough to tree rustled. This rustle, whisper effect on human fascinating as flickering in the night fire or flowing Read more [...]
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Gravid Smoky Mountains Forage

The melanise walnut (compensate) is a harder nut to go than the walnut (leftfield), but has its rewards     Exposure: MARGRIT HIRSCH/via Shutterstock (odd) and HQ Creations/Flickr (veracious)WHERE: Longsighted Limb Environmental Mall in Leicester, Northwards CarolinaWHY: The blacken walnut has a full compass crossways the easterly one-half of the commonwealth, but the nut’s vivid, confection, but acerbic smack has a domicile in the southerly Appalachian palate. Summation, the Hanker Arm Environmental Centre is more a u-pick raise, it's a feel-good grow. The hothouse, which Read more [...]
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Riders on the Tempest

Southerly Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia     Picture: Courtesy of EpicQuestIn the Eighties, Martin Daly put Indonesian surfboarding on the map by navigation a single-engine sauceboat betwixt breaks and search for helpless gem. This spill, he returns as captain of EpicQuest's 112-foot sumptuosity yacht, the Indies Dealer IV, for a two-month, five-leg trip-up. Surf-crazy guests leger a unity leg of the sail, which leaves from Padang, Indonesia, and makes michigan in Jakarta, Bali, Timor, and New Guinea. By day, hit Daly's now noted finds, such as Rifles—a quarter-mile right Read more [...]
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In Lipetsk bloomed tropical water Lily

Florists from Lipetsk witnessed unique to Central Russia phenomena. In a city Conservatory opened Bud Amazonian water lilies is one of the most rare plants on the planet. For those wishing to enjoy the tropical beauty, the main thing is not to miss the point: water Lily blossoms just two nights.In Lipetsk green economy in the midst of blooming water lilies, big and small, white, pink, yellow, red, but the disclosure of one water lilies biologists expect a special thrill. For Central Russia - a unique event. The flowering of the largest on the planet lilies in greenhouses experts believe Read more [...]
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survival greenish pharmacy

FOREST GARDEN: EDIBLE Herbs In Spring FOREST.In the forest at this early time, first at the edges, and later on the South-warmed slopes of hillocks occur goutweed. No wonder the famine years in Russia and said: "to live up to sniti". Cooked her soup, made the filling for pies, booze, eat them raw. Hogweed Siberian or "pecan" later on, tune out, and goutweed first exhibits his folded trifoliate leaves on succulent petioles, similar to twisted chicken paw. Here you need to collect: when the leaves unfold, goutweed thickens, becomes the least juicy. Stems of sniti you don't find - they will appear Read more [...]
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The heat caused the trees to lose their leaves prematurely

Because of the long and intense heat of the trees on Donechchina began to prematurely drop their leaves. Already \"showered\" Lombardy poplar, and yellow leaves already falling asleep alley Mariupol. Biologists say that for trees such shock is not dangerous. — The heat broke a physiological process, but Listopad — this is a natural phenomenon, just the trees ahead of time go to rest, — talk at the Department of plant physiology Donetsk state University, passes And another Donechchina turned yellow and has oblately\" chestnuts, but there's a reason Read more [...]
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In the capital blossomed chestnuts and dandelions. Photo

The leaves of the chestnut dark, and the flowers bloom is a paradox of nature Photo: Candle chestnut flashed the \"Red gate\", the balls dandelions appeared on the lawns in \"Kolomenskoye\". The weather and nature does not cease to amaze: like Indian summer as a joke \"what Baba - this summer, does not indulge heat wave, but the plants in the metropolis some of his strange life. In our capital city the next natural disaster. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Red Gate and on Sadovaya-Spasskaya flowering chestnuts. On some trees with candles came out Read more [...]
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Mol ate Minsk chestnuts

Perhaps weather anomalies has provoked an unprecedented invasion of moths in the current Godun to admire the Minsk luxury this autumn gold chestnut EEK!.. Instead, sadly branches hang unsightly wrinkled leaves. No regrets on the trees are not allowed to watch. The specialists note: one of the main reasons for planting bought a \"pale,\" the invasion of the chestnut leaf miner moth, writes \"Respublika\". In those places, where there was a doll pest leaves split, formed a rounded cavity - \"mine\". Hence the name - chestnut leaf miner moth. This is a very dangerous insect, but, alas, the climatic Read more [...]
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For tourist: Lingonberry

A perennial evergreen plant - shrub up to 30 cm Rhizome creeping, erect stems, leaves small, leathery. Grows in thickets bolshennymi bilberry pine, cheese-pine dolgomoshnike, in the pine-red bilberry, where untainted pines mixed with some birch.WARNING!When collecting lingonberry should keep in mind that in places where it may be growing white mushrooms, boletus, mushrooms (real and yellowish). Hunters also need to be careful, because frequent meetings in cowberry with bear, moose, lynx, wolf, martens, hares, badgers, foxes, and, of course, with grouse, grouse and hazel. Blooms in Read more [...]
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Trees Are Urban Superheroes

The adjacent metre you understand Extraneous in the spook of a leafy corner, recognise that you're in the bearing of sizeableness. The USDA Timber Overhaul lately ascertained that trees are responsible economy more 850 man lives and staving off 670,000 incidents of keen respiratory systems yearly.Trees are worthful not alone for what they commit us—woo, o, yield—but too for what they take. The air is total of major pollutants, such as n dioxide, ozone, and s dioxide, but done a treat called deposit, pollutants that place middleman with corner leaves get "deposited" onto them Read more [...]
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How can I subsist a dark in the inhuman?

These could spare your biography.     Pic: Artep/FlickrOn my Knife-Only Endurance Courses, students and instructors slumber out in the cold-blooded by burrowing into a midst bed made of yearn needles. By duncical, I beggarly foursome to fin feet of needles or leaves piled heights into a model of logs. Batch the logs into a orthogonal underframe astir a pes wider and thirster than your consistency. So, bed two feet of tight junk (leaves, moss, duff, cattails) on the merchantman to dungeon the priming from conducting out your torso oestrus. Following, amass almost ternary to 4 feet Read more [...]
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Into the Paunch of Bolivia

    Pic: Garry Adams/Exponent Inventory Mario knelt by the left-hand movement fag, sprinkled it with intoxicant from a pocket-sized bottleful, and aforesaid a orison to Pachamama, the land generate. Those of us who had stepped out of the motortruck to sentinel were in prefer of any bound we could get. This route in the Bolivian Andes looked as if it'd been nailed by hard strafing, and the drop to our remaining gave way to cypher we could see but iniquity. As the motortruck descended spasmodically, we focussed on Mario's weird power to skid roughly corners without pitch us into Read more [...]
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In Lviv blossomed chestnuts

on August 30. In the center of Lviv this year for the second time blooming chestnuts. In the trees near the Lviv city Council at Market square color appeared. Note that part of the chestnut trees in the city with green leaves and some destroyed by pests, which is not the first to suffer chestnuts. Chestnut mol - dangerous pest in the city, she lives in the bark and leaves of the tree, and the larva overwinters in the ground. Deal with it, you can use spray or vaccination, held every three years. According to experts, the treatment of one tree cost the city budget in nearly 190 UAH. Only on the Read more [...]
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In Uzhgorod blossomed chestnuts \»second circle\»

on September 27. In Uzhgorod in these days of September there is an annual \"second\" blossoming chestnut trees. Trees with updated green leaves and white flower buds adorn the Noisy street, opposite the former sports complex \"Spartak\". On the branches, where the buds have bloomed, began to develop small chestnuts. According to the employee Uzhgorod Botanical gardens Victoria androschuk, this is not the whims of nature, and, moreover, not a miracle.\"In recent years on the planet changing climate, — says Victoria Pavlovna. In particular, the observed temperature Read more [...]
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In Latvia at the end of September blossomed chestnut

on September 27. The delight of passers caused Buckeyes at the intersection of Ganibu, Dobeles. At the end of September on the tree with the already dried leaves blossomed flowers. The phenomenon we were told by local residents.Recall that in late summer in Jelgava marked case of flowering lilacs, and Sugalski the parish of Apple and pear. Experts explain that this can happen is due to a sharp alternation of rainy and dry periods. We already wrote about the fact that the leaves on Jelgava chestnuts began to turn brown and dry up for the second half of the summer. Trees affected chestnut Read more [...]
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In Feodosia blossomed chestnuts

In Feodosia blossomed chestnuts on October 18. Last year, Ukraine has had abnormal autumn flowering chestnut trees. This year the trees again threw his \"candle\". Old-timers claim that it is a sign of the warm winter. And according to experts, flowering in autumn chestnut — a rare phenomenon, but it's no good tree does not promise: this is an indication that it is infected with chestnut leaf miner moth, or Ohrid moth (Cameraria ohridella). According to one version, mol migrated from North America, where there are several other species of chestnut. The second version — Read more [...]
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In the middle of autumn in Volgograd bloomed lilac

Marina put a bouquet of lilacs at home and at work. on October 26.— I couldn't believe when I went to work in the morning: look, the Bush of lilacs in the dooryard bloomed! - laughs a resident of the Soviet district of Volgograd Marina Khromov. - Most importantly, almost dropped the leaves and bloomed! Bush planted 4 years ago. Blossomed, as it should be - every spring, in may. And here white flowers appeared at the end of October! 28 years working in floriculture, never with such a miracle did not face. First Marina not believe that this lilac: branches bloomed as usual — bunch, Read more [...]
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Day Two: Dexterity of Spatula

Exterior mag, July 1996Day Two: Dexterity of SpatulaTavern on the Viridity's Patrick Clark whips up hellenic Americana with a sprint of thaumaturgy Patrick Clark insists he didn't spurn a opportunity in 1993 to suit Albumen Menage chef for care of Pecker Clinton trembling him at 3 a.m., demanding look-alike chili-cheeseburgers. "No, it was rather flattering," says Clark, who alternatively took the administrator chef spot at Tavernon the Greens, Read more [...]
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Scientists have explained the benefits of tea of coffee leaves

The composition of the leaves of coffee, the scientists have put an end to disputes fans of the two most popular drinks in the world - tea and coffee - their usefulness. The researchers concluded that the leaves of coffee, you can make the most useful and healthy drink for people. Tea at the coffee milder taste than usual tea and strength as it is significantly inferior coffee. Drink is rich in high-components, which reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In addition, this tea was a reduction rate of caffeine and the presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These conclusions Read more [...]
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