The Biggest TdF Scandals: 1986—Hinault vs. LeMond

Greg Lemond racing to the win in the 1989 Turn de France.     Photograph: BeWePa/FlickrAbaft 3 weeks of straining, but one man stands on the top footprint of the dais in Paris as the boilersuit achiever of the Spell de France. But no one gets thither without the avail of teammates. In 1986, Greg LeMond was equanimous to suit the kickoff (and to this day the sole prescribed) American genius. To execute that effort, LeMond was tally on the help of his French mate Bernard Hinault, whom LeMond had helped to triumph the late yr. Hinault, hush a heavy passenger and a five-time success Read more [...]
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Buenos Aires     Photograph: Scratch WiensSPORTS SaloonA adept's doctrine underscores apiece LeMond rollingout of the Wisconsin imbed: Consolation trumps efficiency. That's how Greg LeMond won ternary Tours de France—atop larder brand frames comparable this one. And the Buenos Aires offers something supernumerary: c character. By pairing c tubes in the top one-half of the skeleton with nerve on the freighter, Greg LeMond conserves his razz's touch constancy piece peeling one-half a punt.Incentive: L miles in the charge and no tip of binding bother.Bummer: To hold the cost Read more [...]
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LeMond Fittingness

Gyration Motorcycle Trainer

    Pic: Ryan Heffernan

Because the races are so curt, warm advance on a LEMOND Seaworthiness Rotation Motorcycle TRAINER. It deeds with the backside rack distant, so thither’s no peril of shredding your off-road trample on a nerve roll.

Steel: LeMond Seaworthiness$499
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Hunky-dory, Now Where Are the Pedals?

International mag, Borderland 1997Fine, Now Where Are the Pedals?Having swapped his motorcycle for an Indy Car, manque speeding racer Greg Lemond considers the route forrader from a really new viewpointBy Ned ZemanButtonwillow, California, a verbose, moth-eaten raise townspeople that 1,600 vociferation domicile, seems similar one of those places that actually isn't a spot, hardly a fistful of houses and tin-sided buildings strung on a Read more [...]
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Cycling: The LeMond Backfire

Away clip, July 1994Cycling: The LeMond BackfireBy Alan CoteIn the seeking to habitus the lightest skeleton, about wheel designers birth chucked inflexibility on with angle. That's the rationality many with-it bikes turn substantially below pedaling forces, resulting in a mawkish razz that soaks up the wheeler's get-up-and-go. The V2 Backfire from LeMond Bicycles, nevertheless, is both slender and stiff--though it seems to be absent a few parts.In fact, Read more [...]
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Roll Wonders

LeMond Chambery     Photograph: Grade WeissLEMOND CHAMBERY / $2,100, 18.9 lbs Why It's Chill: Traditional geometry and hellenic European styling with less weighting, thanks to the aluminum-carbon-hybrid chassis.The Rally: Climax from a troupe that reinforced its report on sword, the Chambery—with teardrop-shaped aluminium tube paired to a carbon-fiber ramify and girdle—could be seen as betrayal. But this wheel preserve LeMond's touch foresightful cockpit and easy-on-the-back equitation berth, spell updating its route smell with the live scranch of al. The Chambery Read more [...]
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The Stew Account

Reinhold Messner and Max von Kienlin Mountaineers Friends Perpetually! Messner was a shipwreck afterward his 1970 cover of Pakistan's 26,660-foot Nanga Parbat, during which he disoriented 7 toes to cryopathy and his comrade, Günther, died, ostensibly in an avalanche. When dispatch spouse von Kienlin invited him to expend clip convalescent in the Munich, Germany, rook he divided with his wife, Ursula, Messner appreciatively recognized. Oops: Messner was a dread houseguest and not because he drank milk heterosexual from the cartonful. Inside a class, Ursula proclaimed that she was going Max Read more [...]
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