Ohotkollektivy and clubs: similarities and differences

On the Leningrad society of hunters and fishermen written quite a lot, so far this public organization attracts attention. Is it because that the concept of the work of the Board is that "it is important not the prey, and the unity of the people, love to the animals and nature. For it is not production, and the concept, the process is the main. "Photo Adrian Kolotilina Let's look at an open mind the realities of life on this popular Northwest Russia and ohotkollektiva do not remember Only the story of its creation and vicissitudes of development of which Read more [...]
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Chazhenka (Charzhenka) — the river flowing through the territory of the Leningrad region of Russia.

Chazhenka (Charzhenka) - the river flowing through the area of ​​the Leningrad region of Russia. Chazhenka is a left tributary of the River Volkhov. It refers to the Baltic Basin District, Ladoga lake and river basin Volkhov. River flows Chazhenka from north-west to south-east. Originates in horticulture Pupyshevo Volkhov district of Leningrad region. 1 km from the village Chazheshno, the river flows into the Volkhov. Localities. River flows entirely in the Volkhov area. At the source of the river taken Pupyshevo gardening. In the middle reaches on the river is the village of Volkovo. In the Read more [...]
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Ural in Leningrad

That's how the people that wherever he was, the memory of his native place always warms it. And every meeting with close signs of heart care and happy homeland. Such meetings far from my native Urals Leningrad and want to talk. Ural street Once in Leningrad, I met an old acquaintance, a fellow countryman. - Come on! he invited, you live in the native street called Ural! - There is this? Surprised me. - There, and not one Come, count… The same evening, I spotted in the north-western outskirts of the city, on the island of the Decembrists, that the river Smolenka, the street with the Read more [...]
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The performance was repeated four pm

     Museum complex Uralvagonzavod stored documents, pictures and memories on the activities of the actors in Nizhny Tagil world famous Theatre Lensoviet.     Since 1941, our city has become the largest forge weapons for fighting army. Tens of thousands of evacuees Urals and western parts of the country to work at the Ural tank plant №183, stoically enduring wartime difficulties. Familiarity with the work of the Urals Leningrad New Theatre, received in the postwar years, the name of the Leningrad City Council, has begun the grim years of the Great Patriotic Read more [...]
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Soldatenko Peter Fedorovich

Soldatenko Peter Fedorovich (21.06 (04.07) .1903, der. Goncharovs-Zivaki Masalsky y. Kaluga Province. 11.10.1977, Sverdlov.), Physiologist, Dr. biol. Sciences (1949), prof. (1950), Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1967). Outcast. WWII. Rod. to cross. family. He graduated from Leningrad. Veterinary Institute (1929). 1929-35 Head. veterinary station in Sverdl. 1935-41 taught at Leningrad. Animal husbandry. in-ones. 1946-47 in the Altai with / x and 1947-77 in Sverdl. Author of more than 200 publ. in Physiology with / farm animals and founder of scientific. schools on this issue. Awarded Read more [...]
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Gray gelding Goebbels

    May 6, 1942 on the football field Leningrad Stadium "Dynamo" held a team meeting Dynamo Masters and the team of the Leningrad military garrison. By Inland phantasmagoric content match was unique: the team, playing against each other, thereby fought against a common enemy. Of course, the Nazis knew about this game already they besieged the city: running commentary from the field was conducted in Russian and German. It could hear everyone in the city, and at the forefront of positions. Reaction of the Germans was specific: shells exploded near the stadium, and barely ended Read more [...]
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Autumn restrictions on fishing in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg

With the arrival of autumn in the rivers and lakes of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in force bans on fishing. At this time of year to spawn listed in the Red Book species of fish: salmon (Atlantic salmon), brown trout (brook trout) and lake char. In connection with spawning is also prohibited in the autumn of the year catch whitefish and lamprey. Employees of the department of Fisheries in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region of the Northwest Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva in order to prevent violations related to illegal fishing aquatic biological resources are increasingly Read more [...]
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OL Andrey Andreevich

OL Andrey Andreevich (1883, St. Petersburg. 1958, Leningrad), architect. Corr.-Corr. Acad. the architecture of the USSR, Professor(1933). The genus. the family of an employee. He graduated from the Inst. for CIV. engineers. From 1905 slave. in the workshops of the architect. Aliengrey, Esharenana, Fieldale in Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Independent architect. activities beginning with 1907 (the project of a country house writer by L. Andreev). In 1910 he worked in the art Nouveau and Neoclassicism, in the 1920s he shared the views of the constructivists, actively participating in the development Read more [...]
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Clothes for tanks

    The attack of fascist Germany, our country was forced to begin urgent the reconstruction of the whole industry. Touched it and Novotagilskij metallurgical plant. In one July day in 1941, the Director V.M. Ovcharenko at four o'clock in the morning caused me to his the Cabinet together with the senior master I.P. Shmeleva and the head of the rolling mill, L.M. Rudnicki. The Director said that one of Leningrad enterprises in our address delivered equipment sheet mill to install it in your banding workshop and production armor plates and sheets.     What was this Stan? Read more [...]
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OBOLENSKY Vladimir Andreevich

OBOLENSKY Vladimir Andreevich (06(18).05.1890, svila Cherdyn. VT. lips. 08.05.1954. Leningrad), graphic artist, teacher, art historian. He studied in Moscow. Uch-school of painting, sculpture and architecture (1910-13), 1916 taught in colleges of Cherdyn and Perm, 1931-48 in Leningrad. in those proletarian arts (1941-43 evacuated to Perm). Participants. hood. exhibitions 1925, 1943, 1945 (Perm) and 1944 (Svenl.). Created a series of graphic portraits of figures of literature and arts, who worked for the U. in these, the Works are kept in PGHG. Lit.: Serebrennikov NN. Ural in the fine arts. Perm, Read more [...]
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By the rivers of the Leningrad region will develop water tourism

At the last first July 2013 in St. Petersburg V International Forum "Marine tourism" Leningrad Region introduced the concept of development and location-based services, and small boats in the region. On behalf of the government's Ministry of Transport, together with the Ministry of Culture are developing program from the development of cruise and yacht tourism on inland waterways aqua Russia. At the working session "yacht tourism in Russia - New Challenges and Perspectives" the delegation told the Leningrad region of the calculated until 2020 the concept of building jetties for boats and ships Read more [...]
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MAXARET Yuri E. (28.07(10.08).1903, gport Arthur 09.11.1982, Moscow), the state and the household. figure, gene L. major engineering and tank services. In 1920-24 served in Cu. Ar. and the Navy. In 1926-29 on desks. work on C-Dah Leningrad. In 1930 he graduated from Leningrad. technological Institute and for seven years worked at the Kirov C-de. From 1938 deer. tank C-Yes in Kharkiv. In Sept. 1941 the plant was evacuated to Nizhny Tagil and merged with Uralians-house, which was headed by M. Under his hands. on UVZ for a short time mastered production. the tanks. In 1946-1955 Deputy min. of transport Read more [...]
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The poachers escaped by throwing an illegal catch and network

After the May municipal inspectors prazdnichkom Department of Fisheries in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, employees Kingiseppsky prosecutors and representatives of the Committee on the Protection and Use of wildlife conducted cooperative fishery protection raid on the river Mertvitsa Kingisepp district of Leningrad region. As a result, the operational raid were seized network, with a total area of ​​225 m2 and illegally extracted water bio resources, total weight 150 kg - roach, pike, bream, perch, withdrawn rowing inflatable STREAM-1, reports the press service of the Northwest Territorial Read more [...]
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ARISTOV Averky B. (10 (23) .10.1903, Krasny Yar Astra-khan's lips. 11.07.1973, Vienna) part. and state. figure. From 1920 to the MEPC. work. He graduated from technical school (1925), Leningrad. met. Institute (1932). In 1932-33, a slave. at Leningrad. s de Centrolit. In 1934-35 Assistant Department. in Leningrad. met. (Industry.) In-ones. In 1935-39 Assistant Department., Associate professor in Eq. Industrie. in-ones. Candidate. those. Sciences (1939). In 1939-43 the head. prom. Dep., the third secretary., secretary. on black met., third, second secretary. Sverdl. OK CPSU (b). In 1943-50 the Read more [...]
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And there were more portraits

In the history of Russian art of the XVIII century, the artist Mina Lukic Kolokolnikov came primarily as a wonderful artist, muralist, create a ceiling in the palace halls, adorned his painting Triumphal Arch. And, of course, he painted icons. Incidentally, this type of activity and led picturesque as a master of Petersburg in the far Nizhny Tagil. And have passed since that time has 210 years: the artist "painting team from the Office of the buildings," Mina Kolokolnikov in 1771-1777 years served here icons for Demidov church. Several unsigned icons from the church (on the assumption of researchers, Read more [...]
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April snowfall in the Leningrad region!

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region areas today will be in the tail of the cyclone, slowly leaving the north-east, to the coast of the Barents Sea. In almost all areas of the region are precipitation - rain, snow. Yes, Lesogorsk, Pine and Novaya Ladoga (north-west, north and center of the region) are real snowfall at near zero temperature. During the day in St. Petersburg and parts of the region is expected to cloudy weather, will be held rain, mainly in the form of rain, but in places and with sleet. Maximum temperature in St. Petersburg with a windchill of 5 ... 7 °, the area will be from Read more [...]
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Forecasters frighten the North-West European natural misfortunes. What to expect Russia?

More than 30 thousand residents of the Leningrad region, the fourth day remain without electricity. The light went out, when over the region swept the strongest hurricane. Its effects are visible everywhere. In stores - ball pakati, the commodities were sold out instantly, but not new ride - not to drive. The population often only its own attempts to rebuild. Meanwhile, British and Finnish forecasters scare the residents of North-West Europe new natural misfortunes. Threaten any new hurricanes Leningrad region and whether they should be afraid of people from other regions of the country? These Read more [...]
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The hurricane in the Leningrad region was delayed

In the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. Forecasters again promised a sharp deterioration of weather - thunderstorms, rain and hail. In the MOE, in turn, speak about the threat of emergency situations in the power supply system of the region. What is it people don't need to explain. After the hurricane blew over the area last week, thousands of people still live without electricity. The relationship is not working everywhere. In addition, empty store shelves and the question which now are all from small to large: when the region will return to a normal life?Busy work day - you need Read more [...]
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In the Leningrad region have registered tornado. Video

Rare for the Leningrad region the phenomenon of tornadoes this summer almost settled in the region. The entire North-West Russia begin to compare with the American state of Texas. Fortunately, we have tornadoes are not very powerful. On the Internet there is mounting evidence of the appearance of vortices. Here are just a few places: Volkhov, Pine, Kolpino. By the way, in Kolpino tornado watch from the beginning of summer. Whirlwind there's even tossed and turned the car. Forecasters explain - tornadoes occur when extreme heat and humidity. This weather just ends hurricanes. Source: Read more [...]
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The cyclone from the Baltic is a cool and destruction

In the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. Powerful cyclone moves from Finland. There is a strong wind and torrential rain raged before. Leningrad region still reeling from the storm two weeks ago, when 10 people were killed and 6 are still missing. Therefore, for the coming of a new storm watch here special attention. St. Petersburg is a hurricane. Last, as it turned out only now, killed 13 peopleIn the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. After the events of the night of 29 to 30 July, when the hurricane swept away centuries-old trees, cars and power lines, weather is not Read more [...]
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