Shades: Rouge it Melanize

    Photograph: Inga HendricksonBEACH Mope Oakley OffsetWith their full-lens wraps and optics as goodness as high-end poly gets, the Offshoots feel fashionable whether you’re seafaring, skating, or sipping cocktails. They’ll oeuvre for route biking but deficiency galosh on the earpieces, so put them by for dog rides. ($140) With-itVonzipper LomaxThe Vapors Brothers’ black-box styling is rear, and the optics are amend than always. VonZipper uses a polarized greyness lense to cover glower on the urine. But be warned: gaps in peripheral reportage eliminate the Read more [...]
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Where can I incur a raincoat television camera?

A:No such affair as a raincoat picture camera, intrinsically. Hardly too many knobs and compartments and lense bezels to stamp. Which reminds me, Nikon, manufacturer of the prestigious Nikonos submerged distillery camera, has proclaimed it is ceasing output of it, subsequently roughly 25 days. That's a ignominy, but it's such a specialised and costly ($800 for soundbox solitary) camera, that I speculation I see.Anyhow, tv camera. What you'll want to do is buy a television camera that testament fit into one of respective unshakable fictile housings. Given, this ends up beingness a wildly expensive Read more [...]
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How can I protect my camera from acquiring dinged in Yosemite?

Toploader AW 65     Picture: courtesy, LoweproToploader AW 65A:A D70, selfsame courteous so! Nikon's SLR D70 ($650 street toll for eubstance; is one of respective cameras now on the marketplace that propose near-pro lineament for a fair damage. I've been look Canyon's eq, the Digital Maverick XT ($600; but oasis't yet pulled the actuate. I'm hush a niggling bugged by how quickly digital cameras suit obsolescent. Anyhow, I divagate. For your Nikon, I'd hint a covenant cushiony lawsuit that can be carried well external your camp. A example is Read more [...]
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What’s your deary plus-$500 point-and-shoot?

A:I dear questions that earmark me to papacy. Really, that's some any doubt, but you acknowledge, approximately are improve than others.In picture, I deliver to say that my front-runner is the Nikon 35ti, which sold for some $650 when new. This is a expectant camera?ti eubstance, rattling coolheaded retroactive looks melded with dozens of forward-looking features, super-sharp f/2.8, 35mm Nikkor lense. Regrettably, Nikon has bailed on the 35ti, although a few camera stores calm inventory about. You can likewise obtain them on eBay (wish reasonably lots everything these years?). I've likewise time-tested?and Read more [...]
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Which camera can address both mountaineering expeditions and schnorkel trips?

770SW Digital Camera     Pic: courtesy, OlympusOlympus 770SW digital camera770SW Digital CameraA:I promise it occurs to you that you?re request for quite bit: a camera that can hold frigidness, get knocked about, then contract a float. And really, no SLRs are capable the undertaking; their standardized lense mounts are a rude outflow detail, so they?d motivation around rather raincoat suit (more thereon in a minute).On the point-and-shoot forepart, likely your outflank bet is the Olympus 770SW ($325;, which Olympus bills as the ?toughest camera made." And it power Read more [...]
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Is thither a yob, weatherproof digital camera?

A:Digital cameras are progressively travel-friendly ?- they're sturdier than they were a few days ago, and with lots greater retention content, they're wagerer capable to shop a fair amount of photos. But, selfsame few are what you mightiness shout "all-weather" cameras that can issue a backbreaking biography. One that does specify is the Kodak DC 5000 ($300), which has an armoured lawsuit and seals to shut wet. Unfortunately, it's now more a twelvemonth old, and its 2.1-megapixel resolve, patch decent, doesn't equivalence with nigh new offerings. It's besides kinda a stumpy niggling Read more [...]
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Can you avail with approximately binoculars for whale-watching?

Hardy     Pic: courtesy, Audubon BinocularsAudaciousA:Lashings of choices out thither. But kickoff, a picayune language. Binoculars all accompany a set of numbers: 7x35, 8x40, 10x60, that rather affair. Thither's early binge passing on?excogitation, coatings, types of spyglass ill-used?but therein damage scope the well-nigh authoritative stats are those pairs of numbers. So, what do they signify? Hatch the s bit as the diam of the lense?how all-embracing it is. This affects how practically ignitor can pass the lense and hit your eye. A larger act substance a wider lense, rental more Read more [...]
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The Trump Standardized Lense Shades: Oakley RadarLock Itinerary

RadarLock Itinerary.     Exposure: Courtesy of OakleyA:Whether you’re cycling, functional, or skiing, Oakley’s RadarLock Itinerary has a lense for you. The pickax of many London Olympians, the $220 RadarLock Route uses an clever mechanics to let you permutation out the lenses speedily. Unfold a spring-loaded twig the leftover hinge, sweep the synagogue ahead, and transfer the lense. It has all the high-end extras distinctive of Oakley sunglasses, such as exchangeable wind pads, the companionship’s high-definition optics, and an pick for prescription lense inserts. Read more [...]
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What’s the better pack for carrying both sportfishing and photography pitch?

The DryZone 200     Exposure: courtesy, LoweproThe DryZone 200The DryZone 200A:Fortuitously, fly-fishing and photography deliver moderately alike portaging necessarily. Chiefly, heaps of piddling compartments and places to put material.Your research believably is sledding to commence and end with Lowepro, the accompany that makes more and amend camera-friendly bags and packs than anyone else. At the higher end of their contrast you'll obtain the DryZone 200. It'll clench a big SLR summation 4 or fivesome lenses and multiple accessories, which should commit you adequate spa to suit Read more [...]
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Would you get binoculars or a spying cro for trailing wolves?

10x50 Accomplish EX     Picture: courtesy, Nikon10x50 Fulfill EXA:That?s an interesting quandary. On the one mitt, binoculars propose the vantage of existence well hand-held, leastways capable the ten-power stove. Detection scopes ordinarily offering more index, but are often more hard to handhold and nigh constantly want a tripod. So, in my common Solomonic soundness, I go this advice: Both. I?d get a decent-quality duad of selfsame concordat binoculars for all-purpose wake (i.e., scanning the Lamar Vale hillsides for signs of a camp), so buy a spying telescope and tripod for protracted, Read more [...]
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Do flatboat camera components detract from operation?

A:Good, that's a unmanageable alternative. The Contax T3 ($750;, with its uncomparable Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 lense, is a really aphrodisiacal camera. And its weighting of 318 grams (hardly complete 11 ounces) makes it a goodness pick for weight-conscious boxing. My own purview is that a near lense, tied if non-zoom, trumps about all otc considerations. But, I infer the usefulness of a soar lense (I own respective myself), and the new Pentax *ist (yes, that very is the epithet) is an interesting quality. As you tone, it's besides selfsame lighter?335 grams (astir 12 ounces, torso Read more [...]
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Any new shellproof digital cameras on the marketplace?

A:Um...the curt resolve is, no. Away from Kodak's DC5000 ($300), no one has truly appear with a "ruggedized" digital camera. And spell I same the DC5000, it's kinda a squatty wolf, positive its two-megapixel solving, patch corking, is first to expression jolly rude as low-priced three-megapixel cameras crew the commercialize. So I follow my originally testimonial, which is to buy a digital camera, so a bulletproof lawsuit for it. In your cause (oh, a pun!), I'd propose a heavy vitrine. Sony makes one for its fantabulous DSC-P5 ($599), a 3.2-megapixel camera in a identical constrict box. Read more [...]
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Do goggles do punter than spectacles for mountaineering?

Cap Polarized Goggles     Picture: courtesy, ArdourElan Cap Polarized GogglesCap Polarized GogglesA:Spell mountaineering spectacles such as Julbos employment comfortably in well-nigh cases, I do alike the duplicate security afforded by goggles. My guessing is that you?ll be round helicopters around, and goggles give lots punter eye auspices when scatter and bamboozle first to puff about. Like goes for real high-pitched winds.You?ll be trump off with a polarized duad of goggles (to slenderize glower) in a rosiness/dark-brown lense tinct to pulley overweening luminosity and growth Read more [...]
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What camera leave contract big wildlife photos?

A:Any kinda wildlife photography requires one affair: a telephotograph lense. The larger the improve. So now you can displace some any "point-and-shoot" camera?level the ones with lenses that digest wish aBwell, ne'er head. So you're sledding to wish to consecrate to a single-lens reflexive, or SLR, and likely a duet of lenses. One lense bequeath be a all-purpose surge, the otc a big lump of telephotograph deoxyephedrine to convey the execute around you. But don't strain overmuch. I am forever amazed at how camera-phobic the medium American is, but I'm certainly you can get a clasp on Read more [...]
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Who Makes the Trump Multi-Sport Specs?

Ascent your sunglasses.     Pic: Courtesy Metalworker OpticsA:We dearest the genial diversity and cross-training benefits of active in a server of sports—the attendant gorge of appurtenance, not so often. So we’re perpetually thrilled for equipment that can multitask, ilk shades. And few eyeglasses are more various than the new Metalworker Overuse.Earlier a couplet of sunglasses can be effective at a fistful of sports, they suffer to surpass at the rudiments: They sustain to occlusion all UV, the optics mustiness be ruckle and distortion-free, and they can’t fog Read more [...]
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The Outdo Photochromic Ski Goggles: Julbo Satellite

    Photograph: Courtesy of JulboA:The scoop affair astir the $180 Satellite gawp from French party Julbo is the power to edict up a particular eccentric of photochromic lenses contingent your favourite activeness and orientation. The Zebra Spark lense changes from nearly no shelter to a wickedness lense; the Zebra goes from intermediate night to identical night; and the Camel is similar the Zebra, but with polarisation to cut brilliance. The kicker? Satellite’s tough si lather and extensive outrigger makes the goggles stay on your header or with a helmet. Read more [...]
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Is thither a full night-vision lense for paddling in the iniquity?

A:Paddling at dark? What rather smuggling do you do?Hunky-dory, Ok, possibly you deliver a legitimatize cause to canoe at dark. Gator snatching? Orchid whisper?As for your eyeglasses, the flock on yellow-tinted lenses is this: When the spark is matted (i.e., on an overcasting day) or if you're in cryptic trace, lily-livered lenses can point up demarcation and assistance you distinguish more details. That's tied unfeigned in sunshine?yellow-bellied lenses are pop with baseball players and gob shooters. I breakthrough a yellowness lense in sunshine a piddling too "hot," though?I favour Read more [...]
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How do I living camera geartrain condom, but well approachable, patch packing?

Topload Whizz AW Camera Cause     Photograph: courtesy, LoweproLowepro Topload Soar AWTopload Soar AW Camera CauseA:Good, thither are camera-specific packs such as the Lowepro Pro Trekker AW II ($477), which can bury two SLRs and a six lenses capable a farseeing telephotograph, addition all the accessories you mightiness jolly pauperism. But it isn?t truly a packing camp, so it doesn?t do a dear job of treatment all your encampment pitch. In fact, it does a dirty job.But citizenry birth farseeing carried camera pitch when packing. I acknowledge I secondhand to, ahead I got disgusted Read more [...]
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What Are the Outflank Similar Lense Shades?

Do you suffer to buy a new brace of sunglasses for apiece mutant?     Pic: Axiom Petrichuk/ShutterstockA:The lenses for shades let turn so gamey tec that sure types help detail sports real comfortably. But they can too be restricting. E.g., if you’re biking in low-light but lack eye tribute, you may opt for a softly tinted lense. Or, you may neediness a photochromatic lense that adjusts to your surroundings. So in the wintertime, when you’re snowboarding in brilliant sun, you may need a heavy filtered lense and polarisation to cut blaze. Does that think you deliver to Read more [...]
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What’s the toughest digic on the commercialise?

Style 720 SW     Exposure: courtesy, OlympusOlympus Style 720 SWStyle 720 SWA:Advantageously, it all depends. Are you leaving to tie a train thereto and wrench it buns you ilk a dog on a collar? Or put it in a camera vitrine and look not to meter the dogshit out of it? Because any camera volition crumble if maltreated, and any camera leave do ticket if it gets a piddling TLC. I've been shot out-of-door pictures for days, and lonesome erstwhile had a camera let me refine. And that was because I slipped on a wet stone, the camera went one way, and I went the former. The former caution Read more [...]
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