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Scientists call the insect larvae food future

Scientists from the Netherlands found a more environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to meat and poultry, which is not inferior to the nutritional value of these products of animal origin. They believe the food problem on earth can solve insects, or rather, their larvae.Wageningen University experts familiar with the production of food for the birds of the larvae of large flour Khrushchev zofobasa well as amphibians and reptiles, which are bred in captivity.The main food of the larvae is carrots and grain mixture, and contain them in a tray and disposable cardboard boxes for eggs. Insects Read more [...]
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Expert advises to pay less attention to magnetic storms

12/11/2012 People should pay less attention to solar activity and magnetic storms, to avoid problems with the well-being caused by auto-suggestion, deputy director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center for Science Gennady Eliseev. "The activity of the Sun continues, magnetic storms quite regularly, but my opinion - here you need to pay less attention to avoid self-hypnosis" - Elisha said at a news conference at RIA Novosti. According to him, magnetic storms, of course, affect the operation of electronic equipment, but the scientific evidence of a significant impact on the health Read more [...]
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Prescriptions: Assuasive the Sunburn

Away cartridge, April 1996Prescriptions: Assuasive the CauterizeBy Kiki YablonWhen your hair-trigger pack range has hardly seared your backcountry sidekick, bury what you guess you experience. "Your encampment isn't the spot to 'stoppage, cliff, and roller,'" says Dr. William Forgey, editor of Wild Checkup Guild's Rehearse Guidelines for Wild Pinch Aid (ICS Books, $12.95). "Burns begin uninspired, but they won't hitch thatway if you scratch Read more [...]
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Doctors: Old vaccine for pertussis is not valid

U.S. scientists have claimed that the acellular pertussis vaccine no longer "works." They report that the number of children seven to ten years, whooping cough, is rapidly increasing. And basically no ill newborns, children and adults, suggesting a weakening poslevaktsionnogo immunity.Scientists conducted the study, which involved 682 children with confirmed or suspected pertussis and 2016 healthy children. Everyone was from four to ten years.In the study, scientists have found much less triple vaccine was introduced the first group, in which the children were sick. Complete a Read more [...]
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High biodiversity inhibits infection

Ecologists have shown that high biodiversity - the key to ecosystem health: the more species in it, the less they get sick.We know that biodiversity - is good, but often it is only the result of purely theoretical considerations. Obtain experimental evidence of the positive impact of biodiversity on ecosystem sometimes difficult. The reason for this - in the huge complexity of such research: biodiversity is best studied in large, complex ecosystems, and that means thousands and thousands of samples, and the mountain of statistical and analytical work. However, ecologists from the University Read more [...]
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Parents-helicopters prevent their children place in life

According to new research, the students in the life which parents take excessive participation, less satisfied with life and more likely to experience depression. Students whose parents belong to the so-called category of "helicopter parents", less independent and competent. "Parents helicopters" - a category of parents who take too much involved in the lives of their children. They seek to remove any obstacles and difficulties that can occur in the way of children, to fulfill any of their desire to prevent disappointment. However, scientists say that excessive protection of Read more [...]
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One Space Telescope to search for exoplanets has become less

Software malfunction CoRoT space-based instrument and error "Kepler" in the very near future, seriously limit the possibility of a mass detection of exoplanets.French National Centre for Space Studies (Centre National d'Études Spatiales, CNES) reports that the space telescope CoRoT (COnvection ROtation and planetary Transits) November 2, 2012 fell victim to crash the software. And though the spacecraft is still functional ("iron" correctly), data transfer 30-cm telescope on Earth was lost. Rather, finally. Although much smaller than CoRoT Kepler, it was he who laid the Read more [...]
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China will build a skyscraper-like eye of the needle

China will soon build a building here, something resembling the eye of a needle. Skyscraper design was created by the architectural studio of SOM. The tower will be in the downtown Greenland Group Suzhou Center in Utszyane. Height of the building will be 358 meters skyscraper made of a hollow core for most of the office space has access to natural ventilation. The skyscraper will also be more cost-effective than similar sized facilities. It will consume 60% less energy and 60% less water.Category: Technology Read more [...]
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Insulated Jackets for One-Step Fondness

Exterior clip, January 1996Insulated Jackets for One-Step LovingnessWhen you don't deficiency to cumulation on the spile, refine and synthetic-fill wear stillness stands onlyBy Glenn RandallErst you've experient the miracle of layering, it's soft to block that thither are multiplication when one richly strong insulated crown can dish you amend than the onion access to overwinter habilitate. Piling on the deeds below a shield when you're ski touring or hike, Read more [...]
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Ingestion: Push Bar Alternatives

Exterior mag, September 1995Inhalation: Vigor Bar AlternativesBy Dana SullivanThither's no disputing the gadget of push bars. Thither's too no disputing that when you deliver the sumptuosity of cargo up at house earlier a exercise, your kitchen locker holds fuels that are far tastier, near as effective, easier to brook, and mostly less expensive. "An hr earlier any 60- to 90-minute exercising, athletes want a brace c calories, most 30 grams ofcarbohydrates, Read more [...]
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International On-line Archives

Exterior mag, October 2000By Stephanie GregoryI gulped 100 ounces of piss during a full-day backcountry snowboarding trip-up, patch my protagonist alone drank earlier the actuate and at the end, and matte hunky-dory. Is he superhuman?—James Leonard, Menlo Parkland, California About PHYSIOLOGISTS trust that those who exist in hot climates may suffer altered to use less exertion to cool, thereby needing to refill less weewee. Genetics and strong-arm Read more [...]
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Scientists have found out how many hours a person needs to sleep

Australian scientists have calculated how many hours a person needs to rest. Experts of the University of Sydney, a two-week experiment with a group of healthy young men. All this time they were worn on the wrist device to measure sleep - aktigraf. Scientists note that the number of hours required for a person to sleep, constantly varies. This is a natural cyclical and depends on various lifestyle factors, said Dr. Chin My Chow of the University of Sydney, says RBC daily. Just a good sleep affects what we sleep, because nothing should hamper our body. For comfortable sleep suit pajamas large Read more [...]
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Recommended immunizations for move in S America

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean JeopardizeRecommended immunizations for jaunt in Southward AmericaImmunizations are an requisite considerateness for travelers head out of the land. A country-by-country description of compulsory and recommended shots is provided by the University of Washington Jaunt Medicament Overhaul by career 206-548-4888. Another goodness seed is the Centers for Disease Ascendance Read more [...]
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The Duncical Red Contrast

Exterior mag, April 1999The Boneheaded Red OccupationHow a battleground discovery may preserve your veilBy Sarah FriedmanThe dateless mood of Monty Python's Lightlessness Horse, that balmy warrior who upon losing an arm to Excalibur merrily stated, "It's equitable a build offend," may presently turn less ridiculous ù thanks to late advances in pinch medicament. Doctors now regularly use Dermabond, a cousin-german of ace mucilage, Read more [...]
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Peace will save the planet from climate change

Center for Economic Policy and Research says that any problem of climate change can be overcome, spending less time at work and spend more time gaming and leisure. The best model of working order, able to preserve the planet, will be a model similar to the European, which provides for a longer vacation, enough time for various types of recreation, rational distribution of work hours.Of American labor model, which implies a rather long work week, and a little vacation, is phased out. As soon as a reduction in the number of hours each year at least 0.5%, already in 2100, the amount of harmful greenhouse Read more [...]
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Off the coast of southern Britain appeared Dolphins

In the north-east coast of England keeps popping Dolphins, the traditional habitat of which is further south. It is an ordinary, bottlenose dolphins and gray dolphins. But the white-beaked dolphin and porpoise that prefer cooler water, were seen by scientists less often. The cause of this phenomenon experts see a rise in temperature of the sea. "This is another piece of evidence in favor of the usual proliferation of some species of whales and dolphins are changing under the influence of alleged global warming, - commented Tom Brereton, member of the" Northeast Project monitoring whales Read more [...]
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Malnourished and less likely to have to wash the Russians in the next year

The Ministry of Agriculture has estimated losses brought AgroComplex summer drought. According to analysts, the effects of this natural anomaly we will experience a few years The Ministry of Agriculture estimated the total damage at last caused the Russian agro-complex heat and drought. According to estimates of departments, the direct costs of all the constituents associated with the vagaries of summer weather, amounted to 41.6 billion rubles, while the number of affected regions to 43's. Most went to the Volga, Urals, Southern and Central federal district, where the harvest was lost Read more [...]
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I retired in November and raised flowered strawberry banana

Heat wave in the summer and warm autumn misled plants. Twice a year in bloom, and even fruit apples, cherries, chestnuts. November 22 in the garden of Nicholas and Hope Osipenko of Brusilov of Chernigov region in full bloom strawberry. Nicholas Osipenko - agronomist with 40 years of experience, a former collective farm chairman, former chief agronomist of the Chernihiv region, now retired. - Here I have a honeysuckle, there yoshta, cherries planted here - shows Nikolay Nikiforovich on his way to bed. There's a lot of strawberries, flowers only third, 4-5 meters. - This is a special, Read more [...]
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Breathing apparatus with compressed air AP-96M

Breathing apparatus with compressed air AP-96M Purpose: The device operates on an open circuit breathing (inhaling from the device - exhaling into the atmosphere) and is designed to: - respiratory protection and eyes against the harmful effects of toxic gas and smoke protection in fire-fighting and rescue work in the buildings and facilities at work sites, ships and vessels of various ministries and departments (does not apply to units of the State Fire Rescue Service of Russia); - evacuation of the affected area with unbreathable gas environment using the rescue device; - perform rescue diving Read more [...]
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Sniffle the Granite, Hopper

International clip, June 1996Whiff the Granite, HopperSummiting America's Matterhorn may not be soft, but that tarriance smelling unique is deserving the exertionBy Check Chocolate-brownThe dark ahead the mounting we off in former, bony and footsore. We had hiked 3,000 feet up the slip-fault brass of the Tetons--up the meadows and switchbacks of Garnet Canon to a cantonment in a astragal battleground under the Glower Charge. Now we were squeezed into a Read more [...]
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