Dictionary Russian patriot. How to understand the words on the TV.

Concise Dictionary of Russian patriot. Democratic language dictionaryRead more [...]
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Of the Group of Eight in a large team

Political economic mechanism of the current Russian government is increasingly evident and shamelessly frank. This is not to state capitalism, as some liberal critics. It is far more archaic and traditional for Russia, the system of management. Companions of Muscovy obtained feeding ground with little people who lived there. Today 10-15 a clerk who served with Major once Putin in Dresden residency or St Petersburg City Hall, get into feeding oil, gas, weapons possession, along with rocking the oil and forging a weapon little people. Wanting details (address, appearance, family name) refer Read more [...]
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Our pobedasty

Security officers around Putin make me much less hostility than the so-called "liberals." Agreeing with the half-forgotten classic, I would say that Surkov and Pavlovian - it is not brain presidential administration (brain there has long been amputated), and it's another substance. No security officers, and "liberal" and PR advisers waged two bloody massacre Chechen political technology to improve the ratings of their clients, and both times repeated that while reviving the Russian army, and each, who thinks otherwise is a traitor. No secret police, and Sonderkommando Read more [...]
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On liberal luyah

Was this in the Brezhnev era spetszhurnalist on intelligence named "Louis." He was allowed to associate with foreign correspondents and give them approved by curators "bold" interview. Forced to recall it flashed in recent time written texts as a blueprint of modern liberal Luev, fattened in Surkov, Voloshin stables. Venerable Louis - it is the last line of defense ideological Putin regime. After all, you can protect it in different ways. You can, for example, from a professional arrogance Odessa tricksters say, "Mode Putin - the first ever non-communist Russia intelligent Read more [...]
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May Day Abstracts

In April, the two forums opposition. In St. Petersburg, came the "democrats", while in Moscow the "left." This identity is gathered preserves and strengthens a number of errors and contradictions, has a devastating affect the political development of post-Soviet Russia. Both groups were consistent in condemning the regime for the retreat of the Russian Constitution proclaimed democratic norms - the separation of powers, freedom of the media, integrity and independence of the court - and the need for free and fair elections. Why only St. Petersburg opposition called themselves Read more [...]
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In the city .. not No Path

Comparable assessment of Putin's regime and the role he played in Russian history, the two authors. "Putinism - is the highest and final stage of bandit capitalism in Russia. This isolation from the outside world and economic degradation. Way-ism - is (use a favorite vocabulary and master. About. President) control shot to the head of Russia. " "Putin project would have a chance of success, if the essence of the reform is to make disadvantaged people to dig as many canals, ditches and erect" giants of the industry. " So goes the industrial revolution of the Read more [...]
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What ends home

Live, specifically of Russian constitution is formulated in the form of three oral aphoristic not that be the founding fathers, but, of course, our outstanding compatriots. Boris Gryzlov - "The Duma is not a place for discussion." Oleg Deripaska - "I am ready at any time to give all his withstanding on demand of Vladimir Putin. " Vladimir Churov - "Vladimir Putin is always right." Three sources, three components of the mature Putinism: Arts and political institutions, the private ownership of conditionality feudal overlord loyalty, lifetime tenure of the supreme ruler. Such Read more [...]
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Loud and prolonged applause. All rise. Not to sit

Lackey ovation arranged by Vladimir Putin delegates XIII Congress of the RSPP, in duration and Kholuy enthusiasm can compete only with applause Stalin delegates XVII Congress of the CPSU (b). Both had good reason to dislike the low stern man whom they so wildly applauded, and seriously fear him. They both decided on a small fig in the pocket, the latest in their political life. The congress delegates winners sketched dozens of black balls in the election of the Secretary General. The congress delegates defeated reelected to the board of RSPP Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Both the Congress itself was Read more [...]
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Bringing order to finance by undermining the national customs

By the end of Putin's second term, the political life in Russia is quite still. The Kremlin has eliminated not only the conditions for this, but the reasons. The country does not have anything that would make people take to the streets, street politics was bled white. The last wave of street activity was the so-called monetization of benefits, which mobilized the active pensioners who opposed monetization, and has given rise to those who needed the masses on the streets to use in addressing their specific policy objectives - any - from PR to demand the resignation of the government, the Read more [...]
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