What’s the outdo way to fix mangled ligaments in the ankle?

    Photograph: CorbisA:I flavour your annoyance, Marilyn. I, too, formerly seriously torus ankle ligaments. I got by equitable hunky-dory for geezerhood. So, on a 1 packing actuate, I re-injured those ligaments something ilk threefold in a 1 minute. OMG, it was dreadful. Asset, a class later that I was overrefinement off a cockeyed cycling skid and manually re-sprained my ankle. You don’t level neediness to learn the nomenclature I exploited.The publication is metre and therapy. You are expiration to mend, but it leave be a piece. See your orthopaedic specialiser or a Read more [...]
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Extraneous On-line Archives

Away clip, Revered 2000Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5Remains McbrideThe sinew rotation has yet to amply scope the cycling and skiing worlds, but coaches are already applying around deep-strength principles. Many rails cyclists, e.g., use heavy-weight, low-rep workouts. Olympic-style lifts advocated by sinew builders can workplace wonders for a wheeler's power. "It's that explosivestrength that transfers to the index you pauperism," says Read more [...]
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Knee Injuries

Knee Injuries in sports are most common, and is 40.7% of the pathology of the musculoskeletal system and are very diverse in nature. The distribution of clinical entities of knee injuries in athletes (in%) is presented in Table. 10. Table 10 № p / p nosological forms of distribution,% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Fractures Dislocations Wounds Abrasions Bruises Damage to the capsule and ligaments Menisci Damaged cruciate ligaments Damage to the lateral ligaments Injuries and Diseases of patellar tendon Bursitis Arthronosos Diseases of bones and periosteum Other diseases 0.5 0.1 0.3 0.1 3.6 9.6 Read more [...]
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Bones and ligaments of man

Fig. 1. Bones and ligaments man (front view): 1 - lower jaw, 2 - upper jaw, 3 - orbital bone, 4 - ethmoid, 5 - sphenoid, in - temporal bone7 - lacrimal bone, 8 - parietal bone, 9-frontal bone, 10 - eye socket, 11 - nose bone, 12 - pear-shaped hole, 13 - anterior longitudinal ligament, 14 - midclavicular ligament 15 - Front sterno-clavicular ligament, 16 - beak acromioclavicular ligament, 17 - the acromioclavicular ligament, 18 - klyuvoakromialnaya ligament 19 - klyuvoplechevaya ligament 20 - costo-clavicular ligament 21 - radiant sternocostal ligaments, 22 - external intercostal membrane, 23 Read more [...]
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Ligaments - fibrous bands or plates in the soft skeleton (see) or the bones of the (table). Ligaments are located around the circumference of the joints, fibrous capsule, or on top of it, connecting the bones, giving support to the joints, forming a membrane, closing the hole. Bundles the bones and joints are passive parts skeletal system. The mechanical properties of ligaments: the fortress, flexibility, extensibility and elasticity determined by the degree of collagen and elastic fibers, of which they are composed. Functions differ by strengthening ligaments (help strengthen the joints) ligament Read more [...]
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Damaged ligaments and joint capsule

Damaged ligaments and joint capsule, subluxations and dislocations of joints, articular cartilage injuries are most frequently observed in stimulated passive displacement of one of the mating segments relative to the other in the direction in which the impossibility of motion in the joint. Less often they are the result of over-extension, flexion or rotation. Nature of the damage ligaments or joint capsule (tensile, tear or gap) Depends on the strength of a traumatic impact. Tension - Is damage, where the elastic fibers of the joint capsule and ligaments lose their elastic properties and can Read more [...]
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Damage to the capsule and ligaments ankle (ligament sprain and a break n

The so-called stretching ligaments Ankle observed most frequently in representatives of team sports (football, basketball), as well as in athletics, skiing and rugby. At the time of injury (podvertyvaniya foot inside - supination with simultaneous adduction) is a strain of individual fibers Tara fibula. Symptoms. At the time of the injury athlete experiences a sharp pain. In the ankle swelling and bleeding observed, often extending to outer of foot. Pain on palpation is defined front or below the top of the outer ankle Unlike ankle fracture palpation painless. Motion in the ankle joint are Read more [...]
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Pathology ankle in athletes

Talocrural joint is one of the most traumatic parts of the musculoskeletal system. Injuries and chronic diseases, it consists of 10.28%, second in frequency only the knee joint. Among the most common are acute injuries - damage the capsule and ligaments and fractures. The nature of injuries and diseases of the ankle joint in athletes presented in Table. 11. Table 11: Percentage of Injuries and Diseases Acute injuries:       fractures       sprains       injured       bruises       damage the capsule and ligaments       damaged lateral ligaments Chronic diseases: Read more [...]
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Errors and complications in injuries of the knee

Untimely removal of blood from the knee joint with bruises and injuries of the capsule and ligaments, as well as in the postoperative period leads to precipitation of fibrin deposits, synovitis, formation of adhesions. Not carried out in time X-ray examination of the knee, or lack thereof, is the cause of many of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Refusal of medical imaging of the knee with a load on the lateral ligament in some cases, it can correctly judge the functional state of the capsule and ligaments and thus properly decide on the extent and nature of the surgery. Lack of immobilization Read more [...]
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Break - is a closed soft tissue injury in violation of their anatomic continuity. Gap ligaments, muscles, tendons, occur mainly on their stretch (excessive movement in the joint, trying to catch a falling heavy object, etc.). Rupture of blood vessels, nerves, internal organs most often arise from compression (strike in the fall, hitting the car's wheels, etc.). These breaks are sometimes associated with bone and joint trauma (rupture urethra with pelvic fracture, rupture of the vessel or nerve with a long bone fracture or dislocation), where soft tissue damage or bone otlomok head bones, Read more [...]
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Options - Front isolated pelvic tissue, located at the base of the broad ligament of the uterus, at the level of her neck, between the peritoneum. Pelvic cellulose fills in the gaps between the various organs of small pelvis and provides essential for the physiological functions of mobility. Denser parts of fiber act as a fixing device. With the help of their pelvic organs are as though in a suspended position. In the pelvic tissue laid blood and lymph vessels, lymph nodes, nerves, ureters. There are three interrelated cellular spaces: okolopuzyrnoe, parauterine, okolopryamokishechnoe. Parameter Read more [...]
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The pathology of the knee

Congenital changes Knee - Lobulation patellar congenital patellar luxation, and others - are rare. It acquired deformities of the knee include: genu valgum (allotted knee) - lateral curvature of the knee, in which between the thigh and lower leg form an angle, open to the outside. Such bilateral curvature is called X-shaped legs. Genu varum (reduced knee) - curvature, in which between the thigh and lower leg form an angle, open inward. Bilateral curvature known as O-shaped legs. Curved posterior knee occurs more frequently after poliomyelitis (paralysis of the flexor calf), rickets, damaged Read more [...]
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Peritoneum - serosa inside abdominal. Peritoneum lines the wall abdominal cavity (parietal peritoneum leaf) and covers the internal organs (visceral peritoneum sheet) to form a closed bag. Cavity peritoneum-slit space between the sheets, which contained a small amount of serous fluid. In the transition from the walls to the abdominal organs and the body on the Authority there are folds, forming ligaments, mesentery, omentum (see). Between the folds of the peritoneum and the ligaments are pockets, bags, and deepening of the peritoneum. The smooth surface of the peritoneum, moist liquid secreted Read more [...]
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The movement of the rocks, and insurance (individual technique and ligaments)

Dress code - storm suit, gloves, hat, protective helmet (helmet), high boots. Personal equipment - ASC, two carbine repshnur (5 m), the loop for the insurance. Equipment group - rope core (3 x 30 m), the auxiliary rope (1x30 m), rock hooks - 6, carbines - 6, rock hammer - 3 pack for two, first aid kit. Techniques of movement on the rocks. Practiced techniques of climbing up and down the organization of insurance above and below. Carried out on the cliff tops with different terrain, up to 15 m Before working out specific methods of climbing instructor provides participants offices Read more [...]
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Exercises for skiers     Photograph: Michael HansonPreventing: Afflictive kneesHow: Mini-band squats prop the glute medius muscles to support you just and your knees entire.Fuck: Fit a mini-band round your legs supra the kneecaps, so footstep into a wide-cut posture so that the ring stretches tight. With your fingers arse your mind, diddly-squat until your thighs are analog to the background, holding your knees obscure and in demarcation with your toes. Iii sets of 20 reps.Preventing: Mangled genu ­ligamentsHow: Medicine-ball ski squats tone ligaments and addition sidelong hamstring Read more [...]
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The movement of the rocks in the ligaments and insurance

Dress code - storm suit, gloves, head-high-boots, protective helmet (helmet). Personal equipment - ASC, 2 - 3 carbine repshnur (5 m), backpack, ice-ax. Equipment group - rope core (4 x 30 m), the rope supporting (1 x 30 m), 5 - 6 rock pitons, 5 rifles, 3 - 4 rock hammer kit. Introductory talk: "The principle of the safety chain, its components, conduct a safety rope, work lead and fear." Explain the difference between simultaneous and alternating traffic tangles in two and three. Principles of insurance and self-insurance when driving bunch. The interaction between Read more [...]
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