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The Barbarian Register: Lightning

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull     Photograph: Courtesy of bjarkis on Flickr.Q. Why was thither lightning in the ash clouds from that Icelandic vent?A. The bang of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull did more primer European air dealings; it created bemire thunderstorms in its ash pride. Though many eruptions farm lightning, few cases sustain been studied. "The ash particles battering into apiece over-the-counter in the taint and the charges climax out of the volcano aren't comfortably tacit," says Graydon Aulich, an atmospherical scientist at New Mexico Detective and co-author Read more [...]
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The Mankind’s Weirdest Weather—Explained

Lightning strikes up from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull vent, April 2010.     Picture: Nordic Photos/Getty

It’s not good tornadoes and hurricanes we demand to vex almost anymore. The endure is ever-changing in shipway that can be foreign and dire, captivating and angry. These flakey phenomena shuffle organism active in the elements a unremitting quiver.

Vent Lightning

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Weirdest Endure: Vent Lightning

Chilly's Puyehue vent, June 2011.     Exposure: Francisco Negroni/CorbisWHAT: Electromagnetic discharges that heat during eruptions and interior ash plumes.WHERE: Any big, volatile bang ejecting monolithic ash clouds, such as Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland or Chaitén in Chili.HOW: As magma breaks asunder, it becomes aerated, creating outlet lightning that strikes out round the vent’s mouthpiece. Preen lightning can manakin as far as respective c miles from the vent, as erupted ash, stone, and gas interact with wet in clouds to produce bolts capable 20 miles longsighted.SUPERFREAKS: Read more [...]
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In the south-east of Spain fires burning

July 11, 2013. Cause of fires in Spain were numerous lightning hundreds of times blow to the Spanish land during a thunderstorm. From electrical discharges burned grass and shrubs of the Spanish province of Almeria. Fire plane taking off at the scene, was calculated to extinguish the fire fairly quickly, but a strong wind that rose after the storm destroyed their plans.So, the hot weather dried vegetation southeastern province continues to burn in three locations in Turre, Mojacar and Uerkal-Auvers. The local Spanish flora and fauna, it would be disastrous, but for people virtually no danger, Read more [...]
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Soup with one hand

Good day! The publication "... woke up - plaster," from October 22, 2013 ( # cut), I suggested that all conduct training on the development of its "no dominant hand." And I spent such training, at home. On Friday, about 17 hours wife phoned a colleague and asked to be on duty for her night. Wife slapped me a bunch of errands, and left. Including requested soup cook. "Well soup because soup. Better for training and not come up "- I thought, and started.We must go to the store to buy vegetables. For this we need to change. Button and zipper on jeans did Read more [...]
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Which are the scoop all-terrain snowshoes?

Lightning Rising     Exposure: courtesy, MSRLightning RisingA:Certainly, thither are various snowshoes that can address all terrain and all weather. The one caution I crack is the Appurtenance Guy's Ten-Gallon Convention: If you normally churn a quart of irrigate but occasionally mustiness seethe ten gallons, and can buy lone one pot, so you'd ameliorate buy a ten-gallon one. Like goes for snowshoes?but you may receive that a "do anything" horseshoe is more horseshoe than you motive in many weather. Anyhow, plenty doctrine. One of the more interesting new snowshoe designs Read more [...]
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Read more [...]
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Article late. The results of using Combat backpack with a pocket for the drive.

Good day comrades. I finally got around to this article. Review article about the backpack Combat: Tyts Backpack was used in LDPE Tyts and another picnic. On the march backpack load test I could not. Instead Request failed 15-20 kg backpack load 12-13 kg (if the scales do not lie). It is based on tent, which I just do not take planning. Took it on the safe side in case.According comfortable - comfortable backpack, and a winter jacket and fleece jacket with summer camouflage on. All the same back with soft elements. Time well fastened. And breast fasteks good.In the review, the review raised Read more [...]
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Mph. What to do?

The distance to the storm can be determined by the period of time between the flash of lightning and a peal of thunder: • 1 second — a distance of about 400 meters • 2 seconds — a distance of about 800 meters • 3 seconds — a distance of more than 1000 meters Your actions: 1. If you are on a hill, immediately go down. In an open space away from tall objects, such as lonely trees. Do not seek shelter in hollows among a heap of stones. 2. Sensing a characteristic tickling the skin, and that you have the hair rise on end, Read more [...]
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Photos Eija erupting volcano in Iceland

Vulkan- "terrorist" Eyjafjallajokull (by the way, now just say Eija, it's easier to remember and pronounce), which closed the week on European airspace, although the Europeans themselves were themselves evil Pinocchio revealed another interesting geological and atmospheric phenomena - lightning in the cloud ash and lava. Bolts of lightning in the clouds of volcanic ash are observed since ancient times. Often such lightning can be a pretty spectacular sight (under the cut a few pictures of this phenomenon), and indicate that the column of volcanic ash have a very large charge of electricity, experts Read more [...]
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How to Protect Yourself From Wildfires: Conditions Watchful Scoop Wireless

DT-400W AM/FM Digital Upwind Awake Sac Wireless     Exposure: Courtesy of SangeanA:Situational cognizance matters—much. Incendiarism and inadvertent fires befall, no motion. But in the W the bulk of fires—and about of the big summertime burns—are caused by lightning.So it pays to cognise what the upwind testament be alike. Chip your local Subject Endure Avail situation ahead you go. And possibly coterie on a Sangean DT-400W AM/FM Digital Conditions Alarm Bag Tuner ($65). It has AM and FM bands, and likewise monitors NOAA brave transfer broadcasts. So you can Read more [...]
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SAMODELKIN to help …. Hammock + Tilt

Winter 2011. .... It was in the evening - was nothing to do ...... that winter ....So I decided to entertain themselves .... Took over the evening and sewed + hammock tent ......Che you need: 1. 9 m.pogonnyh fabric (Oxford) - costs 90 rubles per sq. 2. Tulle 2.5 m.pogonnyh - costs 40 rubles per sq. 3. Zipper slider with two sides - only 80 p. 4. Nylon strap -30 mm 25 - $ 30 p. - 0.6 m 5. Rope? 5 - 20 meters 6. Nylon thread 7. Sewing machine 8. HandsHere you shemki ......1 - himself a hammock 2 - mosquito net 3 - Lightning 4 - hinges 5 - loop extensions 6 - pocket (sewn by lightning)and Read more [...]
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Would a lightning demodulator be sassy for my future sportfishing misstep?

    Exposure: courtesy, StrikeAlertA:Personal lightning sensor? You imply, a farseeing man of metallic tube held highschool, so you're the beginning to experience when a force is smash? Hey, alone kidding! Everybody knows it's punch-drunk to brandish metallic some when a tempest is exit done. Alternatively, climbing to the highest, barest head approximately, and support your eyes bare-assed. Oh, waiting?that's not veracious, either. Fact is, thither's a caboodle of hand-held devices out thither that nib themselves as "lightning detectors." They're gizmos that bill electric Read more [...]
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What geartrain do I indigence for first-time kayaking?

A:Oh, you'll birth fun. As far as habiliment goes, thither are two considerations: ring for A) the upwind, and B) the weewee. For the brave, takings an categorisation of gazump cap (L.L. Noodle Ace 200 Shear Cap, $69), rainproof pelting cake of approximately form (Patagonia Lightning, $199), and fast-drying synthetical underclothing (or woollen, such as the Iceboat stain). No cotton, so leave-taking the Levi jeans at dwelling. Return footgear that can get wet and that testament dry jolly cursorily. As you mightiness anticipate, lashings of dry socks volition inject handy too. Payoff gloves to dungeon Read more [...]
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Are bivouac poles life-threatening if lightning strikes?

Astragalus 23     Pic: courtesy, The Northwards CheekAstragalus 23A:Thunderstorm, shmunderstorm. Entertain other Indigen American inhabitants of the part. They didn't pauperization any stinkin' encamp. They good hunkered below a deerskin or a few shoetree limbs. By equivalence, you're treading a regular garden itinerary. And the Scree (ret was astir $200; they're now wide usable on closeout) should assure you're lovesome and dry disregardless of the brave. It's a three-season excogitation, but has a hardy perch shape and good fly for becoming fart opposition and fantabulous pelting Read more [...]
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Safety rules during a thunderstorm

Most Russians are afraid and do not know what to do during a thunderstorm. Meanwhile, simple rules can save not only health, but in some cases, even a man's life.Image Link.Thunderstorm - atmospheric phenomenon in which a powerful cumulonimbus cloud and cloud to ground causing severe electrical discharges - lightning accompanied by thunder. Usually fall during storms intense rainfalls, often hail, strong winds and there, often to squall.Lightning - a giant electric spark discharge in the atmosphere, usually manifested by a bright flash of light and its attendant thunder. Most often there Read more [...]
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What’s the outdo high-quality whippersnapper camp on the grocery?

The Lightning XT 4     Exposure: courtesy, Sierra DesignsThe Lightning XT 4A:Certainly, Casey. Thither are piles of dear tents out thither that leave employment swell for you. Belike a solidness three-season is the fine.If you deprivation a bazaar come of respiration (not a bad estimate with quatern masses), so a goodness pick mightiness be Sierra Designs’ four-person Lightning XT 4 ($450). Its big vantage is weighting. It comes in at scarce complete seven-spot pounds, which way you can spreading it out nicely into piles of approximately two pounds (canopy/fly/poles and Read more [...]
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Heavy rain flooded the Zaporozhye

In Zaporozhye hurricane storm of hail, which was held today, July 5, after five o'clock in the evening, flooded city streets. Sudden gust wind with rain, hail, thunderstorms and lightning again turned streets into rivers of Zaporozhye, smashed trees and paralyzed traffic on some streets. Clogged livnevki do not miss the water as fast as we would like the citizens, especially motorists, writes reporter Zaporozhye. Cars are buried in the little street rivers, some of them for a long time. Electric movement difficult. In particular, the tram drivers during electrical storms and lightning take Read more [...]
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On the north-eastern Swiss cantons storm swept

August 8, 2013. South Switzerland have not seen such a strong storm. After passing through the alpine canton of Vaud, the storm strengthened its strength and a good downpour drenched the central and eastern areas of the country. For four hours, which is the element raged in the canton of Zurich, the observers counted about 29,155 lightning strikes. Particularly strong storm damage left in the settlements east of the canton of St. Gallen.Measurements showed that the wind speed during the storm reached 100 km / h. It is not surprising that such impulses easily uprooted or broken in half, even Read more [...]
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In Alchevs’k flew fireball

Last Saturday, a few apartment houses Alchevsk visited fireball. Uninvited guests frightened residents and disabled the appliances, which was connected to the mains. Fortunately, none of the people have been hurt. "How many years in the world live, never seen anything, and never thought I'd see - tells about an event №62 inhabitant of the house on the street. Gorky Ella S., - On the street roared and sparkled - horror. I ran out of the apartment to close the door to the building (the husband said that the lightning like drafts), and here it appears from a neighbor's phone call. Bluish Read more [...]
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