The aircraft with the players Odessa Chernomorets was struck by lightning.

In the Yak-42, carrying the team football club "Chernomorets" (Odessa), on a flight to Turkey was struck by lightning.According to the press service of the FC, because of snowfall, which struck on Saturday at Odessa, a charter flight to Antalya was delayed for five hours."There were no surprises during the flight. Already near Antalya plane hit the storm front, and one of the lightning got into the right wing of an airliner. Fortunately, nothing happened. Planting took place in a normal mode, "- said in a statement.In Turkey these days is the second collection of "Chernomorets". Read more [...]
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Sorcerer-thunder lightning destroyed an entire street in Zimbabwe

The tragedy ended voodoo ritual in a suburb of the capital of Zimbabwe. A powerful bomb exploded in a suburb of the capital of Zimbabwe. The man called for help from a local expert on lightning, paid for his trip to the sorcerer's own life. In Harare, damaged more than a dozen houses after a powerful blast in the house of a local sorcerer that killed five people. It is noteworthy that arrived at the emergency explosives found no traces of any bomb or gas cylinder. Locals salt sprinkled streets to protect themselves from evil spirits. People have also said that witch, along with his client Read more [...]
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Irish alpinist was killed by a lightning strike on Kilimanjaro

Irish climber died after it was struck by lightning while climbing the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Ian Mack Shako, died instantly when it hit a powerful bolt of lightning. The tragedy occurred when he led a group of climbers in the mountains. In addition to the dead Irishman suffered several other climbers from his team, but they are likely to survive.

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In Kharkiv, the sky lit up blue and green light flashes

In Kharkiv, the sky lit up blue-green flash of light and it is unusual actively discussed residents. The authorities did not comment on the situation. Abnormal events occurred last December 6, 2012. Kharkiv discuss versions of icing wires arcing trolleybuses, trams and trains due to weather, storm, power lines broken wires. Electrotransport really sparks, but other than that there were flashes in the sky, that baffled even the most inveterate skeptics. Eyewitness: "in general, with an interval of 10-20 minutes, the sky lit up blue-green flash is more powerful than the fireworks, traliki Read more [...]
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By 828-meter building Burj Khalifa in Dubai hit by lightning

According to official reports lightning has not led to disruptions in the supply of electricity in the world's tallest building.

After a storm around the building photographed rainbow.

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Lightning struck the bridge over the Golden Horn in Vladivostok

Began in Vladivostok rain accompanied by thunder rare sight — a lightning strike directly to support the bridge over the Golden Horn. It is known that on the supports of the bridge installed lightning rods, so there is no danger of a lightning strike in one of the symbols of the APEC Summit 2012 is not likely to represent.

Meanwhile, heavy rain in some areas of Vladivostok turned to snow and hail, also referred to eyewitnesses.

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Storm can increase headache

Dr. Vincent Martin of the Center for Health at the University of Cincinnati was used to the complaints of their patients that their headaches as if amplified during a thunderstorm. Asking them questions about it, he found a definite trend: the number of migraines increases during lightning storms.To test their hypothesis, Martin and his son, who is studying to be a doctor, was asked to carry 90 people for three - six months of daily diaries. In the diaries, patients had to describe their symptoms, including intense headaches, sensitivity to light and noise, and the duration of pain. Read more [...]
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In Martian dust storms born lightning

Scientists have simulated the inner workings of lightning "jet dust storms" on Mars, which is a hundred times faster than regular storms and are bombarded with dust high into the atmosphere of the Red Planet.Mars - very dry and dusty place. Storms sometimes cover the entire planet, and orbiters see as persistent dust layers reach great heights (30 º 50 km above the surface). The mechanism of the latter phenomenon is unclear.High resolution model based on data from the instrument OMEGA, which is located on the satellite Mars Express, helped figure out how thick spherical pocket dust Read more [...]
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Winter storm in Kemerovo

Unusual natural phenomenon observed residents Yashkinskogo district of Kuzbass. The night sky zavyuzhennom they saw lightning.The phenomenon, which meteorologists call "snow storm", Saturday night saw people Yashkino. The appearance of lightning - a common occurrence in the spring or summer storm, but extremely rare in winter, especially in the Kuzbass, reports portal Vse42. "With the snow, or snow, thunder storm rain falls instead of rain snow, freezing rain or ice pellets. Quite often this weather phenomenon is observed in the cold, the residents of the coastal towns near the Read more [...]
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This strange fireball

Since ancient times, a phenomenon known as ball lightning is still a matter of controversy scientists about their origins. Additional complexity of its study is the fact that in the laboratory so far only able to recreate a copy of only the external energy of the bunch, but this is too little to understand - what is actually ball lightning?Usually there is this ball of fire in stormy weather, but described the cases it appears in the fine days. The first to call attention to the strange ball of light was Bishop Gregory of Tours (XV). Then he described this phenomenon. Since then, it took a Read more [...]
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Strange flash of light in the sky over Chrysostom led to surges

Evening of December 2, many residents Chrysostom noted several strange flashes in the dark sky, accompanied by power surges. Some people have suggested that this winter storm, but experts confidently shallow version of the unusual winter thunderstorms. As explained by a leading forecaster Chelyabinsk meteorologist Lydia Popova, meteorologists have no information on the anomalous atmospheric phenomena in the area of mining, in addition, heavy snowfall during a lightning storm, and other phenomena are impossible. Energy suggest that the cause of the mysterious lightning was a short Read more [...]
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