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Give light from salt water?

Japanese company Green House Co Ltd, known for its unusual electronic devices, is about to release a new flashlight, which can serve as hunters, tourists, fishermen, no external power supply. Energy new device will provide regular salt water.The lantern uses LED lamps. This allows it to produce and accumulate the necessary electric power for 8 hours using only 350 ml of saline water, containing  about 16 grams of salt.Salt water torch body performs the function of an electrolyte containing magnesium (negative electrode), interacting with a carbon rod (positive electrode). Rods are worn as Read more [...]
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LED Horseshoe Lights

    Picture: Douglas StorerMerchandise: A distich of clip-on rechargeable lanterns for your run place, apiece Nighttime Stolon whole has quartet 45-lumen ovalbumin LEDs in a undestroyable and pee resistive trapping. These flashlights for your feet take to illume your route 60 feet out and pee you easy seeable to motorists—idealistic for sunrise and nightfall runners and those who run at nighttime. The lights accompany your shoelaces, and commove with the button of a clit.Why the Humankind Inevitably It: The Nighttime Offset inventors say headlamps make spotlight and keep a Read more [...]
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Pedal Purchaser’s Draw: Substitute Bikes

    Pic: Courtesy of SpecialisedRoute or heap bikes are bang-up for employment and amusement, but for acquiring round townspeople, pick up groceries, and passing to and from the bar, simpler metropolis bikes render more substitute at a glower toll. They can be a lilliputian heavier than their more performance-oriented counterparts, but these commuters too incline to be more long-wearing and pass loads of virtual niceties same racks, lights, fenders, and eventide inbuilt locks.The virtually underlying pick is what kinda drivetrain to leverage: individual upper or geared. Many usefulness Read more [...]
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Freehanded Cyclists Eyes In the Backs of Their Heads

A late Cycle Conference story establish that 40 pct of cycling fatalities come from rear-impact collisions. With helper from electronics pattern house iKubu, cyclists mightiness shortly be able-bodied to outsource their care of existence sideswiped to rad Backtracker.Backtracker’s rear-mounted detector, which has a scope of 153 yards, monitors how finale cyclists are to cars in their rearview, likewise as how chop-chop those cars are upcoming. That entropy is conveyed wirelessly to a handlebar whole that notifies the passenger done igniter pulses: Tardily nictation lights imply cars are approach, Read more [...]
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New Crowdfunded Outside Pitch

    Pic: Vera & Jean-Christophe/Flickr Bastioned: When a admirer of two MIT engineers was hit by a car equitation habitation later his bicycle lights were stolen, the duo founded Bastioned to pee-pee trusted that would ne'er bechance again. They highly-developed USB-rechargeable bicycle lights that are theft-proof. The handlebar and seatpost lights are capable 170 lumens smart, and apiece comes with a customs protection allen key so that you, and lone you, can transfer it. The al Airman Figurehead Ignitor and Afterburner Taillight accompany a life, no-matter-what warrant. Read more [...]
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What’s the better brain lamp for batch biking at nighttime?

The Niterider 700     Exposure: courtesy, NiteriderThe Niterider 700The Niterider 700A:I've institute thither are two guidelines to purchasing headlamps for flock biking, or flush dark route biking.Ruler 1: Pass as practically as your budget allows.Convention 2: Duplicate that quantity.Singletrack equitation takes much of twinkle. I think, I night-ride on trails approximately my family every Wednesday, and it is colored out thither. Route equitation, thither normally is leastwise approximately ambient lightness. Tail equitation, none.Thereto end, LED lights let been a actual bonanza. Read more [...]
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In the footsteps of the Master

I deliberately did not take the tent and all that, consciously believing that Asha, Mignard is at the back, with the gardens and even in Minyar summer, if the itch to spend the night, shelter, and I will find a house. Do you want to make God laugh, share with him their plans, nor that so does not necessarily soblyadaetsya as Murphy's Law! I was planning to fit in a small denyuzhku the famous House of Tolerance Istok. But he Terpimorsti winter house, and in the summer, there are only ghosts of winter sins roam. What unheard apparently scares aunt administrator or it is simply boring. Or scrap work. Read more [...]
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In the far, far away galaxy where Star Wars raged, these are the words of my brother and I heard back in 1988, when I first saw a video saloon 4 Star Wars series, and then in his bedroom, we contrived the remote control of the spacecraft and looked out the window, imagining a Han and Luke Skywalker. Looked at the stars kids !. and you say!. go wrong, we looked at our Hometown and presented as a single, distant galaxies called Chrysostom, we fly !!! Remembering childhood I was born the idea to create a series of photographs entitled constellation Chrysostom. And you will realize our childhood dreams !!!

Virtual sightseeing trip: Constellation Chrysostom. So here we go: The sun disappeared behind the horizon and the town acquired millions of lights, the first view point Bald Mountain, located on the arrival at the city from the Miassky tract. 1 Panorama of night lights from the mountain town of Zlatoust Bald (spur of the Ural-Tau). Further details)))2 district engineering plant on the background of the ridge Urenga.3 District prospectus them. Yuri Gagarin (the constellation of the Titanic, where the role of the pipe makes Zlatoustovskaya tower)4 And if you look at this constellation Read more [...]
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Are LED headlps potent plenty for dark climb?

A:Two or leash geezerhood ago, LED lights were middling practically victimized as "tax lights," informative pocket-sized jobs such as recital or ligature bootlaces. But now they're grievous candidates as well-rounded lights. The leash LED bulbs on the Petzl Tikka ($29;, e.g., render more plenty sparkle for canonic road determination or nighttime hike.Calm, they don't rather couple the spark yield of tried-and-true candent bulbs. Particularly, they don't "befuddle" sparkle that overrun a space. So, if for any rationality you real requisite to spot something 30 Read more [...]
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What wheel igniter do you urge?

A:Inflammation for batch biking is rather guileful. You demand more lighter than for route equitation, broadly speechmaking, because you suffer to see things meliorate (roots, turns, rocks) and brand those prompt decisions. Asset, about roadstead get a comely number of ambient spark from pass cars, street signs, nearby houses, etc.. In the wood, it gets Shadow!Near nocturnal lot rockers, in fact, use two lights. One goes on the handlebar for sweetie, straight-ahead igniter. The over-the-counter goes on the helmet and aims where the passenger looks. Loosely, astir ten watts of yield from apiece Read more [...]
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What’s the better ignition scheme for dark biking?

MiNewt.X2 Duple     Pic: courtesy, NiteRiderNiteRider MiNewt.X2 TwofoldMiNewt.X2 TrebleA:I intimate lights. Dozens of lights. Gobs of really expensive lights.I get refer the termination that for dark equitation, you upright can?t let overmuch inflammation. With near lights you?re safer, improve able-bodied to stoppage tuned in to the cod, boilersuit practically happier. But I monish you, it?s gonna summate in a precipitation.Kickoff, the minimal. NiteRider ( has through the earth a immense prefer by delivery LED engineering to wheel kindling. New for 2007 is the MiNewt.X2 Read more [...]
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Nalobnik from scratch out of everyday items

Lantern, which will be discussed, was made for me somewhere six months, slowly and upon receipt of ideas. Turners friends I have, so all body parts had to be made out of everyday items. The aim is demountable product, ie no pouring glue.The basis was taken from the Soviet radiator diode. Alas, it has had some extra holes, new this was not found.(From such diodes, incidentally, makes a good substrate screw, but that's for another topic) From the radiator from the computer power supply was machined pancake, which will be planted with star diode. Perhaps it would be better to completely cut leaky Read more [...]
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Eyesight the Sunrise Borealis: Yellowknife, Canada

The persistent viridity of the Northerly Lights in Canada.     Exposure: David KK/FlickrA:Yellowknife in the North-west Territories is the nighest you’ll receive to an existent holidaymaker address for the Dawn Borealis. Sky gazers from about the humanity resuscitate this frigid-but-welcoming smear specifically to hitch up recent and sentry the Northerly Lights from the consolation of a het bum at the somewhat-primitive Dawn Hamlet international of townspeople. The price of a nighttime wake seance, including transfer from your hotel, is $120. Read more [...]
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Beholding the Dawn Borealis: Fairbanks, Alaska

The Lights in Fairbanks institute semblance to nightly.     Exposure: Dhanachote Vongprasert/ShutterstockA:The clouds can sometimes concealment Fairbanks in the overwinter, and occasionally the Northerly Lights don’t dip far adequate s to combust the sky complete township, but it’s the nigh cultured—and easiest-to-access—spot to stand your Dawn hunting from during the hanker Alaska wintertime. Stoppage at the Dawn Borealis Hostelry—on a brow astir 20 miles remote the metropolis, with views in every steering of the nighttime sky—or return one of Read more [...]
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Restore and bring to mind a Chinese lantern.

Many have various Chinese lanterns, working from a single battery. Like this:Unfortunately, they are very short-lived. For information on how to return the flashlight to life and some simple improvements, can improve these lights - I will tell more. The weakest spot in such lamps - button. She oxidized contacts, resulting in a dull flashlight begins to shine, and then can not stop all included. The first sign - lantern shines with a normal battery is weak, but if you flip through the button several times, the brightness increases. The easiest way to get a flashlight to shine - to proceed as Read more [...]
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Over Latvia was observed Northern lights

On Friday night, about 9 hours, the Earth reached the charged solar particles, the rate of which exceeded 700 km per second. This has led to the strongest magnetic storm and the appearance of the Northern lights — including in Latvia.According to preliminary information from the National Department for oceans and atmosphere, U.S., the strength of the solar wind on Friday night was 8 points on 9-point scale. Magnetic storm resulted in a disruption of radio communications. Human health the solar wind does not threaten — thanks to the protection of the magnetosphere and Read more [...]
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Over Estonia saw the Northern lights

on 10 September. Reader photographed yesterday with breakage of tulisalo Northern lights, which by its brightness resembled a picture of the Northern sky. Conditions for the occurrence of the Northern lights appeared due to the large number of charged particles of the solar wind, which yesterday reached Earth. According to forecasts, it will also be observed today and tomorrow night. Source: Read more [...]
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Because of the heat wave in South Korea remained without electricity

on September 17. South Korea plunged into darkness. Because of the heat wave there disconnected dozens of substations. In Seoul and other major cities lights went out.Dead was more than 300 thousand houses, stopped the enterprise. Hundreds of people stuck in elevators. In some areas stopped working telephone. The roads off the lights, eventually formed a huge tube. Now the situation is normalized. The Minister of energy has already apologized to the residents. According to him, to an unprecedented heat was added to the planned work on the largest industrial facilities, and authorities have Read more [...]
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Latvians watched the Northern lights

Photo from the site: on October 25. On Monday, 24 October, late in the evening and on Tuesday night in many places in Latvia was observed at times very bright Northern lights. Messages about the Northern lights obtained even from the Pope, situated on the South-Western outskirts of Latvia. This year Latvia's inhabitants see the Northern lights for the sixth time. Previous, very bright Northern lights, Latvians saw in the night from 26 to 27 September. Then the witnesses noted that it was the brightest Northern lights since 2001. Yesterday the Northern lights is only slightly Read more [...]
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Magnetic storm caused the Northern lights in the Baltic States and the USA

Northern lights near Ozark, Arkansas In Tuesday night on Earth began a moderate magnetic storm. According to the Center for space weather prediction National oceanic and atmospheric administration research USA (NOAA), the index Kp geomagnetic disturbances at the present time is 6 units, according to RIA Novosti.The storm began at 22:00 GMT on Monday and was recorded using a network of ground magnetic stations in the United States, Canada and the UK. At 01:00 on Tuesday, the index increased to 7, and then decreased to 6 units. Disturbances in the magnetosphere of the Earth — magnetic Read more [...]
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