It found no visual power of African cichlids

 For the first time researchers have demonstrated a fish « no visual power» for African cichlids.   When searching for food, many fish rely on their eyesight, but the Icelandic biologists from the University of Rhode Island, and colleagues were able to show that a group of African cichlids feeds by using the touch line. Because of this sense organ, they can catch the minute vibrations which are prey, hiding in the depths of lakes.   The structure of the lateral line is composed of the channel, which is included in scales  along the side surface of the entire Read more [...]
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How to throw next?

 Long casts fishing is not always necessary. More often than not we have enough casting 30–40 meters. But sometimes the farthest throw bait «vitally» necessary. Managed to throw the – caught, he failed – bye. At first, I was faced with such a necessity on a small river, where it was hard enough to throw the easy bait for the opposite shore. Now here in the reservoir when the water does not rise all spinning to throw to walleye, which rolls with every week the whole deeper and deeper. Once, but qualitativelyI believe that the most common mistake Read more [...]
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On the live bait

Zherlitsy-Flyers caught even with the king, peas, at least when the Romanov dynasty. Despite its simplicity, this gear is quite catching capacity and age of modern ultra-lights, notorious crazy crawlers and Mighty bytes.In some cases, superior to tackle zhivtsovaya catchability most expensive artificial lures, as any Mighty bytes, it would seem, exactly simulates a live goldfish, never replace brisk roach, aroused sprinkle in water lilies and sparkling silver alive. In addition, so-called edible tires can not exactly replicate the smell of fish, smelling of warm water, threads Read more [...]
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Elements of equipment Winter fishing rods

During gluhozimya when the fish due to lack of oxygen in the water becomes stagnant and responds to a minimum in terms of packing, priority over other gear may be winter float fishing rod. To properly equip it in the first place should be considered to be commensurate with the elements snap to each other. In this regard discuss the various details of winter float rod.In gluhozime use the most sensitive components of rigs: the minimum size of hooks, sinkers lightest, light-duty floats. Only finely balanced accessories can convey the slightest touch of the fish to the nozzle. Hence, Read more [...]
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Successful exit

The first days of November 2014 already established tradition for a long time now MOOiR team met on the hunt in one of the hunting farms of the Moscow region. This year, the water in the forest and in the fields of small, so that in many places of hunting, we managed to pass on the cars. During the first day of hunting and five pens to pass only took about ten kilometers. From pens managed to squeeze out a few moose, two herds of deer, roe deer five goals, but unfortunately, the spoils of the first day is not pleased.Although horned and were pens, and even at gunpoint, but the Read more [...]
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Novice poplavochniku

Part IIIPhoto by the author The snap float rods hook are important and essential details such as carbine swivel and stoppers. Here's talk about their size rooms hooks and numbering, as well as how to knit fishing units and debug right tackle.The hook identify the following parts: the head, the forearm and lift and sting. Tie the line to the head; The head can be in the form of a ring or spatula and is bent inwardly to sting, or vice versa. Forearm mainly determines the height of the hook. Having hooked located between the tip and the gun. For maximum catchability hook must Read more [...]
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Hunting was

In the 70-80s of the last century when driven hunt on ungulates, in some cases, for small rooms overlook the wolves and lynx. Hunter was obliged to shoot these predators, even if it deprived the team of shooting opportunities in the paddock ungulate.Photo Fotolia In some hunting grounds hunting leaders (and they usually are chiefs and the main game wardens) were given permission to shoot foxes only after the shooting of ungulates, which conducted the hunt, and after the obligatory warning hunters shooting line repeated cry «Eliminated!». In all other cases, the shooting Read more [...]
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Fishing rod for cold water

With the advent of autumn, the fish start to behave more predictably, moving away from the cooling water at the depth or in places with weak current, which feeds more. In addition, the water at considerable depths somewhat warmer than in shallow waters, allowing different fish conserve vital energy, to absorb quickly absorbed by the food, which means that more and longer periods of time during the day to eat.But autumn fishing is still more difficult than summer: impact and unstable weather conditions and constant changes of fishing. In addition, fish, walk up over the summer Read more [...]
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Hunters are asked

In recent years, our legislation related to arms and hunting, is changing rapidly, it is difficult to keep up with even the professionals, not to mention the simple hunters! To the Editor receives many questions on this subject, some will try to answer in this article.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova — Recently in the media and on the Internet there was information that from 1 January 2015 it will be forbidden to carry hunting weapons and ammunition in the subway. Is it so?Grigory Petrovich Vaschin, a hunter from the suburbs Dear Grigory Petrovich! Official information on this Read more [...]
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Catching fish from under the ice

Once in an extreme situation in winter taiga, forest, or a region, frost-bound, you should use every opportunity to get food. With food in the winter woods or on a snow-covered plain, as you know, very difficult. If on your way met frozen pond, whether it be a lake, river, swamp – worth a try catching fish from under the ice. About this talk in this article.First, you need to figure out how to break the ice. Well, if the ice is thin, it can be quite a powerful punch and a sharpened stick. If the ice is thick, the case becomes more complicated. You need to use the kind of ice: strong stick Read more [...]
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HOW to MAKE the ultimate PATCH

1. Dig a trench width of 1.5 m and a depth of the bayonet spade. Humus and soil to divide and set aside. If the soil is sandy, the trench need to do a little deeper. If the soil is very wettish, dig the trench is completely not necessary.2. The trench needs to lay of different organic materials (wood, Board, cardboard, paper) at a height of 1 m Above put humus up by the roots.3. On top sprinkle the previously excavated soil, increasing the ridge height up to 1.5 m If the excavated soil is not enough, you can use the land around the garden beds.4. To cover a row of organic material (zamulchirovat): Read more [...]
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HOW to MAKE a Satchel IN the CAMPAIGN OF the Tools at hand

What's happening, when in the campaign breaks satchel or simply may come in handy the next, making it impossible to predict in advance. In this case, it is useful to understand one easy production of the tourist pack of materials that you can find in the forest and surrounded by its own things.Of course, that no similar problems, it is best to purchase and safely starting in March. But still read this article-recommendation to end excessive will not.First, find three branches, a diameter of 1-2 cm Place them on the ground in the shape of a triangle. The longer the branch, the more the triangle. Read more [...]
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Womanhood Dies Patch Qualification Canal Drown

A British char who was nerve-wracking to swimming the English Line to heave money for charity died Sunday abaft collapsing on the French seacoast. Susan Taylor was liquid to heave money for a hospice and diabetes charity. Though Taylor was airlifted to a French infirmary, doctors were ineffectual to reanimate her. Taylor had trained for the swimming for terminated a class and had smeared herself with goofball fat forwards of the float to protect against the weewee, which reached an abnormally hotness of 15 degrees Centigrade. Patch French officials do not countenance swimmers to digress from their Read more [...]
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If you pitch a tent and camp on the lake, you suddenly found that I was not reserved potable water - do not despair.There are the usual solution obstacles: cut the branch with naiblezhayshie pine, clear it from the crust, and use a branch instead of the filter, slowly flowing through it, the lake water. Homemade filter will suspend all microbes.Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology found that a similar filtration system can create up to 4 liters of drinking water per day. This is enough to relieve the thirst of the average person.In the work, placed in the publication PLoS ONE, Read more [...]
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Excursion into the world of castles — Part 3; basic technique

Sorry, I now lay out the basic information, but then how to get free time, I'll post full article.TECHNOLOGYWhichever method is used, the first insert into the lower portion of the rotational key slot. Then not strong lateral pressure is applied, ie rotational motion applied to the cylinder lock. Care should be taken to make this move in the right direction - towards unlocking. At first glance this may seem obvious, but, unfortunately, the right direction is not always known, but not the right way, will lead to wasted time.Exposure to single pins.Whereas a small load applied to the cylinder Read more [...]
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Stretching can be useful for us:1. "pike trap" , (which are many in the fishing shops and markets ) and the line ( well or other)2. "capsule revelo" (gun shops)3. a small revision of ratfile and pliers. in principle, all can be seen in the diagram ..note : Pike trap - tackle unique, does not fit into the taxonomy only fishing guns. The horn that hold the trap in position when the dog is alert, binds the scaffold ( or other)Primer - igniter "Revelo" is a little Vilsack with the hat, at the bottom of which is placed the cap open type; in the protective coating of the shock structure Read more [...]
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COZY SHALASH for 20 people.

ChumGood winter home for guerrilla groups - round hut or tent (Fig. 3). Chum diameter of 6 meters for 20 people. For the construction of the core taken pole thickness of 7-10 centimeters in length - to 4.5-5 meters. Please install the tripod of three poles tied with rope or wire on top. Around it are placed poles (30-35 pieces) so that they relied on the ends of the tripod. Distance between bases of poles should not be more than half a meter. Associated skeleton plague has a conical shape. Poles intertwined crate of the thick boughs. Layers stacked on top of pine branches, which for better Read more [...]
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Shop wheel sets

    In 50-60 years, due to development of industry in the country was a question to increase the capacity of railways roads. Before Railcar Plant was tasked with creating a rolling stock increased carrying capacity and Operational speeds up to 120 km / h.     In accordance with Resolution of the Council of Ministers on 11.08.1956 it was decided to build the Urals plant shop with powers to issue wheelsets 125 thousand units in year. For Uralvagonzavod was drafted a machine shop for the production of wheelsets. At present the group 385 th notes 40-year anniversary.     Read more [...]
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Creating a schema

All calculated and weighed, the designers offered option of three overlapping in the central part of the city subway lines, three diameters of connecting with each other various remote areas of Sverdlovsk. The first line was planned initially as follows: beginning at the area of ​​the First Five-Year Plan, it was held under the territory Uralmash prospectus Cosmonauts, then turned to the area of ​​the railway station and the city under the pond was more street 8th of March to the south to the recreation area (station "Shcherbakovskaya"). By 2000, on the first line from the station Read more [...]
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Secret passages of the South Urals fortifications

Not only inhabitant of the Russian Empire of the XVIII century, but also enlightened members of society its boundaries in the southeast seemed vague, uncertain. And there is more, beyond the Ural Mountains, to the south already knurled Siberian way, space is wasted in endless inhospitable dry steppes. There was no share in these steppes of Russian settlers and the indigenous population. Some plowed and sowed grain, the other grazed their cattle. But there were greedy and thieving princelings who haunted the former glory of the predatory Asian rulers. This princeling forged a horde of several hundred Read more [...]
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