When trolling asp is not …

Asp Each has its own character, for this fish as if there is no general rule of conduct. Most anglers prefer to hunt for this predator with spinning, but few chub caught on a live fish rod or Donkey. Many in such fishing does not believe and if suddenly see that in their eyes catch asp in an unusual way, it immediately raises a lot of questions. I'll talk about zhivtsovoy catching asp, based on personal experience.Stable catch on fry and asp bait, but with the major, I on­He studied at Lower Volga. AT That time we Friends tried baubles asp beating Read more [...]
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Games with pike

At the end of the autumn lovers catch pike on float tackle zhivtsovuyu can achieve amazing resultsOn the eve of pre-winter actively take different size toothy. But most importantly, if you know how to calculate the pike «point»You can even purposefully hunt for trophy specimens.Late in the autumn pike quite mobile and during Jora often moving from shelter to shelter, rather than passively waiting for prey in ambush, as many believe. Sometimes brovok shade or under cover of dusk, she just picks the pond in search of prey. And outputs it is often unpredictable. But it happens that there Read more [...]
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Zherlitsy frosty times

If the location on the river well chosen, it is possible during the day on some wells to wait for various predators bitesPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK Pike fishing on zherlitsy suggests that Gaugeable selected location and depth preparing a number of wells. If frost slack, the wells of a snow-covered. Live bait is desirable to stock up in advance.[mkref = 1473]Catching of predators in the winter zherlitsy is most common on the Because of the high dobychlivosti. Catch pike live bait is much easier than trolling. The same applies to burbot and even big Read more [...]
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With zherlitsy of the river «barracuda»

Black-headed pike differs from the river with a thicker body predominance color bright yellow spots. In relatively prosperous river fishermen winter roads often become owners of trophy pike caught in simple and then However, an effective tackle — zherlitsy winter. FROM increase of ice river «barracudas» to ambush quite extensive and reaches deep on have piled steep banks, which are the return, in bays. I personally at soul catching pike downstream dammed rivers flowing into reservoir.Why Read more [...]
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Khanty-Mansiisk taiga

 Photo by the author With a fishing family in Yekaterinburg I met a few years ago. As expected, fishing, namely in Finland. Several successful exits on the ice, and a pleasant acquaintance grew into friendship. Meetings on fishing and hunting exhibitions, exchange of experiences on recent trips… Asked about the peculiarities of the local fishing, they usually answer: «Well, what we can have, Muscovites surprise you and the Lower Volga often travel, and grayling, and to the north of the salmon». But when once Yekaterinburg friends showed photos of anglers Read more [...]
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There, where live pike

Day turned out to be quite circling, because apart from the fact that it was necessary to finish the 4 new zherlitsy, still had to get bait. Of course, you can catch it on the spot, but the practice shows that in shallow wells zakormlennyh roach does not appear immediately. For this reason, it lost almost half of the day, and go a long way! It should be at least 20 pieces zhivtsov to charge our zherlitsy and then have to try to catch the bait, looking at the flags.The problem of production «cartridges»I confess as the spirit – I very rarely leave on zherlichnuyu Read more [...]
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Flags on ice

In normal adjustment even when light instantly check acumen "shoots" upPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov This winter at once and take seriously the situation of her job – paved surface of large lakes, reservoirs and rivers reliable ice dais on which you can safely move in any direction.[mkref = 1124]Especially important for good ice hunters predators, as they have «handle» huge water area in search «dining» toothy fanged or striped, which is markedly different from the tactics leschatnikov-poplavochnikov, waiting for their fish lured to the wells.For the production Read more [...]
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The river on the marine

Letters to the EditorPhoto by Vladimir Shumakov Verkhovka river Tolmovaya Guryev district has always been a huge number. Therefore, problems with «live bait on them» local fishermen, of course, was not. But since the late '90s, every year it became less and less. And the reasons for this mass extinction has not been found.In fact, the reduction of the basic fodder pike and perch and reached for a reduction in the predator population in the pond. This has particularly affected the pike. Yet just a few years, she pecked tolerably. Sometimes when a successful fishing you Read more [...]
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Zhivtsovaya Fishing in pre-winter

Part 1: fry and live bait, extraction, transport and conservationPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Who is going on autumn zhivtsovaya hunting predators, which will last until the freeze-up and only then for the first ice. The main difficulty in catching live bait is the bait of the workpiece, and often in its preservation.Before you start taking of bait, is to decide what kind of live bait needed. Maybe it worth to buy a small carp in the store. In most cases, a particular body of water while catching a certain type and size of the predator bait is crucial. In any pond every year there is Read more [...]
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From the coast to the bait

How to catch live baitPhoto by the authorThe difference from the usual zhivtsovoy zakidushka that leashes are used and often removable metal (based on a pike). When fishing for bottom fish leash connected to the fastener and swivel is attached to 20-25cm above the sinker. Focusing on a pike, a leash attached to the better 1.5-gp from Georgia.Zywiec is pushed way «through the gills». Bleak or verkhovka («delight» chub and perch) in this way is not planted, the fish fall asleep almost immediately. They can be to pick up a dorsal fin, but the cast has to be very careful. I Read more [...]
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When the instinct did not disappoint

This ice season began immediately wrong. Of freezing was seized puddles, and then the river bays Ledkov. I think, well everything, will now go to the frost, and then the ice close to the first. But somehow it crumpled awkwardly in a series of events and different, and weather metamorphosis. For the rosy days, albeit weak, but frost came raw winds with sleet.Again slush on the court, and crust of ice, which is already out the first daredevils began ryhlet again becoming in the course of rapid cold water. Only in bays could leave on ice. Then they pulled the gray days when only a little freezing Read more [...]
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Zhivtsovaya fishing boat

In anticipation of this winter is active predator, hunting for small fish. AT this time, he often kept away from the coast or greater depths, so it becomes necessary to using boats. There are many ways to catch a predator float tackle with zhivtsovymi boats.Many predators perch, pike, perch, ide and others are collected in the fall local concentrations of small forage fish. On reservoirs it may be fringed bays with algae depths ranging from 1.5 up to 4 m. Often dense flocks verkhovka, small roach and perch are concentrated near Read more [...]
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Zhivtsovaya rod for pike

In the winter fishing bait zhivtsovuyu many similarities with trolling, trolling only winter pike and other predators do not always catch on that there are all sorts of reasons, but if before the toothy maw would be suitable live bait, he will not remain without attention.The method is a lot like fishing zherlitsy only catch zherlitsy quite passive, but here angler constantly moving over the pond, checking the hole for the hole. As a rule, in the same place for a long time do not have to catch. The challenge is to find the accident or any indication pike parking place and throw Read more [...]
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Moments winter fishing

How many times I convinced that sometimes we wasted we go for fish in the long distance and the edges almost overseas and fish paths are laid very close. And find them often happens unexpectedly and wonderful circumstances. This is what happens when we went to the Volga reservoirs for pike, bringing the so-called «lace» two days carried on the wind and snow, falling into ravines. Meanwhile, the biggest pike will soon come across literally next door, at the city reservoir, where, incidentally, the water probably be cleaner than the Volga. Still, check the water at all Read more [...]
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Not only as the bait

Who among fishermen zherlichnikov not have to get into a situation where the same pike takes good, but live bait to catch — problem. But where the usual ruff, get the right amount of it is not difficult. In fact, ruff, especially stuffed with eggs and milk in the late winter — beautiful live bait for pike, walleye and burbot in particular. However, sometimes pike prefer the white fish. However, in most cases, as I have repeatedly convinced, willingly takes on the ruff, thoroughly protected thorns. Moreover, compared with ruff live bait on them such as the roach or Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Apparently, the winter comes to their usual terms for the central region. In those days, even the Soviet times almost strictly abide by the rules that the ice could fearlessly go after December 10. But now, apparently, the costs of unplanned farming affected the timing pervoledya. The weather is changeable, forecasts vary as clothes from fashionable women, three times a day. However, there are signs that the ice in a week will be of sufficient thickness to open the season.Throughout the past week from the different parties were reports that somewhere, in some Gulf at some pond Read more [...]
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Perch on live bait

The arrival of autumn chill invariably entails the activation of all biological processes in reservoirs. Fish, sensing a quick winter actively eaten off, fattens fat before the cold weather. Actively nourishes both white fish and predator. No wonder it is considered that the fall — fertile time for catching predator, and the colder the water — the more active predator. Pike, walleye and perch are actively chase the breeze and successfully caught on spinning bait.However, not all fishermen love boating and especially fishing lures. Many okunyatniki prefer to catch bass Read more [...]
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Pike last ice

At first glance, catching on winter zherlitsy may seem simple and even boring. It would seem that there may be special in this fishing: dotted «flags» and tarry, wait for a bite. But as in any fishing, there are some nuances and secrets.Vividly complexity and ambiguity of fishing on zherlitsy manifested in the spring, when biting pike become moody and fickle. How many times: sitting on the pond in the company of other zherlichnikov, bite, only one, the others are empty. What kind of miracles? Or this: catch in the pond is not the first time, you know, it would seem, Read more [...]
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Who, what and where gossiped …

With the production of pike perch on the Dnieper I have linked early childhood fishing experience. Often it was a real adventure, if you know the power flow on the Dnieper rapids.Since then, much water has flowed. And the fish in the river was less then, and change the way of its production. However, the interest of the Dnieper to the production walleye fishermen are not weakened. It's still the best production for spinnings. This, of course, not on the small size «Chopik» and «pencils»And about hefty fish. In the spring on the Dnieper River walleye can Read more [...]
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Pike zherlitsy

Part 1: Types of gear In autumn, when the water is very clear and small reservoirs to catch a spinning becomes quite difficult to come to the rescue of the angler pike zherlitsy. The device is simple enough of them. The success of catching decides to place the right choice.Correctly guessing the time and place Jora — a guarantee of success fishing zherlitsy. It is known that each pike occupies its territory, where in addition to the favorite places for ambushes there are routes on which it is moving, hunting. These «trails» always closed at Shchuchye «den». Read more [...]
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