Nile Monitor

... Exit to the terrace of the hotel, and I can see the bottom of the continental shelf is enormous, and spotted "something" like a crocodile ...Near Mombasa (Kenya), on the shores of the Indian Ocean stretches reserve "Shimba Hills" where live roan antelope. I had the good fortune to be there. And now we are going first along the ocean and then the mountains and savannas, and by glimpses of wonderful views and landscapes. Entrance to the reserve "Shimba Hills" (Lion Mountain, once there was a lot of lions, but today, unfortunately, no). On a high hill begin to descend.But not for the trail or Read more [...]
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Last Jurassic Park

In December 1910 the Dutch administration on the island of Java on the control of the island of Flores (in civil cases) Stein van Hensbruka received information that the outlying islands of the Lesser Sunda Islands not inhabited by giant creatures known to science.Giant lizards - cannibals, and adults in the case do not miss an opportunity to eat smaller sorodichami.FOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM The report Van Stein said that Badi vicinity of Labuan island of Flores, and also the nearby island of Komodo lives animal that local natives call «Buayai-Darat», what Read more [...]
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Blow Lizard

SLXtremeHoodwink Lizard SLXtreme     Picture: Inga HendricksonThis brick of a vitrine may be bulky for around-town use, but for the backcountry thither’s nada bettor. An onboard barrage doubles the living of your ring and is recharged by a solar venire on the binding. The SLXtreme was besides the just showcase in my exam with a top-entry cover, for punter sealing, and plastered latches complete every embrasure. Altogether, this is one shellproof causa that does more almost.THE Roast: Though comfortably deep-set, the dilute fictile screenland blanket doesn’t get you covered. Blade: Read more [...]
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Could Humanity Run On H2o?

    Pic: onixxino/ShutterstockA:Golden for you, cinque researchers in Italy wondered the like affair. According to their 2012 sketch promulgated in the scientific diary PLoS One, yes, world can run on pee—but lone below particular weather.On LandThe Basilisk lizard alias the Jesus Messiah lizard is one of the lonesome animals on World that run on piss. These lizards slapdash their feet against the pee gruelling plenty to make a pocket-size pocket that can hold them directionless for outstrip of almost 15 feet. The Italian researchers figured out how a 5-foot-7, 145 lb humming Read more [...]
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All Come the Lizard

Bygone Summering, July 1998All Acclaim the LizardYou don't get to see Colorado's about notable reptilian. Hardly mind out on the chase and trustfulness that he's thither.By Rob FloorEl with PositionFlatlanders mind: this is mellow nation — very high-pitched area — where internal woods domain lies supra timberline, trails beginning at 10,000 feet, and temperatures can dive-bomb to the 1930s in mid-July. Regardless. Expend a few years Read more [...]
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Sea Star

The quiet waters of Lizard Island     Picture: courtesy, Touristry AustraliaLocal Hangouts "Any mad American touring the area by car leave not be foiled by Mungo Interior Green, beautiful forsake state six hours' effort from Melbourne in westerly New S Wales. You can coterie or arrest in a auberge, but be certainly to return a provide of gasoline, as thither is no gas for a considerable way."—Thomas Keneally, Sydney-based booker award–taking generator of Schindler's ArkASK AUSSIES the ultimate Expectant Roadblock Reef trip-up and they'll suspire for Lizard Read more [...]
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Lizards (Varanidae)

There are 30 species belonging to the same genus Varanus. Distributed exclusively in the Old World, with about half of the species found in Australia, and the rest - and subtropicheskih1 tropical areas of Asia and Africa, including some of the island. The former Soviet Union found only one species - gray monitor lizard that inhabits sandy deserts of Central Asia and Southern Kazakhstan, dating back to a very rare species included in the Red Book. Several publications are reporting that this lizard bite is very painful and is accompanied by a local inflammatory reaction. However, no exact data Read more [...]
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