We AEWA and norms of shooting?

The first of September 2006, the plane takes us to the wife of Moscow's cloudy in warmer climes. We arrive at the airport of Sochi, and then our path lies in Abkhazia. I can not believe what a beautiful moment holiday has already begun, but the hot wind and surrounded mountains speak for themselves. Photo: Mikhail Semin The first days revel in the sun and sea. Mask, fins, snorkel and scuba gun – My best friends these days. It's time to look around ...Begins with the local hunting store, then hunters will appreciate. Sadness and longing for local hunters. In the words of a Read more [...]
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Fishing on Minvody

In summer, the region Caucasian Mineral Waters is very hot, so it makes sense to go on a fishing trip the earliest morning or sunsetPhoto: Ivan Semyonov Resort «Caucasian Mineral Waters» – one of the oldest and most beautiful in Russia. It attracts people not only the opportunity to improve their health, but also the beauty of local nature, an abundance of historical sites, excellent leisure facilities. Come here and many fishermen, especially not on a fishing trip, of course, and for other purposes, but if you are given free time to schedule a trip or among the Read more [...]
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Where local hunters to go?

Dear Editors, "the Russian newspaper for hunters!"Photo by Anton Zhuravkova To you hunters — villagers White Kolodez first Kolpnyansky District Orel.Please help clarify the current situation we have. The fact is that in 2015 celebrates 20 years on the territory of our own, Belokolodezskogo and neighboring Znamenskoye, rural settlements closed hunting. In 1995, the species was organized by the Reserve hoofed animals, but hunting in its territory any closed completely. Naturally, we, the local hunters living in the reserve, it is delivered to the appropriate inconvenience. Read more [...]
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Spring Ulomov

Vologda Ulomov - the peninsula in the north of the Rybinsk Reservoir, lapped by the waters of Mologa and Sheksna reaches. Places are not only attractive for hunters and fishermen, but also well-known among fans of the northern nature of the European part of Russia.Photo by Alexander Mishchenko Post a review spring tenday venture with April of last year's events hunting. It turns out that there is still unspoiled, where the meeting with a wild animal is not uncommon. The hero of this rather comical scene became my old friend Basil.On a small island, nicknamed after the Sino-Soviet Read more [...]
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Society and government

Photo by Ilya Lipin The main objective of organs and structures of the legislative, executive, supervisory authorities and social organizations at various levels is the development of civil society. In spite of the clear and precise position of the country's top officials have repeatedly voiced in the media, as well as requirements of relevant federal laws on compulsory cooperation in the sphere of government and public relations, most of Novgorod officials in charge of the sphere of hunting, as well as the heads of several public hunting associations regional and district scale, Read more [...]
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In anticipation of the golden autumn

It seemed faded, gone the days fixed dazzling heat for thirty-five ... breathed the icy breath of the north, and have imagined that so will now always. No, the heat is back, but returned in a completely different form. Sultry afternoon in the summer, and a warm coastal breeze willow bends, ruffling the water. Night became severely cold, and in the morning, in anticipation of the fall, oznoblivy close to the feeling of frost.These contrasting changes affected the fish. It is not so far heard loud and in the early dawn of smacking and chomping underwater «piglets», Lick the larvae and Read more [...]
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Where Anapa good bite?

Under the melodious sound of the wheels of the train and the contemplation of spaces in the fast train links Moscow — Anapa with our friend Nikolavna mood improves with each passing hour. All Moscow, home, work and other everyday problems like melted in an atmosphere of happiness and expectations of the meeting with the South and the smell of the salty sea air, but the main thing — in anticipation of fishing.Fishing for us and compulsory favorite activity in moments of relaxation and communicate with nature. A then the whole sea our disposal, Read more [...]
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Private hunting grounds users and local hunters

I was interested to visit one of the private farms and see how you stack up today relations between villagers living on the farm, and its founders.Photo: Alexander Grishin I was interested to visit one of the private farms and see how you stack up today relations between villagers living on the farm, and its founders – people invest their own money in the protection of land and infrastructure organizations.It should also look at how affected the population of wild boar and elk past, almost catastrophic in its effects on humans and animals Summer… For this I went to Read more [...]
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Trophy under the gun camera …!

Part 2  Go to the first part: "Trophy at gunpoint… camera!"It was in snowless January in hunting grounds KROOR Krasnoperekopsky district, where our crew went to another expedition. Together with a group of local hunters headed hospitable host, the chairman of the local organization of hunters and Vladimir Shulevym anglers, we We are trying to hunt for the wild goose, huge flocks of circling and mocking cackle in high gray sky, and then unsuccessfully chased a fox in the steppe reed smooth. Alas, neither game Read more [...]
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Under Murmansk bear killed a man

To the Editor telephoned SeverPost Shong and resident of the village said that a few days ago near the village bear lifted the man. Once was found dismembered corpse, a predator was hunted.- Bear shot, but the problem is that he is not the only animal that walks around the village - said the call to a local edition, introduced Valera. He provided photo editors killed the bear and man. Last week it became known that in the Murmansk region will mobile teams to respond quickly in case of bears in settlements. They will include employees of state hunting supervision, Ministry of Internal Affairs Read more [...]
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The Better Escapade Philanthropy Trips

Mountain Kilimanjaro     Photograph: CorbisDeprivation to takings an alien activate and betroth in approximately do-gooding, too? Check Roadmonkey Gamble Philanthropy's succeeding jeopardize enlistment, which combines mounting Kilimanjaro with construction a fishpond at a local Tanzanian cultivate (June 12 26, $4,395; roadmonkey.net). And if you can't pee-pee that travel, don't desperation. Cheque voluntourism.org, which features podcasts, newsletters, and battleground reports most adventure-philanthropy trips similar these.Schnorchel with Scientists in the Bahamas On this eight-day Read more [...]
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Yield the Money and Run

    Pic: Coqrouge via ShutterstockHazard Morality Mary Catherine O'Connor on environmental issues and the morals of jeopardize.The Federal Lands Admission Programme (Dither) is a federal programme that designates $250 gazillion that can be exploited to contrive for, habitus and ameliorate wheel and prosy admittance to Subject Parks and former federal lands. To progress this curriculum, tangency your local motorcycle concretion and sour with local expatriation agencies to describe eligible projects and body-build a large-minded conglutination of backup for support. Apiece nation Read more [...]
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Your Offset Tag Run: Frock Suitably

    Exposure: Roberto Caucino/Shutterstock.comYou don’t needfully demand to see and buy a new duad of train runners for your low run, but you shouldn’t bear your 5K racing flats, either. “A horseshoe with beneficial documentation, stableness, engrossing possible, and comfortableness is requirement for the trails,” Hobbs says. “A commodity general-purpose horseshoe leave execute comfortably on short-circuit sections of route too as the trails. Thither are few multitude who experience compensate future to a trailhead, so it is helpful to prime a horseshoe Read more [...]
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Atlantic Meander

    Exposure: Kurdistan via ShutterstockCypher kills flirt comparable gridlock. Our ­advice? Clique a twosome of sweaters and driving up the Maine slide this September, when lighthouse-mobbing crowds get spread but businesses seaport’t yet shut for the wintertime. Scratch in Portland and aim for Acadia Internal Commons, 160 miles northwards—trey years volition do, but a hebdomad is punter. Later a stopover at Yordprom Chocolate Co. (207-221-2347), run northward on snaky Path 1, which rivals its left-coast namesake for views. ­(Fact: Maine has 51 more miles of Read more [...]
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Topper Wheel Fests: Off-roader Oregon

    Pic: Courtesy of MTB OregonWhat it is: An extensive, non-competitive fete of equitation on Oakridge, OR’s 350-miles of singletrack.The Grunge: Club age ago, when this upshot kickoff debuted, 34 masses showed up. The adjacent twelvemonth, 400 showed up, and for the finale few eld the upshot has been rent into two weekends it’s so democratic. Table the schoolhouse buses, which wear the Bathroom Hancock of virtually a tenner of fat tyre fiends, and unless you’re on an heroic all day tantalise, you can hop the “twist and burning” buses all day to hit Read more [...]
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Northwoods Excavation Fight Royale: Things are Acquiring Activist

    Pic: sababa66/ShutterstockBackbone in Adjoin, I wrote some Excavation Peak SB 1, which Wisconsin Regulator Scott Zimmer had latterly sign-language into law. Gogebic Taconite, a supplemental of the Cline Grouping owned by Florida billionaire Chris Cline, lobbied heavy for the law, which is intentional to survive easier to get permits to mine fe. Gogebic Taconite, or GTAC, did this with its eyes on a pillage: 21,000 demesne in the Penokee Hills, which it believes holds a worthful nervure of ore. The society has begun roughly betimes leg surveying to amass samples.As machines started Read more [...]
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Outdo Towns 2013: Bozeman, Montana

    Photograph: Forest WheatcroftUniverse: 38,695Medial Home Income: $44,412Medial House Damage: $269,000Unemployment: 4.8 percentageVotes: 1,836Masses who’ve migrated to south-west Montana sometimes say that they didn’t get Bozeman so often as it base them. “The berth you know helps to produce who you get,” says Carol Flaherty, a yoga teacher. What rather mortal does Bozeman produce? Person who hikes in sestet flock ranges, fishes foremost trout streams, and refuels with grass-fed gripe from local ranches.All that nature agency abundant Priuses and a local Read more [...]
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Topper Towns 2013: Waitsfield, Vermont

Lusterlessness God prepares another bout of flatbreads during a beautiful summertime eventide at American Flatbread in Waitsfield, VT.    Picture: Brian MohrUniverse: 1,719Medial Home Income: $46,413Average Dwelling Terms: $287,500Unemployment Order: 5.7 percentageVotes: 470Citizenry concern the Mad River Vale as lots for what it lacks—dealings, stochasticity, pretention—as for what it offers: the Jet Mountains out the backdoor, the Category II–III Mad River, and the heavy local nutrient that comes with aliveness in a historical raise township.“Most every Read more [...]
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Editor’s Pick: Niggling Rock-and-roll, Arkansas

    Pic: Anthony Ricci/Shutterstock.comIn late days, this metropolis of 195,000 has turn a moon-curser’s eden. Since 1993, federal, submit, and local governments sustain funneled more $62 meg into what has turn the Arkansas River Tag Organisation, a 34-mile meshwork that loops roughly the Niggling Stone Metropolitan country. The trails link 38 parks that concealment more 5,000 estate.“You can wheel or run loops for miles,” says Leah Thorvilson, 34, a marathoner who plant at GoRunning, a local storage. Liveliness hither isn’t some lather, though; thanks to Read more [...]
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Siberian ‘Woods Boy’ Launch

Russian government bear plant a boyfriend who claims to suffer lived in a Siberian timberland for ended 16 geezerhood with his sept. A local charwoman in the townsfolk of Belokurikha initially brought the boy to the prosecutor's place, fearing he would not go the wintertime.According to the boy, whose discover has not been released, he was natural in 1993 and touched with his phratry to the timberland in 1997 abaft they distinct to furcate themselves from club. He aforementioned he has been unique since his parents leftover him in the hut in May and that he went to the nearby settlement for assistant Read more [...]
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