Law tundra

For two weeks they were in the mountains, slightly above our parking place. Almost every day down to the foreclosure to see the all-terrain vehicle. But there was no all-terrain vehicle. Of the products the shepherds were only cereal and sugar. There was no flour, no tea, brewed the berries. When the snow began to fall, began to collect sticking the panicles of willow-herb. Today, work has to Kamchatka herders as much and in the past, and no liability less. But before such work were awarded orders and presented the award. A Now? How to live on, no one in the village Read more [...]
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Unlucky luck

The Internet is constantly write that it is time to gnats. What she had devoured and does not normally fish. Not even Don from her prodyhu not. But turned out to be free from the everyday work day, and we decided with a friend to check the true state of affairs.I took a jig with a spinning reel and a bag with weights and lures. Sandwiches, a bottle of water and a bottle of repellent. Meeting with mosquitoes and midge was predetermined, and there's nothing you can do.With the weather we were lucky. The wind died down, the sky was cloudy curtained haze, the sun did not pester. On Read more [...]
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Pharmacy for the attractant

 Photo by the author Soft lure with smell and taste have long been the de facto standard. We buy a package with silicone twister or ripper which already sousirovany or coated with some salt. And how are things with foam fish?It is no secret that the porous foam, especially when it is not baked in molds and cut with scissors – the ideal material to keep the smell.In general, the issue of odor baits, such as foam rubber fish, I started a long time. Tell you a secret, I did at one time carried a vial of bovine blood and foam impregnated her fish. All I remember from those Read more [...]
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Fishing bream on Mologa

Part 2Driving the depths of the river near the town of Mologa Vesyegonsk. Well, it seems, everything is ready and in the morning you can go to the first fishing. Mist swirls over the water, making the transition from water to the sky hardly noticeable at this distance visibility to see the floats of transparent bottles of goods is difficult, but my bright and contrasting «buoys» visible even from a distance. The boat is necessary to put the nose into the wind and waves. Even if now quiet, nine o'clock from the north or north-east wind, and usually appears chop. Then Read more [...]
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Roach in the lake

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Unlike perch, roach Now look at the big open spaces problematic. So I prefer the lake, in the extreme case flow pond with a good oxygen regime. These ponds are not only flowing, but the bottom discharge of water through a retaining dam.In some small lakes in Tver and Novgorod regions roach grows to quite a decent size. But even if the fish is small, it is still such fishing is noteworthy if only because that small roach caught in a small pond, very tenacious and serves as an excellent live bait for fishing in other waters.Catching roach activity is now very Read more [...]
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Bottom tackles for roach

Catching roach bottom gear is particularly relevant during the flowering water when the fish is experiencing oxygen starvation, extends to a depth ofOn both small and large rivers and roach caught poludonkami Donkey simultaneously with other fish. However, where large shoals of roach walking around, you can catch this fish and purposefully. Catching roach bottom gear is particularly relevant during the flowering water when the fish is experiencing oxygen starvation, receding into the depths.Roach fattens weight depending on the capabilities of the reservoir. There are rivers and ponds in which Read more [...]
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The first carp of the season

In early spring, until the water is cold, you have to catch a carp long range feeder tackle. Activity in carp reservoirs is very different, so it is desirable to have reliable information before going on fishing. Difference in timing of the start biting can be up to two weeks.Choosing the reservoir is now the first and the most important thing. I note that we will talk about fishing in reservoirs without flow. AT Rivers course carp is short, it is another carp than in pond approach it is more like hunting fishing for roach Read more [...]
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Symphony for Pishchik

Photo Many hunters hazel grouse I had seen, and the most successful of them were offended ear for music. Enticing grouse taught me my friend and teacher, Gennady A. Belkin - tall and handsome joker, joker, the last more than one hundred kilometers of fields and forests of the Perm province.  "Listen, my friend, as the male whistles, and try to repeat it trill. Each brood whistles in their own way - said my guru. - Sit used to on the stump and listen to the echoes around two to three male: Well pure symphony! "Over time, I do understand the characteristics of the sound Read more [...]
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Salmon Mother

Recreational fishing is not chosen by chance, but determined on the basis of knowledge of the nature of their native places for fishermenSalmon and to this day continues to play an important role in the life of the population of the Russian North, retaining some value as an object of trade. However, its present role is far from the one she played for several centuries of development of the Russian North. In these centuries, and salmon Pomors formed a system, which was based on the number of fishing for such fish, which, with one side is sufficient for procreation salmon and with Read more [...]
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Hravy bear kingdom

I'll tell you about the Katmai National Park in Alaska, which was twice and dream to visit again. Do not dream about it every hunter and prirodolyub simply can not - there is such beauty as game and fish that can not help the feeling of some natural anomaly, excessive generosity of God.Photos in the material of Alexei and Maxim Shaskolsky Beauty Alaska akin to Kamchatka, where more than half of all the glaciers in the world (about 100 thousand.), And the fauna is represented by individuals of record size. Trophy brown bear can pull 600 kg, of the same weight is sourced and elk, Read more [...]
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Subtleties application «stupid» Crank

On cloudy days the pike can be a whole day on a fairly small places and nickingauthor photo Among wobblers, one of the most dobychlivyh spinning lures, accepted classification fairly conventional form of the body, the intensity of the dive at the start of the posting, and on the degree of buoyancy. On the basis of the first parameter is usually allocate these types of lures, minnow like, shedy, fety, and rattliny Krenken, which are and will talk.On seemingly lure Crank — rather primitive bait. Throw away — and I began uniform wiring on the which Read more [...]
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Sea trout Gloom River

After a day of alloy we have chosen a beautiful place on the canopy coast in close proximity to the roll-over. Gloom-river — Stony Tunguska is one of the tributaries of the Yenisei north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. River and with its tributaries the south round the little-investigated most of the planet — Putorana Plateau, feeding him water lakes. AT the basin of the river and live Evenki Yakuts. Here on arrow in confluence in Kochechum Tunguska, the village is the capital of Evenkia Tour.Because there are Read more [...]
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Wolverine released into the wild

Utility snowmobiles are particularly popular among avid hunters and anglers. This is understandable: after all, these workhorses are able to breeze prohvatit on virgin soil, carrying not only the breadwinner, but his luggage and trophies. But some utilities to take - Japanese, American, Canadian or Russian? 275 000 — is the retail price of «Wolverine 800» 2014–2015. by STELS. At the current price hikes imported products, domestic Snezhik looks particularly attractive. Tested Republic Jaca­And this brand new Snezhik «Wolverine 800» Read more [...]
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Summer whims roach

FISHING ON THE RIVERWhen it's the hottest time, roach in lakes and ponds become so capricious because the warm water, which is to go fishing in the river. It happens that a few days of calm weather is stable and catch in the lake there is no point. Conclusion - go to the river.Catching roach on the River is now also a simple and largely non-standard. Very good for catching small but fast enough rivers flowing in the hollow in the woods. Here you can always find a place in the shadows with depth directly from the shore.Visually survey the river, especially looking from the high bank, you can see Read more [...]
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Results interbreed team competition Pointing Dogs on swampy meadow game

Photo Sergei Shchipitsin July 14-15 in favor of Beloomutskogo Hunting underwent traditional open Moscow interbreed team competition Pointing Dogs on swampy meadow game. It was also raffled individual championship.Chief Expert of All-Russian competition unchallenged expert category – Ilyin Gennady Ivanovich.Team served four officiating team composed of:Zakharchenko AI Category I (Bryansk) SHORE DA Category II (Yaroslavl) Alenichev, Aslanyan A. intern (Moscow) Bylinkina NK All-Russian category Smirnov NA Category II (Bryansk) Nesterenko T. III kategriya (Moscow) Nikolaev YA Read more [...]
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Spring hunting

Winter this year was not going to give way to the spring song of a lark. The weather changed dramatically, the snow would cover not yet warmed by the sun the earth, that the wind was raging sweeping blue heights heavy gray clouds, everything was like in the old fairy tale in which the girl could not collect his basket with snowdrops. And according to this, and the dogs to prepare properly did not have time. In the evening, the dogs in the woods practiced on the elementary Oporto, adjusted "poslushku" restraint. They taught not to be greedy for each other carcass, and joint efforts Read more [...]
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Notes zherlichnika

The main season pike on zherlitsy traditionally considered during the very first icePhoto: Sergey Semyonov Some time after the ice be strengthened, pike zhor subsides. However, it is not biting stops and more or less stable pike can be caught up to the last ice, and gluhozime including. Especially on Volga reservoirs.On the small bodies of water, but no flow, the situation is more sad: after a couple of weeks after the ice strengthening pike bites are so rare that for many fishermen, are still visiting the pond, do not put zherlitsy because they are repeatedly exposed to waste Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

It is not necessary at the beginning of freeze-up, finding takers fish, too flickers with a thin line, and miniature mormyshkami - it almost does not affect the activity of the fish, but it greatly reduces the rate of fishingPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov The second week of the ice season in the capital region distinguished itself very unstable weather, but were pleased with the lack of strong frosts, who now seems to be not very necessary, because the ice on most ponds establish strong, reliable. And in the underwater world, after a sharp drop in temperature during the short periods of Read more [...]
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And they went out to look for snipe …

Now snipe - still a rare trophy hunter game bag. On dupelinuyu good hunting should be able to get there, in accordance with the land, and the timing. How has nothing to remember that in Russia in the XIX century hunting snipe from the cops was widespread among the hunters of the middle class.Photo: Michael Vustin Now snipe — still quite rare in the game bag a trophy hunters. On dupelinuyu good hunting should be able to get there, in accordance with the land, and the timing. How has nothing to remember that in Russia in the XIX century hunting snipe from the cops was widespread Read more [...]
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Epanol Breton in the service of science

The love of a certain breed of sporting dog nurtured over the yearsPhoto George Karengin Why am I writing about epanol Breton hunting management science? Why Bretons?We have a program used valdshnepinoy and other breeds cops and sporting dog. In the Moscow Scientific Group «Woodcock» Peter Zverev — Pointers, Sergei Fokin — Russian Spaniel; the French, with whom we have long-term close cooperation, brought to Russian English setters, Pointers, German marriages Vizsla. What can be said about them? All dogs and decent work (ridiculous to drag the country woodcock Read more [...]
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