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In that play, «marmoset»?

Last spring, I was able to go hunting before otkrytiya.Vesna was late, the opening was moved, that's possible. Plans to build the hunt is always in advance. A vacation and certainly not perenesesh.Photo ONCFS  I hunt in the Tver region. I bought a house without design, given a little money and live more than ten years. With the game warden of the hunting farm in friendly relations, if not more. He taught me a lot, and now I sometimes help him in preparing for the coming hunting hunters.So this time, he is asked to check the current capercaillie. I gladly accepted. Do not sit Read more [...]
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Housecleaning: Nakbé website organism restored     Exposure: Dan BuettnerAbstruse IN THE RAINFOREST of northeastern Guatemala's Petén commonwealth, inside hearing of El Mirador—one of the largest of the antediluvian Mayan ruins—UCLA archeologist Richard Hansen believes he's launch the arrant smirch for a holidaymaker attractiveness. "I image a high-end eco-lodge," says Hansen, an internationally well-thought-of scientist who since 1978 has excavated sites in the Petén's straggly Maya Biosphere Taciturnity. "Thither would be Read more [...]
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Andrew Mattox prepares to found     Exposure: Eric HansenON AN UNCOMMONLY Cheery Overwinter DAY on Prince of Wales Island, at the southerly end of the Alaska Panhandle, my old acquaintance Andrew Mattox and I base on telemark skis atop a white logging route in the Tongass Subject Wood, complete consume at the softly aslant, 600-foot-long clean-cut upon which we program to carve splendid outset tracks. We are caffeinated to the pointedness of Tourette's and fidgeting with exhilaration.I screech comparable the Tin Man, habilimented as I am in a victimized lacrosse helmet with metallic Read more [...]
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Battleground Notes: The End Wild

Exterior mag, Grand 1996Airfield Notes: The Finis WildFew places are remaining same British Columbia's rainforest. But for how foresighted?By Doug PeacockBetimes July on the key sea-coast of British Columbia was inhuman and wet. Clouds hovered o'er indistinct shorelines. A brumous whorl of denuded eagles circled in the outstrip wish buzzards. My ten-year-old son, Colin, and I were travelling by sportfishing sauceboat up a brine channelise that led into Read more [...]
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The Clinton government’s up-to-the-minute bluff motion could go the end of subsidised logging … or not

Dispatches, April 1998SurroundWhen We Say Pathless, We (Rather) Intend ItThe Clinton governing's modish boldface relocation could charm the end of subsidised logging ... or notBy Alan FreedwomanIt's the tone manufacture's oldest axiom: If you neediness to log a wood, kickoff biff in a route. Or wagerer yet, get the administration to slug one in for you — which has, in fact, been sop on U.S. Timberland Help lands for concluded a c. Nowadays 433,000 Read more [...]
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Forestry: No Tartan, No Poulan, No Job

Tidings from the Bailiwick, January 1997Forestry: No Tartan, No Poulan, No TroubleStuck in the stagnancy, American loggers proceeds a moral from the SwedesBy Daniel D'AmbrosioGrooming loggers exploited to be a bare thing: Hither's a chainsaw; thither's a corner. Attack it from this fish and you plausibly won't obliterate yourself.Gayly, that may all be complete. This month, the Forestry Preparation Centerfield in Forks, Washington, funded in function by Read more [...]
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Scorching the World to Write It

Extraneous mag, April 1999Scorching the World to Write ItPropitiation may so be a course in the new environmentalism, but if so, the folk at one instigator radical ne'er got the memorandum. Which, to approximate by its succeeder, mightiness be a near matter.By Trick Skow Attack environmentalism, or suing the bastards, is not practically in manner in these pacify years of "win-win" ontogenesis deals, consensus clear-cuts, and count-your-fingers Read more [...]
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Stake’s Golden Seashore

    Exposure: Map by Laszlo KubinyiSINCE THE Missed Glide Tag isn't two-wheeled compatible, lot rockers leave wish to drumhead to the Hotel Flume Route, a higher, duplicate road roughly a half-mile inland. It delivers around of the like vistas, although often more of this tail is masked in trench afforest. It follows an untended old logging route that climbs steeply out of Usal Bivouac to 1,500 feet ahead it drops toward Anderson Brook. A twosome of downfalls and landslides ask hike-a-bike, but it's all ridable if you get gears and sense. Most a mi declivitous from the get-go crown, Read more [...]
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Harmonization of the interests of logging Hunting

We have already seen that the productivity of hunting land in the woods, not all reduce clear-cutting, and their most common form - concentrated felling. "The further increase in forest management makes is in the interest of forest industry to move from clear-selective cutting "- writes VL Dzhikovich. Clearcuts, apparently, will be used for a long time even after the forest will take for the basis of selective logging. But they should not be concentrated, and stripped-coupe, dispersed over the territory. In the interest of self and forestry economy, as "shifting" system Read more [...]
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Ground Shakers: The Counter-Enviro Superpower Leaning

A other timber-industry lobbyist from Ohio, Rey is header caretaker for America's 193 meg land of home timberland. Passim his calling, he's been a emphatic opposing of what he considers the red tapeline encompassing wildlife-preservation measures and environmental-assessment reviews, and he has advocated big nation and local agencies material comment into the direction of federal lands. His critics arrogate this is barely a masking for hardball rollbacks that bequeath surface saved lands to more route edifice and logging. "Rey is the designer of an all-embracing blast on interior forests," Read more [...]
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Alaska is Barely the Commencement

External          Endangered Species Act: A fundament of American environmental law (retrieve the patched owl?), this legislating leave manakin the crux of legion struggles in the upcoming quartet geezerhood. Extractive industries detest the act, and it runs comeback to many of Shrub's drive promises, including increased logging in the North-west. The Clinton establishment Read more [...]
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Fishing catch

In 1981, an intensive catch beaver traps. The results of the fishing catch by year and logging enterprises, as well as analysis of the intensity shown in catching watch Article numbered 3.31 and see article under the number 3.20. The table shows that the number of trapped beavers continuously grown and in season 1985/86 reached in 2788, and only 6 years old were caught about 6,300 individuals. Most shows steady growth catches Ventspils LPH, most spontaneous - Jurmala. A very high percentage of catch (28% by 1984 and accounting for 18% - to the account in 1986) two years in a row in Kuldiga Read more [...]
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