Five years to the benefit of the Motherland

Creating a network of protected areas (PAs) in the Stavropol region was the beginning of a unique conservation of the steppe zone. Management of Protected Areas celebrates its first anniversary - 5 years. It's old enough to take stock of the first results.Photo T.Kovalenko Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of wildlife is one of the main problems of civilization. The most important element of the conservation of the natural environment and a favorable ecological situation is a network of protected areas.In the Stavropol region, unfortunately, there is no state nature Read more [...]
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Permit on… rook!?

Hunters should demand instead of expanding the list of species increase the area of public landphoto: John Brown The law «About the regulation of individual relations in the field of hunting and preservation of hunting resources on the territory of Moscow region» was approved by the regional government.In the draft law refers to the assignment the Fieldfare, hooded crow and rook to hunting resources area. And this means that the hunt for these birds will be allowed. As reported by ornithologists, these changes appear in legislative Read more [...]
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Hunting birds in the Moscow zoo

Interview with the director of the Moscow Zoo Zoological Sergei Kiriyenko PopovPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova Moscow Zoo - is a platform not only to have fun but also a place for study and observation of the animals, in this case - the birds with which people interact in nature.- Sergei Kiriyenko as classified game birds, and some of them are kept in the zoo?- If we talk about our country, the main objects of hunting are representatives of groups of waterfowl and chicken, respectively - it's ducks and geese, grouse, capercaillie, grouse, pheasants, quail and partridges.Some poachers Read more [...]
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View from the outside

That took another Moscow Regional Exhibition of hunting dogs, 118th in a rowPhoto: Alexander Harseev TO Unfortunately, the village is not the case They allowed me to break in Moscow on two days, so I can share my impressions only rings dogs older age group, but and then by a separate breed.Pleasure to watch English and rings especially Irish setters, both male and bitches. With such a classy feeling of disappointment is not livestock You should feel even the owners whose pets were far from coveted top three winners. Read more [...]
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Spring hunting: view from the outside

Each spring Ukrainian hunters look with envy toward Russia, Belarus, which opens on spring hunting with duck decoy duck, geese, woodcock. However, in recent times on the pages of Russian hunting publications, Internet sites increasingly appear alarming headlines: "will open if the spring hunt?", "Spring hunting endangered!" ... Are the concerns of ornithologists, ecologists, different prirodolyubov about a sharp reduction in the number of nesting birds is under a seat and how serious?Photo by Dmitry Shanitsyna His views on this issue with me shared Honored forester of Ukraine, Read more [...]
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All-Russian obiralovo

Photo Natalia Ilina Each year, a hunter having a setter, looks forward to the opening of hunting season for swamp game. Last spring, with competitions and exhibitions, grouse and snipe grown and prepared for rapid fly back. Finally, after going through the bureaucratic formalities, you go out into the grounds, sending the dog in the search, and that's it, then, for what you have worked for several months – Stand the dog on the game. «Forward!»And before you snipe flies shot – clean miss. Oh, I had to let go!Pleasure? Of course! And how much does it cost? Read more [...]
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Ohotminimum Vladimir

Some questions on the verge of provocationPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov The other day I went to Victor, an old friend, with whom we were in college. He decided to become a hunter. And before you get in ohotbilet ranger, he will pass the test of ohotminimumu as a test of the six questions in one of the fifteen tickets. (Complete test anyone can see on the site gosohotinspektsii administration of Vladimir region: gohi.avo.For answers to these questions, and he came to me. I happily agreed to help a friend. I picked up the list and thoughtful… On the third question is answered with Read more [...]
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Where to look for perch in the spring?

Photo Anatoly Mailkova After the distribution of the fish on the water level, and perch, and roach and white bream can be found almost everywhere in the pond. Of course, much depends on the pond, on the influx of melt water from the discharge of water from the depths of the ice thickness and the weather changes, so every time we have to look for.In the pond, «spots» They gather individuals who are preparing to spawn. And the more reservoirs and rivers is not time for a perch prespawning concentration. The bulk of the fish is constantly moving in search of both food Read more [...]
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Keep your eyes open!

Shotgun hunting - it is almost always shot at moving game, often in conditions of limited visibility, lack of time for aiming, which requires speed and accuracy of shooting techniques.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Binocular vision facilitates the evaluation of the distance to the target, its speed, direction and overall coordination arrow. That, of course, facilitates the entry of not only shooting, but will not be superfluous and shooting at fixed targets, especially at dusk.Even when shooting at a fixed object objective will be perceived more clearly, if your aiming both eyes open Read more [...]
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Why take the tour?

Some hunters are puzzled: why each time after the hunting season they are required to hand over the permit and the permission and even specify the number of them bagged game?Photos from the archives of the Stavropol KOOOiR Immediately explain: it is necessary to estimate the volume of production of birds and tracking the dynamics of their numbers. Only having established control over the production, we will be able to competently, with figures in hand, to defend the interests of hunters and protect our traditional hunting.Annual monitoring changes in populations of game birds can Read more [...]
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Protecting nature … from reserves?

The newspaper has already written about the problems of reserves and national parks ('Darwin Reserve new destination "(" EGR "number 4, 2012). This issue has caused an active discussion of the readers on the site ohotniki.ruPhoto by Ilya Antonyuk In recent years there has been degradation of many reserves. Such a fate befell a number of specially protected areas. Darwin Biosphere Reserve, one of the oldest and most famous in the country and abroad for decades belongs to the top five successful reserves of the country, and now can be called «example». But what example? Read more [...]
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Hunting for waterfowl

The book is dedicated to hunting ducks and geese in Russia and is largely based on personal experiences of the author, devoted nearly all of his years of hunting practices that the most popular in our country bird species.Recently, being near Chinatown, went to the bookstore. Naturally, the first thing walked along the shelves with books on hunting. He caught the eye of a new book. It is no secret that the subject is replenished in stores infrequently. The author, Alexei V. Stefanovic, I knew by the publications in the Russian newspaper for hunters, so, after leafing through the book, I could not Read more [...]
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Big ambitions Department

The dynamics of stocks of game animals in the first place depends on two factors: births and deathsPhoto: Igor Shakhov In the hands of I got the order number 138 of 30 April 2010, the Ministry of Natural Resources «On approval of the allowable withdrawal of hunting resources and standards for the number of hunting resources in hunting areas». Title Order clumsily handled and tautology. What had to be added to the end of the name: «in hunting areas»When and so it is clear that hunting animals and birds are produced only in the hunting grounds, ie in the wild, Read more [...]
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We are looking for current capercaillie

For more than twenty years of hunting, happened in different places to find a lot of capercaillie leks - I think at least a dozen. I must admit that the moment of discovery cherished capercaillie drawings on the dense snow, emotionally little inferior to the moment when, finally, in April, you will hear on the edge of hearing, cherished clicks and turning an ancient monumental bird, a relic of our northern forests - wood grouse. I want to tell you about my last year's March trip in the middle of a huge swamp moss, starting about five kilometers away from the village ”estates” Read more [...]
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Spring geese

Goose Spring failed, it was clear even before the opening of the hunt, in the "green zone" inhabited by a small flock, and this boded good luck. In the old days the fields were planted literally thousands. Occasionally the north pulled nonstop triangles, I watched them sad eyes, imagining what would be knocked out of the strict figure of geese. But the hunt opened and taking dozens of plastic ducks, went to the farm.Spring floods are literally overwhelmed by flying different types of Ptah. Near «skradka» Ruff landed and immediately began inflating their hoods vytantsovyvaetsya Read more [...]
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Hunter — where you are and who you are?

Frankly, for hunting (to put it mildly) the problems of writing was not going to write about the most desirable hunting. But turning the 8th page of the 49th issue of "hunting the Russian newspaper" hand somehow stretched itself to the computer keyboard. And spodvigli me to this two articles known in the hunting world, the Russian writers Benjamin Olshansky and Victor Gurov. Photo by Vitaly Koshkin Carefully read the editorial chief editor of the national magazine "Hunting" under the heading "Con", dedicated for some new "conservation strategy in Russia of rare and endangered species Read more [...]
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Highly sit — look away

We continue our series of articles on orienteering. Of course, orienteering techniques largely depend on the nature of the area in which we find ourselves. But some things are basic, fundamental and common to any area. One of such techniques we will discuss today. It can be formulated: Highly sit - look away. So, today we are going to climb trees, hills, cliffs and other elevated position, to discover the nearby open spaces and to identify signs of people or ways to civilization. Thus, the problem to find the elevation or the highest tree, suitable for vskarabkivaniya. Of course, not always the Read more [...]
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The Bicycler’s Loo

Piece it’s expectant to get a workweek that reminds everyone of the virtues of biking to study, I recollect that bikes should be the nonpayment, not the exclusion. That mightiness look alike a daydreaming, but a boniface of manufacturers are woof closets with garb that piddle bicycle commutation simpler and more fashionable.No, a wrinkle-free button-up or a distich of SPD-compatible kicks aren’t expiration to tip the bike-commute correspondence. But the breathable fabrics and bike-smart designs oversee the elements—yours also as the environs’s—and helper check that Read more [...]
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Night fight is crucial is not so much the success of strategic planning that or other operations as an independent combat activity trained fighters, soldered small units on certain tactical directions.Night combat effectiveness of small units can be increased only by the specific training of the personnel, identify strong physiological properties of certain fighters. These men, which by nature is developed animal instinct, the following is used in more critical areas.A huge advantage of the night is the one who is able to create better, to hear, to focus and to feel in the darkness. These opportunities Read more [...]
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Guys, look, a very exciting video. Another fun one time. they speak of NATO bases for war, at 3:59 look, in the Central part of the Russian Federation, marked base, approximately at the place of Ulyanovsk. There are judgments or ideas?

South American ""illegal advertising all Russians look here they are the scum of the Americans is their handiwork 9:26Sergey Vladimirovich28 Mar 2012 at 16:44|I like1713 commentsIlya Chasovskikh Bitches.28 Mar 2012|5Dalivit Wolves I would have sworn,but seriousa the keyboard will break.28 Mar 2012|5Alexander Ballbustin x*y I was forced chip CE sew bastards28 Mar 2012|6Viktor Prokofiev I think soon we'll see all that they had planned so long) CRP why tanks on the marks they are so convinced in their own Abrams? Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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