FlyKnit Lunar 1+

Nike FlyKnit Lunar 1+     Picture: Inga Hendrickson

As the epithet suggests, the speed of this tilt, low-to-the-ground trainer is made out of a knitwork (translate: unlined) and stretchable cloth, providing a close, socklike flavour. Roughly testers loved the fit and boilersuit breathability; others launch it too relax and desired more reinforcement. 5.7 oz; 10 mm drop-off

Mark: Nike$160
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CALENDAR pagan the base is long stretches of time, DOS. knowledge about nature, people. and on the island. K. closely linked to religious beliefs, because since ancient times used to determine the time and sequence of festivals and rituals included mythological, astrological, shamanic and other (often sacralized) knowledge. Lv. Populations were Izv. lunar and solar K., corresponded to the pagan, Muslim and Christian religious traditions. K. ur. nations that have not accepted (Nenets) or formally accepted (Khanty, Mansi, Selkups) Christianity built on the calculation of the lunar cycles. Astronomy Read more [...]
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Priming Command to Major Fido

A Houston-based aerospace society named Celestis Inc., an associate of Blank Services Inc., has for days offered commemoration place flights for the cremated clay of our dear foregone.The price of its services varies: Your run-of-the-mine "Land Upgrade Avail" brings the clay cover to World for $995, piece the "Voyager Servicing" starts at $12,500 and promises to establish your loved one's ashes into cryptical place. Too useable: the "Luna Help," which sends the stiff into lunar area.If that sounds a footling aureate for your predilection, bracing yourself. The troupe Read more [...]
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Wednesday night on Earth happens private solar Eclipse

Photo from the site : 1 June. Second in 2011 private solar Eclipse will occur on Earth on Wednesday evening, to see how the moon's shadow covers part of the solar disk, will the inhabitants of Northern China, Eastern Siberia, Russian Far East, the Kola Peninsula, Iceland, Greenland and Canada, according to materials published on the website of NASA. Solar eclipses occur when the moon disk closes for the observer the Sun. When the cone of the moon's shadow touches the Earth's surface, in this area there is a total Eclipse. In this place you can see how the Moon completely covers the Read more [...]
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How to buy lunar immovable, and early «bargains» on the Humanity All-embracing Web

Dispatches, April 1998RetOne Hulk Saltation for SuckerkindHow to buy lunar realty, and early "bargains" on the Humankind Across-the-board WebBy Katie ArnoldAs though thither weren't already sufficiency distractions on the Cyberspace, practical malls are cropping up with alarming oftenness — but they're not all hocking Diamonique earrings and commemorating Hummel figurines. Gratefully, eventide nature-loving cybershoppers can enter Read more [...]
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The Earth’s Moon is created by NASA in 1960. It was there that landed Neil Armstrong?

In this photo you can see far in the Arizona desert, where in the 1960s, NASA has made more than 354 explosions to create a surface with craters, identical to the surface - the Moon. The very surface where supposedly we landed Americans on the moon ...Commenting on the NASA photos, reports that the simulated lunar surface area and includes 354 of the crater was created for training of American astronauts to land on this moon.American astronauts honed there skills to navigate the terrain similar to that on which they were to disembark. NASA used a ton of explosives to create a copy of the lunar Read more [...]
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NASA creates a robot to extract water on the moon

It seems to supply a lunar base in the U.S. is preparing thoroughly: robots that support its operation, recently advertised one by one.Besides the "lunar porter", NASA engineers, as it turns out, are developing lunar miner and gruntovoza.The problem is the same: low gravity, indicating a weak grip. Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot Excavator (RASSOR Excavator) designed in a somewhat unusual way: to solve the problem of friction, it uses something closer to circular saws (or front roller MTT), than the wheels. They are a single unit mounted on three pairs for each Read more [...]
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Supply water to the lunar base will be a comet

Future lunar base should be provided with water by means of "hunting" on the small comet, each of which may contain hundreds of tons of water ice - it's easier and more efficient than production of ice in the polar regions of the moon, according to the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Bagrov and head of the St. Petersburg KB "Arsenal" Michael Kislitsky.Data obtained with robotic probes in recent years have shown that in the polar regions of the moon, which is almost never looks the sun, can be hundreds of millions of tons of ice. This Read more [...]
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Lunar base was printed on 3D-printer

This is not a suggestion, and actively developing the project, which involved the most serious institutions, and, presumably, money.London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners and the European Space Agency has begun to explore the construction of lunar bases by using 3D-printer. Already designed the house for four people, where you can escape from the temperature changes, meteorites and gamma radiation.The foundation of the structure will be unpacked from the modular pipe, and all the rest - inflate. The printer D-Shape with a six-meter frame, control the robot, to strengthen and protect Read more [...]
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Heard that the astronauts on the moon?

July 21, 1969 ... The day man first walked on the lunar surface. Space mission of Neil Armstrong (Commander), Base Aldrin and Michael Collins reached on board the "Apollo 11" satellite. The task of the lunar mission was to land on the moon in the western part of the Sea of Tranquility. Followed by the landing of astronauts famous phrase: "The eagle sat on the moon." No less famous was another phrase said by Neil Armstrong after the first steps on the moon: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The remaining calls astronauts were also Read more [...]
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Chinese satellite Chang’e found artificial structures on the Moon

Chinese lunar satellite Chang'e-2 is an unmanned lunar probe and launched October 1, 2010 as the successor of the lunar probe Chang'e-1. Examiner edition is a photo where clearly visible buildings and structures on the surface of the moon, which are clearly artificial. Canadian edition resulting data and video of Alex Collier, who is known for that retells the message coming from space from aliens. He states that also received the first pictures of friends from China. He says: Chinese lunar mission "Chang'e-2? Began sending the first Read more [...]
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On the moon, the water was always

Traces of moisture found in the structure of the lunar rocks, evidence against the theory of the Moon's formation as a result of the collision of large celestial body with the Earth.The study of ancient lunar rock samples obtained during the program "Apollo", showed the presence of their crystal structure traces of water. This is not consistent with the theory of the origin of the moon glowing "garbage", which resulted from the collision of Earth with a large cosmic body Yusyue said Zhang of the University of Michigan (USA), one of the authors of the study. In this case, Read more [...]
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The first accurate map of the lunar gravity

12/06/2012 The spokesman of the National Space Administration (NASA) announced the finalization of the first high-gravity map of the Moon, created on the basis of data obtained scientific probes GRAIL. In particular in the study of research data sets, scientists have confirmed the hypothesis of the origin of the Moon, by the impact on our planet celestial body the size of Mars.Two GRAIL probes were launched to the surface of the Earth's satellite tenth of September last year, and came out in March, the calculated orbit fifty-five kilometers, started to produce measurements of gravity of the Read more [...]
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Paratrooper Stepochkin 2 — Lunar Landing

Paratrooper Stepochkin 2 - Lunar LandingCategory: Cinema Read more [...]
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Giant moon hole — a place for extraterrestrial base

Spacecraft Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA) has made the most detailed to date photographed two giant holes in the surface of the moon. These holes appear as black holes, going deep into the satellite, and are of special scientific interest. Scientists believe that the dark gaps are the result of the destruction of underground lava tubes. As a result, any impact may meteorite impact, some rocks fell into the depths, forming a rather smooth deep dip. In fact it is a kind of cave with the collapse ceiling, which offers researchers a deeper, inaccessible in normal rock layers. One of these holes Read more [...]
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Moon — the facts, theories and myths

Despite the centenarian studies, Moon began to reveal its secrets only in 1960-1970's, when its surface sat Apollo. Scientists studying the pieces of rock, brought the astronauts found that the moon was formed about 4.6 billion years ago, when one small planet crashed into the early Earth and disintegrated into millions of fragments. But is it really, and what other secrets hiding lunar surface - read in this article.Moon - the fifth largest satellite of the solar system, the second - the density, and the only satellite of our planet. It is the brightest object in our sky after the Sun, Read more [...]
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Shot of the Day: Land near the lunar crater

17/12/2012 Forty years ago, a man took his last steps on the moon and took one last look at the Earth from the Moon's orbit. Photo provided below, was made U.S. astronaut Ronald Evans (Ronald Evans) during the lunar mission "Apollo 17." Of course, since then have been made and more photos of the Earth from space, but not a man to the moon's surface and lunar orbit. The amazing picture was taken in December 1972.At present mission "Apollo 17" is the last manned mission to the moon landing and the last people on the surface. The mission involved Eugene Cernan, Read more [...]
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NASA intends to split probes GRAIL on the moon

12/12/2012 NASA is planning a spectacular end to GRAIL mission to study the gravitational field of the moon - two twin probe, carrying out of fuel, will be broken down on the lunar surface. Press conference dedicated to this event, NASA will hold on December 13 and the probe itself will fall on December 17 in 17.28 Eastern Time U.S. (02.28 MSK 18 December). During the fall of devices, scientists will be able to repeat the experiment carried out with the apparatus LCROSS and the upper stage "Centaur", which purposely "dropped" on the surface of the moon's south pole. In Read more [...]
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Dust may shed light on the age of the moon

Scientists can not understand why this is, the lunar dust to be tens of meters to cover the surface of the satellite, making it just a few inches. They also do not understand why all of this dust, which appeared after the bombing of active surface of our natural satellite, meteorites, which took place billions of years ago, is still re stuck. Maybe the Moon younger than we previously thought?In addition, the scientists say that the Earth is often observed effects that can not be explained by anything other than the suspension of dust in the air above the surface of the moon. That's just Read more [...]
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Lunar Eclipse — 28/11/12

The lunar eclipse of November 28, 2012 - penumbral lunar eclipse. Moon in Taurus. Moonrise - 16:03. Moon Set - 8:08. Penumbral lunar eclipse - around the shadow cone of the Earth there is a region of space in which the Earth is only partially obscures the Sun (penumbra). If the Moon is the penumbra region, but not in the shadow penumbral eclipse occurs. When it decreases the brightness of the moon, but only slightly, the decrease is almost imperceptible to the naked eye and recorded only devices. Only when the Moon passes near the penumbral eclipse cone full shade, under a clear sky, you can Read more [...]
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