Winter fishing on balancers

Homeland balancers assumed Scandinavia. Recently, these lures have become quite popular and they are starting to compete with more common for anglers spinners for jigging. In some places and at certain times balancers are often even more catching capacity than spinners-l'oeil.The main difference from the winter spinners rocker is in a horizontal suspension of trompe l'oeil. Game spinners usually a drop to the bottom's hanging and care away from the axis of the hole. Sometimes spinner fall almost vertically to the bottom. This refers to the so-called «studs». Game rocker Read more [...]
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Trolling perch on thin ice

When it comes to the long-awaited for many anglers it's time to freeze-up, the fish activity of different fish does not begin immediately, because the underwater inhabitants are different to the changed environment. The first time after the start «glaciation» most of them is in a state of shock caused by rapid cooling of the water, and adaptation to the new environment sometimes takes more than one week. The first to jump in temperature is usually adapted medium-sized perch-travyaniki permanently living in shallow water, where the water has long been icy. Therefore, Read more [...]
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Not far to seek

Fifteen imnutah from home                                                           Photo by the author My bedroom estate is practically in the restricted area, which extends from the Volga hydroelectric station downstream. However, from my house to the mouth of the river is actually a border Read more [...]
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«Bullets» for Lobastov

As soon as I called golavlinuyu fishing hunting, and the bait to the fish fit to be called bullets. And, of course, not because they are all the same. Fishing fared better than hunting. It is necessary not only to track down «beast» and to approach it to the desired length, it is necessary to «bullet» the beast also liked! At the beginning of his acquaintance with chub, I heard a phrase that he likes all the bright, flickering and caudate. It was on such a spinner, and began to try to hunt him.«Pellets» with a tailPerhaps we will not consider Read more [...]
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On the dangers of stereotyping

Sometimes it can not be amazing as bait angler chooses. I first noticed it a long time, when I was working on one of the gamekeeper fishing bases. I give the client a known place nice results, I tell what fish and what bait you need to catch. However, after some time the client begins to touch the bait in his box.Previously, I was greatly surprised by it. There, where the depth of all caught on a jig – They tied a surface lure and try to catch something. Asked «what for» The most frequent response is something like: «Presented, is a couple of years, one Read more [...]
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Perch on blёsny and balancers

AT twilight morning best evening show themselves or gold-plated silver lures. Probably not more than usual and common fish than grouper. Any forest lake, pond, river, and nevelichka the larger rivers and Reservoir richly populated Krasnopyorov perch-sailors. Perch is the most diverse in color — from light green to rivers up Orange and almost purple on Deaf peat lakes. Those with orange tinge, live on sandy shoals with reed reddish-brown water, and purple live right under the banks of the roots and turf. Read more [...]
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Not on purpose

Anglers come up with a lot of specialized mormyshkas designed specifically for fishing beznasadochnoyPhoto: Sergey Semyonov Once I I bought a variety of devils, witches, nymphs and goats other «unclean» force and I devoted much time to this exciting and working fishing. Then somehow to this direction and cooled down moved to catching on jig with showerheads. A the whole box with beznasadochnymi mormyshkami lying idle.At the beginning of the next winter season I I decided to move their fishing tackle and suddenly Read more [...]
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Cheap trinkets?

When do you need and do not need the Chinese lure?Photo by Sergey Semyonov Chinese manufacturers flooded the market a long time fishing tackle. Someone happened to those cheap gear negative attitude, someone successfully catches has been more than a year, and finds no reason to complain. I can not agree that the majority of Chinese tackles are not always suitable for the practice of fishing. But they have a definite plus – they are cheap. Capital anglers can smile and turn the page of the newspaper, but it did not make a fisherman from the provinces, who wants to follow the Read more [...]
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And we caught bream!

The process of fishing is not always predictable, even with all the favorable factorsPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov I read an article in the ROG «Fishing myths and reality» and decided to respond on this topic. I will touch the second part of the title, because all sorts of fantasies, fables and fictions object. Stories that happened with me or with my friends, I write. And then, if the source is credible. It is often unexpected, unusual events and catches. Sometimes they cause joy and a smile, sometimes sadness, surprise, etc. Now my humble work has about eighty cases.[mkref Read more [...]
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Carp late autumn

The most important thing for fishermen - to choose the right way to catching season, respectively, tackle, bait and baitPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov All Karasin reservoirs are somewhat similar to each other, although each of them, of course, has its own characteristics it is at catching big carp. This fish has always been there, and devoted fans among both novice anglers, and with a wealth of practical experience.I like autumn fishing carp, and one of the reasons that attracted fishing from September to November, is the ability to capture the choicest fish because Karasin ponds all summer Read more [...]
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Perch in the pre-winter

The quiet and icy days of autumn leaves offseason perch from the coast and stretches on zhiruetAdhering to a pretty deep places, he nevertheless sometimes prey on shoals and spits, driving a flock of small fish and pressing it to the natural obstacles. But a more permanent home to large and medium sized specimens are still pits and ramps-edge to them. If some deaf forest lakes striped predator is most active in the most seemingly gluholete – July-August, the perch rivers, reservoirs, large ponds and quarries in the late fall at the peak of his predatory excitement. Before freeze-up there Read more [...]
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White fish trolling

Photo Shutter button When autumn turns the cooling ponds for a certain temperature limit, the behavior and peace, and predatory fish starts to change much. First of all, the other becomes relevant to the type and quantity of feed consumed, because the colder the water, the lower the rate of digestion in cold-blooded organisms. However, in this situation, most slowly absorbed by vegetation and tolerably — animal feed.Of course, in the icy water of all the fish he tries to move as little as possible and at low speeds, because the low temperature slows and supply of energy to Read more [...]
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Method of hunting perch

Jigging and KRUZhKIChast 2Largemouth bass caught in open water trolling and balances, using a boat. Also baubles with various kinds of fishing bridges, dams, bridges, moored barges and all waterworks. Furthermore, use buoyant zhivtsovye tooling.For jigging can be used as winter fishing rods, and special onboard. Conveniently enough baubles perch with a conventional light spinning. Lesko 0.2-0.25 mm. Coil type depends on the rod. Spinning is fine inertialess. The stock of fishing line on the reel - not less than 30 m. For perch, especially when he picks up the slack, plays an important role in the Read more [...]
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What winter on paysites?

PART 1. TROUT «Cultural» marketable fish ponds with the possibility of attracting attention close to home to catch a really big fish, for which would go especially far. Specific and clear rules of fishing — this is a step towards civilization, especially against the background of an unprecedented and boundless devastation of natural water bodies on the basis of — «After me the deluge».Important factor of a comfortable stay at the lake, where you can put the car, conveniently located on the coast, to hide in case of rain, warm up and eat. In an Read more [...]
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Problems first ice

Part 4: tackle for trollingPhoto Anatoly Mailkova First ice — is the time when the novice angler to try to catch the sense trolling. Active fish can compensate for flaws in the technique of fishing and in the tackle. The main thing is to catch a few fish the first to feel the charm of this gear. But we must be prepared for at least the first exit.I will not go into the particular gear used by «professional» fishermen in certain circumstances so as not to complicate the presentation and «hammer in» head starts. You should begin with a simple, tried Read more [...]
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In winter, for various predators

Apparently, during the time of Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneev burbot was so much that it caught on artificial lures, spinners in particular. Now this fishing is practiced less. It is usually combined with fishing on the Donkey. It can be «postavuhi» no alarms or biting winter zherlitsy. This combination gives the fishing and the result, and the feeling of fishing, without whom this magical process will only process the fish production.Burbot – most probably unusual freshwater predator. Not only that this fish spawns in the most terrible time of cold weather in winter, Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

After a fairly strong frosts pave thin ice almost all the small ponds on Last week the metropolitan area is much warmer. This allowed to fish with Ice only the early days of the balance sheet seven-day period, then the ubiquitous sea ice has become too weak, dangerous, especially near the coast. Therefore, many fishermen have moved on again the open water of the rivers, large lakes, and reservoirs.Before otsepeneyut waters under the ice shell, it falls a week or two or a few days with the pre-winter quiet cloudy weather, when it seems that all Nature Read more [...]
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Trolling perch

Photo Nicholas Solyagina Toward the end of the freeze-up bass again begins to be active. At this time, on the lakes, ponds and reservoirs it can successfully catch the way the vertical trolling with small lures.Although perch and not particularly choosy in the selection of bait, but will lure that will not play. For perch using a spinner vertical size of 25-37 mm with a large single or triple a small hook. Sometimes tied to the hook tail of differently colored woolen threads. Some anglers podsazhivayut hooked beads or tubing — it is important that they have not changed for Read more [...]
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Spring bream

I'd like to catch bream. This for me is top class fishing in a peaceful fish. Maybe when I grow up, I will change my orientation, but as long as bream. Stir the different circumstances — especially bream, roach, bleak. Everything else can be overcome. Wait until spring to find a free place to endure the rain and hurricane. Spring has come, hurricanes do not stop, but we must go…The first step in catching bream assistant sees the feeder, but we start with flapping rods. This country is not so much that we purchased waders and go to the level of our own casting feeder, Read more [...]
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Features trolling the ice

It seems that as a proven spinner always played and will play an attractive, catching capacity, alive, like a real fish. And predators as recklessly and violently will continue to lash out at these trompe l'oeil. Stable baits game always brings a stable catches. But it happened, when the angler baubles in the same field proven, as well as spinners. It is familiar to everyone and sand pit brow on the ramp into the pit. And the depth of no more than two and a half meters.But suddenly change happened angler fishing spot: friends invited to a new and unfamiliar place. Fisherman confidently Read more [...]
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