Without a machete in the jungle or foot

Jungle, as well as wild taiga – dangerous, impenetrable forest. Taiga windbreaks can often be overcome, but avoiding them finding loopholes. Thickets in the jungle – several different matter. The traveler is faced with the so-called secondary jungle – thick bushes and thick tangle of vines. Go through the secondary jungle can only cut a path in front of him. To hack – need machete.Let's face it. Without a machete practically impossible to navigate through the secondary jungle. Thick brush and tangles of vines impassable. Search workarounds – inefficient, takes a Read more [...]
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What we have, and have the machete TRAMONTINA, the lack of them of the sheath and the desire to improve. We will need:" a piece of fire hose, diameter 66 " plastic folder for papers" sling" hardware(rivets, semi)" Shyla" lighter (though any open flames)" clamp (if there is, it is more convenient, but it is possible to do) glue the moment pencil" scissorsThen put a machete to the folder a little hudognechek and not bothered by the cut (it will insert into the sleeve for rigidity). Then this paste applied on the sleeve to draw out and cut again.In advance (photo unfortunately not) to the sleeve, Read more [...]
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Good time of day))))Here machete for themselves bought,maybe someone knows how to better case to make)))

5 APR 2012 at 6:07|I like104 commentsAlex Yanchyn Gee. Didn't bother with a case, due to the fact that is not found in this introduction. Packed in plastic pouch from under emergency sign.5 APR 2012|5Alexander Mammon By the way, with the same issue at my wits ' end...5 APR 2012|3Alexander Shcherbakov I would predlozhil to take two lassota skin, good, good. Cut blade and 2 cm above it. Later stitched in 2 rows on the sides tightly. Did for the knife so the cover goes perfectly, it does not tear. only about ruletki need 2 riveting to plant, Read more [...]
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In the end defeating the evil enemy (laziness) and all accomplished, lay out the material for manufacturing a sheath for a machete. Maybe someone handy. The idea is not mine, unadulterated plagiarism, exclusively in my vision and awareness.What we have, and have the machete TRAMONTINA, the lack of them of the sheath and the desire to improve. We will need:-a piece of fire hose, diameter 66 -the plastic folder for papers-sling-hardware(rivets, semi)-Shyla-lighter (though any open flames)-clamp (if there is, it is more convenient, but it is possible to do)-glue the moment-pencil-scissorsThen put Read more [...]
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Cold Steel Kukri Machete

Author - Silver    At the weekend got to the country and brought with him svezhepriobretennoy Cold Steel. That's that.   Recently I got accustomed to the long-length and, in particular, to the kukri-shaped. And now, having learned at the next gathering of the St. Petersburg nozhemanov that the SS (the store is "The Old Soldier" in St. Petersburg) has signified a machete, I went and picked him up the next morning, and then departed for test events and other things to the country.   Needless machete done quite casually (by the way, says Made in South Africa, it seems Read more [...]
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Machete Tramontina CAMPING

Tramontina Machete Brazilian company became the most popular in the CIS. Do not require a permit to carry knives are sold everywhere from kiosks to hypermarkets, with a budget price they were companions of many tourists, survivalist, and ordinary citizens. How justified buying machete for our latitude. This trainers "Phoenix" and decided to find out. For example, was purchased for $ 20 (Though in the shops the price reaches up to 61 units) model CAMPING. Blade length of 30 cm, 12 cm handle, blade thickness 2mm. On top of the saw blade is wavy and a groove for breaking wire. Machete Read more [...]
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