Homemade compass

When a person is in extreme conditions, usually it does not take in anything that is necessary for survival, including compass. There, you need to find, or to make an alternative substitute from scrap materials. Today we will talk about how to make a substitute for a compass. Homemade compass help out for orientation to the cardinal, not more than shopping. There is an element without which it is impossible to do homemade compass. Need a piece of steel wire, sewing needle, nail. Without steel, the metal rod will not work. It just so happens that all compasses are based on the fact that the geographic Read more [...]
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Earth’s magnetic poles change

Earth's core is too deep for scientists were able to directly measure its magnetic field. But to draw conclusions about changes in it can be, and by observing the field of the Earth on the planet's surface and kosmose.Soglasno results of a new analysis of the data in the kernel there are areas with rapidly changing magnetic characteristics. According to the Geophysics Institute of Geophysics of Paris (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) Kull Arnaud (Arnaud Chulliat), the area may be responsible for the removal of the magnetic pole of the northern part of Canada.North Magnetic Pole, Read more [...]
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Vladimir Ustinov

Vladimir Ustinov (09.09.1949, Moscow Nizhny Tagil Sverdl. region.), physicist, Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1997), Dr. Phys.-Math. Sciences (1986). prof. (1992). Graduated. USU (1971), since 1971 working in the Institute of Metal Physics graduate student, junior researcher, senior researcher, head. lab., Dep., Deputy. cond. Inst for scientific. issues. Since 1998, dir. Inst. Regular. works in the region. condensed matter physics. A series of papers and studies on the development of the foundations of quantum kinetics of conduction electrons in the surface layers of metals and multilayer Read more [...]
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URI Turov

URI Turov (27.01. 1924 der. M.Turovo More Sosnowski-District Level. Region.), Physicist, Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1991), Dr. of Physics and Math. Sciences (1964), prof. (1966), Honored. Worker. of Science (1992). Outcast. WWII. Rod. family servant. He graduated from the Ural State University (1949). In 1949-51 and from 1954 worked at the Institute of Metal Physics (1963-88 Head. Dep., 1977-82 Deputy. Cond., 1988, Ch. Scientific., Et al.). Regular. Work Dedicated. physics of magnetic phenomena and solid state physics. They carried out a series of seminal works by Inst. magnetically ordered Read more [...]
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Amplification of seismic and volcanic activity

Elchin Khalilov, in the center of In the media and in some academic publications began to appear different people disturbing statements about approaching some global geological catastrophe. Press office of the World Organization for Scientific Cooperation "Science without Borders» (WOSCO SWB) asked to comment on the situation of the famous scientist - geophysics, a specialist in the field of seismology and geodynamics, Vice-President of the International Academy of Science H&E (Austria, Innsbruck), Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, doctor of geological-mineralogical Read more [...]
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MAGNITOGORSK he oblast subordination in Chelyaba. region is Located on both banks of the R. U. at the foot of mount Magnetic, 460 km South-West from the Chelyaba. The first settlement as a fortress was founded in the XVIII century the Cossacks while strengthening Oreb. the boundary line. Later it emerged Art. Magnetic. In 1929-31 in connection with the p. met. comb that has been a significant expansion of us. item, which in 1931 was awarded the status, P. M started on the lion. Bank ru, where the project of the architect. Pbranch, Chupasko and other Pushkin Avenue were built hotel (1929), the Read more [...]
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Scientists from NASA have learned, when the Sun reversed magnetic poles. This will cause a change of magnetic polarity of the stars on the reverse.Views were divided , some scientists say that it will happen before the New year, over the next 3 weeks, i.e. in the first half of December.Others say that it will start within 3 weeks, but will last for one month.A more accurate date of the solar "coup" experts still can't call. In connection with this upcoming event, there are many alarming publications in social networks. What people can expect?Experts are telling us that panic is not necessary, Read more [...]
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Sun awakened and activated

All last week of October meteodependent people feel a noticeable discomfort: palpitations, high blood pressure, aching joints, lethargy and sleepiness. Meteorological Service sent the message about strong geomagnetic storms that have struck Earth's ionosphere.And the reason for this was the sharp increase in solar activity, associated with the appearance of the Sun of two active regions. Registered them space solar telescopes Tesis installed aboard the Russian "Coronas - Photon", put into orbit in January 2009 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.This third and final unit in the series Russian space Read more [...]
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Solar flares, or as it was in 2008 …

Peace be upon you)To this article prompted me primarily concern g3n0m article "Alyarm! Geomagnetic storm. Keep calm and vigilance "and coincided with the information about the anomalies in the magnetosphere of the earth, as we know a lot of information is monitored and that's what comes out: - Solar Flare top class lasting about half a fixed space and ground-based observatories event X1 ,4-class, with a peak in the 11:00 UTC accompanied by a large ejection of solar plasma September 25 - In the ionosphere, a hole, which to date - has increased significantly. Given the increased solar activity, Read more [...]
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Ended the longest magnetic storm in five years

Geomagnetic curtains on HAARP magnetometer from 5 to 7 April 2010. Ended the longest magnetic storm since September 2005. It is for reasons unknown raged for 48 hours from 5 to 7 April. Sun while remained completely calm, and wonder how it could so greatly affect the Earth.On Earth, the largest magnetic storm ended last year, observed at short intervals during the last three days, from 5 to 7 April, according to laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Sun LPI them. Lebedev. The peak of geomagnetic disturbances to the 5th of April, when the index Kp, which is measured by force storms in the Earth's Read more [...]
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On Sun new magnetic storm

New magnetic storm began a few hours ago. The peak of geomagnetic disturbance was observed from 4 to 7 am Moscow time on 12 April. Kp index at this time reached the level of 6, which corresponds to a magnetic storm force G2 (second level on a 5 point scale). Earth's magnetic field is in the perturbed state to 10 am Moscow time on 13 April. Today's storm is the second in a row in the last 7 days. As a past event, observed from 5 to 7 April, the current storm occurs on a background of the quiet Sun. Thus, if the last time 2 days before the onset of the perturbation was still registered a small Read more [...]
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Under Russia and China is melted earth’s core

Scientists have discovered that the Earth's core is still actively changing its shape. In the eastern hemisphere - for Russia and China, it is melted in the west - solidifies. It is estimated that the French had a geophysics, core of the planet is not as stable as previously thought. Melting and crystallization are still going on and that they are responsible for the fact that the shape of the nucleus is not symmetric.How do they see? Determination of the shape the Earth's core - is not a trivial task. No wells do not fall deeper into the earth's crust, not to mention the mantle, and therefore Read more [...]
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The sun for a week without spots

According to the solar observatories in the world, the Sun a week completely absent spots — the longest such period in the current 2010 year. Currently, it has been suggested that the disk of the sun may appear tiny spot, but in general, the activity of the Sun, is traditionally measured by the number of spots on it, significantly decreased. The reasons for the observed dynamics of solar activity are unclear and incomprehensible - as, indeed, its general nature. Source: Federal Space Agency Comment: No stain, and magnetic storms were. Interesting. By the way, now we can watch the Read more [...]
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Sun prepares merciless blow

Picture of the Sun's surface. In the coming years the Sun, which owes its existence to every living creature on earth, can give its inhabitants a nasty surprise. Now the light passing through the 11-year development cycles, gradually increasing activity, which will reach its peak in 2013. It is possible that in three years will happen solar storm, accompanied by high-speed solar wind streams. For human civilization consequences could be very serious.Powerful solar emissions can damage the power lines, satellites, navigation systems and devices, communications (including the Internet), and Read more [...]
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Sun’s magnetic field will turn soon, according to NASA

August 6, 2013. These solar observatories by NASA show that the sun was close to the point where its magnetic field «turn over»That is, change the polarity of the opposite - it happens every time, when the light is at the peak of the 11-year activity cycle, said the American space agency. «It seems to us there are not more than three or four months to complete inversion of the field. This change will cause a ripple effect throughout the solar system»- Says an expert in solar physics Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University.Solar activity is subject to the 11-year cycle, Read more [...]
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Problems distant radio.

While surfing on the internet, came across an article about the radio communication over large distances. Since the problem concerned here certain contingent article spread. Only here even after repeated readings and failed to understand - it's all really works or not. Ask knowledgeable people to comment. SEEM comment - THIS nonsense!Thinking aloud If the conductor an alternating voltage, the electric charges it will make progressive oscillatory, periodic (roundtrip) dvidenie. Around the conductor in space there is a variable el.mag. field as any of the classical radio antenna.And what would Read more [...]
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About navigators Garmin Etrex

Nine years ago with a friend started to respect everyones very Electrical Wheels compasses, when not in "That" glen and turned a couple of extra days in the taiga had shabby. And it was in places it is quite familiar. I do not know how about the animal world or ogressii NATO when the GPS system would be useless and civilian models of devices will virtually useless, well, except that with the built-in magnetic compass. But on the part- navigation of hikes and expeditions in my opinion pretty good help. So, the model Garmin Etrex. Acquired eight years ago, at a price of 4500 rubles. Now discontinued, Read more [...]
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A week before the eclipse the sun arranged fireworks

Photo: Space Weather On July 11, held the event, which was eagerly awaited by all astronomers planet — a total solar eclipse.  Unfortunately, in Russia this time it will not be seen.  Watch this unique natural phenomenon Russian astrophysicists can with the most appropriate place — Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.  «This is the first astronomical expedition at this point in the history of the Earth's Russia and the USSR. Observations will be available for the entire band total eclipse length of 11 thousand kilometers», — reported in Roskosmos.  A Read more [...]
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Planet threatens glacial period

Forget about global warming - man-made or natural. Planetary climate controls weather and climate-controlled solar magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with the magnetic field of the planet itself. When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it becomes fluid and unstable - can happen.Magnetic pole shift occurred many times in Earth's history. Now this happens to every planet in the solar system, including Earth. The magnetic field has a significant impact on the weather, and when the fields begin to move, it causes Supershtorm.Supershtorm moreThe first evidence we have Read more [...]
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Powerful ejection on the Sun reaches the earth in the environment

Photo: spaceweatherPowerful ejection of plasma occurred on a Sunny Sunday morning, the plasma reaches the Earth in the environment and can cause bright auroras and magnetic storms, said on Monday night, the press service of the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics. However, Russian scientists doubt the validity of this prediction, RIA Novosti reported. «The release was directed straight in our direction, it is expected that he will get to us early in the morning of 4 August», — said the fellow at the centre Leon Golub. The coronal emission — the emissions Read more [...]
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