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Hunter — means a good man!

I think many would agree that the word "hunt" an association, rather far from the standard of the educational process: the wood, the pursuit of wild animals, tired and happy people sitting around a campfireIndeed, many perceive hunting as a hobby rather than a serious profession, and until recently worked in the hunting grounds are people very passionate their work, but without professional education. But to become a true specialist, requires professional knowledge and competence.Therefore, today more and more in the requirements for applicants, the hunting farm indicate not only experience, but Read more [...]
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Libraries Accept Overcome, Commence Loaning Drones

Ice fishermen are stillness disadvantaged of drone-delivered beer, and about naysayers silence deficiency to defeat inexpert droners' fun, but flight drones isn't backbreaking if you've got a library scorecard. The University of S Florida (USF) had about unornamented finances later receiving a digital encyclopaedism assignment, so course it distinct to buy two $1,500 drones that students can use for "coursework and inquiry" start this spill.Students volition want to discharge a education class earlier acquiring their men on the DJI Fantasm 2 Imagination drones. The unmanned Read more [...]
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Small-scale Solutions: Ursa Major Men’s Crucial Nerve Wipes

    Pic: Courtesy of Ursa MajorMen’s pare is sex-specific. It’s thicker and oilier than women’s bark, and it has more pores.  And, men get tougher, faster-growing fuzz follicles. What does this signify for your brass? According to Ursa Major, a new manufacturer of men’s skincare products out of Stowe, Vermont, you motivation man-specific personal maintenance products that exfoliate, hydrate, provender, and protect your tegument. Many products on the grocery are jam-packed with confutable chemicals. Not Ursa Major’s.Issue its Crucial Boldness Wipes. Read more [...]
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Japan — 13 earthquakes

February 26 was recorded major earthquake off the coast of Japan. After that happened 12 more So for 4 days, from February 26 to March 1, in the same place 13 earthquakes. It should be noted that then kolosalnaya seismic activity emerged near Chile. Magnitude: 7.2 Time: February 26, 20: 31: 27.0 UTC Depth: 20 feet Coordinates: 25.92 N 128.49 E Source: EMSC Previous News: · A major earthquake near Japan Read more [...]
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Orenburg Cossack army troop and ataman

ORENBURG COSSACK ARMY Troop and ataman1 centurion M.Shilov (1744-1748) 2 Colonel V.I.Mogutov (1748-1778) 3 Colonel S.F.Kirsanov (1778-1781) 4 Colonel A.A.Uglitsky (1781-1794) 5, 6 and lieutenant colonel D.A.Grankin V.Uvarov (1794-1797) 7 gene-l Major A.A.Uglitsky (1798-1808) 8 Colonel Nikiforov (1808) 9 Colonel V.A.Uglitsky (1808-1811) 10 Major M.A.Uglitsky (1812-1814) 11 Gene-l Major V.A.Uglitsky (1815-1821) 12 Colonel E.N.Timashev (1822-1830) 13 Gene-l Major AG von Engelhardt (1831-1934) 14 Lieutenant Colonel I.V.Padurov (1834) 15 Gene-l Major AA von Geld (1835) 16 Gene-l Major N.V.Shutsky Read more [...]
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Rota. Attention.

Honestly stale in the vast network for the amusement of comrades.This story dates back to the late stagnation and occurred in some military school in Kharkov. I told her a direct participant, later my friend and colleague. What is quite plausible. Location Company was such that by the orderly could pass unnoticed, but squatting and naturally quiet. So, it got into the habit to use one major. Being an inspection, he held in goose step location, company, did not hear the cry of "duty Rothe on exit "peacefully going about their business, and radishes Major caught smokers found wrong rulezy etc. Decided Read more [...]
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In California, a major earthquake

On the South American state of California earthquake of magnitude 5.7. The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded in 8 km south-east of Ocotillo, near the border with Mexico. It clarifies the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake was located at a depth of 6.9 km.Tremors were felt in San Diego, Los Angeles and in their neighborhoods. It is worth noting that in the last week in the central and southern California, there have been several earthquakes. In particular, 12 and 13 June in the State of observed aftershocks of magnitude 4.4 and 4.8. In connection with the earthquake in Read more [...]
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A real hero

Hello dear friends! This article, rather the news does not contain information about the practical or theoretical skills of survival, but as the site repeatedly some debate about whether we save after BP clean themselves and their relatives, or help his neighbor, then I think that this article will cause you think about this question again. So, actually the news:Prosecuted over the death of a grenade throw at Major In the Amur region into the death of Major Sergei Solnechnikova criminal case, reports "Interfax". Case was brought under Part 2 of Article 349 of the Criminal Code ("Violation of Read more [...]
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In Thailand, the landslide demolished in the Gulf area major highway

In Thailand after prolonged heavy rains right before the eyes of many witnesses failed a section of a major highway. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Meanwhile, floods caused by river floods threatening several communities.

Authorities announced the evacuation. It is not excluded, that it will open the floodgates of one of the reservoirs — experts fear that the dam will not withstand the pressure of the arriving water.

Source: The first channel

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Light pollution is a major threat to many species of wildlife

Light pollution is a serious threat to the existence of many species of wildlife, having a negative impact on the behavior and physiology (both vegetable and animal organisms), violating processes fotoperiodismo, complicating the orientation of the animal in space, as well as causing many other negative changes.Light pollution from space. Pictured from space clearly visible high level of light pollution in North America, Europe and Eastern Asia USA is a leader in the level of light pollution in the world. As a result, of which 2/3 of the US population can't see the stars. It is not excluded Read more [...]
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Not mine, honestly torn off on Ineta for the amusement of comrades))It happened all at the same grace Soviet times and, of course, in Soviet Army in which I had to pass the time dvuhgodichnikom after university. Rocket Division has among other appliances in case of most NC this war. For us it was a GAZ-66 with awning and stuffed with jam shells for the twin anti-aircraft body itself and installation belonging to all these weapons accompanying entrenching instrument, that is to say the following: spades, crowbars and other tools needed vkray War. From time to time visited the brigade inspectors, Read more [...]
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Wind storm knocked down trees and power lines in Northern Britain

In the North of England and Wales and in Northern Ireland and Scotland with the approach of night deteriorated weather conditions. Thursday night in the Welsh County Guinet speed North-West wind, which began to bring down trees and power lines, reached 115 km/H. But forecasters expect it to strengthen in the next few hours up to 130 km/h In Yorkshire — historic district North East England — has already been one major incident — wind-blown tree fell on the car. Two people were in the cabin, were hospitalized. The state of one of them is rated as severe. Serious Read more [...]
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Military fable.

This military fable told me one old old lieutenant commander in that misty time of my youth when I leteh served. He's old ... (by military standards) Major infantryman in his native village, and served so here it is well-deserved retirement. Grandparents as laid table moonshine hog slaughtered. Sit so mentally. And then my grandfather and asked his son: -Hey ka son and Th for crap then? You kind of young ishsho You're only 45 and not uzho pensiyu, pinned for kaie merits then?? son Major hryapnul vodka bit cabbage and rumors -Well Dad I Duc in the army! -Well fuck?? I identity when it served Read more [...]
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Seismologists Nevada concerned about the series of earthquakes

on April 16. Seismologists Nevada, closely followed by the South-West area of Hawthorne, Nevada, where Sunday were registered hundreds of earthquakes. \"There is a certain sense of concern... a major earthquake with such consistency is quite common,\" says the Director of the Nevada seismological laboratory at the University of Nevada Graham Kent. He says that over the past few days to the South-West of Hawthorne occurred several hundred earthquakes. The largest was a magnitude 4.4.\"This is the largest sequence that we have seen over the last couple of years.\" Kent says that unlike earthquake Read more [...]
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Bequeath Survival Breeding Detriment My Sex Living?

Can recitation endanger your sex living? Via Shutterstock     Photograph: Daniel KorzeniewskiA:Not astonishingly, various researchers let looked into the burden drill has on intimate rousing and routine. The verdict: yes, sex is physiologically bettor for multitude who recitation—in mitigation.One such field establish that women who exercised on a treadwheel for 20 proceedings, so watched an titillating movie, showed “a meaning addition in physiologic intimate stimulation with example.”  Another showed that men nether 40 who burnt-out 200 or more calories per Read more [...]
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Armstrong Hits Backbone At Feds

Attorneys for Lancet Armstrong get filed a gesticulate in Los Angeles Federal romance claiming that agents investigation the old bicyclist's so-called engagement in doping let designedly leaked info to the media. That probe, led by Nutrient and Dose Brass factor Jeff Novitzky, has informed various major tidings stories, virtually lately a May particular on CBS's Hr. Cathartic data related a thou panel probe, the motility notes, is illegal. Armstrong's lawyers bear requested that a federal approximate enquire potential prosecutorial mishandle. In an earliest investigation into sports doping, Novitzky's Read more [...]
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Carrisa Moore to Browse with the Guys

In an strange movement, surfboarding's organization has invited ruling women's humankind maven Carissa Moore to breakers in two major men's events ulterior this class. Moore, 19, became the youngest-ever women's man mavin in June. She volition record the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa and the Vans Man Cup of Surfboarding in Sundown Beach, California. "Her performances in duplicate big breaker at Sundown Beach o'er the preceding two eld earmarked her as a desirable receiver of the wildcard,” the go aforesaid in a waiver. It is fantastically uncommon for the women's ASP ace to expression Read more [...]
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Head for the Hills!

    Picture: Instance by Scratch ToddON JUNE 26, the heads of the humanity's eighter major industrialised democracies—the G8 nations—testament encounter in the outside repose of Kananaskis Settlement, Alberta, a pip on the map in the centre of a 1,544-square-mile wild in the Canadian Rockies. Though Kananaskis is blossom greensward for the bigwigs to get around wise deal air, the outside recede is too a innate fort that acme organizers trust testament blockade the dreadlocked antiglobalization warriors who hurry the gates at virtually every big-think assemblage, Read more [...]
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H Fire Cells

Honda's FCX, Courtesy Honda     Honda's FCX, Courtesy Honda Fomite Emissions Dislocation Pawl hither to find more almost the major chemic contributors to air contamination, brought to you by Georgetown University's Modern Fomite Evolution Section.Yield a h molecule, comprised of one proton and one negatron. Discase the negatron and run a car. That's the canonical preface buns the vim efficiency bunch's up-to-the-minute furore, the fire cadre—a whole that facilitates the reaction described supra victimisation tight h gas and o, and creates electricity for a car's drive. Because Read more [...]
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In the United States repeated the record for the number of major natural disasters

The U.S. government announced that, as of August, the number of major natural disasters that occurred in 2011, has already peaked. It is reported MSNBC. In report, compiled by the National oceanic and atmospheric administration research (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA), were only those disasters, the damage from each of which exceeded one billion dollars. By mid-August, the country has recorded nine natural disasters of this magnitude. We are talking about the flood, tornado, Blizzard, and abnormally strong heat.According to preliminary calculations, material losses Read more [...]
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