Earth without water. Photo

Drought in Mali. Photographer James Whitlow Delano (James Whitlow Delano) years photographing the effects of the global water crisis. Global warming and population growth leads to the fact that in many places around the world just goes away water. The problem of the spread of deserts appeared in Yemen, Morocco, China, Mali and the western United States, these processes James Whitlow Delano illustrates the wonderful black and white photographs.A woman carries water from the almost dry river in Mopti, Mali. The remains of the buffalo, who died during a drought, Djenne, Mali. Ghost town in Read more [...]
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24 people became victims of the floods in the capital of Mali

August 29, 2013. Twenty-four people were victims of the floods in the capital of Mali, Bamako - last Wednesday. Streams of water literally washed away several houses, which at the time was people. Flooding occurred in the following districts: Bankone, Lafiabougou, Giarini Wolowiec, Lafiabougou of Bukoba and Bogardan. In only one area of Calico killed nineteen people, Reuters reported. Flooding is common in Bamako during the rainy season, which lasts from June to October. As a rule, in the time of natural disasters kill people. According to eyewitnesses, the most significant damage this year Read more [...]
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Sailplaning Mali’     Picture: Courtesy of Sailing

Rescued solicit has farsighted been the stuff of option for environmentally witting dwelling and furniture builders. More latterly, boutique shapers sustain begun qualification surf-and-skateboards from salvaged loot. Sailing’s 33-inch longboard, the Mali’ (alias Malibu), is polished out of rescued maple floorboards from indoor hoops courts.

Sword: Gliding$275
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On the globe spreads bloodstain

The destabilization of the African continent, which began with the "Arab Spring", a section of the Sudan and the violent change of government in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast, is growing in front, acquiring a new quality. War in Mali, hostage in Algeria and coup attempt Eritrea is a natural continuation of the events of two years ago, although it has nothing to do with street revolutions. Smart people a few years ago warned that the struggle for resources resulted in a new phase of the colonial wars, and, judging from the way things are going, they were right.The war in Mali and hostage Read more [...]
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Mali international donors contributed $ 455 million for military action

On Tuesday, the Mali international donors pledged U.S. $ 455.5 million to support the military operation against the militants, which is deployed in the West African country, media reported referring to the African Union Commissioner for peace and security Ramtane Lamamara. "I am pleased to report that the total amount of donations reached 455.5 million dollars," - said Lamamara after the meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Agence France Presse. According to the newspaper VIEW, before the African Union said that the Government Read more [...]
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Taliban stood up for Malian rebels

Official representative of the Afghan movement "Taliban" Zabihulla Mujahid January 15 issued a statement in which he criticized the French military intervention in the civil war in Mali. According to Mujahid, France has not learned lessons from the experience of their own and the U.S. military presence in Muslim countries and makes a new error. "Paris has started a war against Islamic countries [Mali], without any legal basis," - said the representative of the Taliban. "The Islamic Emirate of [self-movement" Taliban "] strongly condemns the attack on the Read more [...]
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The French are entering a new colonial adventures. At this time in Mali.

Let's start with the official reports, intended for "the world community", "France intends to contribute to the cessation of terrorism, which threatens not only Mali and Africa, but threatens both France and Europe," - said French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ero. French military operation in Mali aimed at regaining control of legitimate authority over those areas of the country that are captured by radical Islamists, including groups linked to al-Qaeda. Operation "Serval" French armed forces began on 11 January with a view to stop the advance of the extremists towards Read more [...]
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French legionnaires landed in Mali

In Mali, landed the first division of French Foreign Legion. France again after the events of the 20th century marked the military presence in North Africa. At this time the reason was "correcting Libyan mistakes." In Paris, realized that as a result of NATO's support Libyan opposition, the influence of "Al Qaeda" and other Islamic organizations in the region, it is too large. So much so that the government of Mali itself requested the foreign military intervention to get rid of "Al Qaeda", which now controls most of the territory. On arrival in Mali Foreign Read more [...]
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France calls for military intervention in Mali

Mali army officers overthrew Prime Minister Modibo Diarra. They intend to gather an army and go trekking on the Islamists, who seized the ancient city of Timbuktu. Paris insists on the need for international intervention. Before renouncing Diarra addressed the nation with a television message. "Our country is going through the most difficult period in its history. Men and women of hope for peace. For this reason I, Sheikh Modibo Diarra, resign and his government, "- said the prime minister. The resignation was obviously not voluntary. During recording, the head of government televised Read more [...]
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In Mali, invaded from Chad

Military forces from Chad in the 1800 officers and soldiers crossed the border on February 5, Mali, the Associated Press reported, with reference to the statement made by the French command in the region.According to this information, a contingent from Chad takes control of the city of Kidal, located in north-eastern Mali. Most of the population of this city are ethnic Tuareg, who flatly refused to take in Kidal Malian government forces. This is due to the fact that the Malian soldiers and officers have often been convicted of robbery, looting and killing of the Tuareg.Earlier control of Kidal Read more [...]
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The French and the Malians retakes airport Islamists Timbuktu, Islamists burned the library of the ancient city

French army soldiers and fighters of Malian units dislodged Muslim extremists from Airport Timbuktu. Radicals in panic leaving the city and burn priceless manuscripts of Islamic scholars. "We control the airport Timbuktu. We did not encounter any serious resistance. Capture of the city poses no problem, "- said the representative of the Malian army correspondent of the French newspaper Le Monde. Capturing Timbuktu airport and blocking a major city in the north of Mali was one more step in the operation "Serval" that the French soldiers carried out together with the Malian Read more [...]
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French troops launched a ground operation against militants in Mali

A column of armored vehicles of French special forces moved north of the capital Bamako. Fighting the Islamists may begin at any time. "The militants left their fortified positions in northern Mali after blows air force, and now we have a rather advantageous position to attack," - said the Minister of Defence of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian. According to Le Drian, French paratroopers will be supported by the army of Mali, African military also contract to the north. "Military operations will continue as long as necessary", - the Minister added. Chief of Staff of the French Read more [...]
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French Air Force attacked the liberation of the city in Mali

French attack helicopters struck a series of air strikes against targets in the town of Gao in northeastern Mali, reported Agence France-Presse, with reference to evidence from the local community.The building of the police department, which is presumed to be Tuareg rebels, was completely destroyed. Debris could be seen beneath his body parts. In addition, in the north of the city in the morning on February 11 was heard a huge explosion. Exactly what it was called, is not reported.The rebels entered Gao last weekend. They managed to knock out the government troops from a number of roadblocks Read more [...]
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The Trip-Finder, January 1998MaliJourneying to Timbuktu or Saharan saltiness minesOutfittersDeparturesCostAccommodationsMissed Frontiers415-455-09421$2,950campingMountain Travel-Sobek800-227-23844$3,990-$5,780campingThe Path: A 17-day junket to a removed Saharan outstation, with chicago at widespread Dogon villages and an optional slip denotation to Araouane. Or a two-week outing to the fabled out salinity mines at Taoudeni.When to go: November Read more [...]
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Land without water. Photo

Drought in Mali.Photographer James Whitlow Delano (James Whitlow Delano) years photographing the effects of global water crisis. Global warming and population growth leads to the fact that in many places around the world just goes away water. Problem of proliferation hermitage appeared in Yemen, Morocco, China, Mali and the western United States, these processes James Whitlow Delano illustrates the great black-and-white photographs.A woman carries water from the nearly dry river Mopti, Mali.The remains of the buffalo, who died during the drought, Jenny, Mali.Ghost town in eastern Nevada, USA.Pillars Read more [...]
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Missed Worlds

Unfold for clientele: the Ruwenzori Mountains.     Picture: P. Johnson-Hicks/ ActuateTimbuktu WHERE THE Sin? Mali, 558 miles ne of Bamako. WHAT IN THE Humankind? For the conclusion grand age Timbuktu has been the Sahara's exchange interchange hub, a lilliputian mud-and-rock-walled metropolis linking peregrine workers from the Taoudenni salinity mines up northerly and harvest farmers from the exuberant Niger River vale to the westward. Although not as set-apart (Air Mali now serves the metropolis) or lethal (the desolate's fabled bandits bear been unbroken international the metropolis Read more [...]
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