Statistics of human tumors

Statistics of human tumors (Morbidity and mortality). Data on mortality from tumors obtained from materials of medical registration of causes of death that exists in all developed countries. Statistical materials in developing countries are less reliable than data developed countries. The information collected on the incidence of tumors in a limited number of countries. The main prerequisite for the successful development of morbidity statistics O. is a toll-free state or public health care to patients, O., organized by state or public health organizations. In USSR accounting benign diseases Read more [...]
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Sarcoma - Malignant tumor, consisting of immature connective tissue on the cut has pinkish-white color, resembling fish-meat. Sarcoma has the features characteristic of tumors and cancer: infiltrative growth with destruction of adjacent tissues, recurrence after removal, early metastasis to spread into the lungs (in Kaposi extremities, head, neck, trunk) and liver (with sarcoma of the abdominal cavity). Metastases spread mainly by blood stream (50% can be found in the lymph nodes). Sarcomas in fast current ulcerate, causing repeated bleeding, accompanied by cachexia. Sarcomas account for less Read more [...]
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Treatment of precancerous lesions-1

We use this method for many years and have no trouble relating to its use, is not met. Technically, it is easier than a ladder resection, and structurally leads to exactly the same results. Way prior ulcer excision is appropriate for the fact that makes it possible not only to scrutiny ulcers, but its urgent and histology, which is always necessary, since these ulcers can often prove to be malignant. This study does not delay the operation, as will be done at a time until done to mobilize the distal stomach, duodenal stump closure, etc. By the time the surgeon has to decide on whether it is Read more [...]
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One of the most important and complex problems of modern medicine is the problem of cancer. Emerged and has developed considerably new discipline - oncology. One of the founders of our country, it was the NN Petrov (1876-1964). In 1910, he published the first monograph in Russian about the pathology and clinical tumors. In 1926, at the initiative of NN Petrov was created in Leningrad Cancer Institute, which played an important role in the anti-cancer in the USSR. NN Petrov and his school oncologists widely used experimental method in the study of comparative pathology of tumors of animals and Read more [...]
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Tumors of the spine

From benign tumors occur: osteochondroma, often coming from the arches of vertebrae, usually grows in the direction of the chest, can deform or break ribs, capable of malignant degeneration, hemangioma of the vertebral body, usually in the lower thoracic or lumbar spine, is growing very slowly, symptoms, often seen only pathological fracture of the destroyed vertebrae. In the sacral and coccygeal departments, mainly in children, there chordoma, which can reach large sizes, sometimes mistaken for malignancy. Any growth of a benign tumor in the back of the brain threatens to compression. The basis Read more [...]
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Testicular tumors

Testicular tumors in the majority of cases, malignant cells develop from the seminiferous epithelium (seminoma), germ cells (teratoma chorionepithelioma). Sarcoma is rare. Testicular tumors occur in males aged 20-40 years, in children are rare. In the initial stage of the tumor is asymptomatic, but with a significant increase in tumor patient seeks medical help. Testicular tumors malignancy characterized by large, rapid progression, development of metastases and increasing cachexia patients. Metastases spread lymphatic system and primarily affect retroperitoneal lymph nodes near the aorta Read more [...]
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Melanoma of the skin

The vast majority of melanomas of the skin - the malignant tumor. Malignant melanoma skin different expressed infiltrative growth, proliferation of cellular elements of the tumor on skin and subcutaneous lymphatic metastasis and nearby lymph nodes and distant organs. M. malignant skin develops either in place of the existing long-term or congenital pigmented spots (see Naevus), or on intact skin. Clinical signs of malignancy of pigment spots (nevi) are: strengthening or weakening of pigmentation, and increase the spot size, the rise it above the skin, the appearance within it some growths, cracked Read more [...]
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Aides healing-5

... The clinic, headed by Professor VF Snegirev, next to portraits of famous scientists hung a portrait of nurse Makarova leading into 1000 post-surgical patients. There are medical facilities, in relation to which the mass of people in relation to, say, restrained and timid, for example, Neuropsychiatric Hospital - the word "psycho" makes some wince. Referrals to other agencies - cancer - causes outright fear. These feelings are understandable. With one of the patients, I had the following conversation somehow. - Lead me to the oncologist you. in fact, half-told me the diagnosis. Read more [...]
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List and characteristics of human disease agents that may be used in biological warfare. Anthrax

The disease also has other names. It has been known since ancient times. With pulmonary form - wool sorter's disease, a disease rag-pickers, with cutaneous form - malignant pustule, malignant edema, malignant carbuncle. Anthrax is an acute infectious disease of animals (especially herbivores), which can be transmitted to humans by contact or through the use of contaminated wool, meat and leather. The infectious agent is in the organs, blood and secretions of the animal. In humans, the disease can occur in three forms: cutaneous, pulmonary and intestinal. Pathogen - bacillus Bacillus anthracis, Read more [...]
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Ebb and Flow-2

It was enough to have doctors immediately became interested in the combined treatments, including immunotherapy. It is evident that the surgical and radiation therapies do not reduce the risk of developing cancer cells away from the primary tumor site. In 60 - 70 years were studied different schemes of administration of killed tubercle bacilli and other in a variety of malignant tumors, but fundamental change in treatment policy for cancer patients are not made. This does not have that attempts to increase the immunity of non-specific microbial stimulants (adjuvants) were in vain, but the success Read more [...]
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