Wines human extinction of mammoths proved conclusively

 Amonte killed people, not climate: This is convincing evidence presented by American scientists who studied the age of weaning from the mother animal (isotope nitrogen tusks). This was discussed at a conference of the American Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and a press release from the University of Michigan.The new method allows to determine (the ratio of the isotopes of nitrogen-14 and nitrogen-15) shifts in the diet of young animals — and, therefore, at what age mammoths weaned from breast milk, and they moved to the adult lifestyle (independent search of solid food). Right proportions Read more [...]
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BEAR CAVE Upperpalaeolithic site. Resp. Komi, Trinity-Pechora district. Located in a cave in the karst Bear ravine Jordan 500 m from approx. Shore p. Pechora, on the ter. Pechora-Ilych State. Reserve. Memory. opened in 1960 and B.I.Guslitserom V.I.Kanivtsom. Cult. Upper Paleolithic layer occurs in brown loam at a depth of 2-2.5 m. found numerous fossil bones of Pleistocene animals: sowing. deer, mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, tigrolva, musk ox, bison, elk, horses, fox, wolf, hare, lemming hoof. Found a large number of (c. 3000) dropped horns sowing. deer. Flint implements parking lot has 1,500 items. Read more [...]
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Friendships guys with «science spades»

Every year during the spring break, young archaeologists, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Kurgan regions gather at the Ural archaeological school conference (URASHK) to share discoveries, findings, to discuss the results of their research. The initiative of holding such regional conferences belongs tagilchanam, they laid the foundation of this great tradition a few years ago. This year's conference, the eighth, was held in Chelyabinsk, and the winners are the guys from our town Lyceum ninth-highest category Vasily Kovalev, Ilya Anischenko and Lily Hikmatullina. They are engaged in scientific Lyceum Read more [...]
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Twin GROTTO (WHITE) archaeological. memory. Perm. region., Alexander district, pos. Anousheh Ave. Bank of the river. Chanvy height above the water of 25-30 m. Dimensions entrance facing the west, 2.3&# 215, 5 m, the length of the grotto approx. 23 m. Paleolithic site discovered in the grotto and cave explorer E.P.Bliznetsovym local historian and titles. it to them. Bader. Last in the middle. 1960 excavated 58 m of unconsolidated sediments and found more than 300 stone artifacts. In the mid. 80 memory materials. T.I.Scherbakova studied, processed collection of 230 items. She highlighted cores Read more [...]
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Remember, regret and mourn!

Friends, but it was a mournful notice of Peter from Mammoth …
In an accident KILLED OUR comrade Babris Arnis — «Shrek.»
He had long since moved away from the site, but occasionally appear.
There will be questions, tel. Mammoth +7 921 435 64 23

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survival hunting

HOW to Catch a MAMMOTH?At last, very scientific information last living mammoths on earth became extinct approximately 6-10 thousand years ago. But hitherto encountered elephants, hippos, rhinos. In the middle (climatic) the band up to this time animals are much smaller: elk, bear, boar, deer, but the real survival spec just need to know, just in case, how to get any size animal, including elephants and hippos.Let's return to the mammoths. How do you view the ancient people hunted mammoths on the meat? In the movies, history books and paintings in museums a lot of good answers to this question. Read more [...]
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Beautiful knife … and work

Friends! Very short note will be! I've forged knives, and then decided to make a strip of metal - was accidentally good industrial damask. Collected from the handle sawn along antler on internal pins - damask drilled diamond paste for 90 rubles. syringe, sold in wholesale jewelry stores, warehouses. By the way, the usual nail in the drill, 40 minutes - and a hole in a thick hot iron ready. Bonding - poksipolom, a small guard - mammoth tusk, and also the head of an eagle - mammoth tusk. So, with all the eagle's head decoration, helps cool enough - you hold in your hand as much pleasure. Turned Read more [...]
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Were excavated in Kabardino-Balkaria, the rare Southern mammoth remains

In the Terek region of Kabardino-Balkaria, near the village of Upper Kurp, regional specialists, researchers from Nalchik - Maria and Victor Kotlyarova - discovered the remains of the rare Southern mammoth."Bared by the collapse of the cliff mammoth survived, thanks to the clay shell, part of another tusk - more than a meter in length - the researchers had to take pictures, but the bone" right in front of scattered into many small pieces due to lack of conservation "- quoted by ITAR-TASS Victor .According to experts, "with a high degree of probability can not talk about Read more [...]
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Yakut scientists were the first to explore the brain mammoth

Yakut scientists in February to hold craniotomy mammoth found in the Republic of Yuki, and possibly the world's first examine the mammoth brain, reports the Academy of Sciences of the Republic."At this time we are on the verge of a sensational discovery - the world's first scientists the opportunity to study the structure of the brain of a mammoth. Condition previously found mammoths do not allow for the study of the brain. Even while keeping the brain skull was missing due to drying or putrefaction. Visited the damaged parts of the skull" - said in a statement referring to the Read more [...]
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Consequences of disaster

On our planet, numerous certificates of disasters that have occurred in the past. They mainly relate to the period: 10, 3.5, and 2.3 thousand years BC Nobel laureate WF Libby claimed that about 10 400 years ago in the American continent almost entirely disappear traces of prehistoric man. A decline of human development is observed in Europe, Egypt, South America and Central Asia. Frankokantabriyskih cave drawings in ancient artists lost in the time interval 10-12 thousand years ago. In the period from 10,000 to 9000 BC. e. disappear, many species of large animals: mammoths, woolly rhinos, Read more [...]
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Giant Sequoia

Giant tree, more durable and larger than the sequoia, is rightly termed by Mammoth tree. Up to 120 m in height and 20 meters in diameter. The reserve USA - National Park Mammoth tree stump is arranged on it with a dance floor and a hollow, turned into a small restaurant. Thick crust Mammoth tree bark like redwoods. Young shoots first blue-green, then become reddish-brown. The needles are bluish-green with two white stripes, 5-15 mm long, 3 mm wide, nearly three-sided, with the tip at the end, the lower part of his tight to escape, but the top few behind him. Needles are to escape spiral, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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