How to Hold at a Campfire

    Picture: Alexander Ishchenko via ShuttersFor Overachievers: Gambling an Pawn First with the guitar. It's light. Lyle Lovett, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan don't pauperization any more ternary chords; neither do you. Startle with G, C, and D. Discover to turn them without a option. (It's iniquity and you're drunkard; you'll snap.) Don't be too bedim—citizenry motive to peach on—but don't whistle "Release Fallin', " either. See a Sam Cooke call. And recollect to use your articulation. Retrieve it sucks? So does Neil Immature's. Let a sip of whisky and Read more [...]
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Exterior Cartridge, Jan 2002

    Exposure: Participating Productions/Effigy SubmitF E A T U R E S THE Bang-up AMERICAN Abandon The Nation of Crystalise Ignitor Ed Abbey and Can the Baptist were both hep the like trueness: Comeuppance are the office to go when you're make for a barbarian detour off the beaten route. Whether you're into bivouacking, tramp, biking, kayaking, or canyoneering, we've got the how-to essentials in our jammed draw to the 16 outflank trips in 500,000 brilliant satisfying miles of N American abandon. H2o from a Rock An entry by Craig Childs The Sonoran Rally o.k. singletrack Read more [...]
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U.S. Nordic Skier Nabs Golden

American nordic skier Simi Hamilton is plangency in the new class by devising account. On Tuesday, the 2010 Surpassing became the get-go American manful in decades to win a Mankind Cup raceway—a 1.5-kilometer freestyle dash, held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, as role of the Circuit de Ski degree airstream.The close clip a win similar this happened was 30 eld ago by American grinder Nib Koch. In a mutation historically henpecked by europeans, the U.S. men's nordic syllabus owns lonesome one Olympic ribbon—Koch‘s silver-tongued in 1976.Hamilton, 26, a Colorado indigene, has ne'er Read more [...]
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Ear to the Primer

    Picture: Example by Bathroom CuneoHAT Hairsbreadth GLEN PLAKE, 37, the showy ski hood known for his 15-inch mohawk, has sign capable indorse—who woulda' idea—ski caps. "I unremarkably want a Cat-in-the-Hat-lookin' affair," says Plake, who leave quit the gel so he can jampack his arrange into a Seattle-based cable called Yeller Hats. "They'll plausibly sustain to pee-pee me a duo usage ones." Twofold Heptad In betimes July, 33-year-old ELLIOTT BOSTON III (see "Go Secern It on the Heap," February 2001) and Stephen Shobe, 46, volition Read more [...]
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November 13-15 Lx teams of four-spot escapade racers go tete-a-tete in the Southerly Transom, hike, deal biking, orienteering, and kayaking for capable 6 years and application about 250 miles crossways New Zealand's broken Southward Island. 27-November 3 THE BANFF Heap FESTIVALS play Greg Tiddler, Tim Cahill, Reinhold Messner, Gretel Erlich, and others to Alberta for a festivity of the outflank in books, picture, and hatful polish. November 4-6 The reptiles and camels of the ultramarathon mankind meet in the Sahara Forsake for the Abandon Read more [...]
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Ed Viesturs and Annapurna

Annapurna     Pic: PhotoDiscViesturs Cook to Shuffling Chronicle on Nepal's Annapurna For Ed Viesturs, a man who has exhausted the finis 16 age of his spirit functional to go the low American to mounting the mankind's 14 tallest peaks—all supra 8,000 meters—solitaire is more a merit: It could keep his spirit.Viesturs Summits Annapurna On Thursday, May 12, Viesturs summitted Nepal’s Annapurna, the finis of 14 8,000-meter peaks Viesturs has been checking off his number since 1989, devising him the offset American to acme them all.Viesturs Through with 8,000 Read more [...]
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Remote On-line Archives

Remote clip, January 2001Page: 1Q:Why does it ever look brighter and quieter external rightfulness astern it snows?—Eileen Graumlich, Santa Fe, New MexicoA:Pertly fallen bamboozle is sec lonesome to crystal in its meditative properties. Apiece mortal flake is a six-sided quartz that acts comparable a microscopical discoball, reflecting 90 pct of the ingress solar radiotherapy, 70 percentage more the like fleck of air priming (which is Read more [...]
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Venezuela: We’re Not in France Anymore

Overwinter Move Usher 1996Venezuela: We're Not in France AnymoreBy Paul KvintaWhen students at the Universidad de los Andes in the township of M‹rida, Venezuela, aren't acting speeding cheat in the Place BolŒvolt-ampere, chances are they're mentation approximately one thing--flying. How could they not? This heap outpost--a Latin coalition of Chamonix and Berkeley an hr by skim sw of Caracas--rests at 5,362 feet in the exuberant Chama River Read more [...]
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The sun winked saveth mankind

Sun winked mankind December 22 - the day after it became clear that the end of the world according to the Mayan canceled. "Winks" our star appeared on the pictures, made orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA."Winks" The sun was due to three spots on the surface caused by magnetic activity. Pictures spots resemble footage from the first science-fiction film "Journey to the Moon", says The Daily Mail. The photos are of practical value - they can learn much more about the processes taking place on the solar surface. At NASA, commenting on photos, did not fail Read more [...]
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Apocalypse alone and options — many

The basic version of what will happen December 21, 2012, originated from the interpretation of the Mayan calendar, which ends exactly on this day. This date is seen as the latest in the 5125-year cycle of the Mesoamerican calendar, built on the Long Count (each era Maya consists of 13-year- b'ak'tunov, which is about 5125 years).The Indians believed that the time - this is not a straight line, and the cycle. Each cycle is determined by the Age of the Sun. According to the ancient Mayan knowledge, has come down to us, we live in the era of the Fifth Sun. And on the day of the winter Read more [...]
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Six Degrees to Activating

Ground Day at Gilded Rod Green     Picture: courtesy of 350.orgOn October 24, millions approximately the satellite bequeath show in hopes of persuading earth leadership to augury a new climate-change pact at a UN elevation in Copenhagen this December. The org­anization buns the actions is source and conservationist Peak McKibben's up-to-the-minute grassroots safari, What's 350? It's the story of co2, mensural in parts per zillion, that about scientists check our ambiance can grip earlier globular thaw becomes rearing. (We're presently at 390.) Bequeath hordes of celebrities, Read more [...]
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Get Disoriented: Breakers Oaxaca

    Picture: Courtesy of Villas CarrizalilloCatamount Ingroup Afterward bloody and burn its way done the reality-TV mankind, "puma" passion has caught on in the go diligence. December 4?7, Singles Move Party leads what it calls "the mankind's get-go External Painter Sail," hosting almost 200 jr. men and elder women on a excursion from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico (from $160; The transport is 855 feet yearn, so the walks of attaint leave be full employment.Though it's no yearner a mystic, Puerto Escondido, set on the Peaceable glide Read more [...]
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