What is the Urals?

Ural - a mountainous country, which stretches from north to south from the icy shores of the Kara Sea to the Central Asian steppes and semi-deserts. Ural Mountains - the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. In the north, a low range Ural ends Pai-Khoi, in the south - the mountain range Mugodzhary. The total length of the Urals with Pai Hoem and Mugodzhary - more than 2,500 km. The highest mountain in the Urals - People. Its height - 1895 m. Ural Mountains stretch from the north to the south of the Nenets Autonomous District of the Arkhangelsk region through Komi Republic and the Tyumen region, Read more [...]
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Northern Urals area of ​​the lateral flow of the river to the upper Pechora Shchugor

Tal-Pos-Out, the most significant tip of the Northern Urals (1617 m). Located near the northern borders of the conditional Subpolar Urals with the left bank SchU Mountain. Name in a literal translation from the Komi language means "Mountain of the nest of the winds" (from - "stone", "mountain", "ridge", pos - "nest", tol - "wind"). Russian language is usually translated simply "Jack winds." This figurative name: district Tal-Pos-Iza known bad weather - from the top of the mountain often blow fierce winds carrying clouds, rain or snow. Entries by A. Regulus, this mountain in Nenets called Ne-Free Read more [...]
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Northern Urals from the upper Pechora to stone ridge Molebny

Pecher, the tackle-Chakhl mountain on the watershed ridge in the upper reaches of the Pechora River. On-Mansiysk this mountain called Peserya-the tackle-Sjahl slope or Peser, the tackle-Sjahl slope, ie "Mountain top in the Pechora" (Peserya, Peser - Pechora, the tackle - "top", "upper", Sjahl slope - "mountain"). Komi language - Pechora-Yıl-Out, ie "Mountain top in the Pechora River." This name, obviously, is a copy of the Mansi. Elyum-Poot-Taim ETDF, the mountain on the eastern slope between the upper reaches of Luio-vylya and Cotilla, tributaries of the Great Sosva. Translated from the Mansi Read more [...]
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North Urals

Nearly 600 km stretches along the meridian Northern Urals, then tapering, reaching a latitude almost 200 km. This huge mountainous country begins north of the latitude of the river area Shchugor powerful backbone of Tal-Pos-Out with a maximum height for the Northern Urals 1617 m. Southern border of the Northern Urals less certain: it is carried out on a mountain Kosvinsky Stone, to the south of Mount -by pierid , then further south y Kachkanar mountains. The latter is probably more correct, as it Kachkanar mountain (878 m) high mountains zakapchivaetsya band begins the Middle Urals, which never Read more [...]
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Wishes taiga travelers Northern Urals

The peculiar nature of the Northern Forest Zauralye surely entice the traveler. In Mansi taiga so interesting and informative that he had no regrets forget about the noisy urban civilization, which left a short time. Occupation enough for everyone: fans of mineralogy and zoology, botany, ethnography, kinofotoohotnikam. But we must take care of this reserved area. Counting only those tourists who gently and humanely treat nature for them this book was written.Lovers of Geology and Mineralogy we must remember that the north-western corner Priuralsky Khanty-Mansi autonomous district holds many minerals. Read more [...]
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On the trail of the bear festival

Vogul street, river Vogulka - these few indications that in our region people lived, known as Russian and called himself Mansi. Until the XVII century it was the main population of the mountainous part of the Urals, which has slightly opened the natural resources and to share knowledge with the Russian pioneers. Then part of the Russified, part migrated to the north. According to the latest census, Mansi call themselves a little more than seven thousand people. Employees of our museum in the thirties, attempts were made to collect materials that reflect the life of this nation. But the real things Read more [...]
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On forest beauty sculpt

This river is unknown to many. Do not use it very popular and the local population. Meanwhile, it can be called beautiful forest and spend on its banks a great holiday.Lepley influx North Sosva. In the famous Severyanka it flows 27 km above Nyaksimvol or 2 km above Yanypaulya, its origins begin near the headwaters Lozvy this can be seen a significant length of the river.Warning: canyons, stunning cliffs, scenic waterfalls on the sculpt is not. All forests, endless forests and river meanders snake among them.Travel only Boat with outboard motor, back and forth. Against the tide to sail at a distance Read more [...]
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MANSI FOLKLORE Beg. study F started in the XIX century Hungarian (Arugula, Bankaci) and Finnish (Alkvist, Akanishi) scientists. They identified the following generic form, how or eryg (song), mout (tale, story), Peter (story), Teleglobe or Tulipanes (dramatic scene), Amici or omalis (riddle), alpach most (sacred story), turning or eryg (heroic song), Cain or eryg (shamanic chant), etc. F very many cosmogonic, astral, antropologicheskii, eschatological narratives, as well as etiological myths about plants, animals, phratries and Then Mos. For mn. from them, as for ritual songs, characteristic tabuirovanoj Read more [...]
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LITERATURE Khanty-Mansiysk

LITERATURE Khanty-Mansiysk L. closely related peoples in the North. U. Khanty and Mansi. Script they get in 1930 based on Latin, from 1937 eng. graphics. The founders hunt Gladarev and Mansi Pirin. The formation H.-M. L. facilitated workshop writers C. and the Far East (1961). Get Izv. Mahrouse, A.tarkhanov, Griazev, Saltykov, Bruhin, Mcullen. Huge success have made. Shestalova. In ancient NAC. the folklore origins go tales Achankovil. Eipin created the first in H.-M. L. Roman Khanty, or the Star of Dawn (1990). The development of L contributes to the emergence of the Saint. 1991 historical and Read more [...]
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The western part of the Northern Urals from the ridge to ridge Molebny stone Basegi, including Foothills

Molebny stone ridge between Vmsheroy and the upper right-hand tributaries Lozvy - North Toshemki and Vi-zhaya the north by the river Nёls from the south and south-west - Big River Capelin. The most significant peaks: Washing systems-Sjahl slope - "Old Man Mountain" (1279 m), Ekwa-Sjahl slope - "Old Mountain" (south-Washing systems Sjahl slope) and Khus-Washing systems - "The old man-servant" (see. Ant Stone). On maps and references the name of the northern peaks Washing systems-Sjahl slope often transmitted distorted - Oykachakur. Russian name of the ridge - tracing Mansi Yalpyng-Ner - "Holy Stone", Read more [...]
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The eastern part of the Northern Urals from the upper reaches of the river to the mountain Ivdel Kachkanar

Nyatay-Tumpen mountain to 3 of the upper river Ivdel 10 km to the NE of the ridge Marty. Mansiysk name means' Mountain of late deer "(nyata, nyatay- •« pozdnerozhdenny deer "). In the cartographic sources of distortion occurs - Fifth Tumpen. Marty, a range (up to 1129 m) in the upper reaches of the river Vёls 10 km from the ridge to the Chuvalsky Stone. Since Mansi call this mountain Lyalyangk, toponym Marty must belong to other people, most likely the Komi. And because on maps and in special studies XIX - early XX century figures always Mortaysky Stone, Mortal, Mortayka, it is necessary to Read more [...]
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Visum mystery boreal pine forests. By Hura

Rivers in Mansi forests were the only means of communication of the local population. One of these ways was Visum. On a crowded it in ancient times tell legends and frequent traces of mud huts in coastal forests. Now there is not a soul. Only a few hunters, living in huts rare, performed on Visume winter in the field.Travel Visumu and its influx of Hura undoubtedly enrich the knowledge of the tourist on the history of the once numerous Mansi people may awaken an interest in archeology, will provide a good rest of the unspoilt countryside.Starting way Nyaksimvol. Here hiring boats, invitation conductor-minder, Read more [...]
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