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Small fighter

When going into the woods, I tied a bandana head, many people call me Dersu. And it pleases me. Even as a child read with admiration, and later watched a film about the forest good man. It is not to find a hunter who at least once did not get to be in a critical situation. And this Dersu Uzala - a vivid example.Photo avtoraYagdterer has a lightning-fast, nedyuzhy force and a powerful grip. To become an hunter, you need to love nature, to have so many important qualities. I think that without such qualities as self- Me and courage, better the forest is not enter. Read more [...]
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Thinking aloud

In any weather, at any time sneaking hunter through forests and swamps, mountains and ravines, steppes and deserts, often sleeping under the open sky, freezing and roasting under the scorching sun, getting wet in the rain for hours without movement hides in ambush, sometimes lack of sleep and starved and totally exhausting.Photo by Alexey Belyakov Babbitt will ask why such torment and suffering? A real hunter in primarily a researcher and Naturalist, the answer is to know, to experience, to overcome itself; see sunrises and sunsets, the beauty and denseness Read more [...]
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Hunter, an ornithologist, a war veteran

In 1985, Alex S. has completed work on a monograph "The Cuckoo and their caregivers." I remember how Alex S. told me that ETC. Lysenko claimed that the cuckoo is not a separate species, and occurs under the influence of the environment, and demanded Malczewski scientifically substantiate it. Exceptional place domestic zoological literature occupies released in 1983 two-volume monograph «Birds and the Leningrad region neighboring areas (history, biology, conservation), co-written with Malczewski pupil YB Pukinsky. This fundamental work — true Read more [...]
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With anxiety about the printed word

November 1 at the publishing house "Veche" a meeting of the "round table" dedicated to the problems of modern literature and publishing house hunting on a hunting theme. Photo by Andrey Gorbatov In his opening remarks, CEO Publishing Holding «Veche» LL Palko outlined the purpose of the meeting. Today circulation fall hunting publications, as well as readers' interest in hunting books. Something must be addressed. It is necessary to consult what to do to hunting literature has once again become popular.The initiator of the meeting was made «Russian hunting magazine». Read more [...]
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A letter to the association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz»

Photo: Sergey Narozhnova I appeal to you hunters primary organization Krasnoarmeysky ROOR pos.Oktyabrsky Krasnodar region. In total, our primary organization consists of 170 people, but we think the view expressed in this appeal supports the vast majority of hunters in our district and region.Yes we are all for the preservation of our association, our organization. You can not afford to destroy what you did not create and can not do anything worthwhile to offer in return. Many of us are its members to 20, 30 or more years. Our membership of a hunting license to many warms the soul. Read more [...]
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Grouping Clan Allies

Survive one tough. But if it is not just about survival, and the conquest of domination in the new world, after the end of civilization, you can't do without your faction, clan, or even the army if you want. In this article we will talk about the allies and your faithful comrades, brothers in arms and goals. Let's talk about how to find and recruit new group members how to create from these people a cohesive team, able to solve any problem: from a more efficient accommodation to the conduct of hostilities. During global catastrophe or war many will die. With rare exceptions, to survive one more Read more [...]
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22 Jul 2014 12:00 through the Android|I like22919 commentsAlexander Krasin There are many in the military spotivnykh clubs based on paintball, airsoft, laser tag, curious how many people use similar signs?22 Jul 12:07|1Sergey Luke Being most22 Jul 12:16|1Dima Ullman said Alexander Krasino Alexander, Many22 Jul 12:21|Nicholas Malinov replied Alexander Krasino Alexander, of course, when there is no ability to voice exchange... At a distance of, for example, or if you want quiet22 Jul 12:37|Kolya Fantastic All Read more [...]
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Riverboarder Descends the Greens Narrows

Pro riverboarder Kid Galt ran the get-go comely of the Common Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—victimization nada but a riverboard and a duet of fins this workweek. “What kickoff caught my attending many days ago was how utterly picturesque Gorilla was.” Galt told Canoe & Kayak. “That stuck in my header, and it’s e'er been a speedy I’ve treasured to run.” Piece many in the the paddling community let hopped on the  riverboarding bandwagon, about calm see it as a antic. "Something for citizenry to do who can’t kayak, as a tourer activeness, Read more [...]
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Tortuga Libre!

    Photograph: Instance by Jaime HernandezExtraneous: Why? EL SANTO: I'm a golden man. Animation has granted me beautiful things: Sour I passion... celebrity... money. Someways, you birth to refund.But a matman as turtleneck spokesman? My picture is partially that of a superhero. Compared with otc superheroes to Batman, the Man of Spiders, or Dot I map figure and lineage.What's the delegacy? To fight Mexico's seas. To protect turtles. Fewer than 1 pct subsist to maturity.Do polo-neck egg real brand you how do you say cavernous? It's a myth. Men ingest egg for authority, so thither's Read more [...]
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Riverboarder Descends the Common Narrows

Pro riverboarder Chaff Galt ran the offset comely of the K Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—victimization cipher but a riverboard and a brace of fins this hebdomad. “What get-go caught my attending many eld ago was how dead picturesque Gorilla was.” Galt told Canoe & Kayak. “That stuck in my nous, and it’s invariably been a speedy I’ve cherished to run.” Spell many in the the paddling community deliver hopped on the  riverboarding bandwagon, around hush see it as a caper. "Something for citizenry to do who can’t kayak, as a tourer Read more [...]
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Michael Phelps Preparation a Riposte?

Michael Phelps is push binding against a study that he'll comeback to militant swim yet for the 2016 Rio Olympics. An NBC assort in Fortress Myers, Florida, reported Friday that Phelps was considering a riposte. Piece not appellative any sources, the chronicle was posted by Shaft Busch, the son of Dog Busch, conductor of the U.S. subject swimming squad.Phelps went to Chirrup to background the intelligence. "Why do I donjon acquiring texts most return?" he wrote. "Do (citizenry) actually trust everything they try or understand? Thither are (too) many (citizenry) in the humanity that Read more [...]
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Why Do Gorillas Get Such Pocket-size Genitalia?

    Exposure: Exemplification by CallThe Barbarian Register For more on the mysteries of the humanity some you, inflict The Angry Charge.Q. Why do gorillas get such little privates?A. Though we dubiousness you've really compared members with a gorilla, that's correct: gorilla debris is solitary almost the sizing of your pinky. So how'd Kong get shafted? It comes fine-tune to the way our pairing habits evolved, says psychologist Christopher Ryan, co-author, on with his wife, Cacilda Jethá, of Sex at Dawning: The Prehistorical Origins of Bodoni Sex. Among polygynous species—one Read more [...]
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The Wilderness Charge

    Exposure: Representative by Jason HolleyQ) If our consistency temperature is 98.6 degrees, why does it tone so hot when it's 98 degrees out? Sue Walton, River Waterfall, Wisconsin A) ACCORDING TO University of Kansas drill physiologist Lavatory Thyfault, the temperature of your tegument is incessantly a few degrees colder than your intimate torso temperature. Hence, air at 98.6 Fahrenheit is hotter than your pare. But more significant, says Thyfault, a quondam college besotted end who ofttimes expert with his teammates on unreal sod adust capable 120 degrees, is the use Read more [...]
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48 Hours in Durango: In-Town Whitewater

The Frown Animas flows rectify done the ticker of Durango, and by many accounts, it is the mettle of Durango. Locals SUP the flatbed urine upriver from the Xxxii Street put-in, kayak category III Smeltery Speedy, and sauceboat the total stretchiness in duckies, oodles, and privileged tubes.The river would solitary be eminent adequate to swim a lot for a few more years ahead the finale of the bounce run-off ran out, and it seemed ilk everyone in Durango was on the piddle that cockcrow. Heaps rigged for fly sportfishing, commercially outfitted trips, and category floats seamed the trust. Read more [...]
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Walk the Camino de Santiago: A Abbreviated Chronicle

    Picture: Mario Carvajal/FlickrThe direction and namesake of the Camino de Santiago is the metropolis of Santiago de Compostela, set in Spain's far northwestward. The metropolis, where fable has it that the martyrise St. James is inhumed, became a rally gunpoint for Europeans combat the Moors in the one-eighth c, subsequently a sheepman claimed to sustain seen a burnished igniter in the skies supra. During the Center Ages, the Camino was responsible the largest motility of mass in Europe: millions of mass, both ample and hapless, made their way to Santiago de Compostela, where Read more [...]
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Athletes Are Suckers for Gluten-Free

In the earth of nourishment, few things bear caused as lots contestation as the lowly loaf.Get-go, multitude with coeliac disease or gluten sensibility (solitary approximately 7 to 12 percentage of the universe) jilted gluten; fad dieters and, progressively, athletes followed causa. The tugboat continues—many guess gluten-free for the mass is a humbug, though thither may silence be something thereto—but it turns out that many combat-ready types pay no mind. A late resume of athletes without coeliac disease launch that 41 percentage of respondents living gluten out of their dieting anyhow.The Read more [...]
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Who You Callin’ the ‘Slowest Contemporaries’?

Sage-green Canaday trigger-happy up the lead.     Pic: Graeme Murray/FlickrUntried athletes now are raddled to out-of-the-box survival events that didn’t tied live when Cosset Boomers were incoming marathons.Verity is, I’ve ne'er run a marathon, lots less raced one. I’ve persuasion approximately it—pound the sidewalk mil subsequently knot done metropolis streets... oscitance.I power be tagged office of “the slowest genesis,” according to a late Palisade Street Diary clause. The floor contended that the flow harvest of untested multitude sustain from Read more [...]
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Lessons from the Emboss

    Picture: Neb Ebbesen/FlickrIts easier to sustain fittingness than to reconstruct it.Bruce Springsteen turns 64 this workweek—and he looks gravid. Patch I’ve ne'er been lots of a fan of his euphony and oasis’t tacit the Gaffer phenomenon, sightedness him execute for hours on end at Wrigley Bailiwick finale twelvemonth changed all that.As his operation and the photos intelligibly appearance us, he moldiness be doing something veracious to flavor and execute as he does in his 60s. What is he doing veracious—and how can we retroflex his winner?Donjon Read more [...]
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A DIY Hitch of «Breakage Bad»

Bryan Cranston as Walter Whiteness, leftfield, and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in a vista from the temper 5 premier of "Breakage Bad," pellet in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The popularity of the establish is providing a further to the thriftiness and creating a quandary for local touristry officials as they paseo the mulct business of profiting from a appearance that centers about narcotraffic, dependency and wildness.     Pic: AP Exposure/AMC, Ursula CoyoteWhere Marie and Walt’s wife, Skyler, handed out fliers when Walt concisely went “missing” during Temper 2. The Read more [...]
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When Employment Turns Mortal

Push it rising     Photograph: Dudarev Mikhail/via Shutterstock Rarefied and potentially ruinous events are more park with gamey saturation practice.The scientific certify support high-intensity exercising is rattling whole. This is straight for elect athletes, citizenry who are hardly nerve-wracking to don conformation, and eventide patients with cardiopathy. Practice, notwithstanding, is not unhazardous. Masses do die and suffer otc ruinous wellness events patch elaboration. What are the risks of high-intensity employment—and who should be disturbed?Spirit Onrush and Read more [...]
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