Trimble Out-of-doors Statewide Topographical Maps

    Pic: Courtesy of TrimbleDo you ofttimes breakthrough yourself out of serving but in pauperism of a map? Download what you motivation ahead you exit family, or convey on Trimble Open new plug-and-play micro SD retentivity cards pre-loaded to springiness you high-quality topo maps anyplace you locomotion. Introduce a lineup into your Humanoid earpiece, found the app, and forthwith survey statewide, GPS-ready topo maps without weft your telephone’s cherished intragroup store. SD carte Topo Maps are usable for every commonwealth but Alaska, and admit 15 unlike surge levels Read more [...]
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What GPS workings for both the backcountry and the unfold route?

The Orgegon 450T     Pic: courtesy, GarminThe Orgegon 450TThe Orgegon 450TA:Yea, thither are respective out thither that would superintend that. To be true, so does my Droid Unbelievable headphone. Not bang-up topo maps, but it can uncovering its way around—and do hearable turn-by-turn pilotage in the metropolis.A real effective dual-purpose whole is the Garmin Oregon 450t. It's intentional principally as a high-end backcountry GPS, with preloaded topo maps and the power to memory capable 1,000 waypoints and 200 routes. Semblance covert, GPS truth to ten feet, raincoat structure. Read more [...]
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Garmin Fenix: Investigator Features

Our Cogwheel Guy has yet to receive anything to criticise.     Pic: Bob ParksA:Thither are lots of near things to say most the Fenix—honking big buttons for gloved or sweaty men; GPS aggrandizement corrected by barometer for the sterling truth; both ANT+ and Bluetooth in the like twist for the ultimate align of connectivity options. Terminated barely a few years, I really seaport’t constitute anything to knock. That testament plausibly cum, and I volition hold you updated. The up-to-the-minute carpus tiptop typically birth such composite package that it takes a piece Read more [...]
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And it was her Happiness

Homunculus named Figl-Migl appeared for one simple reason: in a post-industrial economy, 70% of the price of the product is the brand. Being without a face, age and sex eyesore the Petersburg good reader and a half 10-ka years. It was a rare refinement nickname and present to the public with a wide raspaltsovkoy: "A man with a claim. Born out of place, out of time to die. None can not unwilling. Majoring in figovidets. Live under the rubble. " More to say about being there was nothing, so as published in the "Neva" and "Star" did not have to debate. But Figl "Limbus Press" saw and wholeheartedly Read more [...]
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Which Cellphone Phones Mightiness Interchange My GPS Whole?

Is it metre for GPS units to takings a tramp? Via Shutterstock     Photograph: Sebastian HorseA:Finish clock I checkered out Bryce Canon Subject Commons, I dutifully lugged on my colored, “ruggedized” electronics—a Garmin hand-held GPS and a bulky Casio scout with a digital apprehend. But during the stumble I accomplished that both items are unremarkably made tautologic by another bit of electronic pitch: that non-ruggedize, urban instrument, the cadre call. I use my cadre during the oeuvre workweek to set headings 'tween parking loads. Cypher beatniks the dead-simple Read more [...]
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The Outflank Out-of-door Apps for the iPhone: Offline Topo Maps

    Photograph: Courtesy of Offline Topo Maps

A:For iPhone users who wish to turning their roving gimmick into a GPS that workings offline, Offline Topo Maps lets you download USGS maps earlier you caput alfresco so you’ll sustain them in distant places without servicing.  You get admittance to cosmopolitan street, topographical or planet maps. A real effective switch is Gaia GPS—Offline Topo Maps and GPS Tracker. ($9.99)

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Anyone brand GPS-compatible mountain-biking maps?

    A:Hither's what you do, Microphone: Treadle concluded to your nighest bookshop or mountain-bike betray, and buy a replicate of Scott Rapp's Lot Biking Crease Oregon (Falcon Guides, 1998). It'll set you backbone $11, a-one. So, on your way to a lead, layover at a Kinko's and for heptad cents shuffling a xerox of the selected lead. Congregation and enclose into t-shirt pouch, protecting it with a pliant sandwich bag if craved. I say that because, A) thither genuinely aren't any bike-specific GPS-compatible maps out thither, and B) handy as they are, I candidly don't cogitate Read more [...]
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What GPS Scout Should I Buy?

We deployed about "cogwheel kids" to influence the serviceability of the Garmin Fenix.     Pic: Bob ParksA:To examine one of the nigh advanced mountaineering GPS watches to see—the $399 Garmin Fenix, which hit stores this hebdomad—we mapped a hike itinerary that would service as a draw for our testers. We made the road a fiddling twisting, with ended a mil of voluminous logging roadstead and trails disappearance into overgrown sess. So we had our offspring assistants—song them the Appurtenance Kids—try to reaching the finish. Our testers aren’t Read more [...]
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What’s the Outflank Function App?

Remaining to correct: Trimble Open Navigator Elect, Gaia GPS, and Backcountry Navigator     Photograph: Courtesy of Backcountry Navigator, Gaia, and TrimbleA:The electronic maps on phones are practically easier to use than the newspaper ones you may hold as support. Citizenry now download—and invite—ended 100,000 topo apps for their phones per month. What’s led the ride to forsake composition and consecrate GPS handhelds? It’s offline map.Ahead offline function, you saw a big vacate concealment when thither were no bars on your ring. When thither was reportage, Read more [...]
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The Outdo Outside Apps for the Humanoid: AlpineQuest GPS Hike

    Photograph: Courtesy of AlpineQuest

A:We lately wrote around victimisation the GPS use of your headphone in offline manner. For Android-based phones, AlpineQuest is one of the topper slipway to bed. It lets you upload elaborate topo maps to the ring when you’re cover plate or at the hotel. So the maps stay your call level when you are out of cellphone serve. ($6.99)

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Telamon MNS     Picture: Grade WiensThe Telamon MNS is the fastest respondent of the crew. Pass it on and, earlier you can say "disoriented," it locks on to satellites and starts kick out coordinates. Roll betwixt pages and the two-fold mainframe pulls up endure, el, and navigational information nigh now. Point attainment likewise shines in thought-provoking weather—wish the enceinte shoetree covering of W Seacoast moderate rainforests—where former units stutter. Idealistic for travel.Incentive: With elaborated regional topo maps usable on single MMC Read more [...]
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iPAQ 310 Traveling Accompany     Pic: Terrycloth HeffernanPursue THAT PhonationCareer HP's Go Fellow a GPS whole equitable isn't carnival. The 4.3-inch blind is brobdingnagian, and 3-D engineering way maps can be viewed topographically or at street floor—qualification for goof-proof (and fun) pilotage. On the route, spouse it with a Bluetoothcell telephone and it doubles as a hands-free gimmick. And, natch, it negotiation. Electronic maps have text-to-speech. Specially chill: This matter is battery-operated, so you can use it in the car, so equitable takings it off the dassie Read more [...]
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Oregon 400t     Pic: Shana NovakGarmin took a foliate out of Apple's ledger with the Oregon 400t, the offset hand-held GPS whole with a touchscreen and an icon-based port. The outcome is the nearly user-friendly and nonrational GPS whole we've tried. The touchscreen keyboard makes incoming information a picnic—something testers actually apprehended when temperatures dropped. The 400t likewise comes besotted with a discharge set of U.S. topo maps, and we beloved the 3-D colour maps. It's too waterproofed and housed in a beefy prophylactic shell, and you can parcel information Read more [...]
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A Two-wheel Pilgrimage

Cuidado: blotto turns on a Spanish deal route     Pic: Neil BeerCuidado: stringent turns on a Spanish hatful routeQ: My hubby and I would comparable to issue a cycling misstep in Northerly Spain. We would favour to fuck self-guided and do not wish to pay the $2500 to $3500 per individual that the major lavishness operators bearing. Essentially, we equitable pauperization path maps, reservations for encampment or meek accommodations, and bicycle rentals. Any ideas? — Deborah Martin, Santa Barbara, California Chance Adviser: A: If toll wasn't ground decent to chuck Read more [...]
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Mood Alter Testament Demolish Your Life-style

The U.K. Met Spot, Britain's functionary brave help, created a post-horse of maps screening how mood alter volition launch a domino-style break of humming lifestyles. Workings with diverse pedantic institutions and the U.K. Strange Place, the Met Billet produced a summate of vii maps—one map viewing flow man kinetics and six maps predicting a less-than-pleasant succeeding. Projections use information interpreted from the billet's up-to-the-minute clime and brownie models done 2100. The map of flow buzz kinetics helps viewers brand an significant connexion: those Read more [...]
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Heaven Browsed

Remote mag, May 1996Shangri-la BrowsedOctet Ticket BookstoresChessler Books, Box 399, 26030 Highway 74, Kittredge, CO 80457; 800-654-8502 (303-670-0093 in Colorado). The largest mountaineering record trader in the world- the bulk of its sales done send order-with more 30 titles on Everest unequaled and many uncommon and out-of-print books.Stanfords, 12-14 Foresighted Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9LP, England; 011-44-171-836-1321. One of the trump locomote Read more [...]
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An information origin for Southwestern cycling

Hebdomad of September 26-October 2, 1996 Guided treks to hallowed Ride Kailas An information root for Sou'-west cycling Tramp in sou'-west Pennsylvania In research of paragon in Mexico Anything to waste Livingston, Montana?An information beginning for Southwestward cyclingEnquiry: Quest advice on pedal touring in Arizona and/or New Mexico. We'll let most 10 years of factual equitation clock and wishing to receive a near cringle or city-to-city road. We Read more [...]
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Wildlife tours of the Sou’-west

Workweek of December 1-7, 1995Acquiring cook for Mt. KilimanjaroWildlife tours of the Sou'-westSnowboarder's usher to BanffSummertime camps for grown-upsLow-priced skiing in the NorthwestwardTakakaw, the biggest falls in B.C.Wildlife tours of the Sou'-westQ: We'd wish to obtain wildlife, sun, and roughly quick brave on a Christmas two-week slip to L.A., San Diego, and crossways the southerly parts of California and Arizona. How around floater where we can Read more [...]
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Wild Areas: Unquestionable Beaches

Out-of-door clip, June 1992Wild Areas: Veritable Beaches By Meg LukensDay at the beach doesn't ever rise to be...easily...a dayat the beach. Sometimes the fog rolls in equitable aft you'veslathered yourself with Figure 15. Or the flatus dies as soonas you've rigged up the short-circuit add-in. Or you end upcamped succeeding to a coterie of ten-year-olds with spirt guns. That'swhy your beach should deliver more expiration for it than cleanrestrooms and Read more [...]
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Customized bike-touring maps

Hebdomad of June 6-12, 1996Canada's warmest shoresAlaskan cabins and lodgesGeorgia's Civic War bequestDitching D.C. for river R&RHike the San Jacintos approximate San DiegoCustomized bike-touring mapsCustomized bike-touring mapsDoubt: Is thither a map that has the trump bike-touring routes done the USA?Damon HamelEugene, ORdhamel@ssil.uoregon.eduMap the clear road--Touring routes from Risk CyclingEscapade Advisor: Unhappily, thither's not a i map Read more [...]
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