Oddment Wanderer Takes a Selfie

The Wonder scouter has been puttering approximately Mars for 687 Ground years—that's one Martian class. In a nod to its renown condition on Land and our beloved of uncalled-for photography, the wanderer notable by fetching a selfie.It's belike the topper selfie that exists this face of the Milklike Way, and it unquestionably took the near endeavor. Peculiarity sewed unitedly multiple shots interpreted by stretch out its machinelike arm and dismission forth.Let's not let this perturb us from the real telling things Rarity has already established on Mars: videlicet, merging NASA's briny destination Read more [...]
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200,000 Mass Utilize for One-Way Tag to Mars

By 2025, Dutch caller, The Mars One introduction plans to colonise Mars. Foursome favorable man-martians bequeath be selected to micturate the initial activate and, according to CNN, they’ll ne'er riposte. The engineering for a reappearance stumble doesn't be yet and a one-way tag reduces costs, Mars One proclaimed Tuesday.But earlier man part, the privately-funded party has readied an remote-controlled, robo-mission set to launching in 2018 in which a machinelike investigation lander and orbiter leave exam the proverbial waters of the Red Satellite. If things go according to contrive, Mars Read more [...]
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Parade of the planets can be seen tonight

Tonight Russians may witness the rare phenomenon - parade of planets. Stumbling blocks can be managed from burning peatlands. Parade of the planets - is a phenomenon in which a small area of the sky going three planets: Venus, Mars and Saturn, the \"guests\" which will also visit mercury. Here's how to explain this unique phenomenon, a senior researcher at the State Institute named Sternberg, Moscow state University Vladimir Surdin: \"Parade of planets is when several planets are close enough to each other from the point of view of the observer. They say that they \"line up\", but it's too Read more [...]
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The Away Predictor: Trench Distance Refulgence

International cartridge, January 1996The Away Forecaster: Cryptic Place RefulgencyTone one in sterilizing a starship is to dab the decks, knobs, and blurry mirror die with detrition inebriant. Footstep two is to broil the send in a goliath oven until any living microbes say "gaaack." Do a commodity job or you'll reply to the objurgation feel of Master Kirk, and you recognise what he'd say: "What...rectify had we...to pay chickenhearted pox Read more [...]
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Americans want to fly to Mars on a copy of the ship Enterprise

Americans have placed on the website of the White House petition to consider the possibility of creating a copy of the current space shuttle "Enterprise" from the TV series "Star Trek." Proponents hope that the U.S. government is seriously react to the project, which will bring the first group of humans to Mars in 20 years. This proposal will be discussed at the state level only in the event that the petition will subscribe to at least 25 thousand people. The deadline for receiving signatures - 21 January. At the moment a petition signed by more than three thousand people. It Read more [...]
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In NASA denied rumors about the discovery of organics on Mars

NASA representatives refuted the evidence that Mars rover "Kyuriositi" allegedly found on the surface of Mars organic molecules. On November 29 according to Reuters.The agency reminded that "Kyuriositi" really, among other things, conducting studies of Martian soil for the possible presence of organic matter, but stressed that the "rumors and speculation about the breakthrough discovery" at this stage of the mission is to be untrue.The information in the media about the organics found on Mars, was popular after the interview of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Read more [...]
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Mars colonization project was first funded

Dutch organization Mars One ("Mars One"), which is planning to establish a colony on Mars, the first reports of attracting investment in the project.Recall that the company previously announced the imminent start of the selection of volunteers for interplanetary missions. It was noted that the first expedition returns to Earth, but will remain on the Red Planet for the construction and development base. According to conservative estimates for the implementation of the planned take at least $ 6 billion. Most of the organizers are going to get revenue, making the whole process from casting Read more [...]
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The Chinese authorities are planning to grow vegetables on Mars and the Moon

12/06/2012 China's leadership is prepared to grow four kinds of vegetables on Mars and the Moon for the establishment there of "ecological life support system" for the astronauts, according to local media citing the Center for Research and training Chinese astronauts in Beijing. According to reports, have already passed the required tests in Beijing, and now plan for a tank volume of 300 cubic meters. m, where it is expected, will grow four kinds of vegetables (which is not specified). With their help, the astronauts will be able to produce its own supplies of air, water and food Read more [...]
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Scientists have found bacteria on Earth that can survive on Mars

The US-Russian team of scientists have found in the permafrost bacteria Taimyr class Carnobacterium, which is characteristic of the growth temperature, pressure and concentration and they fit the atmosphere of Mars. Work published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and its summary is given in Spiegel Online.Bacteria isolated from sand deposits on the right bank of the Kolyma River, at a depth of 12 - 20 meters. The scientists obtained samples of washed sand and sown solution for an environment that is rich in nutrients. Bacterial colonies were grown at 28 ° C in Read more [...]
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How to make the Earth from Mars?

16/12/2012 While the research unit Curiosity verify the origin of the organic compounds found them on the surface of the red planet, experts of the National Space Administration (NASA), seriously think about colonization. His version of the colonization of the planet Mars expert expressed from Ames Research Center Chris McKay, who believes that this is not a fantasy, but a reality, but of course, very far away. The scientist said that the first step is to increase the temperature of the planet, and create an atmosphere for her.But after that, the surface of Mars to plant trees, which absorb Read more [...]
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In saline Antarctic lake kept the keys of the hydrological systems of Mars

Lake Don Juan in Antarctica - the salty body of water on Earth, so it never freezes. Researchers have found a new hint that the origin of so much salt, and the results can clarify the question of liquid water on Mars."The idea was simple - tells James Dixon of Brown University (USA). - We decided to make 16 thousand photos of the lake for two months to find out which way the water flows. Take pictures, we compared them with other measurements made by ourselves, and the story told itself. " It was found that the water level is raised in accordance with daytime temperatures, that is, Read more [...]
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Does aliens hairspray?

Components of hairspray based on lower chlorofluorocarbons, once successfully banned on Earth, may have the widest circulation in the a number of the planets of the universe - and give it the presence of intelligent life.How would humanity be desirable for the stars, if it does not develop a way to make huge amounts of energy with almost no effort, his nearest future will be significant space terraforming Mars. Recall that in order to get to it, enough to accelerate to 1/10 000 of the light speed and then slow down - and it is unimaginably better than traveling the speed of light. After all, Read more [...]
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Capricorn one

The whole world is watching the preparations for the first flight to Mars. Suddenly astronauts pulled out of the spacecraft and taken to an abandoned base in the desert, where NASA Administrator informs them that the problems with life-support systems. But as the scheduled flight is extremely important for the future development of space research programs, he tells them to take part in a simulated landing on Mars. If they refuse, then hit their family. Flight supposedly going well until one of the employees of NASA finds no inconsistency in the readings. He puts it to his friend the reporter Read more [...]
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In Martian dust storms born lightning

Scientists have simulated the inner workings of lightning "jet dust storms" on Mars, which is a hundred times faster than regular storms and are bombarded with dust high into the atmosphere of the Red Planet.Mars - very dry and dusty place. Storms sometimes cover the entire planet, and orbiters see as persistent dust layers reach great heights (30 º 50 km above the surface). The mechanism of the latter phenomenon is unclear.High resolution model based on data from the instrument OMEGA, which is located on the satellite Mars Express, helped figure out how thick spherical pocket dust Read more [...]
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Probe captures seasonal changes on Mars

NASA astronomers by machine Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter were able to observe Seasonal changes in the North Pole of Mars. These changes are caused by the formation of ice on the Martian surface of CO2 and its subsequent melting under the sun.Since the melting of ice in the spring begins at the bottom of the ice layer, where the transparent ice in contact with the dark Martian soil, high pressure gas from time to time thrown up, thus creating intricate patterns on the surface of the Red Planet. Gas drags sand that is carried by the wind, resulting in the formation of ice, dark stripes. In summer Read more [...]
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Life on Mars: in the bowels of the planet found minerals

The minerals in the Martian subsoil to a depth of more than five kilometers have become one of the most serious evidence that the Red Planet could support life. This follows from a study published in Nature Geoscience in January 2013. Up to half of all life on Earth consists of simple organisms hiding in the rugged rocks below the surface. Recently, planetary scientists have suggested that the same may be true for Mars. Now this conjecture confirmed by the results of new studies, which show that the "ingredients" for life were present in the Martian subsurface strata for most of the Read more [...]
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Astronomy and space

The claim that astronomers can not touch the objects they studied, is not always fair. At least in the solar system's something we can not only take pictures in detail, but also "touch" (at least by machines). It is not surprising, therefore, that its device is known to us pretty well. Hardly anyone would dispute the fact that the earth revolves around the sun, and that with it revolves around the sun is a great variety of different bodies. We understand the forces which move under the influence of these bodies, and we can predict their movement. Actually, it is the study of Read more [...]
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Mars Water

For many years, NASA hide from the public the pictures of Mars, which shows the water of the river, the lake, and therefore must be life.

Snow education
Water lake.
Here in RAW format
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The Martian crater lake could be

NASA provided new evidence for the existence of a damp underground environment on Mars, which further complicates the picture of the early evolution of the Red Planet.Layered rocks on the crater floor of McLaughlin (image HiRISE / NASA / JPL-Caltech / Univ. Of Arizona).Researchers analyzing data spectrometer spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, have come to some interesting conclusions. At the bottom of the crater McLaughlin (diameter - 92 km, depth - 2.2 km) are seen flat layered rocks containing carbonate and clay minerals that form in the presence of water.At the same time in the vicinity Read more [...]
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Scientists hope to find traces of life at the bottom of Martian craters

Deep craters on the surface Mars contain traces of clay, which are formed only in the presence of ground water. This suggests that the Red Planet could be liquid water, and thus life.It is believed that the surface of Mars in ancient times, in Noah's age (3.8 - 3.5 billion years ago), there were oceans and rivers of liquid water. Weight and dimensions of the Red Planet are too small to hold the large and dense atmosphere, resulting in water gradually disappeared.Probe MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) found in the second half of the 2000s. many deposits of clay, which is hidden inside a Read more [...]
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