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Potential New Big Wafture Disk Set in Portugal

Carlos Burle, a Brazilian surfboarder, may deliver set the new big beckon commemorate off the sea-coast of Nazaré, Portugal, yesterday. In the like breakout where booster and blighter surfboarder Garrett McNamara set the book in 2011, Burle rode an estimated 100-foot beckon on Monday.The perhaps record-breaking rally came during an vivid day of jet ski-assisted surfriding, according to CBS Intelligence, which included rescuing surfboarder Maya Gabeira who almost drowned in a unsafe spill. Surfboarder Now radius with Burle yesterday afterwards the rally."It was fortune. Read more [...]
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The General of the Ministry of internal Affairs ovchinsky about the third world war

After cascade Arab "revolutions" was released reformatting of the world. Threatens third world war. Already real combat. The world is now arranged more difficult than a half-century years ago. He is unpredictable. And nuclear weapon have more States than then. For the third world, as sad it sounds, now more reason than at the time of the Cuban missile crisis. In 1962, worked as the personal factor: setting of Russian missiles in Cuba, under the noses of the United States. In response to the placement of Turkish American missiles that can fly to Moscow. And 2012, naslova drama of fate which coincided Read more [...]
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End of the world came up with the CIA.

Hello. Buy long Interesting newspaper "ARGUMENTS OF THE WEEK." I like its publication, sharp, sometimes even angry, timely and topical. But it is not going over the infamous yapping jackals, as in "Novaya Gazeta". In the latest issue (№ 49 from 20.12.2012) newspaper did not pass the subject of the Apocalypse. But gave it a few unexpected side. I found this interesting and wanted to share with comrades and hear your opinion about it. So reprint abridged: Subject possible doomsday which Mayan calendar should come December 21 this year, ousted from the agenda almost all other novosti.Sereznye newspapers Read more [...]
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All possible options for predictions for 2012

Different predictions for the year 2012 ... Among them:1) Nostradamus prediction of the Year 2012 2) Astronomers checked the alleged end of the world day (0.54) 3) Russian satellite recorded two large ejection of solar material (0.48) 4) Space weather forecasters and health earthlings (2.04) 5) Arctic evaporate over 3 years (03.13) 6) 2012 the most affordable option ... (03.30) 7) Danger lurking at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. (0.42) 8) "Apocalypse 2012"-part3 (9.45) 9) Interpretation of the Mayan calendar (7.17) 10) "Vesti" Until the end of the world - a little more than three years. (0.41) 11) Read more [...]
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    Exposure: Shana Novak

This was the virtually ensure daypack we tried this twelvemonth. Mention the superstretchy tackle scheme, which twists with the trunk. Hurt: The Maya’s interior contraction scheme turns the gang into a cockeyed sheaf in one overstretch. 1.6 lbs, 1,040 cu in;

Stain: Gregory$99
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La Ruta Maya

    Exposure: Corel "I SEE TRIUMPHS IN Ferment AND pure lovemaking...," the fortune-teller predicts in Spanish, nictitation at the circling stripe of compadres eavesdropping on my affirmative next, which gets punter and amend with every Guatemalan visor I cliff into his outstretched medal. Pickings me for a gringa with interminable strike, he demands another quetzal ahead dispensing more near fetich, but I'm quenched with the "complete dear" share and progress. It's a Sunday during Lent and I'm in San Andrés, a dirt-crusted settlement w of Antigua, Read more [...]
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Surfboarder Maya Gabeira Verandah

    Pic: Maya Gabeira

The 23-year-old big undulation surfboarder is contracting the like waves as the men. Lensman Linny Morris caught up with her during around refine sentence.

Surfboarder Maya Gabeira Verandah

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The Furore of Belize

Conductor'S CUT: Leftfield, the strip at Blancaneaux Hostel, owned by Francis Fording Coppola; nearby Big Sway Waterfall     Photograph: Max Kim-BeeBelize Admittance and Resources Acquiring Thither: Continental (800-231-0856, flies around-the-clock to Belize Metropolis from Houston for $475 round-trip; American (800-433-7300, flies aim from Dallas for round $650 and from Miami for $750. Acquiring Approximately: Single-engine airplanes are an gentle way to hop some a nation with an developing route arrangement. Tropical Air (800-422-3435, Read more [...]
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Apocalypse: The last of the Maya

We are waiting for the end of the world, we predict a it, we discuss it ... But we thought that really meant the ancient Maya, predicting the end of the world? Mayan prediction is mixed. And scientists can not explain everything that is predicted by the ancient priests. TV-3 team took to solve this problem ...Category: Predictions and Prophecies Read more [...]
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The End of the World will be broadcast online

For the broadcast of "doomsday" in Mexico has brought equipment. The Associated Press announced that the "end of the world" will be broadcast on the Internet. Action will take place in the holy city of Chichen Itza Maya, which has already been imported equipment and satellite dishes.City of Chichen-Itza was the political and cultural center in the north of the Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico). Archaeologists consider it one of the religious "power spots" associated with the culture of the Maya. Select the city to film and determined that Chichen Itza is located Read more [...]
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Before the end of the world was a month

According to some forecasts, enjoy the pleasures of this world Earthlings there are very long - up to date, "scheduled" Maya has only one month.There is growing demand for underground bunkers, as every day we are ever closer to the ominous date - December 21, 2012. It is these numbers scare humanity for several years running. People are actively preparing for the "important" date: some buy and build underground bunkers in hopes of escape from certain death there, others had given up all up and refuse to pay the fines and loans, as "no longer see the point." Version Read more [...]
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Maya asked government to the end of the world to put their relics everyone

The Grand Council of the authorities residing in Guatemala Ancient Maya, Garifuna and Xinca decided to fight the restrictions when visiting tourists Mayan sacred sites on December 21, said the first secretary of the council Alberto Marroquín.The leaders are going to go to Tikal, one of the main centers of the Mayan culture to personally monitor the situation, RIA "Novosti"."This is our holiday, and we ask the government to avoid a showdown ban on free entry to all the holy places, which are managed by the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala" - quoted Marroquin Latin American media.Authorities Read more [...]
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Before the end of the world tourists began to take a one way ticket

Tourists around the world began to buy tickets only from one end of the approaching "Doomsday", which, according to some interpretations of the Grand Mayan Calendar, is expected on December 21. In this regard, airlines and tour operators have set up special promotions and discounts, reports "Kommersant FM".Available was a large number of inexpensive and even cheap airline tickets, recorded a low demand for all international destinations - near and far, ascertain market players. And the most popular destinations are now France and Turkey, said the radio station.Recall Read more [...]
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Heavenly crocodile spits a large portion of water — the Mayan calendar can be seen in Dresden

22/12/2012 The legendary Mayan calendar, which like writing about the end of the world, kept in Dresden. However, scientists have never believed in the prophecy. Maya just predicted rains and floods, the researchers said. Proof that the end of the world will not be, hidden behind heavy metal doors Dresden University Library, which are painted with hieroglyphics. They are in the room, which holds ancient manuscripts. For example, a clay disc used for printing and which is almost 4000 years, the Hebrew prayer book or the Mass in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. However, the greatest treasure Read more [...]
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Second mention Maya about 2012

Found a second mention Maya about 2012 scientists already tired to explain that the Maya did not predict the end of the world in 2012. Like, the coming apocalypse - only one (not very correct) interpretations of a single stone tablets from Tortuguero, in the Mexican state of Tabasco. The plate with the first referenceSuddenly, the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico made a statement that There is another reference, Regarding our 2012. It is in ruins Komalkalko near Tortuguero. It is a line, cut or stamped on the brick (yes, Komalkalko differs from other Mayan temples that Read more [...]
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From 11 to 14 December Maya hold a conference Star Knowledge

Alien paleocontacts Maya and 21 December 2012, the end date of the cycle. Was there contact? The ancient Maya and UFOs, alien contact in 2012. Film Jason Kirby. Maya uses a pyramid structure for the construction of the other. In place of Calakmul (Calakmul), INAH staff found room inside the pyramid, which no one had seen or studied. Pyramid in Calakmul This film tells the story of some findings found in these newly discovered rooms, as well as some of the artifacts found in studies of the Government of Mexico. These findings clearly shows the shape of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Was Read more [...]
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The ancient Maya predicted a solar eclipse in 1991

Maya, who became most famous in recent days in connection with the end of the world, they would never have predicted quite accurately predict the real astronomical phenomenon for many centuries before the attack, the researchers say.A new book entitled "Astronomy in the Maya Codices" (American Philosophical Society, 2011) which was awarded Osterbrock Book Award as the best book on the history of astronomy at the American Astronomical Society on Monday, January 7, details the impressive series of observations made by astronomers Maya before the start of the 16th century.The team of anthropologists, Read more [...]
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The scientists adjusted the date of the end of the world: a 21 th and 23 th December

Russian scientists have found that the original Mayan calendar ended with a 21 and 23 December 2012. Just later that date was moved to the winter solstice for the convenience of astronomical calculations. The researchers also refuted the popular theory that the end of the Mayan calendar means the death of all life on Earth. "Moreover, do nothing at all about the Mayan end of the world did not say," - says Galina Yershova, Professor, Russian State University for the Humanities and the President of the Russian-Guatemalan Maya Center for Research Yuri Knorozov.Note that it is Yu.Knorozov, Read more [...]
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Scientists will discuss the Mayan calendar at the international symposium

The ancient Mayan calendar, which has become so popular in the world media in connection with the expectations of the end of the world, will be one of the topics of discussion at the first International Symposium scientists mayyanistov, which opened on Monday in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Symposium held at the National Park Xcaret Center, named after the famous Soviet linguist Yuri Knorozov (1922-1999 years). At the time, the Soviet researcher and the key to the decipherment of ancient Maya writing. The forum was attended by researchers from different universities in Mexico, Russia, Poland, Read more [...]
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Orion Over the Mayan pyramids

21 December 2012. The winter solstice. Orion Over the Mayan pyramids. El Castillo, the central mystery of the pyramid of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula. It is sometimes called the Palace of Kukulkan, the height of 30 meters in height, and the side of the square base - 55 meters. Built before Columbus, somewhere between 9m and 12m centuries AD, is oriented to the cardinal points and it could be used for observations of celestial bodies, what the ancient Maya were great masters. In particular, based on this knowledge, the Maya constructed their own calendar.Category: Space Read more [...]
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