Greg Foresighted’s Up-to-the-minute Brushing With Destruction

Greg Foresightful in California.     Picture: Jeff Lipsky/CPi SyndicationGreg Farsighted beingness resuced by DK Walsh (center) and Postmark Quiarte (correct) later a horrifying destruction and subsequent 3 undulation grip fine-tune at Cortes Deposit in December. 60 The estimated stature, in feet, of a wafture Shawn Buck rode at Cortes Swear, a paddle-in platter.THIS Retiring Wintertime, 14 of the humankind’s outflank big-wave surfers bobbed supra Cortes Trust, an notorious seamount 100 miles westward of San Diego, where a northwards dude promised monolithic waves. In the Read more [...]
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Potential New Big Wafture Disk Set in Portugal

Carlos Burle, a Brazilian surfboarder, may deliver set the new big beckon commemorate off the sea-coast of Nazaré, Portugal, yesterday. In the like breakout where booster and blighter surfboarder Garrett McNamara set the book in 2011, Burle rode an estimated 100-foot beckon on Monday.The perhaps record-breaking rally came during an vivid day of jet ski-assisted surfriding, according to CBS Intelligence, which included rescuing surfboarder Maya Gabeira who almost drowned in a unsafe spill. Surfboarder Now radius with Burle yesterday afterwards the rally."It was fortune. Read more [...]
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Hawaiian surfer won the 30-meter wave

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara won a wave height of about 30.5 meters, writes The Guardian. American record attempt made in the Portuguese village of Nazare, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. In the event that the surfer will apply for registration of the record, he beat his own achievement established in 2012. Comrade McNamara Alistair Manny, who also participated in surfing in Nazare, called the act a colleague encouraging and inspiring. According to Manny, wave and weather were perfect for McNamara, and he reached the goal, did not commit any errors, even in the most dangerous Read more [...]
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The New Elf Zona

Peal Surge Ticker a picture of McNamara and Mamala surfboarding the gelid undulation."Thither were unbelievable waves with 30-to-40-foot faces," says surfboarder Garrett McNamara of the swells he and boyfriend Hawaiian Kealii Mamala towed apiece former into this yesteryear Revered. The monolithic freshwater rollers in Alaska's Cu River were generated by ice blocks calving off the Childs Glacier. "They cask improbably," he says. They too get crocked with ice chunks, silt, and more a few logs. The stager big-wave riders came binding from the first-of-its-kind excursion unharmed, Read more [...]
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Rally Care a Heavyweight

I Lean TO Attentiveness DIRECTIONS outdo when they're screamed. So when big-wave genius Garrett McNamara gunned his personal vessel (PWC) toward my nerve at 30 mph and bellowed, "A 20-foot flourish is sledding to clangor on your psyche! Non-jew the sled—quick!" I did as I was told. Ne'er nous that I was really bobbing safely in lovesome, two-foot Indonesian breakers.So goes preparation for tow-in surfboarding. It was our one-fifth comparatively matt day of a 12-day live-aboard breaker delegacy done the Mentawais, an archipelago of 70-odd islands good of fabled breaks, most 120 miles Read more [...]
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Hurrying Demons

Out-of-door           At 7 a.m. one dawning death summertime, two untested climbers, Chris McNamara and Miles Smartness, were seance in the Yosemite Gild cafeteria refueling abreast chocolate and bagels when Ron Kauk, 42, one of Yosemite's starring climbers, stopped-up by the tabularise to see what the boys had plotted for the day. McNamara, 21, and Fresh, 19, explained Read more [...]
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McNamara Surfs Disc 90-Foot Undulation

Garrett McNamara caught what may be the largest waving always surfed on Monday when he dropped into a 90-foot expression off the seacoast of Portugal. McNamara, 44, was tow-in surfriding with Expectant Britian's Andrew Cotton and Ireland's Al Mennie approximate Nazaré Canon, an submarine ditch known for creating immense dude, when the monstrosity waving rolling in. "Both [Cotton] and I rode two big ones in the 60-foot-plus grasp so when Garrett got on the r-2 a flourish, possibly 30 feet larger, came out of the canon, it was meant to be," aforementioned Mennie, who towed McNamara Read more [...]
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Surfboarding a 90-Foot Brandish

Garrett McNamara on the biggest waving e'er surfed?     Photograph: Wilson Ribeiro/Nazare Qualifica/Polvo ConceptsThe Biggest Flourish Always Surfed Sentry Telecasting Noted Unconfirmed Waves 1998, External Log Cabins, OahuHawaiian Ken Bradshaw claimed he surfed a curl with an 80-foot boldness. The gritty picture proven inconclusive.2007, Outer Spreckelsville, Maui Brett Lickle towed Laird Hamilton into waves that Lickle claims were leastwise 80 feet.2008, Cortes Swear, Peaceable Sea After the like day that Microphone Parsons recorded his 77-footer, Californian Greg Foresightful Read more [...]
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