Tetereva beer

This simple recipe I tried on summer birds, but I think it is suitable for spring Kosach, but it will have to put out a little longer.So, take the extracted grouse. No, no, Kurzhaar today we are not going to cook :)In cooking, I - a person lazy and not accustomed to split hairs with the cooking. Therefore, this recipe is very simple. We need a little:Burke bird: take the legs, the breast and remove the remaining flesh on the bones.These pieces are washed and further hand squeeze water from the meat, remove tissue remaining moisture.In utyatnitsu warm up the oil and fry the meat on rapid fire. Read more [...]
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Supets of moose

Good day, my friends. Soon lunch and I'm supposed to fool around a little bit :) Today we do the simplest thing can be elk. It - supets. No soup, no soup. Simple supets. Do not let the name scare you, its simplicity. The simplicity also sometimes hidden shades of beauty that does not see and does not prochuvstvuesh in slozhnosochinёnnom and fine dining. So, take the meat of moose. Meats do not regret!Thyme, rosemary, onion unpeeled WHOLENot all the thyme and not the whole rosemary, that the photo !!! Without fanaticism!!!!!!!Sharp pepper (I grow on the windowsill)Root parsley. It should be a lot. Read more [...]
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Breasts of grouse on the coals

You want to feel like a bourgeois? Please -Here you retsept.Pervoe, of course, takes a gun and goes to hunt grouse. Suffice zapolevat at least a couple (one with very little meat is).If today the luck on your side, to handle their trophies. Pinching is not necessary, you can simply remove the skin with feathers.Further, a sharp knife cut the flesh from the breast. Everything else can be sent to the broth.Breasts washed and marinate.The last time, for that I personally took three carcasses grouse, salt, black pepper, juniper berries (crushed!) And onion. Meat spices and sprinkled filled light solution Read more [...]
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Elk stuffed with mushrooms and onions

Moose meat we cook today. And in the beer right, mind you, friend! Do not spray the saliva me beer fans that believe, they say, the translation product of value this occupation ...We gently repel the meat. Not until the holes! Without the zealous fanaticism, without malice! But subtly, brothers, thinly repel. And there, taking up a hammer, Mlada ohotneg peel a piece, imagine the boss before a blunt instead of elk ... and surprisingly it is not the limit: "What these things for torn doily bloody lies? ... Shrapnel punched through?" But ... fully indulge in unnecessary thoughts!All.Pickling.Oh marvel! Read more [...]
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Elk chops meat in batter

Take the pulp of a moose. Thawed (if necessary), washed and cut into thin pieces, and approximately the same.Personally, I cut the meat I wash again, and the longer the better in my opinion. To the point where it is sensitive "push-ups" hand several pieces of flowing water has a reddish color. If you love blood, you can not so much to soak:You will need: the beat than the meat (a hammer, a bottle or something like that), salt, black pepper and mixed just 2-3 eggs:Spread the meat on the board for later "bounces" I do this so (plus the excess water and drained):We fought back Read more [...]
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Stewed partridge

At the weekend, usually I cook something from the game. Recently I learned to use multivarka. The device is interesting, with it I'm not afraid to send his wife to the country for a long time with the kids or on vacation in warmer climes.I adapt himself to do it, and different Dichin. Moreover, it seems to me, it is much easier and tastier than in the oven.So, a little more about the unit:Five-liter volume capacity -  it's very good, you can cook full soups and borscht, prepare main dishes and pastries for the whole family and at the same time to cook meat (fish) dish and garnish inside Read more [...]
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Meat of wild boar

1. The meat of wild boar is mainly used for the preparation of dishes. Before that, it must be a long soak or marinate. For example, a 2- – 3 percent vinegar.The marinade can be prepared as follows. To add vinegar to taste sugar, small amounts of herbs, bay leaf, pepper, cinnamon, cloves. All this mixture of spices must first boil, then strain and cool.2. The most valuable part of the wild boar – ham, used for salting, smoking, baking and cooking.3. Meat containing muscles with large coupling layers, you need to cook for a long time in the water. Boil it must begin in the cold water, Read more [...]
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Pilaf of wild boar

Actually, what we are preparing? HIM !Looking naturalistSo, take the edges and cut away the excess fat from them.Like thatThen we heat the fat over medium heatNo!Drown MORE fat !!Prepare carrots and onions.Carrots have a lot ofNext, fry the carrots and onions in melted fat boars. Add salt and black pepper to taste.Fry on the fat that was obtained by melting fat. Bacon when it is necessary to remove from the roasting process, so that they are not burnt and spoiled us the whole thing. More sizzling bacon salt and put aside.Bacon and misted «thick-lipped» with vodka to help pass the time Read more [...]
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Hazardous inhabitants of the sea

Part 4: Stitching fish.Photo sevnews.info Resting on the sea and facing the water with a variety of its inhabitants, people can be damaged by certain dangerous fish, having on his body poisonous spines. In addition, eating a particular caught fish, you need to be pretty sure that the meat it is not poisonous. Having the poisoning from fish meat, need to know how to neutralize it.SCORPIO. Scorpion fish live in tropical and temperate zones, but are also found in the waters of the Arctic. Scorpionfish family includes about 330 species of fish. Most Scorpaenidae able to masquerade Read more [...]
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Anthem field kitchen

My favorite dishes are prepared in the field kitchen were gruel, soup, cabbage soup, braised potatoes, buckwheat with meatHungry soldiers - a bad soldier. Folk wisdom. Photos from the archives of the publisher.The fact that the soldier should be well fed, known by the ancient generals. Hot porridge and a good joke to halt the fighting spirit of support, added power.[mkref = 1696]History has brought information that the terrorists still Kievan Rus with the prince ate good «the hut»And under Peter I, who translated the Russian army on the principle «regulyarstva», Serving Read more [...]
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That was a long time ago…

1969. My first expedition to Western Siberia. I'm twenty years old, I am a student of the Moscow Topographical Polytechnic. Detachment, consisting of 12 people, it is necessary to pass from the second class leveling Verhnembatsky village that is located on the right bank of the Yenisei River in the Turukhansk region, almost to the Gulf of Ob. Folk crept patchy and interesting. Time romantics desperate and dedicated people ...In the taiga brown bears — true masters. They are not scare expeditionary camp and they with curiously watching who appeared on their territory. Smaya Read more [...]
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Azu of capercaillie

How to cook a wood-grouse spring so that the meat of poultry relic did not work hard, and melted in the mouth, thus giving a slight scent of the woods? I think many people who were lucky enough to get to the current Moshnikov, asked this question ...Trying to cook the whole capercaillie – a questionable option. Yes, it is beautiful, impressive, but… it's not tasty. Win-win situation - it is, of course, burgers. The recipe is simple, a lot of time will not take, and the burgers are obtained – real jam. Yes, even with fir flavor. I recommend to everyone!For those who like a little Read more [...]
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Duck with apples and honey

This time, I decided to step back a little from the usual, proven over the years the recipe cooking wild duck with apples. I wanted to experiment a bit, add new ingredients. And it seems not bad.Take the duck or goose. If you have extracted the goose, the difference in the recipe is just in time quenching, which will need to be increased. I'll cook today spring drakes.Almost everything that we need, there is in the photograph below. I forgot to add to these things still life I just garlic.We start as usual on the classic recipe. Chop poultry into portions, cut the apples as shown in the picture. Read more [...]
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Dishes from black grouse

Meat grouse never particularly bold. Breast consists of two layers: the top - dark meat, the lower - white and pink, like a grouse. The meat of young grouse juicy and tender, it is recommended to fry and bake. Meat-old roosters Kosachev more stringent, it should simmer and cook. In field conditions grouse meat cooked on a spit or baked clay. TETERIV FRIED 1 or grouse hen, 1/2 bottle of vinegar, 1/2 bottle of water and 1 bottle of wine, 5–8 slices of pork bacon, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of fat or butter, salt, herbs.Adults grouse because of hard meat must be soaked before roasting 3 days in vinegar Read more [...]
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12 days of the New Year to live with dignity

On New Year's table of 2012 have to be fresh meat only: no canned food - preparing fresh fish, meat, seafood.From the first to the thirteenth our January Themselves recruited back issues… They took illuminations but lit candles.From the first to the thirteenth old looking for friends. Like the twelve months of the twelve days. Maybe, something will change in your life and mineThese twelve days ...Every time this song sounds lyrical performance of Alexander Abdulov, my heart is warm and wakes up the New Year and Christmas mood. At the same time like it or not, and the working attitude will Read more [...]
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Prairie Legend

Saiga antelopes in Russia - is primarily Kalmykia. Until now, they still are found in the flat plains of the steppes that were once the bottom of the Great Sea. Squat swift-footed antelopes, hook-nosed, with oval nostrils, rushes huge or small herds in the steppe haze, pale red in summer and gray in winter. 850 There were 000 in the saiga USSR 60 years of the last century. All her life — motion, slow during grazing, the prompt, typically at risk. In male lyre-shaped horns with wax black tips. The females are hornless.I became acquainted in Read more [...]
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Polar diet of meat or bread

The history of Arctic exploration until 1890 contains many examples of expeditions who died not from the cold and from hunger and scurvy. None of the Russian, British and American expeditions failed to avoid scurvy - the worst enemy of polar and therefore the problem of the Arctic diet has become one of the most vital for the next generation of travelers.Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian polar explorer, scientist. At the end of the XIX century the cause of scurvy was unknown, and drawing of a polar diet is still going on trial and errors. None However, with by careful Read more [...]
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Area kisame

Dream to see the real Africa, probably visited every boy in his childhood. It's hard to believe that somewhere there is a place among the baobab trees while grazing and untold herds of antelopes, elephants, buffalo, and close quietly roam lions and cheetahs. And in the rivers where you can not swim, not because it is dirty, but because they are full of toothy crocodiles and hippopotamuses. And to hunt in Africa, and even in Soviet times! Special chic at Our advisors believed to take on home tusk of an elephant, zebra skin black or horn grazing antelope. It was available Read more [...]
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After the shot

Prostrate giant lying on the ground, bend under him small trees. Beside him stood three men. The elephant seemed more than two minutes ago when he was on his feet and the crosshairs carefully choose where to send the 300 Grain brass.After the traditional greetings and photos captured, it became clear that the problem of this magnitude, our team was not yet: you have to have something to do with the carcass, and as soon as possible, because the air temperature over 45 °With meat spoils very quickly. It was decided to call for the meat of residents nearby fishing village located a few kilometers Read more [...]
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Delicacies from elk

Unleavened dough for future useFirst unleavened dough kneaded without soda (!), And then burnt dry baking soda mixed with the remaining flour and stir into the mixture in the still fairly soft dough piece. After the dough is fully will incorporate all the flour, knead the dough by hand to continue for another 5—7 minutes. The finished dough is placed in a sturdy plastic bag, inside oiled with vegetable oil. Such assays are well conserved (for 1 week in a cool place) and its quality during storage will continue to improve.TO «hunting liver» put on the table a simple familiar foods: Read more [...]
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