Hunting for snakes

To survive, people must sometimes do things that under any other circumstances – and would not have thought to do. For example, to hunt snakes and eat them. It would seem that from these vile, and often poisonous creatures, you need to stay away. But in extreme conditions, when the question is about life or death, not to prejudice. In this article we will talk about the features hunting for snakes. Psychologically difficult to restructure, but possible. The classical approach: the snake – dangerous, we – victim. But you can approach this situation and Vice versa: we are hungry Read more [...]
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Gathering Secondary hunting

If you submit a good old man, our ancestor, he was not so outstanding hunter. With primitive weapons, and not such and fantastic physique – ancient hunters not so often brought to the cave of the mammoth, elk, Buffalo, bison. This is what our ancestors worked very well, is to gather mushrooms, berries and pick up the remains of predators to prey. And it was the right approach! In this article we will talk about how to produce meat not a hunter, but as the looter and scavenger. And let this not sound noble and disgusting – but it highly effective method of survival. And pretend to be Read more [...]
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Well, sometimes a bit calculates, and put in the excitement a little more that can eat up follow-hunting - in 3-4 days. What to do with this mountain?1. Painfully simple and can rapidly (especially in the summer this is useful, it rapidly deteriorates) PICKLE. Cut portions. For example, such.[puc.1]But, if you have saved thick guts, you pieces and more.In this case, I hunt faster to make, faster to Sao salty and the faster pedallos.Pour coarse salt into a big bowl or basin and enveloped the meat with salt across the surface, the excess flick.[puc.2] With a large rock salt I accustomed to work, Read more [...]
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In connection with the events that entice public attention for several months, I figured that may be the power that comes to us from the continent. And that means lost the contents of the freezer, and there I minced meat stored pounds... a lot. Means: an urgent need to develop a technique of his salvation. Moreover, experiments with smoked sausage was made of the forthcoming development of this theme. Specifically: development of a meat product, which is usual in the manufacture, suitable for cooking and chew, lying without a refrigerator for a long time. At least a year. I have realized myself Read more [...]
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For production we will need a marinade:60% of the soy sauce, 40% of Worcester sauce. The framework should cover all the meat located in the tank. Then add his beloved condiment (mixture of peppers, Tabasco, garlic).On to the meat. Meat (and in my case, chicken) cut into thin strips, poured the marinade and leave overnight in the refrigerator.Further marinated meat spread on a baking sheet dryer for 8 - 10 hours at 70°.So trivial to get a savory cured meats. You can take a hike, there are so or chop and add to soup/porridge. Quite a long time to be stored. What else to covet from food?Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Now prepare the delicacy, whose Motherland is in Sunny Italy. In the store it is very expensive, and is far not always and not everywhere. Well, if so, means, create it themselves.Bresaola - cured ham beef. First bresaola began to create more than 6 hundred years ago in the districts of the city of Chiavenna, which is located in the Lombardy region, in the plain of Valtellina.The very invention of the meat leaving your thoughts in the deepest antiquity, as well as 10-s similar products, fabricated, other Nations did not have the goal to cater to the aesthetic tastes of his contemporaries, and solved Read more [...]
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In preparation for Autonomous two-month journey, we decided that canned meat to take with you is not intentional. Disadvantages it has a lot (a lot of weight; high volume; a lot of fat; the difficulty in finding good, meat, savory stew), and pluses, not counting the quick production, no.To eat we had planned for game, fish and dried meat. Looking ahead, I will say that dried meat came out very tasty, prepared rapidly and simply in General, has proved to be best.So, as we were preparing dried meat: For two months of travel we bought 10 pounds of lean beef. Then, on the same day it was cut into thin, Read more [...]
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DRIED MEAT — LY Gur (Circassian recipe)

To prepare dried meat take beef, cut into huge slices of width up to 2 cm, and sprinkle liberally with salt and dry either in the sun or over a gas stove. Be sure to wrap the pieces of meat nezapyatannoy gauze so as not sat insects.In the afternoon take out the sun, in the evening make and dried on the stove for about a week until it dried. To prepare dried meat can either pasta or potatoes. To do this, cut the meat into small pieces and fry in sunflower oil in a frying pan before the formation of reddish brown. Potatoes you can either boil or fry. Also with such meat can be cooked lysocline (Stroganoff) Read more [...]
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Evaporation of meat in fat to reduce weight.Lean beef in the amount of 6 kg evaporated 2 parties. In the first game used lard, 2 - beef tallow. The fat easier to burn and it has the least waste. But the fat, as I thought, assigns the final dish with freeze-dried meat the best taste.1. Properties of the first batch:" beef - 2.2 kg;" lard - 1.2 kg (after perekopki - 0.8 kg).2. Properties 2nd party:" beef - 3.8 kg;" beef tallow - 3.6 kg (after perekopki - 1.6 kg).In the end turned out to 3.8 kg of the finished product, consisting of approximately 2.3 kg of fat (0,8 + 1,6 - loss) and 1.5 kg of freeze-dried Read more [...]
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More than fifty years I have been working on the Last North. Once a year in different regions I have long been divided shelter and food with indigenous peoples white silence and greenish sea of taiga.The base of their food is made of ecologically clean products - meat and fish, which are rich in protein, fat, macro - and microelements, vitamins and other valuable substances. This allows indigenous peoples of the North in the terrible extreme criteria to support the physiological status of its own body on the rational level.The knowledge of the cuisine of the indigenous peoples of the North has Read more [...]
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Do you understand what Brawn? and is it really useful? "Brawn" is boiled pressovannoe "sausage"the product in the Bank or shell, which is completely possible to take them in to the routes in the cool time of year.Previously , in the old days, the men in the trip always took a piece of steep Brawn.Not enough people know that "jelly" from "Brawn" has unique healing qualities. Namely, it often advise to take people who have obstacles with musculoskeletal disorders in the prevention and healing of diseases of cartilage , joints, bones, arthrosis of arteritis and others..pharmacies sell all Read more [...]
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Manufacturer BASTURMA

Basturma - dried in the spice beef (not to be confused from time to time are called basturma marinated skewers). Usually hams are cooked sufficiently thick slices, cm 6 thickness, and long-dried in the shade, at approximately 8 degrees. The process Walki takes 2-4 weeks and at home to repeat difficult. Because I use the quick method, the meat is cut thinner strips and therefore cook faster, the disadvantage of this method is that the finished thin strip of hard to cut slices to make sandwiches. But in our case, this inconvenience is compensated by the speed of fabrication. And will definitely get Read more [...]
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With old products for lack of a refrigerator kept in was clean , cool and dry cellar.In order to protect it from penetration of warm air and sunlight in the summer window, its lay fresh humus, which is often sprinkled with cool water. By day, during the intense heat, window closed shutters, the night is again open, inserting them in the door covered with small bars (gauze) frame, so that the insects could not go inside. The way it is, cellar, in which there is no ice, the nights cooled draught. In order to keep cool, the floor of the cellar is often sprayed with cool water with vinegar.It is believed Read more [...]
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The lock and load SAUSAGE

Truly, sausage - sacred. With youth I always had a strong feeling that if the meat and chicken can be roasted at home, lock and load sausage Supreme alchemy that are only available to Necromancers, on Special Protected Plants. Even Russian Alliance died, as everyone knows, because of the sausage. Fusion device built, interplanetary place mastered - and the sausage was a very complex product. She should give up, right?.. But, as it turned out, it's not so difficult. I would even said " absolutely not difficult, not difficult homemade ravioli.Eventually I tried different ways and recipes of home-cured Read more [...]
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vyzualnyj product PEMMICAN can be not only the pressed can see the production version vyzyvaemogo of bistronomic .COMPOSITION : beef, melted subcutaneous fatsalt, dried vegetables, ( the rest is optional, see recipes pemmican : ( here) HOW TO COOK :Meat should be dried. For this, all of the tendons, skin and fat removed. Meat is placed on the grid and dried for about 10-18 hours at 50-55 °that moisture was going, the oven door not tightly close to circulate the air. Meat loses when drying about 75% of its own weight. For the manufacture of concentrate Pemmikan Read more [...]
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Pemmican (eng. pemmican, taken from the languages of the North American Redskins of algonkins), briquettes made from dried and powdered deer or bizonova meat mixed with fat and juice of sour berries.( below we will cook the meat, the usual for us)The best pieces of meat dried in the usual manner, and then well kneaded on the stone. Before the pounding pieces of meat held over the fire to make it soft and greasy .Bone marrow and other fats warmed up and connected with pounded meat, then there was added mashed wild cherry. Often for fragrance added a few leaves of peppermint. The result was a highly Read more [...]
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How to prepare extracted about meat left in the criteria of natural survival? To sawalich or dry:Cut the meat into thin pieces, sprinkle with salt and hang out. Arrange a small fire, waiting for the coals. Direct attention and remember that the coals will certainly constantly add sprigs of juniper.Smoke need to flush insects during drying meat. ( see the video)#vizianagaramVyzhivayuschy meat in the forest criteria. 4:05Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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it is curious..

Wolves and foxes are hunters, naturally mined..For the sake of hunting excitement or for the sake of the relative abundance of feral animals (rabbits). But to roast their meat on the fire hunters somehow not in a hurry. Wolves and foxes, usually remain for hunters, though respectable, but only symbolic trophies for the photo. Carcass as foxes and wolves in the best case, take for yourself a Ranger to Petrovci dogs. And in the worst - carcasses and lie on the ground, and not even ravens peck.But all the same? Can wolves and foxes to eat food? Well, with Fox well: in almost all regions, it's almost Read more [...]
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CHECK the QUALITY of Goods

Harvesting products, painstaking Inspectorate their quality. Moreover, careful you must be, not only buying products on the market or in the store, but also using household supplies from long-term storage, they can deteriorate or be at first not very fresh. Therefore it is worth understanding some of the nuances that will allow you to find the quality of some important goods.• Meat. All figures are much healthier to eat food meat youngish animals. The easiest way can be found in color. Thus, meat from animals under the age of 6 weeks has colors from light pink to red, and internal fat is dense Read more [...]
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Extreme kitchen. Dogs and cats.

In most Euro-Amerikan countries (except for some immigrant communities) the dog is considered man's best friend, which explains a purely negative attitude to the fact that in many Asian and Latin American countries sobachatiny eating and active struggle of the French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot previous years and numerous animal advocates for a ban on the attitude of the dog as a source of food. Activities Ms. Bordeaux new career gained fame when she founded the organization of animal rights activists urged football fans refuse to visit the World Cup in Seoul, Korea, if not legally prohibited the Read more [...]
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