Since you go into the forest

Some time ago I wrote in a recent essay that a gun - something special, different from all the things surrounding human in that it has a "soul" ... received a lot of feedback, confirming that thought. This is not surprising, since it is actually. Weapons from the earliest times has the magical power to his men strict, menacing look.Photo by Sergey Stulova When a weapon in your hands, feel its inner potential, ready to serve you right, his inner strength. I first felt it in 1954 to the age of 10 in his native Siberia. We lived in a remote village in the north of the Novosibirsk Read more [...]
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A clock that sang

Unique exhibit Many tagilchane older than 40 years, visiting museum, ask the question: "Where is the astronomical clock Yegor Kuznetsov?" Astronomical Clock, a unique monument of art and the greatest skill of our countrymen. They are made in the years 1755-1775 Taghilsky mechanic EG Kuznetsov (Rzepin) painting was done serf artist S. Dubasnikovym. The watch has a lunar and solar disc, showing the phase of the heavenly bodies. Linear disk showing the name of the saint, attributable to a given number. There is also a part of music and theater with a small figure of a blacksmith Read more [...]
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Artem Sukhovoj This design has proved to be a very common and reliable mechanism, which can be done almost 5 minutes. This design is quite compact and will fit in any pocket.Such a mechanism also can be used in military purposes as stretchingWe will need:- Wood clothespin - The battery or battery- any electrical device (Speaker, flashlight, electric match)How to do it look at the* * *How to make "electronic match" to make an ordinary alarm from CLOTHESPINS 2:01Read more [...]
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Antikythera mechanism: the first analog computer

This item was found in 1901, and he still remains one of the greatest mysteries ancient civilization. Thanks to him, was debunked the myth of the primitive techniques of antiquity. Antikythera mechanism clearly demonstrated that even in ancient times, science was at a very high level, and forced to reconsider opinion on the then technology.How it all beganLike many other artifacts Antikythera mechanism was discovered quite by accident. In 1900, Captain Dimitrios Condos waited out bad weather near the island of Antikythera (north of Crete), as part of his team is looking for a marine sponge. During Read more [...]
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New mysteries of the famous Antikythera Mechanism

Antikersky mechanism consisting of 37 gears, used to calculate the motion of heavenly bodies. This technology was invented again only after the millenniumAncient Roman ship found in 1901 on the ocean floor off the coast of Greece, was much larger than previously thought. More than a century ago, there were found several bronze statues and mysterious Antikythera mechanism. In October, marine archaeologists have again descended to the ancient fragments. An international team of experts have found out that the ship was twice as long as previously thought. New findings suggest that the wreckage Read more [...]
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Why do cats have nine lives?

The cat belongs to the genus of mammals squad predators, cats. Cat - the perfect predator. If we consider the cat as a mechanism, we can see that this "mechanism" is made for murder. Each part of the cat's "arsenal" ingeniously fitted to the other, and all of it is aimed at one thing - catch and kill, and then, of course, eat. Cat - the personification of harmony, grace, intelligence, cunning. It is associated with the concept of human unsolved mystery. This mystery man was associated not only with the good, but with a terrible, ineradicable evil. This led to tragic Read more [...]
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Fish Bryzgunov spit, using the laws of physics

Fish Bryzgunov long impressed scientists amazing ability to hunt insects, knocking them with a strong jet of water with emergent vegetation. To this day, it was assumed that the fish can spit so much by internal, hitherto undescribed, the structure of the Bryzgunov. But the Italian specialists, having a kinematic analysis of the water jet, have shown that no special structures Bryzgunov required. Fish just skillfully apply the laws of hydrodynamics using the unstable properties of the jet, which by the way, resembles the mechanism of the ink jet printer. Bryzgunov fish that live in the mangrove Read more [...]
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The first computer world: Antikythera mechanism

If in 1901, it is not found, no one would have believed in the possibility of the existence of such a complex mechanism. He would have been a genius, whether it is even easier than it is. This is a story about one of the greatest finds in istorii.Etot corroded bronze object - a device for predicting the future. It was created 2000 years ago in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks created an amazing device, which was essentially a mechanical computer. Reconstruction device showed that it was an astrological calculator, calculations that produced by a complex mechanism. On the outside of the Read more [...]
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Patterns of earthquakes

As established by Benioff and Richter, energy Earthquakes, usually has enough sustained annual average frequency and magnitude. Of course, this rule does not tell us of the power of any single push, but it is very important in assessing the totality of all shocks. Their persistence, probably indicates the interconnectedness. However, until now seismologists could not find any evidence of the existence of a binding mechanism Earthquakes in different parts of the globe. What is their "trigger mechanism" - is not clear. But, obviously, there must be some common reason that causes them. Read more [...]
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To doedit in the tropics will be stronger for two reasons

April 16, 2013. Forecast changes in precipitation pattern as a result of global warming remains uncertain, because scientists cannot decide how to communicate two different mechanism of formation of these precipitates. According to a new study, conducted by Chinese and Hawaiian specialists mechanisms complement each other and together form the spatial distribution of seasonal rainfall in the tropics. The first mechanism is wet will be where and so wet\" (wet-gets-wetter) - predicts that precipitation is expected to increase in the regions where it rains a lot, while dry areas will become drier. Read more [...]
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Car maintenance and troubleshooting

Car - your most important resource. After home vehicle - the most expensive of the things that you own. Natural dictates of reason in relation to such an expensive thing to be willing to study the mechanism and maintenance. It is quite capable of any of you do not even have a tendency to mechanics. For example, I even used to know a girl who along with her mother coped magnificently with the repair of the engine of "Volkswagen", 1969. Neither she nor her mother had never encountered such problems before and had no idea about the basics of auto mechanics. But they were able to Read more [...]
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Chronic pyelonephritis and hypertension

Chronic pyelonephritis is one of the leading cause of renal hypertension. P. often proceeds with high blood pressure, which is observed both at bilateral and at one-way process, and sometimes becomes malignant course, that is quickly progressing and accompanied by a significant increase in pressure, particularly diastolic, and severe changes in the retina. Hypertension can occur with exacerbations of chronic pyelonephritis, but severe and more enduring hypertension often develops in a latent, hidden, its course, which is particularly important for the clinic P. Causal relationship between hypertension Read more [...]
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Phenols of malignant disease-4

Oksikumarina synthetic derivatives, antibiotic kumermitsin, some have estrogenic activity patented isoflavone derivatives as a means of stimulating growth and weight gain of livestock and poultry, fattened for meat. The addition of these products in the amount of 1-50 grams per ton of feed significantly increases the efficiency of its use. However, in recent years there have been concerns that these substances are widely used in some western countries, are dangerous in the sense of increasing the frequency of tumors in people who consume meat with residues of these substances. The role of phenolic Read more [...]
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Injuries of the knee extensor mechanism

Modern topographic and functional anatomy of a knee extensor mechanism involves aponeurotic tendon-muscle of the anterior end of the femur and patella, patellar tendon. Quadriceps, as the main propulsion unit of this system, exerts its action in accordance with the position of the body segments in space differentially overcome, retain and inferior modes, transferring its effect on shin indirectly through mioentezichesky apparatus patella. In the area of the patellar tendon are two morphologically heterogeneous tissue (in the aggregate). This area is experiencing great stress, depending on the Read more [...]
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The causes and mechanisms of injury in sport

The causes of injuries in sport are very diverse. They are divided into several groups, the knowledge of which allows us to take effective preventive measures. 1. Improper technique of training sessions: failure to consistently and gradually increasing loads, insufficient account of age and sex characteristics involved, failure of the principle of individualization, failure or lack of insurance, workouts, etc. 2. Shortcomings in the organization of training: overload training places, a counter-movement involved (for example, skaters on the ice rink), too much engaged in the same group, so that Read more [...]
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The principle of dominance

We proceed to consider the neural mechanisms of dreams, in which the origin of the cash stimuli are not essential. One such mechanism is the dream of the dominant physiological principle, formulated Ukhtomskii (Collection op., Vol IV, 1945, p 125). Under dominant Ukhtomskii understood "focus stationary excitation and increased reactivity in the centers." He considered the dominant principle as a special mechanism coordination in the nervous system. "It is a question - said Ukhtomsky, - the possibility of rebuilding the reactions and the possibility to predict their direction: Read more [...]
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Neural mechanism of sleep-2

Therefore, we must say that hypnosis hypnotic sleep is different from natural sleep, these six characteristics. At the heart of both is a nervous mechanism occurring in the crust of sleep inhibition. But the extent of the intensity and configuration of sleep inhibition in both cases are different. Most specific for hypnosis is somnambulistic phase. The common view among clinicians on this phase proceeds from the definition, which at the time was given the trout, namely somnambulistic phase defined as the third, deepest phase hypnosis, as a phase of deep sleep. In our laboratory, electrophysiological Read more [...]
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Neural mechanism of sleep

Current scientific understanding of the physiological nature of sleep and hypnosis are based, first, on the theory of sleep and hypnosis Pavlov and, secondly, the data Meguna (Magoun) and Moruzzi (Moruzzi), concerning the physiological role of the so-called reticular formation the brain stem. According to Pavlov, sleep and hypnosis are developed first in the cerebral cortex. Of great importance is the level of cortical excitability, which is regulated by the reticular formation. Numerous experiments with conditioned reflexes, Pavlov found that the basis of the process is sleeping nervous mechanism Read more [...]
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The question of amnesia dream-2

 "Split Personality", observed in hysterical psychosis, and dissociation of cortical activity that occurs in the somnambulistic stage of hypnosis - is the phenomenon of the same order. At the heart of both of them is as a determining cortical neural mechanism of dissociation and negative induction. This same mechanism explains the phenomena of somnambulism during natural sleep. With this neural mechanism is functional gap associative relationships. Must be considered as the basis of Freud's so-called "crowding out" of a complex experience in the "subconscious" Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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