Plants rescue

Nature trying to win a man confronts the hero more and more obstacles, making difficulties. But nature itself is neutral, so it can be invoked as an ally. So, there are many plants that help to heal the wounds and get rid of diseases. Knowledge of key herbs – important for a person in an extreme situation. And medicinal herbs is a serious plus factor in the successful Autonomous survival. It is very desirable to know them! Aloe. Aloe juice helps to heal wounds, burns and blisters. You need to cut along the stem, begins to stand out juice. The sheet surface with juice – RUB the affected Read more [...]
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Licorice (Glycyrrhiza)

Licorice? And what do the sweets section on medicinal plants? As you can probably guess, I do not propose to discuss the licorice candy. The root of the licorice plant is used for medicinal purposes for at least a couple of thousand years old, is especially popular this tool has always been in Chinese and Arabic medicine. In toning and pharmaceuticals - licorice - contains amino acids and other amine components, sugars, starch, mineral wax, resinous gum, oil, flavonoids, glitstserizin (natural sweetener licorice), and other chemicals. Licorice has been and remains widely popular medicinal Read more [...]
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Aronia (chokeberry)

Aronia, or Aronia rowan (Aronia melanocarpa). So often we call it. Leaf petiole at it and the central vein painted purple. In the fall, after the first morning frost, chokeberry bushes are very elegant: the leaves are colored in yellow, orange, purple colors, shiny blackness brush juicy fruits. While Indian tribes have long been treated burns aronia juice, and flour made from dried fruit used for food, medicinal properties of chokeberry have been opened recently. Biochemical studies have found exclusively in its rich content of the fruit of biologically active substances, trace elements and Read more [...]
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Steroids - group organic compounds that are common in the animal and plant world. Steroids unite: sterols (see); vitamin D, which regulates Ca2 + uptake by the body, bile acids (see) involved in the digestion of fats and transport across the intestinal wall of the products, the sex hormones (see), the hormones of the adrenal cortex ( see Corticosteroids) regulating carbohydrate and fluid and electrolyte exchange, Cardiac glycosides contained in medicinal plants (foxglove, lily of the valley, strophanthus, etc.) and used to stimulate cardiac activity; steroidal sapogenins, steroidal alkaloids. Read more [...]
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Rules of medicinal plants

Herb Gathering Protecting green healers Could not be found in the world of drugs that would deliver much fun as berries and fruits! What is the healing power is hidden in them? They contain a lot of glucose and fructose, which are easily absorbed by the body and good influence on the nervous system, heart, and liver. Rich in vitamins, and even rare - group B, folic acid. Their valuable minerals. Barberry, blackthorn, ash, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry help with indigestion. If your gums are swollen, you need to eat strawberries and blueberries. Colds used Read more [...]
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What can visitors to protect the flora?

The question is not idle. Today it is impossible to rely on "free" natural gifts. Even in a short trip travelers can do many useful things. When gathering berries, nuts, mushrooms need to be careful, caring for plants, not to hurt them. Remember also that the plants have a devastating effect trampling, soil compaction, causing violation of water and air regime of soil. Therefore, the collection of raw materials to minimize trampling, the load on the ground. Not unnecessarily trample grass, pick flowers, crush trees and bushes! Already this behavior is not more than the fulfillment Read more [...]
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Timber factory

In the unexplored wilderness first appeared hunters. They were called pioneers. They built blockhouses - warehouses for hides killed them or traded them natives of fur animals. A ride to the store to exchange gunpowder, guns and other goods from the city. Thus a factory - An advanced outpost on the border has not yet populated spaces. These factors are well known to read the Book of James Fenimore Cooper's "Deerslayer," "The Last of the Mohicans," "Pathfinder", "prairie", "Hawkeye." Why do not we create a timber trading post on the harvesting Read more [...]
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Drug plants

Herbs, flowers, fruits Rules of medicinal plants Drying herbs Poisonous herbs Nutritional value medicinal plants Pharmaceutical Garden Vegetables Medicinal Mushrooms The section describes the medicinal plants - places of growth and healing properties, rules, data collection and storage. You will learn how to take care of these plants, what role they play in human life. Medicinal plants - a large group of plants used in medical and veterinary practice in various types of diseases with therapeutic or prophylactic purposes. Therapeutic properties of medicinal plants caused by the presence of certain Read more [...]
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Large perennial herb with a thick rhizome and numerous fleshy roots, coming from him. Stem straight, thick, 1-2.5 m tall, heavy foliage. The leaves are alternate, rough to the touch, the lower very large, elliptical, up to 50 cm and a width of 25 cm, with petioles, upper - smaller, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, sessile, amplexicaul. Flowers are yellow, gathered in baskets diameter of 6-8 cm, located on thick stalks at the ends of shoots and form a common racemose or corymbose inflorescence. Marginal flowers in baskets ligulate, female, median - tubular, bisexual. Fruits - rectangular brown Read more [...]
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Electrotherapy - is galvanization and medicinal electrophoresis. For therapeutic purposes, use direct current of low power (up to 20 mA) and voltage, which is produced by vehicles - to galvanize a wall (AGN), portable (AHO) or "flow-1." To summarize the current applying electrodes to the patient, consisting of lead plates and wet cloth pads, the intensity of the current density is dosed according to patient's age - from 0.01 to 0.05-0.06 mA to 1 cm2 pad size to match the area exposure (4 to 300-400 cm2). Treatment time equal to 10-20 minutes. The treatment procedures 8-45 (daily). A Read more [...]
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Magic herbs and overseas fruit-2

Gradually, the knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants are put together. Describes plants, their properties, creation of the first botanical book. Ancient writings on herbal treatment is called: "herbalist", "Zelnick", "flower". They provide descriptions of plants and be sure to give their drawings. In Kolomna, Tula, Novgorod, Pskov, Kostroma, Serpukhov had special "zeleynye courtyards" - storage of medicinal plants. Later in the Kremlin organized a special chemist order. With him was a special gardeners - "herbalist" - people who Read more [...]
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Mysterious language of herbs

On Earth, there were no people who would not use poisonous plants to treat various ailments. How did the folk medicine of poisonous plants turn evil to good? They learned from what diseases and what dosages can help deadly poisons? These are the questions difficult to answer. Knowledge of the healing power of plants so amazing that their origins were legends. Greek myths tell not only about Hecate - ancestor of all poisoners. If this was in charge of the evil goddess of plants, the wise centaur Chiron knew, however, the healing power of herbs and told that knowledge of Apollo. According to Read more [...]
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