The Mediterranean Prescription

Can Bradley     Photograph: Exposure by Shana NovakToilet Bradley dietingCan BradleyANGELO ACQUISTA WITH LAURIE ANNE VANDERMOLENTHE Hooking: More and wagerer geezerhood by feeding comparable a Sicilian.THE Dieting: Impudent create, legumes, balmy, unharmed grains, angle, olive oil, and red vino.NO. 1 Moral Knowledgeable: Goodly feeding agency moderateness of everything more riddance of anything.This one leave be a pullout for the residue of my living. The person of the program is the fish-and-produce-rich dieting of Sicily and conterminous Mediterranean polish?swordfish with capers, Read more [...]
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In the Mediterranean, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 points

The earthquake occurred in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday evening, according to the global monitoring of United States Geological Survey (USGS).

According to the service, the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.5. The epicenter was located 123 kilometers southwest of the Greek island of Rhodes in the eastern Aegean Sea, 350 kilometers from Athens.

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In the Mediterranean Sea earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred on Tuesday morning in the Mediterranean Sea, said seismic observatory Bosphorus University.

The epicenter of the earthquake recorded at 8:06 am local time (9:06 MSK) was between Turkey and Cyprus. According to preliminary data, no victims and destructions. According to local media reports, the quake was felt over a wide area on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey — from Antalya to Mersin province.

Source: RIA Novosti

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In Italy and Turkey floods

Mostly sunny, with a few interruptions, not stopping for almost 2 weeks, caused severe flooding in the north of Italy and north-west Turkey. Italy declared a state of emergency. There is a mass evacuation. Washed out roads and bridges, broken power lines. Flooded many houses; people move only by boat. Efros village that in Italy, completely disappeared under the water. Damaged motor road at the border between Turkey and Bulgaria. The culprit was a disaster cyclone, which yesterday moved from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Already marked by a series of Mediterranean cyclones exit to the south Read more [...]
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What are the scoop Mediterranean island escapes?

Diverse in Malta via Shutterstock     Picture: Liliya Krasnova

A:Dive in Malta
Set in the midsection of the Mediterranean ‘tween Italy and Libya, Malta’s crystallize piss, reefs, and many wrecks draw droves of European diverse. On earth, you’ll obtain a nation influenced by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and French. Maltaqua has been providing honkytonk services on the island for more quadruplet decades.

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What are the outdo Mediterranean island escapes?

Tramp on the GR20 tramp itinerary in Corsica via Shutterstock     Picture: YcoA:Much of Americans omission the Mediterranean just because it's not as soft to admittance from the States as the Caribbean. On top of that, the Mediterranean gets its better endure from later leap done former capitulation, when Yankees aren’t normally mentation of beachy escapes. But if you do go, you’ll uncovering that the Mediterranean islands are as awful for their finish and nutrient as they are for their beaches and brave. Thither’s too plenteousness of out-of-door turmoil to be Read more [...]
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What are the trump Mediterranean island escapes?

Batch peaks from the GR 20 via Shutterstock     Picture: Dominik MichalekA:Packing in Corsica, FranceWhy locomotion clear to an island off of France to go packing? Because of the GR20, a 110-mile trek traversing the duration of Corsica. The GR20 follows the north-south fin of mountains functional up the removed backbone of the amygdaloidal 50-mile-wide island, with a serial of 16 refuges (where you can nap and buy nutrient) facing the track. If you boost it end to end (which takes some 10 years), you’ll be mounting more 35,000 upright feet, but the dramatic vantages of the Read more [...]
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An earthquake measuring 5.5 to 6 points occurred in the Mediterranean sea

APR,18:any messages in these moments come from Mediterranean countries. Powerful tremors were felt by the inhabitants of the Greek island of Crete, the weaker oscillations recorded in Greece, and Turkey. According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake is located in the Mediterranean sea, its power is from five to six points. Information about victims and destructions yet. Source: Channel 5 Read more [...]
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In the Mediterranean sea will soon disappear 40 species of fish

April 20,,More than forty species of fish currently in the Mediterranean sea may disappear in the next few years. As stated in the Red list of threatened species published by the International conservation Union /IUCN/ with headquarters in the Swiss town of Glan, almost half of the species of sharks, rays, and about 12 species of bony fish are under threat due to overfishing, the degradation of their habitat and pollution. Such commercial species of fish, like tuna ordinary, rock bass, grouper, hake European nearing extinction or refer the report to the category of “close to extinction” at Read more [...]
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In the Mediterranean sea are depleted fish stocks

TEL AVIV, April 26. In the Mediterranean sea, many fish species are threatened ischeznoveniyam reports Zman, this is evidenced by the data in the report to the world organization for conservation of nature (IUCN). First of all, an endangered species there are several species of sharks and bluefish. 40% of the 76 species, so-called flat sharks that live on the seabed, almost or already extinct or migrated. Meanwhile, according to scientists, these species play a vital role in marine ecology. In the study, researchers gathered information about 519 the fish species in the Mediterranean sea. The Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Israel discovered an unknown species of jellyfish

Israeli scientists have discovered off the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea, a new species of jellyfish, still unknown to science. New jellyfish arrived, apparently, from the red sea and the Indian ocean through the Suez canal, was named Marivagia stellata (star of the sea tramp), because they have the shape of a star. Marivagia stellata included in the genus scyphoid jellyfishes, however, differs from other representatives of this genus. It was first spotted off the coast of Israel in 2006, but found then the instance has not reached the laboratory, as was lost during shipment. Again Read more [...]
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The invasion of jellyfish on the Mediterranean coast

On Israel's Mediterranean coast this summer there is a large number of jellyfish. They appeared in the first weeks of June, which had not happened since the 90-ies of the last century and continue to be near the Israeli resorts on the Mediterranean sea today. Basically we are talking about jellyfish species Rhopilema nomadica Galil, who sailed to the coast of Israel from the Gaza Strip, much more poisonous than other jellyfish. The local species of jellyfish is much less toxic, and usually appear near the coast in winter. Scientists have linked the invasion of jellyfish this summer Read more [...]
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A tropical storm in the Mediterranean sea

on November 11. Tropical storm (possibly subtropical hybrid) formed in the Mediterranean sea. No, that's not a typo! Look at the satellite picture was taken early Tuesday morning. Although rare, but this event is unprecedented. In accordance with the Research division of NOAA, low pressure system, reminiscent of tropical storms and hurricanes that took place in September 1947, September 1969, January 1982, September 1983 and January 1995. Because of their rarity, they have not been fully studied, so there is an opinion that these low-pressure systems have the same structure as that of the tropical Read more [...]
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Winter storm in the eastern Mediterranean

Mediterranean cyclone dragged into the orbit of bad weather a vast territory, including the Balkans, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and the Middle East. Reports of natural disasters come from Greece, Armenia, Israel, and South Russia.© Ahmed Zakot | ReutersPast the Caucasus heavy snowfall drastically complicated avalanche situation. The snow cover on the slopes increased to 1 meter. For the last day in the Transcaucasian highway produced more than 30 avalanches.© Omar Sobhani | ReutersIn Georgia and Armenia because of a snow storm closed part of roads and railways. According Read more [...]
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Turkish Riviera quarter annual rate per night

Famous for its long sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia is a gem of a resort in Turkey. Summer under the influence of stable anti-cyclone is formed in dry and hot weather, with average daytime temperatures around +30. However, in winter over the warm Mediterranean Sea there is an active cyclogenesis, amplified difficult mountainous terrain. This period is called the "rainy season", which brings about 80% of average annual rainfall (1057 mm).© S. Kuelcue | Shutterstock.comThe initiator of the current wet anomaly was extensive deep high trough stretching Read more [...]
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Russia sent a fleet to the coast of the Gaza Strip

Missile cruiser "Moskva", frigate "Smetliviy" and amphibious ships "Novocherkassk" and "Novorossiysk" protect Russian citizens in the event of an escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel. In the Black Sea Fleet of the squad, who had gone to the conflict zone, also includes marine ship MB-304 and a large sea tanker "Ivan Bubnov." "The ships were ordered to stay in a designated area of the eastern Mediterranean," - told RIA "Novosti" a source in the Navy. In addition, during an expedition in the Mediterranean crews Read more [...]
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Europe 2050: How to prepare for climate change

In the south - the lack of water in the north - storms and floods, heat everywhere. What to do? Rebuild the city stank and save money for a rainy day.Europe is running a race with the climate. To reach a global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions was little hope, and in 2100, the temperature is likely to rise by 3 or 4 ° C relative to pre-industrial levels. Need to have time to prepare.A new report from the European Environment Agency, told about how the climate has changed and what happens next. For the first time we have a fairly clear idea about"Height =" Read more [...]
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The descendants of the Atlanteans

Mysterious people whites live in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. Some 500 years ago, their ancestors built the pyramids unique in the Canary Islands. And in the Sahara are the same people in ancient times created the irrigation system, which operated until the 1950s! These tall, strong people - descendants of the Atlanteans ...One root White-skinned people live in the north-west AfricaScientists haunt whites haired people living among enough blacks in the north-west Africa, especially in the mountain areas. But until recently, they were not alone. "Next" on the islands of the Read more [...]
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Egypt covered sandstorms

12.12.10.Nepogoda that gripped the weekend Mediterranean region is not spared and Egypt, bringing down showers in the north and bringing dust storms in the central regions of the country. Provoked weathered numerous incidents claimed the lives of 7 people, another 44 were injured. The bad weather that gripped the weekend Mediterranean region is not spared, and Egypt, was struck by showers in the north and bringing dust storms in the central regions of the country. Torrential rains, which for two days does not stop in Alexandria, the second largest city of the "country of pyramids", Read more [...]
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In the Mediterranean, there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 points

Earthquake occurred in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday evening, according to the global monitoring of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

According to the service, the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.5. The epicenter was 123 kilometers southwest of the Greek island of Rhodes in the eastern Aegean Sea, 350 kilometers from Athens.

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