What if crashed mercury thermometer?

Bring to your attention the official recommendations mailing MOE demercurization at home. Probably, these recommendations are obvious for those interested in civil defense, but povtroim.In emergency services often turn excited citizens to urgently send them rescuers, as the house was inadvertently broken mercury thermometer.Mercury is very dangerous, everyone knows it. The first pair of harmful mercury. But the thermometer concentration of this liquid metal is very small, so a large health risk is. Most importantly, properly and promptly collect mercury.So, even though you were extremely Read more [...]
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From a broken thermometer stems watery mercury, which has the property to evaporate at room temperature. And mercury vapor are the strongest poison. Mercury from a broken thermometer when the strike is broken into small droplets and scattered throughout the room. It just seeps into tradency floors, gaps under skirting boards, stuck in the pile of carpets. Evenly evaporating, it poisons the air. If a person breathes this air constantly, mercury accumulates in the body - the kidneys, liver, the brain and the person develops acquired mercury intoxication. It is manifested by dermatitis, stomatitis, Read more [...]
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LETHAL Characteristics of MERCURY.

The mad Hatter diseaseSo you might be amazing, but in the XIX century in the UK no one was surprised.Why is the 1st of the characters of the famous books of Lewis Carroll's “Alice in Wonderland” name was so amazing - the Mad Hatter (Mad Hutter)? In fact it is not completely adequate behavior in the book were explained prof occupation: slapnicka long-term contact with nitrate of mercury used in the manufacture of felt hats (especially extensively in the 18th and 19th centuries). The wizard got mercury poisoning, right to development Polonia.In the UK these have been popular expression”mad Read more [...]
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Parade of the planets can be seen tonight

Tonight Russians may witness the rare phenomenon - parade of planets. Stumbling blocks can be managed from burning peatlands. Parade of the planets - is a phenomenon in which a small area of the sky going three planets: Venus, Mars and Saturn, the \"guests\" which will also visit mercury. Here's how to explain this unique phenomenon, a senior researcher at the State Institute named Sternberg, Moscow state University Vladimir Surdin: \"Parade of planets is when several planets are close enough to each other from the point of view of the observer. They say that they \"line up\", but it's too Read more [...]
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In Moscow with precipitation falls mercury

on 20 December. The long-awaited snow in Moscow, brought not only a festive mood, but also in mortal danger. Scientists are sounding the alarm: with precipitation on the land falls mercury. And most frighteningly, a poisonous metal can penetrate into the food chain and, thus, to get on the table to the man. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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UN: There is growing risk of mercury contamination

According to the report of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), many parts of Asia, Africa and South America are at high risk of mercury contamination because of the "artisanal" gold and growing industrialization.Industrialization and the use of coal in power in countries such as China, for example, lead to the fact that the environment gets more and more dangerous to the health of the metal, the report said.Among the areas where the danger was particularly acute, the UN calls to Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, where the area of the territory, poisoned by mercury from gold extraction Read more [...]
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Mercury, which is released into the atmosphere, poisoning the ocean

Scientists from around the world work done, in which they examined the level of marine pollution by mercury, and they were able to explore the different pathways of the dangerous metal, how it affects people and marine life.In the twentieth century, the level of mercury contamination in the ocean has increased two times more than in the twenty-first century. It is caused, first of all, waste of heavy industry. The study showed high risk consumption of contaminated coastal waters. For two years she was a lot of work, which involved seventy biologists and chemists.The study found mercury, Read more [...]
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Interplanetary probe MESSENGER found ice in the craters of Mercury

Automatic interplanetary station MESSENGER, designed to study the planet closest to the Sun, found water ice in permanently shadowed polar craters of Mercury. The press service of NASA (National Agency for aeronautics and space exploration.)The hypothesis of the presence of ice on Mercury confirmed three studies - data on excess amount of hydrogen at the north pole of the planet obtained by the neutron spectrometer, which "armed" MESSENGER, the first measurements of the reflection coefficient of the polar regions in the near-infrared range with a "mercurial laser altimeter" Read more [...]
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On Mercury found five kilometer door

Rectangular recess 5.6 kilometers in length found in the photographs of Mercury.
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The best chance to see the sky elusive planet Mercury is now

Despite the fact that he is one of the brightest objects in the night sky, Mercury - a planet that experienced amateur astronomers observed quite often. In the next couple of weeks, however, observers from the northern hemisphere will have the best opportunity in 2013 to consider a small luminous spot Mercury in the evening sky.Feature observations of Mercury is that you should first find a place to watch the western horizon with unscreened, wait half an hour after sunset to dark, and then bring the binoculars at the sky, which lies just to the left of where the sun disappeared. After you have Read more [...]
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On Mercury found similar to pie craters

Several unusual craters were found on the surface of the device Messenger Mercury. According to the NASA, craters are structures that have not been observed previously in the solar system. The surface is covered with craters, something like a "wrinkles." Something similar can be seen in the cooked pumpkin pie, astronomers say.Simulation of the formation of craters found that "cracelures" in craters in the northern hemisphere of Mercury may have formed as a result of flooding impact craters by lava flows and rapid cooling, reports New Scientist."Nothing of the sort we Read more [...]
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Alien Implants

Reports on some arcane subject, and are found in the human body, began to arrive in the late 80's of the last century. Thus, in the mid-80's employees Oxford Clinic Harlow and Clark study in normal amniotic fluid women under the microscope of the chromosomes found tiny foreign body.It was like a "matrix with the correct square cells containing inclusions in the form of binary code." Pseudo-scientific community, followed by the ever-present and the press dubbed these objects "implants" (Latin "implanted in the body"). Therefore be called "implants" Read more [...]
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Grade G-proof box

Grade G-proof boxGrade G-proof box Appointment: Protect from mercury vapor and organic mercury compounds.

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